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Creative Pinoy Earth Hour Ads That Makes You Look Twice #awesomebrand

Earth Hour has been a worldwide movement encouraging every one to turn off all lights for an hour as a symbol of our commitment to the planet. Every last Saturday of March and supported by all key global organizations in the world, reminds every one to place the environment on top of every business and personal decision.

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually not an exercise of energy reduction so they don't really measure how much is saved at that period but the lights off and candles on is more of symbolism and for awareness generation.

Thinking that we would lose electricity because of its scarcity would make us value it even more. Generating energy through traditional means has a lot of negative environmental impact that is why we've been taught as child to use it sparingly. It makes sense to consider renewable energy as mainstream source and investing in sustainable business practices is one sure way to keep the world running and save millions of lives along the way. And for the record, Philippines topped Earth Hour participation reports at one point.

A design agency creatively made ads that promote the Earth Hour event and I'd like you to revel in its vibrant beauty for a sec before heading down to the details:

My first reaction to the artworks was "So?" then I took a second look at it and I could've gasped in my Eureka moment when I saw the candles blend in perfectly. The artistry that went into conceptualizing, producing and direction of the outputs was commendable. Congratulations to Leo Burnett Philippines in Manila for doing the campaign for WWF, organizers of Earth Hour. This recognition might be long overdue considering these were executed a year ago.

The earth is beautiful, let's keep it that way. Hope the images inspired you as much as did to me.

Be awesome today!

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Helping Nature and Endangered Animals Has Never Been This Rockin Fun!

Eco Art & Music Fest Fundraiser Opens January 19 at Conspiracy Garden Café

Manila (December, 2012) – An art exhibit and music fest fundraiser for Save Philippine Seas’ Pawikan Watchers program opens on January 19, 2013 at the Conspiracy Garden Café, Quezon City.

EndDanger, which features mixed media artworks from the group Artists for Nature and performances from Flying Ipis and other music bands, calls attention to the growing problem of animal endangerment in the Philippines and encourages the community to get involved in conservation and protection efforts.

Although gifted with a rich and biologically diverse ecosystem, from lush forests to a vibrant marine life, our country’s natural resources have significantly dwindled over time. Animal species, in particular, are under increasing threat from habitat destruction, pollution and commercial exploitation. Many are now in the verge of extinction.

The artists and organizers behind EndDanger seek to raise funds for the monitoring of one of the Philippines’ most threatened species, the pawikan. All proceeds from the event’s ticket sales will go to the Pawikan Watchers training program, which Save Philippine Seas (SPS)—an independent movement that fights abuse of our aquatic resources through legal discourse and social media—launched in cooperation with Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB).

Pawikan Watchers aims to educate volunteers from different parts of the Philippines on the ecology and biology of, and PAWB-approved guidelines for, handling sea turtles. Apart from raising funds, Artists for Nature sees the exhibit as an opportunity to broaden public awareness of the urgent need to preserve our wildlife.

EndDanger is sponsored by Numa the Organic & Eco Baby Store and Ministry of Mushrooms, and is in partnership with, Clean Up Philippines, Eco-Sys Foundation, Green Fins, Society for Sustainable Tourism and Development, Inc., Sea News Network, Butanding Network, UP Green League and Earth UST.

The art exhibit runs up to February 8, 2013. Conspiracy Garden Café is located at 59 Visayas Avenue, Project 6, Quezon City.

For opening night tickets or more information, please contact Wendi Garcia at +639162742859 or Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates.

This is a press release.

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What Matteo Guidicelli Did That Inspired The World

In their dream to let every child live a life in all its fullness, World Vision has launched a weeklong campaign to promote child sponsorship and its advocacy here in Cebu. 

Banking on their stellar powers, they have invited their brand ambassador and a proud Cebuano Matteo Guidicelli to meet his grantees and visit one of their World Vision communities in Lilo-an where the kids show off their financial management skills.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs with matteo Guidicelli
Proud of his roots, conversing with showbiz prince in vernacular was a breath of fresh air. There is more than what meets the eye and I think it is his humility that made him rise through the ranks almost effortlessly. His sincerity just exudes in every smile and every gesture he makes, truly a man of sophistication and breeding. Cebu will be forever proud of what you have achieved and will continue to support the causes you fight for.

world vision liloan

Yep, these children are setting aside playtime for a few minutes every Saturday to practice funding and discipline, after benchmarking the success of their parent’s Community-Owned and Managed Savings and Credit Association (COMSCA). All thanks to World Vision’s efforts, they are now sustainable in providing themselves what they need with what little income they have.

With passbooks and a vault that is being secured by three members, these kids have become responsible enough to understand financial processes, and I could not reiterate its importance all the more.

Meeting his extended family

After the heart-warming experience with Liloan COMSCA kids, we headed on to see chivalrous actor's beneficiaries whom he has sponsored for a couple of years now. They have created tokens of their appreciation through drawings which they gave personally.

world vision liloan

When they were asked what they could say to the debonair celebrity, the mother and her daughter choked up in tears and everyone in the room fell silent for a while because we were so moved by the extent of how World Vision and its beneficiaries has literally changed the lives of people they are serving. Matteo, being a charming guy he is, tried to keep the mood alight as quipped a joke in vernacular that made us laugh. He narrates how happy he becomes when he receives letters from these kids which contains drawings and pictures especially on Christmas. And I've learned from him personally that he also receives report cards on a regular basis.

About Sharing the Joy of Hope

Visiting the community with their celebrity sponsor and setting up exhibits is just part of their caravan in celebration of World Vision’s 55 years of “Sharing the Joy of Hope.” Today, World Vision assists more than 112,000 children and their families in 29 provinces all over the Philippines.

Congratulations to the people behind World Vision and hats off to all their sponsors and partners! Faith in humanity restored!

How you can change this world

With only six hundred pesos monthly contribution, you can already send a child to school and help them cope with the hardships of today’s life. Encourage your friends to spare a few bucks and be the change this world needs.

For more information

Call Cebu Hotline at 505-4444Call or text 0917-5540683
Like WorldVision on Facebook
Follow them @WorldVisionPH

Sponsor online through 

WorldVision Official Website

Unilab Ideas Positive chooses 5 teams from VisMin to transform communities!

Five youth teams from Visayas-Mindanao have qualified as one of the Top 12 finalists, chosen among 82 entries nationwide, to bring their community-changing ideas to positive realities in this year’s national run of Unilab Ideas Positive— the only social marketing congress and competition for college students in the country today. 

Now on its third year, Unilab Ideas Positive serves as a venue to enable the Filipino youth to improve the health and wellness of their communities with their positive and sustainable ideas.

Each winning team will be rewarded with Php100, 000 seed money to implement their social marketing plans in their chosen communities for the next six months.

But before the project implementation, all 12 youth teams will be flown in to Manila, with free hotel accommodation, meals and transportation, to undergo a 3-day social marketing boot camp on June 21 to 23 at the Unilab Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong.

The students will learn social marketing approaches through workshops and case studies from a roster of subject matter experts, which includes social marketing guru Ned Roberto, social entrepreneur Reese Fernandez, director Jim Libiran and recently awarded marketing practitioner Jay Jaboneta, among others.

The boot camp, which aims to harness the power of the teams’ social marketing ideas for a more solid implementation plan, involves a one-day immersion at Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm, a social innovation village in Bulacan.


In Visayas, two Cebu teams give focus on access to potable and safe water sources. 

Team Bang’s “Catch Rain, We Can!” project proposes a rainwater catchment system using ferro-cement jars at Gitbingil Island in Medellin. 

Wherein some seek water from the sky, Team Transit’s “A Bicycle For Water” looks down low and hopes to address a similar need through a bicycle water-pumping system from the deep wells of St. Arnold Janssen Village in Lapu-Lapu City.

Meanwhile in Iloilo, Team Kabataang Katipuneros’ “KKK: Kalusugan at Kalinisan sagot sa Kahirapan” focuses on the processing of powdered vegetables to address malnutrition in Brgy. La Paz, Guimaras while Team W.A.Y.A’s “Tahong for Life” promotes sanitary handling of tahong in Sitio Pang-Pang, Dumangas through health and livelihood seminars as well as a construction of an eco-friendly tahong center as a conservation site for tahong-made ornaments and furniture.


Proudly representing Mindanao is Team Green Label’s “Gintong Bukirin Para sa Gintong Kinabukasan” which seeks to reduce malnutrition rate by providing a local source of food through a school-based organic mini-farm in Brgy. Tigatto, Davao City.

“From water harvesting systems to mussel conservation efforts to livelihood programs, we are impressed by the quality of ideas presented by the Visayan and Mindanaoan youth and proud of how these teams have embodied the bayanihan spirit in involving the right stakeholders and institutions within their campaigns,” shared Unilab Ideas Positive program lead Barry Barrientos.
“We look forward to seeing these teams undergo the 3-day boot camp to prepare their plans for community implementation.”

From the 12, the five most successful youth teams in project implementation will advance to the finals for a chance to become the Unilab Ideas Positive 2012 grand winner.

For more information about Unilab Ideas Positive, visit For live and frequent updates about the teams and the program, subscribe to our Facebook page at or follow us on Twitter at @ideaspositive.

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Toledo City, Cebu vies for top nutrition award!

“We are hoping that our city will get the Green Banner for the third time and win the Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (CROWN)," said Hon. Jocelyn Perales, Chair, Committee on Health and member of City Nutrition Committee of Toledo City during the presentation of the City’s accomplishment to the members of the Regional Nutrition Evaluation Team (RNET).

The RNET evaluated Toledo City on 17-18 May 2012 to assess the city’s nutrition program implementation for 2011. The RNET conducts annual Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation (MELLPI) of nutrition programs and  selects the Regional Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS).

NNC 7’s Nutrition Program Coordinator, Dr. Parolita A. Mission said the MELLPI aims to assess the efficiency of local level plan implementation of the nutrition program, assess changes in nutritional status of preschool & school children, determine extent to which nutrition is integrated into the local development plan and advocate for the continuing support for local nutrition program. Mission added that the RNET also evaluates the performance of the City’s nominee for Regional Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar.

MELLPI 2012. Photo above is taken during the opening program of the Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation in Toledo City. The one holding the microphone is Dr. Parolita A. Mission, National Program Coordinator of NNC7, as she discusses the aims of the MELLPI.

Toledo City is vying for the CROWN award after getting the Green Banner as outstanding city in the region for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010. The Green Banner Award is given to the first ranking municipality, city or province in the region that has achieved outstanding performance in implementing its nutrition programs. 

A CROWN award is given to a municipality, city or province that has been adjudged by the interagency regional nutrition evaluation team as outstanding in the region in the implementation of its nutrition plan for three consecutive years.

RNET and CNC. Members of the Regional Nutrition Evaluation Team (RNET) and the City Nutrition Committee (CNC) of Toledo City take a pose after the initial validation of the Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation (MELLPI) with Dr. Parolita A. Mission, National Program Coordinator, NNC7 at the center.

The barangays that are randomly selected and visited during the evaluation included the Cabitoonan, Calong-calong, Camp 8 and Ilihan. The RNET validated the nutritional status of the preschool children by reweighing 10% of the total preschool children in each barangay visited.

The team also checked and looked into the different projects initiated by the City and made a desk review of all the city’s nutrition records.

The RNET also evaluated the City’s nominee for the Regional Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) in barangay Calong-Calong. A BNS is a barangay-based volunteer worker responsible for delivering nutrition services and other related activities such as community health, backyard food production, environmental sanitation, mental feeding, and family planning to the barangay.

The interagency Regional Nutrition Evaluation Team was headed by Dr. Parolita A. Mission, National Program Coordinator, NNC7, with team members, Mrs. Evangeline Geraldez, Chief Dietitian, H.W. Miller Hospital and Sanitarium and Incoming President, Philippine Association of Nutrition, Mrs. Lovelyn Garcia, Program Officer of the Nutrition Center of the Philippines and Mr. Dave Bargamento, NO II, NNC 7.

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Eco Art Exhibit Fundraiser at SM Megamall

An art exhibit centering on marine environment conservation opens on May 4 at the Renaissance Gallery in Megamall. “Sa Asul o Sa Itim” features the works of young artists Mike Garcia, Willhen Peneyra, Ezra Reverente and Allan Calingansan. 

The artists’ oil and mixed media artworks focus on marine environment issues like destructive and overfishing, coastal infrastructure and tourism, and mismanagement of fisheries.

The purpose of the exhibit is to raise public awareness on marine life protection as well as raise funds for environmental projects. 

Ultimately, “Sa Asul o Sa Itim” aims to challenge everyone to translate this higher environmental awareness into concrete action by making the right choice and participating in concerted and individual efforts to save the marine ecosystem. 

The proceeds of the exhibit will go to Eco-Sys Action’s Whale Shark Project in Donsol, Bicol Region. Eco-Sys Action is an environmental foundation based in Hong Kong, Valence France, and Nairobi Kenya that works to preserve threatened species and their habitats while improving the health, education and economic conditions of local communities.

The foundation’s initial projects in Donsol have already taken off. These include the establishment of marine library with a permanent exhibition on whale shark protection, distribution of educational materials in schools all over the region, establishment of mini clinics along the coastal areas, and set-up of microenterprises such as small garden cultivation and beekeeping activities.

Renaissance Gallery is located at the 4th floor of Megamall Building A in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong. The exhibit will run until May 11. 

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Over 5,000 Runners Geared for Run4Home 2012, I Am One

Globe Run4Home2012, one of biggest running events staged in Cebu City this year, hits the road at the crack of dawn last March 25, 2012 with over 5,000 runners racing at the Cebu International Convention Center, each eager not only to cross the finish line but to take part in a meaningful undertaking that will benefit the environment as well as the less fortunate members of society.

The annual charity fun run gathers the running community of Cebu led by Cebu luminaries Yong and Donna Larrazabal, multi-awarded triathlete Noy Jopson, and ABS CBN News Anchor and champion ultrarunner  Haydee Acuna.  Breast cancer survivors headed by Mary Anne Solomon, President of the Outdoor Advertising of the Philippines Cebu Chapter, about 150 runners from respected financial institution JP Morgan, and other running aficionados from Manila and key cities nationwide also join the race.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs Running off the last few miles to the shotclock.
Running off the last few miles to the shotclock.

Registration fees are the most affordable rate ever in Globe Run4Home history, making the running event more accessible to the growing running community, especially in Cebu. The registration fee entitles runners to race shirts, race bib number, timing chip, and finisher’s medal for the 21K category.  A portion of the registration fees will be donated to their beneficiary of choice to support their respective advocacies and programs

Funds that will be raised from the event will go to four beneficiaries:

  1. Gawad Kalinga, 
  2. Habitat for Humanity, 
  3. Cebu Biodiversity Foundation, and the 
  4. Philippine Tarsier Foundation.  
Being fierce at the marathon starting point after warm-up.
Being fierce at the starting point after warm-up. 

GK and HFHP are both raising funds for their housing developments in Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro City to help those who lost their homes due to Typhoon Sendong.  

CBF, on the other hand, aims to transform communities in key biodiversity areas into becoming more effective stewards of the environment while 

PTF spearheads a massive campaign to save the Philippine tarsier and preserve its habitat.

Apart from sharing a portion of the race proceeds to the four beneficiaries, Globe Run4Home2012 also has a platform close to its heart to generate more donations for its partner-organizations. Through Globe GCASH, runners participating in this year’s activity are able to encourage their respective circle of friends, families and loved ones to support their run by donating to their beneficiary of choice.

Run4Home officially started at 5am with the 21k race with fireworks display every category firing off, followed by the 15k firing off 30 minutes later, 10k at 5:45am, 5k at 6 o’clock, and 3k at 6:15am.

Prizes at stake in the premier 21k category are P15,000 cash, P10,000, and P7,000 for the first three finishers, while the top three winners in the 15k division will bring home P10,000, P7,000, and P5,000.

Up for grabs in the 10k class are cash prizes of P7,000, P5,000, and P3,000 for the first, second, and third placers, respectively. In the 5k race, the best three finishers will receive P5,000, P3,000, and P2,000, while the fastest three participants in the 3k will get P3,000, P2,000, and P1,000.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs  Goofing with my bestie Kristina Orlanes at an inflatable watch after the run!
Goofing with my bestie Kristina Orlanes at an inflatable watch after the run!

Globe Run4Home 2012 is supported by Alaska, Cebuana Lhuilier Insurance Solutions, Fox, Gatorade, StarWorld, and Summit Natural Drinking Water as major sponsors.  Minor sponsors include Active Zone-Ayala Center Cebu, Airphil Express, Cenovis, Century Tuna, Department of Tourism, Dole, Marriot Hotel Cebu, McDonald's, Rexona, Skechers, The Body Shop, Timex, Trends & Technologies, and Woman by Lactacyd.

Media partners are Cebu Daily News, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Freeman, The Philippine Star, Radio GMA, SkyCable Cebu, Word Broadcasting Corporation, Infochat, and Newsbytes.

Thank you Globe and more power!

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Cleaner World: Positive Change for a Healthier Philippines! Unilab Ideas Positive Campaign Transforms Communities with Youth

It goes without saying that Philippines has become an epicenter of the harsh effects of Climate Changes. 

From the thousands of lives lost to typhoons and extreme famine, we could never ignore the reality that we need to have sustainable ways of modifying our lifestyle so that we could leave less carbon footprint. One thing we could act now is address our environmental problems in lessening garbage.

Fortunately, our country has been addressing this issue for quite sometime now through proper waste disposal, encouraging zero waste management, recognizing and rewarding green companies, strong info campaign on dealing with waste, effective packaging, and strict implementation of the law.

But as I had a community visit to the Inayawan Landfill in Cebu, I thought to myself, we have to somehow step up our game so that we don’t have to deal with this mountain high wastes and people living around it won’t have to live in such a horrible place. They may look happy and content when we went there but I know that it is Filipino optimism that is keeping them alive while the air and poor community sanitation is killing them slowly.

"Landfills and open dumps, according to studies, account for 34 percent of human-related methane emissions to the atmosphere, a global warming gas that has 23 times more heat-trapping power than carbon dioxide. These landfills and open dumps are illegal under RA 9003.” source: “Alarming Waste Problem in the Philippines” 

Thanks to my exposure through the Young Minds Academy program of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., I saw what goes beyond the comforts of our lives while some have to work for the food that they are going to consume for the day. Poverty alleviation comes into play when you are dealing with the environment too. It’s all an interweb of problems that makes project development seemingly an endless process for organizations that deal with social responsibility let alone the government.

If you have lots of ideas in mind like addressing garbage management, this is your chance of making the change you've only been dreaming of and actually start realizing it big time. Unilab Ideas Positive is the only social marketing congress and competition for college students in the country today, is expanding this year from Metro Manila to the entire Philippines, covering North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Fifteen communities all over the nation will benefit from this opportunity through the social marketing programs by fifteen youth teams that will all receive P100, 000 seed money for the implementation of their ideas. The groups will also be flown in to Manila, with free hotel accommodation, meals, and transportation, to attend a 3-day boot camp where they can learn social marketing approaches from a pool of experts through workshops and case studies.

Ready to show the world your love for your fellowmen and get active citizenship right? Join now!

Interested college students can join by teaming up and registering at Deadline for submission of entries is on April 16.

For more information, log on to the website or join the Facebook community at http://

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Globe Run4Home launches on March 25! Globe redefines activism

Cebuano triathlete champion Noy Jopson endorses Globe  annual charity run

A big name in the athletic scene, Cebuano Noy Jopson Is most known for grabbing the first Cobra Ironman title, which he skillfully set at 4:21.27. This coming March 25, 2012 in Cebu City, he will be joining the upcoming Globe Run4Home and has openly expressed his endorsement for the values that the event espouses.

“I’m really excited! Globe Run4Home is dedicated to not just 1 but 4 organizations that are at the forefront of their advocacies.  It’s not often that you get to combine what you love with giving back,” shares Noy when asked about his sentiments regarding the event.

A lover of the outdoors and sports, Noy has successfully kept himself busy and immersed in the world of fitness. His fire for running started at the early age of 9. Even during his younger years, his titles number to many and include prestigious awards. Among those that he championed are Asian Cup Junior in 1995 and the Philippine Enduraman Champion. He is also a 3-time National Champ and a record holder for Olympic Distance.

His decision to be an athlete is a deliberate one. Noy closely grew up with civic awareness and responsibility, as his father is the well-known political activist Edgar Jopson. The late Jopson was a key mover during the period of civil unrest or the First Quarter Storm in the 1970s. He was the president of National Union Students of the Philippines and also bears the recognition Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines.

“Throughout my life, it was my intention and decision to shy away from activism. I used to believe that it was not worth the separation or the loss of a loved one. Now, I realize that it’s not wrong to push for what my parents fought and died for: social justice and human rights,” declares the triathlete.

Noy recounts his younger days when he was hounded left and right with opportunities to stand up for various causes. He instead kept himself busy with training to excuse him from said activities.

Cebu’s Biggest Running Event Helps Four Awesome NGOs, Race includes Facebook integration

Running to Build a Stronger Nation

Globe Run4Home enables Filipinos to secure good health and sustainable shelter

Committed to continue the positive impact that it has started, Globe Telecom stages Globe Run4Home 2012 this March 25, 2012. Now on its 4th year, the race gathers an even greater momentum as the annual charity fun run will be hosted in Cebu, the Queen City of the South.

Newbie runners and professionals alike eagerly look forward to participating in one of the biggest running events of the year. Through Run4Home, they are united not only by their love for the sport but also by the opportunity to contribute to building sustainable shelter for those in need, especially the victims of Typhoon Sendong.

“The Globe Run4Home is more than just a fun run. Any running aficionado knows that this annual charity run always has something new to offer each year. This will be our first run in Cebu to bridge various communities in need- from typhoon victims to endangered species. We hope to get the support of our customers in Cebu so that together we can help others for a better nations,” share Yoly Crisanto, Head of Globe Corporate Communications.

Over P150K up for grabs

Run4Home will officially start at 5am with the 21K race, followed by the 15K firing off 30 minutes later, 10K at 5:45am, 5K at 6 o’clock and 3K at 6:15am. Participants must be at the starting line 30 minutes before the scheduled fire off of their respective races.

Prizes at stake in the premier 21K category are P15,000 cash, P10,000 and P7,000 for the first three finishers, wile the top three winners for the 15K division will bring home P10,000, P7,000 and P5,000.
Up for grabs in the 10K class are cash prizes of P7,000, P5,000 and P3,000 for the first, second, and third placers, respectively. In the 5K race, the best three finishers will receive P5,000, P3,000 and P2,000 while the fastest three participants in the 3K will get P3,000, P2,000 and P1,000.

All registrants will have a timing chip that automatically updates your Facebook status upon finishing the race.

Ms. Yoly Crisanto with the heads of this year's Run4Home Beneficiaries
 at a press conference at City Sports Club.

Chasing Change

This year, Globe continues to help Gawad Kalinga and Habitat for Humanity Philippines in their institutional mission to provide housing development projects for their respective communities nationwide with an urgent assistance to the victims of typhoon in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro.

Also attending to an organization organic to the host of the race, Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (CBCF) joins the beneficiaries of Run4Home 2012. CBCF works for transformative solutions by empowering the communities of key biodiversity areas to be accountable for their wealthy ecosystem. Lastly, participants of Run4Home will be pleased to know that they will also be running to help preserve the habitat of the endemic yet world renowned Tarsier through Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Inc.

Everybody’s race

Run4Home 2012 makes it even more accessible for everyone to join! This year, registration fees per category are:
P300 for 3K,
P400 for 5k,
P500 for 10K and
P600 for 15K
P700 for 21K.

These are the most affordable registration rates ever in Globe Run4Home history.

Race shirts in various sizes, race bib number, and timing chip are all included in the registration fee. IN addition, the winner of the 21K category will receive a finisher’s medal. Since a part of the runner’s registration fees has been allocated for donation, runners get the chance to choose their beneficiary of choice bringing a more heightened sense of personal connection to the advocacy that fires their run.

To encourage even more participants, runners registering by group are in for a special treat. Additionally, runners of four running in the same category get to bring a fifth member for free.

Those who cannot participate in the run but wanted to donate to their chosen beneficiary can do so via Globe GCASH. All they have to do is text the following:

For Philippine Tarsier Foundation DONATE<space>AMOUNT<space>MPIN<space>TARSIER to 2882.

For Cebu Biodiversity Conservation FoundationDONATE<space>AMOUNT<space>MPIN<space>CEBUBIO to 2882.

For Habitat for HumanityDONATE<space>AMOUNT<space>MPIN<space>HABITAT to 2882.

For Gawad KalingaDONATE<space>AMOUNT<space>MPIN<space>GK to 2882.

Hope is an action

Are you ready to build a stronger nation? Join the Globe Run4Home 2012 and help bring to life a better reality for the less privileged families, communities, endangered species, and key biodiversity areas.

Registration fees per category are P300 for 3K, P400 for 5k, P500 for 10K, P600 for 15K, and P700 for 21K. The registration fee of the 21k category includes race shirts in various sizes, race bib number, timing chip with Facebook registration, and finisher’s medal.

Registration is ongoing at Paseo de Ciudad, 1st level Ayala Center, Cebu City and via

Globe Run4Home 2012 is supported by Alaska, Fox Channel, Gatorade, StarWorld and Summit Natural Drinking Water as major sponsors while minor sponsors include Cebu Marriot Hotel, McDonald’s, Rexona, AirPhil Express, Active Zone of Ayala Center, and Timex.

Media partners are the Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, Cebu Daily News, The Freeman, Newsbytese, Radio GMA and SkyCable.

Read more about Run4Home further:

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Run for Home – Run for Gawad Kalinga

I'm not really into running events but I was able to join one thru my company, the Primary Fun Run which had me break my first three kilometer run on the streets of Cebu one fine Saturday morning. But now, I am giving everyone the chance to experience the happiness running with family and friends while at the same time doing something really awesome for others, help them build a home. 

That's me with my friends from WebXpress! :)

Introducing Run for Home...

It is a fundraising event of Globe which will be giving hope to the beneficiaries of the Dasig Kabataan Foundation and the medical mission spearheaded by the Mandaue City Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Registration fees are as follows:
21K – Php700
15K – Php600
10K – Php500
5K – Php400
3K – Php300

But don't mind that. Think of how much you could give back and the Run for Home event has helped a lot of families build their future by giving the proceeds of the previous event to Gawad Kalinga who in turn built houses for our fellowmen who were displaced by the great Typhoon Sendong.

To register, you may visit and register there, or you may go to 1st Level, Paseo de Ciudad, Ayala Center, Cebu from February 1 to March 16 and fill up the registration form, then pay in cash for individual or group (group registrants [buy 4 and get 1 free] should run in the same category). Once the registration process has been completed, a runner’s kit will be given. This includes the following items:
  • Singlet (sizes will be subject to availability)
  • D-tag (RFID Timing Chip)
  • Race Bib Number
  • Finishers medal for 21K
For more information about the marathon (call time, prizes, map, guidelines, etc.), kindly view/download this PDF file: Globe Run4Home 2012.

Registration fees per category are P300 for 3K, P400 for 5k, P500 for 10K, P600 for 15K, and P700 for 21K. The registration fee of the 21k category includes race shirts in various sizes, race bib number, timing chip with Facebook registration, and finisher’s medal.

Registration is ongoing at Paseo de Ciudad, 1st level Ayala Center, Cebu City and

Run. Live. Help.

Read more about Run4Home further:

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RAFI is now accepting applications for YMA season 6

Following the launching of the sixth season of Young Minds Academy (YMA) last Jan. 21, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) is now accepting applications for the program.

YMA is a youth leadership and citizenship development program of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) of RAFI aimed at developing young people to become responsible and accountable leaders and proactive citizens ready to serve the public and its interests. 

This is done through awareness raising, experiential education, immersion, and open discourse, among others. 

It is open to young people aged 12 to 20 years old.

Because of my very wonderful 10 months, I designed a poster showcasing how awesome it is to be a YMAer.

One chance of a lifetime. Nation-building has never been this fun! Poster by Jaysee Blabs!

YMA was launched in October 2006 and already ran for five seasons, including a special summer edition held in 2009 for Region 8.

“Through this program, I have discovered what kind of leader I want to be. The change has started in me already. Now it’s my time to be a role model to others,” said 15-year old Jessica Therese Vestil, a scholar of last season’s YMA.

For Sean Timothy Salvador, 18, another YMA season 5 scholar, he said that YMA taught him to use his life as a daily opportunity to become a blessing to every person he meets and help change their lives for the better. 

To join the sixth season of YMA, interested applicants must form a team of five members under one of the following categories: Generation A (17-20 years old) and Generation B (12-16 years old).  List of team and individual requirements and application forms may be obtained from the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center, or downloaded at

Deadline for the submission of applications is on February 20, 2012.

YMA is sponsored by UnionBank of the Philippines.

It is one of the programs under RAFI’s Leadership & Citizenship focus area, which gathers and nurtures future leaders and influencers ready to effect change. Its other focus areas are Integrated Development, Micro-finance & Entrepreneurship, Culture & Heritage, and Education.

For more information about YMA, please call 418-7234 loc 110 and look for Mel Yan, or email, or visit or

To know more about YMA, see my YMA life notes:

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Social Welfare Champions, Ultimate Change Shapers

Lihok Pilipina Foundation Inc.

Social Welfare Champions, Ultimate Change Shapers 

Feature by Jaysee John R. Pingkian, author of  Jaysee Blabs

Action is the most definite thing one should do if he wishes to become an architect of change, and to mobilize hundreds of families to battle poverty and abuse could be a legacy worth talking about in the decades to come.

There are a lot of institutions that caters to protecting women and children but one goes beyond their purpose to solve the bigger ills of this society.

Child protection is very close to my heart because I am witness to cruelty against them almost every now and then; and to be powerless at times, makes me rethink how I perceive this world, but now knowing that a group of individuals are putting their acts together to rescue them, and alleviate them from poverty along the way, is, by far, the best discovery I have ever made.

Introducing Lihok Pilipina Foundation Inc. (LPFI)...

Uphill Climb

Lihok Pilipina Foundation Inc. (LPFI) was organized from the dream of one woman for a safer more livable society. 

Ms. Tessie Fernandez, the embodiment of a very vigilant and active citizen and a proud Cebuano everyone can only hope to emulate, is used to quick action that is why she sought the aid of different institutions to make Lihok Pilipina what it is today: an organization that values life more than any other.

Ms. Tessie Fernandez of Lihok Pilipina Foundation Inc.
Lihok Pilipina started with operating its credit program for the women of Cebu City. This gave the mothers a glimpse of hope as they are able to start their own micro-businesses in their respective communities from sari-sari stores to small scale food shops we commonly refer to as carenderias.

The foundation actually monitors the lives of their beneficiaries that is why it came as an alarm to them why the ladies began missing out important meetings. It was then that they had learned that “family trouble” kept them from venturing into other things and was ultimately the cause why most of them eventually falter on their payments and closed their shops.

Being with the women whom she has considered family, Tessie and her team made it their newfound mission to protect women and children at all cost because she could not bear to hear any more stories from them as to how they got their bruises from their husbands who ventilates their anger quite too much, quite too often.

"At first we thought of addressing domestic violence just as a strategy to resolve the difficulties in the credit program. But it became an issue itself because we found out that it was such a huge concern among the women," she explains.

Their bigger mission is to have “communities that are dynamic, non-violent, viable, effective, militant and self-reliant, where the dignity of women, children and men are upheld and continuously developed.”

Different challenges hindered Lihok Pilipina  as they opened their doors to accommodate a new set of issues. They launched the Women’s Support and Crisis Center which welcomed women who were raped and abused both physically and mentally. They needed a home for battered women to stay, logisitics, supplies and transportation as more and more women call for their help. Good thing, legal representatives were not a burden as they have lawyers in the Board of Trustees. With all the requirements that she needed to furnish to complete this mission, she pooled together all the people she could gather. From former classmates in law school, to community organizers and even tapping on development workers in the University of San Carlos, government and in NGOs, Tessie and the rest of Lihok Pilipina team was able to help victims appreciate the new day in their lives that has come.

To see more about the roots of the foundation and the women who inspired Tessie to build the org, see this 3-part documentary film produced by Advocacy Videos:

Change is a very herculean task that even Jesus in his time had a hard time doing. But given the right strategies, approach, and support, you can shape a nation one person at a time. That’s just what Ms. Tessie and her team did. 

I can just marvel at the great works of her organization as I researched and actually saw the people who are living testaments of Lihok Pilipina’s successful efforts all these years.

Change Shaping Today

Lihok Pilipina’s celebrated accomplishment was the conception of the Office of the Urban Poor as one of the specialized division in Cebu City Hall and has aided close to 3,000+ clients in Cebu City alone.

They bear on to reach out to women and children needing shelter and immediate attention due to domestic violence and abuse cases.

They were also able to find ways and means for policemen to undergo gender sensitivity trainings as they handle these very vulnerable issues. They were also able to stir up national buzz as the front page of a daily showed their research results on domestic violence and eventually caught the attention of then President Ramos who reprimanded DSWD for their indifference on such a grave issue. From that, the Bantay Banay (Family Watch) was born.

They even won the heart of then Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena who said “[Lihok Pilipina]  can do it better. Why don't I just give you money to continue what you are doing?” That’s because he was referring more cases to LPFI rather than his office so he funded around 15 barangays to organize a Bantay Banay group. Eventually, the performance of the program became so phenomenal that it other places invited LPFI over to organize it for them and history soon followed that this program reached Dumaguete and Misamis Oriental.

But I think the best achievement of LPFI are the lives that has changed as they champion social welfare and poverty alleviation efforts; two heavy issues that even United Nations is on the verge figuring out how to combat against... a battle we've been losing since human civilization began.

Tale of Success

I can talk all about Lihok Pilipina the whole day and it still wouldn’t be enough as they have more programs that have passed critical acclaim like the Community Waste Management Project and their Youth Program. To think they already have the Savings and Credit Center and Support and Crisis Intervention giving them load that the most powerful being would grow tired of.

The Triennial awards is the ongoing effort of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) to look for and distinguish the underappreciated heroes in the Visayas and Mindanao region who set an example of lives dedicated to help and serve others. It goes without saying that Lihok Pilipina’s feat is a milestone when it bagged home the Most Outstanding Institution award in the Triennials last 2005.

"With the country being preoccupied with political turmoil, our feat should serve as an encouragement for others to do their share. We should stop talking and do the action," Fernandez said.

The cash and trophy that the foundation holds is not even enough to compensate for all the work that they had done, the change that they have initiated. But they, for one, ask for no compensation as they take great joy in helping others and I think every single one who are familiar with NGOs and social work know this kind of fulfillment.

With the great impact that this foundation has been rippling into Filipino society, I give them my highest respect and all. But there is still a lot of work to be done and the humble team behind Lihok Pilipina assures me that they will never rest on their laurels until every Filipino and possibly every person in the world is safe and happy.

How You Can Help

Contact them now to refer domestic violence cases, volunteer, donate:
Ms. Tessie B. Fernandez or Mr. Alex Ocampo, Executive Director

(032) 254-8092
(032) 256-1341
(032 )254-8072

(032) 254-8072


Or visit their office at:
102 P. Del Rosario Extension, Cebu City

Lihok Pilipina Foundation Inc.

Social Welfare Champions, Ultimate ChangeShapers 

Feature by Jaysee John R. Pingkian, author of JayseeBlabs

One Juan Project: Empowering Youth Programs Thru Crowdfunding

There is a gap between knowing what needs to be done and how much we are willing to do something about it. How can we shape our future if we:
  • Lack of access to funding
  • Limited access to benchmarks (Best and Next Practices)
  • Matching between Requirements (from NGOs..etc.) and Capability (Of project proponents, start-ups, and the like)
  • Knowledge of Institution's (funding agencies, NGO,..etc.) existence
Project Promotion Poster for One Juan Designed by Yours Truly, Jaysee
ONE JUAN is just that, a portal, a communications channel, a marketing (advertising) space, a repository of projects for possible replications and a potential community gathering for knowledge & experience sharing.

RAFI collaborates with 10 groups for youth development

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) inked a partnership agreement with six civil society organizations and four local government units for the project development phase of the Young Minds Academy (YMA) Season 5, RAFI’s youth leadership and citizenship development program.

The agreement was signed together with the YMA scholars last Aug. 2 at the Bryant George Hall of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) of RAFI.

Read on to know 7 Facebook Pages Worth Liking...

Cordova Youth Mapping, Albert Schweitzer Foundation, FORGE Rescue Project | YMA Thematic Sessions Part 4

The fourth and the last day of the YMA Thematic Sessions (Day One, Day Two, Day Three) made us trek to our respective barangay assignments in Cordova and split ourselves further as to who will do the focus group discussion (FGD) in the barangay hall, the transect walk who will plot assets of the community and the survey who will ask residents. 

The purpose of all this mapping activities is to determine what their assets are, what the threats to these assets are and what opportunities they can seem to benefit from in the near future. This is also done in preparation for our ultimate community immersion in the coming weeks. 

Busay, Boodle Fight, SOS Village, Cordova Resort | Cebu Community Visits | YMA Thematic Session Day 3

Community Visit I (Day One and Day Two) gave us the heads up about the adverse effects of poverty in the rural parts of Cebu and how the community succeeds in addressing them. Community Visit II module which happened last June 11- 12, 2011 transported us to the beautiful uplands where poverty is of the highest level but surprisingly is not that felt because of how simple they live their mundane existence.

After a long trip from the city, we reached the scenic mountain barangay of Busay which became a perfect backdrop to the great talks thereafter. First stop was in Crossroads, a retreat farm which helps youth cope up with different crisis in their life or if they are about to make a big decision. They also grow local produce naturally which they are trying to advocate among upland vegetable farmers since they are so dependent on pesticides which is slowly poisoning the urban people who consume them. The retreat farm is being managed by the Work of the Lord Who Cares Foundation who also nurtures youth who are sexually abused and who were exposed to prostitution due to scarcity in life.

Cebu Road Revolution: Party for Earth on Osmeña Blvd

This Sunday, you might not need your car or anything that blows out some toxics to Cebu City as the whole Osmeña Boulevard will be closed to promote green transportation and give way to a street party for Earth.

Road Revolution: Filipinos' Declaration of Independence from Air and Traffic Pollution will be held on June 12, 2011. And I am encouraging you to sign the petition in a booth somewhere for having bicycle lanes in the city. A copy of the petition can be read below.

Walk, Run, Skate, Bike as long as it doesn't pollute. It actually works win win: you getting a hot bod and saving the earth from further destruction. The Road Revolution will be along Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City ~ 6am - 6pm. There are booths and activities all over so you better put your sunscreens on.

The Road Revolution: Filipinos' Declaration of Independence from Air and Traffic Pollution will also have a petition signing! Together let us campaign for sidewalks, bike lanes and collective transportation system in Cebu City!

Freedom walk/bike will kick off at 5am from Cebu Provincial Capitol to Plaza Independencia-and then a Mass and Ceremonial Turnover of the petition will follow at the Plaza Independencia.

Make your stand and be part of the Road Revolution!

Why Run to Plant?

RAFI organizes Run 2 Plant 4 GREENIN Philippines

Putting its GREENIN Philippines Program’s advocacies into action, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) will hold “Run 2 Plant 4 GREENIN Philippines” on June 25 in commemoration of the Philippine Environment Month and World Environment Day in June. Registration is FREE.

The run and plant event is organized in collaboration with the Cebu Provincial Government, local government units, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and various government institutions and corporate groups.

The Run 2 Plant 4 GREENIN Philippines is linked with the expanded Green and Wholesome Environment that Nurtures (eGWEN) Our Cebu Program’s environmental protection and enhancement component. eGwen Our Cebu Program is a joint development program of the Province of Cebu and RAFI with the aim of making Cebu an ideal place to live, work, play, invest and do business.

“The event has two segments, the running and the planting. This event is an approach to promote health among people by running and health of the environment by planting native tree species, thus benefitting both people and environment,” Neil Papas, program coordinator of the GREENIN Philippines Pogram, said.

The central event will be held in a 30-hectare forestland in Jaclupan, Talisay City. The area, which is within the critical Mananga watershed, shall be developed into a forest model through a co-management agreement among DENR, Cebu Provincial Government, Talisay City Government, Metro Cebu Water District, and RAFI.

Simultaneously, the other 50 municipalities and component cities of the Province of Cebu will hold the Run 2 Plant 4 GREENIN Philippines in their respective jurisdictions, making the event a province-wide endeavor.

Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia has recently issued an executive order, mandating the implementation and institutionalization of the Run 2 Plant 4 GREENIN Philippines throughout the province.

The Run 2 Plant 4 GREENIN Philippines targets to plant 160,000 native tree species simultaneously all over Cebu on the said date.

“The activity does not end on June 25. Through the eGWEN Our Cebu Program, the Cebu Provincial Government and RAFI will undertake post-planting activities in collaboration with DENR, various LGUs, partners and volunteers to ensure that the native tree seedlings planted will grow and become forests after a few years,” Papas added.

RAFI’s GREENIN Philippines Program, which stands for Generation REdemption and Expansion of Natural resources INitiatives in the Philippines Program, seeks to develop, protect, enhance and co-manage denuded forestlands, brush lands and degraded residual natural forests by planting native tree species.

Earlier, RAFI expressed support and committed its GREENIN Philippines Program to complement DENR’s National Greening Program developed under Executive Order No. 26 issued by President Benigno Aquino III last February 24.

RAFI is the only non-government organization being considered to undertake activities in support of the National Greening Program in Region 7 along with 16 government agencies, instrumentalities, and government-owned and controlled corporations.

To register for the Run 2 Plant 4 GREENIN Philippines, please contact 418-7234 loc. 515 and look for Neil Papas or Myryl Mendoza. 

RUN 2 PLANT  Facebook Event Page

Jaysee blabs about the power of change

The world is going to end as we know it and it scares a lot of people lately. Floods, earthquakes, abrupt climate change and unexplainable natural calamities that have been caused by harsh human activities have come abound here and there.

How we protect ourselves is a priority not just for our government but for each of us individually because it is not what our country can do for us but what we can do for it.

Solutions doesn't come by mind setting alone but it has to be coupled with a series of actions that works toward a common goal and that is positive change through the little actions we make that will impact greatly when the time comes. 

Change is inevitable and is the most constant thing in the world and if we do our share in modifying our habits and lifestyle

This day has been really long and fun like that. Companies like Aboitiz Equity Ventures have made it there oath to touch people's lives and shaping the future through the business operations that they do. 

We are formally celebrating the launch of their sister company's Facebook application, the Alter Space Game. It is an environmentally inclined gaming platform that aims to educate people about the simple actions and choices that make that contributes to the growing problem brought about by our carbon footprint. As simple as leaving unused electronics plugged could actually damage the ozone layer. Before playing it, why not read this to know about what this awesome all-Filipino theme and development team game is all about.

Just how are we celebrating the glorious launching? We are having the time of our lives here in Shangri-la Resort Mactan doing the coolest stuff some people could only dream about. We have enjoyed great food like pizzas, salads, huge sandwiches, fruit platters and chilling by the sea sipping our drinks with Aboitiz Power exec Ms. Mia and received sailing lessons from the Scottish sailor extraordinaire Sir David with his family. We even enjoyed the most exhausting swim with Aboitiz Equity Ventures' exec Sir Basti.

There is so much to learn from these people today. Ms. Mia was talking about excited she was when her team was able to realize what was just a vision for an Aboitiz Power which was a Facebook game that is very educational, eye-catching and not that too addictive so that parents wouldn't have to raise their brows and they did one hell of a job within the span of one year which I think is an achievement if you have background on system development life cycle as much as I do. The change that I have seen in myself was the amount of appreciation I have for these people on the things that they do. They inspired me to excel in everything that I am working on because you will reap rewards when you have done your part and have done it so well.

I also got the chance to go swimming from the shore to the platform which took me a lot of effort and time to finish despite me being armed with a life vest. And here he was, very athletic and all, and trust me I am way younger but he taught me never to give up as he was very encouraging all throughout this painful and body taxing process of having to swim my way to safety. And alas, I gladly made it alive on the platform and the old me would have surrendered halfway and swam my way back but this time I had seen the greatest change: I never gave up, I finished what I started and finished it well.

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