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Best Web Graphic Designs I’ve Made So Far

Using Photoshop CS5 on my free time, I was able to create some website mockups. I am proud to present to you the best ones I’ve made not too long ago. I just got addicted to textures, typography, gradients, letter press, brushes, SmartObjects, grungy and translucencies.Redesign of WebXpress Cebu site. I don’t know if it is just me or does the current site really needs some serious nose job or something. Check the current site at DinnerParty. The inspiration behind this is how the company, where I work, with loves dinner parties so much so I decided to make a mockup of it and make it sound like a great event. This design paved the way to how I designed my Mockingjay book cover.Jaysee Blog. JayseeBlabs never had a permanent theme and I always draw inspiration from everything around me. One time, I saw some fan art for Windows 7 so I decided to create a web design based from it. Searched some tutorials about the rays and alas, the design came alive. The …