Lilo-an Parola Festival

Parola is the Filipino term for “lighthouse.” In honor of Lilo-an’s century-old landmark, local government officials decided to organize what has been called as Parola Festival. It’s just like any Mardi Gra in the country with contigents from different barangays in the municipality vying to bag home the prize. They tailored their presentations with the theme about giving light to life or something. What’s noteworthy was almost all of the 7 contingents had battery operated lighted costumes that look so dazzling that night. They also made use of miniature lighthouses as props and most of which are burning with real fire. The respective festival queens who spearhead each presentation were great looking kids. Yup, all the contigents were grade school pupils. They all have strong points and weak points. One contingent had very beautiful props with a realistic banca and the fisherman getting his fill from the sea. One had beautiful choreography. One had both. I wasn’t able to take down note…

Summer So Far

Got so bored so I decided to get my creative juices flowing by glamming up my pictures on my recent trip to Lapu-lapu City. I was just obsessed with Photoshop gradients, brushes and typography. It all happened last April 17 (with high school co-CAT officers) and April 18 (with my family) all in the same resort. You couldn’t imagine how much my body ached and how my skin darkened big time. But all in the spirit of having fun with the people I love, as usual, I don’t mind at all. Have fun because life is short and as I’ve learned from Jim Carrey’s recent movie, “Say ‘yes’ not because you have to but because you want to”.To know more about Bahia Beach Resort: +63 32 254 8018

“Sino Si Gibo?” Comics

Credits to Denise Celdran of Facebook.

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Random TV Moments: An ugly scandal, close to death encounters and Erap jokes

Last night was another coach potato moment for this summer bum and it is definitely one of the most explosive nights ever and let me walk your through why I said so.BIG UGLY SCANDALThe cheating wife of a celebrity. The Insider showed the interview of the baseball coach of Larry King’s children. The man claimed he had an affair with the American TV host’s wife. Not only that he said that she talked about marriage all the time with him saying “he’s gonna die soon so stick around.” As if that wasn’t enough, he claimed that she had told the children that he is in love with her so the kids have to confront him if he is getting in between their parents. Can you imagine what the kids have to go through with that? But what kept me at the edge of my bed, was when he claimed that they were doing “it” even when Larry King’s show is on the TV and did I mention that they do it in Larry’s bed itself? That is outright immoral, weird and degrading on their part. But to come out with these allegations…

What Gibo, JFK and Obama have in common

Saw this on Facebook and I think this is worth sharing. It came with the following description:G1BO's inspiring and charismatic leadership reminds us of Ninoy Aquino in the Philippines and JFK, Jr. of the United States. The unanimous choice of colleges and universities across the archipelago, including UP, ATENEO, UST, PISAY & La Salle among others; not since OBAMA has there been a surge of millions of new votes all coming from the youth. Is a future camelot at hand in the Philippines with a G1BO administration?To know more about him:

This summer go biking!

With all the Go Green revolution going on, I suggest we all lubricate our bicycles which has rusted from the busy school year that was. This is summer. It is meant to be fun, sun and green. It actually has great benefits aside from strengthening relationships. And to give you a heads up, I have compiled the best benefits you can get from cycling!
1. Cycling is good for your heart and health
Two words: Good health!
Reduces risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.
But one interesting finding that I've stumbled upon is that:
One rough calculation suggests that new cyclists covering short distances can reduce their risk of death (mainly due to the reduction of heart disease) by as much as 22 per cent. [1] 2. Cycling will help with weight management

Not that I’m obese myself but to those who are full bodied, this could be a great opportunity to shed off some pounds and at the same time wander and marvel at the beauty of your community.
3. Cycling can improve your mood


Reasons Why I Will Vote Gibo and the Sims 2 “Lipad” Ad I made for him

offers realistic solutions.
He is NOT tainted with corruption or any scandal.
I loved him so much that I decided to create a music video/campaign for him using my favorite computer game, The Sims 2. With the inspiring song “Lipad” by Rivermaya, I decided to incorporate elements of the plane, him interacting with the commoners, and adding his strongest points as subtitles all throughout, I proudly present to you the

Lipad – Sims 2 Gibo Music Video.

Because he could really need a little more exposure.
Even my own brother has told me to stop campaigning for him because the odds are that he will lose, given the figures that the surveys show and the fact that the voting public is mostly made up of people that (let’s just say) don’t belong to the thinking class and who only depends on the mainstr…

It's Not About Religion but Values Formation: The AMA Cebu College Retreat

As per encouragement from our School Director, Ms. Vilma Lastimosa, the whole student body was asked to attend an overnight retreat at the Virbum Dei Retreat House in Banawa, Cebu. It is not about religion since we have diverse religious sects but it is about values formation.

Our main speaker was Brother Pablo who is a Spanish missionary and who could speak our vernacular, Bisaya, all too fluently from the years of his stay with us. He also told us his crazy life before entering the seminary.

We ate mostly fish since it was a Friday, a sacrifice Christians offer to Jesus during the Lenten Season. But food was bountiful despite the amount we paid.

We had confession with a priest, gatherings all over the picturesque venue, letter-writing to God and someone we consider the “wind beneath our wings”, video presentations of Nick Vujicic, a man without arms or legs and dad and Cerebral Palsy son who entered the IronMan which made me drop my defenses and cried, a switchman who sacrificed hi…

AMA Cebu goes on educational tour

Last March 15, our college embarked on a whole day journey to different workplaces here in Cebu, Philippines.Traffic Operations
First stop, CITOM or City Traffic Operations Management. We have just learned that it actually costs P7M per intersection. The software and machines that runs the traffic are actually imported from Sydney and is known as SCATS or Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System.On our way to next destination, our tour guide said that USC or University of San Carlos is actually the oldest school in the country while University of Santo Tomas is the oldest university.Software Development
We arrived at E-Sprint Software Development in Bakilid. They provide business solutions. They specialize in Human Resource Information Systems and Accounting softwares. With a small workplace that caters to big clientele like Ford, Local Government Units,  Mitsumi, Shangri-La. It is owned by Wilson Ng, the famed Tech writer from Sun.Star Cebu and CEO of Ng Khai Computer Company with s…

Funny Innovative Ads of Top Brands


With all the hatred I say love

Election period in the country and you could be well sure to get caught up in the fever as we are subconsciously being brainwashed by “maka-masa kuno” ads of aspirants trying to woo us in their way to a public service seat. Then there’s the ugly mudslinging between candidates and buying people as Villar is pretty much accused of doing lately twice in a row. And occasionally, assassinations may happen too. The most important thing about this time is that we once again feel that we are important as the voting public has the power. And it’s hard because we all have trust issues. People begin expressing so much hatred either to make a point or prove their stand on issues or even to express grievances against public figures. And all this could happen in as simple as casual conversations with friends. As my English speech a little while back, I was trying to instill positivity. But then comes a time where we believe in this one person that no matter how rough the road gets for him, you walk…

Gibo Teodoro Platforms

He cited four concrete steps to stimulate the economy and to sustain the efforts of the administration. These are good government, infrastructure and technology; better education, health and overall quality of life; and order in society throughout the country.In a statement furnished to The FREEMAN, he said that good government would mean restructuring the central government as well as local government units; improving the compensation of public servants; invigorating the judicial system, and strengthening the civil service.Also, Teodoro said that a comprehensive and participative health care system should be put in place, as well as the establishment of a student loan program wherein students can borrow money from the government, which they can pay through the GSIS or SSS once they find jobs after graduation.National LeadershipThe strong will to resist temptationA good leader must be of strong character and integrity. More than anything else, he or she must embrace the true essence o…

AMA Cebu Renovates Big Time

We were originally situated in Angelica Bldg. in Jones. I didn’t know either until the day my mom took me for enrollment. But thing is we now have a bigger 4-storey building located at the back of Castle Peak Hotel. This might be a little too late to announce this but the my school has just recently finished renovating our new building in Mabolo. The contractor and their workers which came all the way from Manila did a great job and I think the people behind the ceilings should be given praise for such a beauty. It has two light switches: white only and the colored ones. But either way, you just can’t ignore them.The photo above is the actual ceiling in our SuperLab. And the following one is the Admission office’s:And this is how it is supposed to look like with me in it:AMA Computer College CebuPresident Roxas & S. Cabahug St., Mabolo, Cebu City
at the far back of Castle Peak Hotel 2337721/23…

Taking pictures

If you must know, I don’t own any standalone digital camera but my 1.3 MP camera phone. That’s what happens when you really can’t convince your working sister to buy a decent cam for the family. And mind you, my phone is enough for outdoor or daylight shots. Picasa and Photoshop come very handy. I go to this place with friends or family or I kid around my nephew and instantly, I make a great photo album ready for Multiply. But the selected ones end up in Facebook. When something is shoot worthy, it gets immortalized in as easy as a button click. And that is one thing I love being here at home in Cebu, my nephew and our pets make the best subject besides myself. “Tantrums”
“Opposites Attract”