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One Thing You Forgot To Thank God For #awesomebrand

How often have you thanked God for having normal limbs? I'm guessing close to never.

We have taken some blessings granted. We are drowned into a lot of responsibilities, distractions, lists and people that we tend to overlook the simple things that make daily living bearable and convenient.

Disability is a very personal matter to me. I have loved ones who are unfortunate enough to suffer from such. If it's random science or God's challenge, I will never know. What I can say is that they are a million times stronger than I am for enduring such hardship with grace. All the love and compassion you have may not be enough, but give it anyway.

Implementing laws such as prioritizing them on public transportation, places of worship and establishments or making sure your building complies with accessibility may never be enough. They would need more access to affordable healthcare and education, protection against discrimination in the workplace, equal employment opportunities and premium assistance in fulfilling familial duties and if employment is not possible then at least, more effective and sustainable livelihood assistance.

There is so much work to do to ensure they lead normal lives and since the government could not do everything alone, it gives me so much joy to think that an organization places the interests of the physically challenged first.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."
Matthew 5:5

Here is an ad promoting God Is Able Int'l produced by Ad Garlic Philippines. It's very heartwarming to see that these people live amongst us and are no less of a functioning citizen than what some of us judge them to be. A person's worth shall not be limited to the things he can do and challenged people needs our respect as they have to face such stigma every day of their lives. The video sends an influential lesson that we should look out for each other and prove that our God is more able than our problems.

While it is sad the advertising industry has placed overemphasis on bodily perfection, setting unrealistic standards of beauty to the point of distorting our perception, it is refreshing to see that the same industry is starting to champion the causes of our impaired brothers and sisters. For an industry who tries to honor diversity, these marginalized people should be included in more campaigns to make brands more authentic and inclusive. Agencies have to be more informed of disability issues and how they can leverage that in delivering brand messages so powerful that they give their brands positive market feedback while at the same time increasing awareness on the harsh realities people with disabilities face.

Here's what you can do now, thank Him and visit and become a partner today.

Be awesome.

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Why Cebu has the Best Disco Light in the World #AwesomeBrand

I just recently stumbled on this great new ad by the Department of Tourism. They have done such a great job in marketing the country under the It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign conceptualized with BBDO Guerrero, the famous ad agency who saved the country from the Kay Ganda plagiarism shame.

This 30 seconder is one of a bunch which they aired abroad featuring my hometown, Cebu, the most beautiful island in the world. Bias aside, this island boasts of the best of both worlds: developed modern urban living and ultimate nature-tripping.

What better way to entease the world to book their holidays to Cebu, Philippines than through using familiar icons of the developed nations by using the bait ball of sardines underwater as a reference to a disco ball which coincidentally appeals to young global travelers who wish to have fun. It would've been better if the diver danced too anyway. Genius in the details. Hats off BBDO and DOT!

Consistent advertising in this type of visual positioning will truly make Philippines a mainstream destination one day. We don't have much advertising budget as Thailand but with robust, targeted and visually captivating campaigns such as this, we would fare enough just the same.

Jaysee Blabs Recommendations

Now that the life cycle of the campaign has reached maturity, I believe it's time to roll out new mechanisms to revitalize the tourism efforts and crowdsourcing is the way to go. Probably launching a new app where users could generate It's More in the Philippines memes and promotions that will help entice app usage such as contests and immediate gratification like rewards programs on selected merchants and brands.

Developing a Brand Book for the campaign would greatly aid local tourism offices who should be involved in preparing advertising materials, communications, signages and collaterals of their vacation spots. We have a great need to synergize our promotions and communicate our messages effectively.

Or a national short film workshop where DOT would partner with a major media network and bring in the country's emerging photographers and videographers, aspiring stars, and directors-writers to look out for and bring amazing modern Pinoy stories to life amid national spots as picturesque backdrops. Outputs could be distributed online and even screened on international film festivals. I know we have so many diamonds in the rough as a nation and the country just needs to harvest them out and present it to the world. It could also be a show idea where the development of production is being documented and the viewing date of the final films could be a major TV event.

Capitalizing on social media advertising could be one way. It's not as costly as traditional advertising but the reach is global and instantaneous. Increasing social media ad spending would somehow diversify the marketing mix and taking advantage on it's targeted audience features would make it more economical. They can try to reach more Millenials from developed nations through Facebook and Youtube and developing platform-specific media and apps would up our ante in trying to level the field of global tourism and tourism-related revenue.

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How Nickelodeon Excites Kids and Kids at Heart in Manila

Nickelodeon is presenting kids with an exhilarating new interactive brand crusade built around their favorite Nickelodeon stars – Nickelodeon Slime Cup!

Fronted by Slime Cup Ambassador, SpongeBob SquarePants, four teams consisting of Nickelodeon’s’ most popular characters will be clashing it out to take home the sought-after prize – the Nickelodeon Slime Cup trophy.

The 14-week multi-territory, multi-platform event will drive involvement across both Nickelodeon channels and digital sites; moreover, the Slime Cup will come to life in choice markets, through specially created merchandising, funfair and mall experiences and events.

“Slime Cup provides Nickelodeon’s audience with a brand new way to interact with the stars they love, while providing clients and partners with an exciting new brand initiative, to help them connect with their audiences”, said Mark Levine, Senior Vice President, Nickelodeon International Marketing & Communications. 
“Our expertise, depth of great content, and beloved characters have enabled us to create a campaign that engages kids at every touch point, across every platform”.

The first Nickelodeon Slime Cup in the Philippines was held last May 31 at Hall 4 of the SMX Convention Center in Manila, Philippines.

Nickelodeon Slime Cup was first launched in Singapore last year, the festivity of flexibility, gaming and Nickelodeon's signature green goo inspires kids to enjoy bonding with their families while imparting the values of cooperation, sportsmanship, discipline and willpower.

Nickelodeon Slime Cup is sponsored by Toy Kingdom and Barbie, El Real Spaghetti, Goody Gulp Milk Drink, Jack n' Jill Knots, Lipps Pop Stix, McDonald's Happy Meal, Biogesic for Kids, Purefoods Funstuff Nuggets, Rio, and Skechers Kids.

Visit for more details!


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How Cebuana Lhuillier Celebrated 25 Years

Cebuana Lhuillier has yet again proved itself at the top of their game as they had the whole town talking with Pistahang Cebuana! 

All roads led to Cebu Coliseum last September 14 as they bring together the country’s brightest music legends, Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos and Christian Bautista in an exclusive members’ only concert.

What better way to celebrate the amazing 25 years of Cebuana Lhuillier’s amazing Pawning and Remittance Service and a lot of other top notch financial services than through a night of world-class Filipino talent.

As joy reverberates all over the stadium, Cebuana Lhuillier’s 24K Cebuana members were all treated to a chance of bringing home great cash and wonderful prizes from the raffle draws and pre-event party playoffs.

Looking back through the years and the millions of lives changed, including yours truly, because of their top-notch innovation in services assisting Filipinos in great times of need, I am wishing Cebuana Lhuillier more successes in the future.

The event was event well-attended by the whole Lhuillier clan as they toast to this remarkable milestone.  Ambassador Philippe J. Lhuillier, Señorita Edna Diago- Lhuillier, PJ Lhuillier CEO and President Jean Henri Lhuillier were all there sharing the roots of the businesses and was sincerely honored with the patronage of their loyal clients and hardworking employees.

Enjoy these awesome moments:

Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos and Christian Bautista

Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos and Christian Bautista

Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos and Christian Bautista

Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos and Christian Bautista

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World’s Largest Chess Tournament to be held in CEBU! Registration Deadline Jan.19; more than 50,000 registered participants now recorded

It’s the grandest Chess event in history!  More than 40, 000 registered participants are now recorded in the most ambitious chess program in the country.  A series of eliminations began last October 2011, which will culminate in two weeks.

Nearly 4,000 finalists will converge at the Grand Finals during the first “Cebu Chess Festival: World’s Largest Chess Tournament” on January 21, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. at the Cebu City Sports Center Grand Stand and on January 22, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. at the Cebu City Sports Center Gym.
The first “Cebu Chess Festival: World’s Largest Chess Tournament” is organized by the Cebu City Sports Commission in cooperation with the Cebu City Government, Department of Education Region VII and the Philippine Sports Commission.

Generous sponsors such as Julie’s Bakeshop, Bioderm, International Pharmaceuticals Inc., Rose Pharmacy, Virginia Foods Inc. and the University of Cebu have thrown their support to make this noble program successful.

David Beckham LA Galaxy 6-1 win in Manila

I am not really well-versed on sports let alone doing sports betting. But having heard that football superstar David Beckham went to Manila did interest every one. I  just read on Yahoo! News that he played with children rescued from the streets in Manila yesterday. I should know how dangerous the streets are; with the tales that our poor brothers and sisters tell me everytime we do church outreach programs, it just troubles me so much as to how vices and crime could ruin the lives even of the young. David Beckham and his team were at a UNICEF supported government center playing with the kids.

What was also great was the fact that he played with the Philippine Football team, The Azkals, in a ‘friendly’ just today with a 6-1 win. Noteworthy was the reaction of Philippine coach Micheal Weiss who gave a long face to show how unhappy he was. I mean, it really is acceptable. The PBA never won against NBA when they went here. Not that I suffer from inferiority complex but it just makes sense, doesn't it? After that game, Beckham gave his shirt to Manny Pacquiao who sat along with 13,000 spectators to show his admiration for the boxing champ.

On the other hand, there is a new trend online where you can actually earn money and enjoy sports at the same time. This for you sports buffs! Introducing online sports betting. Do a quick search as to what this is all about. It's actually just the process of guessing the result of a game or match by putting a small amount of money at stake online. Not ready to take the risk? Then enjoy your comfort zone because sports is not made for the weak at heart. Discover that inner Beckham in you.

This post has been brought to you by our friends from

The weak customer chooses the understandable rack.
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Amazing Cebu launches Foodhunt with Kate

Cebu is beginning to be a world class city; and an awesome way to celebrate that, is producing not just shows, but channels that offers the best of THE island. Amazing Cebu does that quite well.

Amazing Cebu has just launched a sports and lifestyle show named Amazing Sports. This time, they are launching a show, where you not only get to see "recipes deconstructed, familiar old and new traditions," but at the same time revel in exotic places in Cebu. Amazing Cebu Channel 54 launches Foodhunt with Kate!

Kate hosts with FoodHunt director as they launch the new show!

It is being hosted by Ms. Kate Dychangco-Anzani where she deconstructs Cebuano recipes and adds her own touch to make them upscale and snazzy, at the same time, immersing in beautiful places worth visiting around Cebu. She is a mother, a restaurateur and a powerful businesswoman; a mutli-faceted TV personality who best portrays the modern empowered Cebuana.

It was launched in Radisson Blu last November 26, 2011 right after the Visayas Blogging Summit ended. As of this writing, they have already taped 3 episodes. They are also proud to announce that the channel will launch its regular programming this December.

Watch the FoodHunt with Kate Video Teaser

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photo by

Top Cebu athletes to host Amazing Sports TV Show

The sports tourism of Cebu is gonna get better as Amazing Cebu channel will launch Amazing Sports. The young dynamic hosts who are top athletes themselves will feature their adventures and sporting events in the island. 

Places to see and activities to do, the show will focus more on sports and leisure and the exhilarating stuff that comes with it as everyone deserves to know.

Kewl Amazing Sports hosts and writer introduced to Cebu media!

A press launch was held at Kartzone Mabolo last November 8, 2011 where Cebu sports writers and online publishers were invited to meet the hosts, staff and crew of Amazing Sports for a day of food and karting.

Me carting!

Cebu media officially assembles to fight malnutrition | 1st MIND 7 General Assembly

Finding champions to educate and promote proper nutrition in the country, MIND 7 was conceived through the efforts of the National Nutritional Council (NNC) Region 7.  

Our government has acknowledged the need for the media sector to empower their efforts in fighting the biggest wars we have been facing, poverty and malnutrition because a healthy nation is wealthy in many ways.  

And what better way to realize that vision than through gathering top stakeholders from every media organization to easily disseminate and organize different efforts to address these issues.  

MIND 7 has come a long way from the first meeting we had.

MIND 7 actually stands for Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development for Region 7.

The first meeting conceived was in Crown Regency where PIOs, journalists and media practioners including yours truly graced the first Consultative Meeting in finding out ways on how we can fight poverty through showcasing community health practices.

Read more about the first Consultative Meeting

From there, officers were elected to manage the different capabilities of the organization at the Rajah Park Hotel.

Read more about the induction of MIND 7 officers

Then another milestone was set as we just had our first general assembly at Harold's Hotel where the constitution and by-laws was presented to its members for approval.

Parolita Mission, NNC-7 director, discussed this year’s Nutrition Month showcasing the theme “Isulong ang breastfeeding. Tama. Sapat. Ekslusibo,” or in short “BF TSEk.”

DYLA station manager Jun Tagalog as the incumbent president of MIND 7 showed series of activities that include a region-wide information campaign to promote breastfeeding, appropriate feeding, improve hygienic practices including proper hand washing, establishment of home gardens and Ten Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos and the like activities.

“Mind 7 is more than just a press corps of NCC. We work beyond our duty. We don’t just report, but we also take part in taking action for proper nutrition, and in my case, as a part of our corporate social responsibility,” he says.

The wide ranging media organization covers different medium for mass education which includes print, television, radio and the social media. MIND 7 was designed to become a “vehicle to strengthen the flow of food and nutrition information” from the National Nutrition Council (NNC), the local government units and other government agencies and the nutrition network to the general public.

Yours truly along with the rest of the new members of the organization also took their oath of membership in order to show our commitment to help implement a more aggressive and sustained nutrition awareness drive on exclusive breastfeeding.

Yours truly with the MIND 7 officers, NNC stakeholders
and new members of the MIND 7

My membership oath to obey the constitution and by-laws and
doing everything I can for the organization to advance the cause of nutrition

Yours truly along with other new MIND 7 members taking their oath
to be champions against poverty and malnutrition

Be updated with the latest of what MIND-7 is doing and Nutrition Related activities via Facebook (Nutrition Advocates PH) and via Twitter @NutriAdvocates.

Know what you can do for the government not what it can do for you because we can only do so much. Support MIND 7 and NNC activities and online presence.

Please like:

Please like MIND 7 on Facebook

The hero that is Mark Aethen Agana

Most of us hang out at the malls or with friends and family on our weekends while there is one guy who goes to his province’s public school tutoring graduating high school kids so that they make it college and now most of his 300 students not only get access to quality college education but as well as enjoy scholarships.

It gives me so much honor to tell the story of a humble guy who has done extraordinary feats.

Mark Aethen Agana couldn’t be any more deserving to his accolade, the Bayaning Kabataang Pilipino Award. It is part of a series of awards by lined Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. which immortalizes the contributions of community leaders like Mark who make the biggest difference in other people’s lives through their own little ways.
He believes that “one person is of more value than the world.”
He dedicated his weekends tutoring English, Science and Mathematics to arm his students battle through college entrance and top scholarship examinations through the organization that he co-founded, the T’nalak Youth Group. They also had Self-Enhancement Workshops and Computer Literacy Programs that has rounded the confidence of the youth from the various cities in the heart of South Cotabato. Built some 6 years ago, it has fueled the great educational attainments and careers of over three hundred students who went under their guidance. The story behind why he wanted to build the org was because he felt he had the obligation to give back after being blessed with great education.

When I met him at a simple gathering here in Cebu, I didn’t know anything much about Aethen except that he belonged with GlobalXChange volunteers who came all the way from Europe doing programs that benefit various institutions and could he be any more involved with youth empowerment since then. That is why I felt so excited when he posted that he has been nominated and just recently the photos from the awarding ceremony was just posted on the Facebook page of the award giving body. We as his friends here in Cebu is proud that his actions as an everyday hero has influenced positively and influenced big-time.

Aethen rose above the nominations and his credentials has endured the painstaking screening which lasted a year and a half because he has met the qualifications of being respectful, hard working, selfless, honor, committed and God-fearing.

About Bayaning Pilipino Awards- Gawad Geny Lopez Jr.

One of the most prestigious award in the country who gives recognition to Filipinos who despite the challenges they face manages to rise above the situation. It is funded and produced by ABS-CBN which searches for individuals, families, teachers, institutions and youth whose heroism inspire millions in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the USA.

PACQUIAO vs MARGARITO absolutely live and FREE


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For more information, log on to

*Terms and conditions apply.

photo by americanistadechiapas

GMA’s new Lupang Hinirang Movie: Philippines’ Cinematic Gem

The Philippines is home to the richest culture known to man with history so epic, even other nations point their magnifying glass at us to study societal psychology and political makeup. GMA, one of the biggest television networks in the country has set yet another landmark in cinematic excellence by producing what could be the best Philippine National Anthem movie of all time. 

In a well-crafted filmic gem, the HD movie retells the story of the Philippines from the heroism of Lapu-lapu to the EDSA revolution.

lupang hinirang fight in mactan lupang hinirang gomburza lupang hinirang pugad lawin lupang hinirang jose rizal
I didn’t really know about this movie until I stumbled upon in Youtube. After much digging I found out that it was launched in Party Pilipinas last August 22, 2010. How on earth could I have missed it? It gave me chills second after second and I could never be more proud to be a Filipino and I have GMA to thank.

lupang hinirang aguinaldo lupang hinirang tirad pass
Leading the pack is Richard Gutierrez, cast in the role of Pres. Manuel L. Quezon, looking elegant and every inch a gentleman of the old school, while Dingdong Dantes plays Gen. Gregorio del Pilar, strong and mighty on horseback.

lupang hinirang american war lupang hinirang commonwealth

Playing other important roles are the network’s equally important actors, including: Dennis Trillo as Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, Aljur Abrenica as Lapu-Lapu, Mark Anthony Fernandez as Andres Bonifacio, Marvin Agustin as Jose Rizal.

lupang hinirang world war II lupang hinirang edsa revolution

roster of Kapuso stars playing icons in Philippine history includes, in alphabetical order: Victor Aliwalas, Alvin Aragon, Bea Binene, Iza Calzado, Bodie Cruz, Gabby and Geoff Eigenmann, Carlo Gonzalez, Carl Guevarra, Dion Ignacio, Paolo Paraiso, Enzo Pineda, Rhian Ramos, Marian Rivera, Arthur Solinap, Mike Tan, JC Tiuseco, Dennis Trillo, and TJ Trinidad.

Shot wholly in high-definition (HD) digital video technology, the national anthem is scheduled to roll soon on the big screens of SM across the country. It will also be part of GMA’s sign-on and sign-off messages marking the beginning and end of each day’s broadcast.

“Lupang Hinirang,” which runs for two and a half minutes, is directed by Paul Ticzon, who says it took his team 10 months of meticulous research and preparation to shoot the vignettes. Ticzon is also the AVP for Post Production Operations Division of GMA.

3rd Rotaract Tea Talk: on Cebu Bloggers Society, cosplaying and money

rotaract cebu fuente

Afternoon of September 4th, socio-civic youth had flocked at the Café Uno Annex of Waterfront for the 3rd Tea Talk: The New Generation.

It is organized by Rotaract Cebu Fuente Community Based and Rotaract Cebu University of San Carlos Chapter. Covered by Media Partners including ABS-CBN, SkyCable and Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS), the event aims to promote the organization’s activities for September dubbed as their New Generation Month.



Tea, coffee and light snacks were served all throughout the afternoon as we engage in a talkshow-like atmosphere. Speakers and interviewees take center stage as tackle on topics that best concerns the new generation which includes finances, blogging, promoting arts through theater and movies, cosplaying and the upcoming Rotary New Generation’s Web Conference. This year, Café Uno at Waterfront Cebu and Casino became the venue for this society oriented gathering.



Jon Fredrich Siu interviewed by rotaract hosts

The speaker was Jon Fredrich Siu, a financial adviser who works at IMG Company and the husband of Raki Vega. His first few words will strike you:

“Common sense is the ability to do the right thing.”

He reiterates that it is all you need to manage your money and become wealthy in the process. You must be equipped with knowledge and accept a financial wakeup call.

When do you know it’s time for a financial wakeup call?

  1. Do you lack of planning when it comes to your expenses?
  2. Do you lack of knowledge about savings and protection/insurances?
  3. Do you dependency on someone else for managing your finances?

Families fight over money so to protect your relationships you must make a way for money to work for you and not the other way around. This leads us to graph that Mr. Siu presented through his slide:


This is the simplified version and it tells a lot about how we all should live. This graphs could say a lot of things like:

  1. You can decrease your responsibility by increasing your savings.
  2. Work hard while you are young.
  3. Savings grow as time passes so time is literally gold. Save earlier.

“Discipline,” Mr. Siu says “should be in our mindset.” He also reminds us of setting priorities right like protecting our life is more important than the things we own. We shouldn’t say “how’s the car?” when you mean to say “how are you?”

He also has this tip saying that banks are good for short term goals like savings. For long term goals like retirement however, banks are not recommended because of the inflation rate.

He instills more lessons like:

  • Save early. He gave an example using Person 1 and Person 2. Person 1 saved P20,000 for seven years. Person 2 saved the same amount seven years later than Person 1. By that time, Person 1 had stopped saving the same amount and instead focused on the interest he gains year after year while Person 2 kept on saving the amount. The conclusion? Person 2 never caught up with Person 1 even if he saved all his life. Interesting isn’t it?
  • Think. Most people have too much MONTH at the end of MONEY. This pretty much sums up what most of the working people experience.
  • Live below your means. Don’t spend more than you can afford. Common sense, remember?
  • Pay yourself first. When you keep spending, companies will benefit from you. You will have little money left for yourself. All of us should think this way:


Career and Lifestyle Change

Ask yourself:
Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now?

“You don’t need luck” Mr. Siu says. “You need the right information.”

He also reminds us to dream big because it’s free. Then you have two crucial options to do after:

1. Either you shrink your dream to fit the size of your income or

2. To challenge yourself to grow maturely and increase your income to fit the size of your dream.

For more information, you may contact
Mr. Jon Fredrich Siu at
He runs IMG Company who’s responsible for making hundreds of families manage and increase their wealth. Their mission is “No Family Left Behind.”


Kindred Hearts: A Musicale

kindred hearts 2010 director

After a successful run of last year’s Kindred Hearts at SM Cebu Cinema, an original screenplay written, conceptualized, musical arrangement, and played by Cebuanos. It tells the untold stories of nurses: their lives, loves and everything in between. This year, featuring an inter-college cast and original 16 tracks with great composition and arrangement, Kindred Hearts is sure to captivate our hearts in what could be a world-class production.

Christian Ray Malintad and their ever vibrant director talked about what the play is all about, what makes it different, what to expect and what you will learn after watching this play. This is what they have to say:

“Kindred Hearts is an original story.

“It will touch you even in the deepest recesses of your hypothalamus.

“You only have one thing to expect: You will never think ‘when is this play going to end?’

“You will learn a lot of things after watching:
(1) You will not focus on the past as mistakes cannot be undone.
(2) You will not focus on the future as it is uncertain.
(3) You will learn to say ‘I love you Today.’
(4) You will learn to forgive your enemies today and live life to the fullest.”

They even showed us an exciting trailer of the play and the cast was introduced. They also performed some scenes to give us a taste to whet our appetite for the Cebuano talent we are to partake. Proceeds go to charity, the Manna Ministry's "Adopt a Student Program" which helps those who cannot afford to go to college.

WHAT: Kindred Hearts: A Musicale
WHEN: October 1-2, 2010
WHERE: Ayala Cebu Onstage

Tickets are sold for Php150.00. For ticket reservations and information, contact by through these numbers: (032)5813679, (0916)7546649, (0932)6860315 or simply email




cebu bloggers society inc members interviewed

Cebu Blogger’s Society Inc. (CBS) members, Ate Wil, Angeli, and Kuya Rab were interviewed by the hosts about the tricks and trade of the industry. They asked how do you start a blog and Ate Wil encourages everyone to think about what their intentions are and what blogging platform to use, preferably

Knowing about the privileges of being a member, the hosts asked about how do they become a CBS member. Angeli answered, “it’s not just about writing it’s about your interest.” Ate Wil guides us through by telling the audience that you must have started blogging for a long time and when you qualify on the rules set on, you may submit your blog and wait for the Membership Committee to review your application.

Cebu Bloggers Society is a nonprofit organization that is registered under the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission. We have Board of Trustees and Officers that runs the group. We set standards on excellence so not all who applies makes it in, which may be misinterpreted by some as being “elitists”.

Our mission is to promote Cebu’s overall beauty through blogging and social networking and at the same time to be a productive group and productive individuals towards nation building.

They also shared how CBS started from humble beginnings. From a Yahoo! Group formed by Mark Monta, Jerry Gervacio and Kevin Ray Chua to the fastest growing community in the country today, CBS will eventually become not only a value-driven and responsible group but also proactive and productive citizens of our community, country, and world.

We also made it clear that we are in no way competing with traditional media when in fact we work with them.

We also assured that blogging is not just writing, it is the best creative outlet to showcase your talent like who runs a video blog singing to requests from avid readers.





Cebu Cosplayers Club

Our friends from Cane Events and Cebu Cosplayers Club where also there to talk about cosplay, what it is about, why they are so passionate about it, on the assumption that is a kiddie thing and that it is a hobby that is only for the rich.

They have this say:

  • Cosplay means costume playing. It is another medium for us to express ourselves and appreciate Japanese culture while still being Filipino. You may call it as a form of fanaticism where we have fun; gain fulfillment in the sense that we see the appreciation from people for our hardwork while honing our skills.
  • Anime is for everyone. For the young and the young at heart.
  • As a hobby, it may cost a lot at times just like any hobby in the world. That is why most of us resort to being resourceful because most of us are still students.
  • It makes us happy and just like everyone; we don’t want to lose the kid in our heart.

Visit cebucosplayers



Rotary Club of Cebu heads were also there to promote a movie and the New Generation Web conference. The movie is entitled “Sigwa” or rage in translation. It tells the story of a circle of friends that blossomed in the middle of the First Quarter Storm of 1970. It is directed by critically acclaimed Joel Lamangan.

What is interesting about this movie is that it is an indie film yet the cast that top-bills are veterans like Zsa Zsa Padilla, Tirso Cruz III, Gina Alajar, Marvin Agustin, Jim Pebanco and Ms. Dawn Zulueta.

It is an official entry to the 2010 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival Directors Showcase. Boasting of great cinematics, story and world-class production, it has been rated A by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) of the Philippines.

“Sigwa” will be shown on
September 20- 21, 2010
University of San Carlos (USC) Cebu Main Campus and their Talamban CAFA Bldg. Theater
Open to all schools just coordinate with USC.

*Regular screening on major cinemas on October.



New Generation’s Web Conference

Expounding this year’s theme, “WOW: Wisdom of Winners”, the 2rd New Generation’s Web Conference is the main event of Rotary Club for September. It will simultaneously happen with Rotary Clubs in Tarlac, General Santos, Paseo de Roxas and Cebu.

List of speakers:

  • Leo Lastimosa for Media
  • Jude Bacalso for Gender Sensitivity
  • Dondon Hontiveros for Sports
  • Raki Vega for Entertainment
  • Kenneth Cobonpue for Business and Design

New Generation’s Web Conference
Where: USC Cebu CAFA Theater
When: September 25, 2010
*Today until September 24, ticket price will be Php 150.00 only which already includes lunch. On September 25, you will be paying Php 200.00 on site.


This pretty much sums up the Tea Talk: The New Generation organized by Rotaract Club of Fuente Community Based and Rotaract Club of University of San Carlos Chapter. Till next year!

Citta di Mare: Best thing to happen to Cebu officially announced

Imagine “a new city rises in Cebu.”
Imagine leisurely saunters by the boardwalk, an al fresco lunch by the sea, dancing the night away at the beachfront concert, imagine living a lifestyle most of us could only dream about. This becomes a reality as Filinvest officially announces a project dubbed to bring the charms of the Newport Beach, California; Darling Harbour, Sydney; Fisherman’s Wharf and the French Riviera all to Cebu.
citta di mare  


Pronounced as Cheetah-di-mah-reh, it literally means “City by the Sea.”
It will improve Cebu’s image as a premier tourist destination in Asia as the project will span most of the South Road Properties, some 50.6 hectares to be exact designed with fun in mind to every meter of it.
It will feature a waterfront lifestyle strip and a residential resort town bounded by majestic views of Mactan’s coast and Cebu’s mountainous areas.
Basically this large-scale project is geographically divided into two parts:
citta di mare
  • Il Corso
    • Takes full advantage of the coastal ambience, and features a boardwalk, terraced beach, marina, cafes, bars and restaurants, retail shops, home depot, exhibit tent, amphitheater, high rise condos, the Shipwreck adventure and laser light shows.
  • Residential Resort Town
    • This makes going home to an endless vacation as you will be treated to four themed residential condos with amenities that complement each architectural character. In the middle of the residential neighborhood is known as The Piazza and it features a basilica, school, shops, fine-dining restos, al fresco coffee shops, bars and fast-food.
citta di mare
This project is the answer to Filipino’s discriminating taste and interest for first rate facilities.
If that does not excite you, I don’t know what will. This joint venture development project between Filinvest Development Corporation and the Cebu City Government is definitely one to watch for the years to come.


Launched to an exclusive party among the Cebu City Officials, Filinvest execs and partners, Cebu’s elite, Cebu Bloggers Society and media men, Citta di Mare is sure to be a promising quality development from the builder of dreams, Filinvest.
It was definitely the best press launch to date. It was well organized, everything on a clock work:
  • from the personalized invitations signed by the Chairman Emeritus himself,
  • marked coaster to the venue,
  • to the receiving area,
  • photo wall and reception,
  • to the stimulating finger food, desserts, drinks served at cocktails by the veranda with a live jazz band playing,
  • to the lavish dinner buffet and more posh desserts served as we were serenaded with another talented band playing at the ballroom,
  • leading up to the main event.
veranda food
Held at the picturesque Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan, the Mexican Mediterranean structural design elements of the place was breathtaking and did I mention how great their staff was?
It was well attended by government VIPs including Congressman Tomas Osmeña and Councilor Margot Osmeña, Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama and Vice Mayor Joy Augustus Go and Cebu City Councilors. Personalities like Jude Bacalso who is hilarious throughout the ride and Ms. Cebu 2010, Reena Malinao, whom I was able to catch up with at the party, were there to grace to occasion.
A very heartwarming documentary feature was also presented telling the humble roots of the company decades ago. Their slogan “We build the Filipino dream” is not a marketing hype but the abstract of how they started as a lending firm for Filipinos. In fact, its startup was borrowed from their friends. The Filipinas Investments started as a small office on the second floor of the Gotianun home and caters to those who wanted to drive their first car and venturing to the real estate to cater for the Filipino dream of having a place they can call home, came naturally.
Now known as Filinvest, their portfolio of properties, assets and milestones speak for itself for the past five decades.
The Project Manager for Visayas Mindanao presented the stunning Audio Visual Presentation of the project Citta di Mare thereafter.
mayor mike rama congressman tommy osmeña
Mayor Mike Rama gave a short talk about how hard they worked to make the partnership between the City and the Company possible and he also introduced Congressman Tommy Osmeña who talked about the story of SRP, home of Citta di Mare, enunciating how it started some nine years ago with a vision. From that he asked the help of the Japanese Government for a loan. They granted funding years later which was not common, as Japan never entertains local government initiatives. And the rest is history.
filinvest andrew gotianun sr.
The Chairman Emeritus of Filinvest, Andrew Gotianun, Sr. gave an insightful speech. To note, they moved back here in Cebu just to oversee what could be the biggest project their company has been working on.
The respected Gotianun family of Filinvest was there not just to talk about this great partnership with Cebu but also to receive the Key to the City for their great contributions that we will be forever grateful.
The ceremonial toast between Filinvest and the Cebu City Government happened to formally celebrate something great that is about to happen to Cebu next to Magellan’s landing.


Here in Cebu, Filinvest dots Cebu with great spots as the developer of Grand Cenia, Corona del Mar, and the One Oasis Cebu.
Boasting of realizing seven dreams every day, Filinvest stands proud as the country’s leading real estate developer. Filinvest prides itself with a diverse property portfolio from best-value homes to premier communities and townships, retail and commercial establishments, offices and business parks, condominiums and leisure developments.
Foods that were served at the Citta di Mare event!
Citta di Mare: Why Cebu will be placed on the global tourism map!
Amazing Event Photos of Citta di Mare starring me!
Photos by Vernon, Bryan and Citta di Mare FB Profile.

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