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First day of my new Sims 3 family!

Apparently, internet is down the whole day today so this gives me time to play my favorite offline games most especially The Sims 3. I played a new family in the gorgeous town of Sunset Valley and I’d like you to meet them. Introducing the Lum Family.The woman in red is Lily Lum: the mom, a snob, charismatic and lucky but is mean-spirited.Her husband, the guy in green is, Theodore Lum: an outgoing schmoozer, heavy sleeper, a computer whiz and like his wife, a lucky person.Their son, obviously in white, is Lawrence Lum: genius and like his mom, charismatic. He also dislikes children but thing is, he is friendly.First stop after buying their home was to go fishing and tour the Landgraab Industries Science Facility…

Still using their custom-designed Abaca-inspired SUV…
Next stop, have a quick dip at the semi-luxurious Lofty Cerulean Blue Pool…

And because of a glitch, look who forgot to change upon going to dinner at Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner…

Best Sims 3 Contemporary Home by the Sea

Everyone dreams of having a home of their own all the more if it is as beautiful as you have envisioned it to be. I want mine modern, spacious, contemporary pretty much what you'll see below. Being built by the sea is a big plus. Pool and garden is another to-check on the list. That’s why I’m so excited to show you screens from my game play in the Sims 3 featuring a quirky home where I placed premade characters, The Wolfe Family, to live in.

Exploration on The Most Awesome Sims 3 Homes

Everyone loves a charming home. And with Sims 3 as a stunning workable platform to creating your dreams a reality, it pays to explore the huge town a little bit to scavenge through awesome premade residential lots.

These lots are pre-built on the Sims 3’s exquisite Sunset Valley neighborhood and in terms of interior design and architecture they are so good and liveable, in fact, you couldn’t ignore them.

Basically, the neighborhood is mixture of Romanesque cum colonial houses, timbered low-rise homes and spacious modern ones. From personable houses on mountain tops to beachfront minimalist contemporary uptown cribs, enjoy the these cozy eye candies and see if you can spot them on the game.