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Awesome Game Movies by me

I’ve always dreamt of making movies. I come up with brilliant storylines, set it up, visualize the movie’s look and feel, editing clips together, scoring it with great tracks and then showing it off. Only Sims 2 has provided me the platform to make my visions into reality. It gave me the chance to exploring my inner director while at the same time playing the game I love. It may take days or in some occasion a week to finish but the fulfillment I get after uploading it online is worth all the trouble. With the machine I have, I couldn’t use Sims 3 for in-game video capturing which kills me. As of now, Sims 2 is enough and optimal.Magical Sisters - A Sims 2 Short FilmThe story surrounds two sisters living in Sims 2's beautiful Belladonna Cove with basically different tastes in fashion but shares a common habit of gossiping. After receiving a mysterious gift and phoning the Witch of Darkness to come by, these sisters have lives yet to turn around. Lipad - Sims 2 Version - Gibo AdHe d…

First Day in Sunset Valley | My First Sims 3 Experience Photo Log

I’m pretty sure to all Sims addicts out there know that EA has already launched Sims 3 a few months ago with a promise to lessen loading time, open-world gaming and more control over customization with your characters and the world they interact with.
And it had never let me down. Despite the fact that the game play was choppy, I didn’t mind putting visual options at low since it was something I compromised. Apparently, this game is not optimized for older machines but anyway…
With all my eagerness to play the Sims 3 on a Sunday night, I didn’t go through and played with the Create-A-Sim feature but instead entered the neighborhood with premade characters. What made me chose them was how the game described their story:
Roommates, Gwen Glover and Holden Wozny are an odd pair. She is artsy and outgoing while he’s spacey and bookish. Will they be just friends or something more?
Gwen Glover is brave, artistic, charismatic and lucky.
Holden Wozny is absent-minded, great kisser, bookworm and …

Weird facts About Me Part 3

Did you know that...
I have a Myspace Account with mostly celebrities as friends.I make Sims2movies.I dream of becoming a filmmaker.Loves the beach sooo much.Loves sing-along with friends or with family. Apparently it’s something I’m not really good at.I have hidden funny weird graduation pics from high school.Loves Indian mango so much that I decided to bring some to my friends.Is an obvious fan of Lost and HSM.I am a prankster.My Firefox theme is customized to splash my face on it.Weird Facts About Me Part 1Weird Facts About Me Part 2Weird Facts About Me Part 3

Weird facts about me

Did you know…
that my cap was snatched from my head while I was inside the PUJ?
We were inside the jeep on our way home when passed the area leading to Pier 3 when suddenly a man just swiftly walked by when traffic lights turned red and took my cap from me and ran away. That was bizarre and weird.that I bring along an alcohol sprayer in my pocket daily?
When H1N1 scare broke out and government reminding us of the importance of washing our hands my dad bought a sprayer and have us fill it with great smelling Casino to bring everywhere.that I love cats and dogs sooo much?that I hate Chiz?that I’m obsessed with taking photos? I have this fascination of immortalizing great moments and even humdrum ones because I always think that time passes by and that no one else can take them back.that I listen to Gavin de Graw? and to Micheal Buble, HSM 3, Flo-rida, Akon, Charice, Chris Brown, Cook and Archuleta, Daughtry, Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, and Britney on my way home?that I love movi…

Just how addicted are to Sims 2?

You begin to edit your pictures to give way to a popular game element of the Sims 2, the plumbbob. Now I’m excited to get myself some Sims 3.

The Sims 3 Intro Short Film [VIDEO]

Pleasantville - A Sims 2 Short Art Film [VIDEO]

Pleasantview stars’ exclusive vacation snaps

When you’re tired of suburban routine stress, it is time to unwind for some grand vacation to the world’s most exotic locations. That is just what our Pleasantville stars did. Don’t know them? Read this.From the Far East, to the Beaches and to the Great Outdoors, see how our characters explore new places, culture and cuisine they never knew existed not until I bought the Sims 2 Bon Voyage Expansion Pack.The Goths-Dreamer-Broke Honeymoon and Family Vacation to ChinaDina and Mortimer heads to the great outdoors with Don?The Pleasants Hawaii Adventure

What happened to your Pleasantview characters?

Pleasantview1 is of course the main neighborhood of The Sims 2 following the storyline of The Sims 25 years after. How did I play it?The BrokesBrandi gave birth to Ethan.Dirk started to build his own Toy Shop.Beau grew to become A+ kid.Brandi Broke and Darren Dreamer had a secret affair.The PleasantsDaniel got engaged to money counterfeiting and purchased half of all community lots.One business of which is the Pleasantville Zoo.Lilith adopted a dog named Cleo.And now are best friends with her twin sister, Angela.Daniel fired their French Maid and ended his affair to save his marriage with Mary Sue.The CalientesNina adopted two children both named Ashlee, a baby and a toddler.Nina got married to Don and he moved in and now she’s bearing their child.Dina, Nina’s sis, got married to Mortimer and now owns the biggest mansion on Pleasantville.But Dina gets involved in one of the most dangerous affairs of her life. She is secretly involved with her sister’s hubby.The GothsCassandra broke up…

Most Recommended PSP Games Ever

PSP since its launch changed the way people play. It has heated millions of hands with a platform for cinematic gameplay on the go. That is why I worked so hard busting my ass on graveyard shifts before I got hold with my very own PSP. And with additional technology like torrents, I was able to play some of the world’s greatest games made for the small gaming monster. If you own a PSP then you might wanna check these games out. I personally played on all of them. Great storyline + Great graphics + Not so bad music = Great gameSimulationThe Sims 2 I, for one, have always been an addict of The Sims since the The Sims 1 days. The Sims 2 caters to fans and the general public alike. Splashed with a compelling storyline as the PC version had, you would be glued in to your console for a few more hours solving mysteries, doing interactions, reading dialogue, and most especially playing mini-games along the way. Unlike the PC version, The Sims 2 for PSP is task-based and you get rewards for he…