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Following the San Andreas Star

Jaysee Blabs is proud to present another exclusive feature and this time we met up with GTA San Andreas Lead Character CJ as we followed him for a whole day of cars, chit chat and cold blood murder. Our photographers have survived but have lost a limb or two in the making of this post.Jaysee: Great to see you here, CJ.
CJ: Anytime as long as you got the benjamins, know what I’m saying?
Jaysee: Ahhh… sure… Anyway, let’s talk cars.
CJ: I got me a lot of cars. Lots of modders out there.Jaysee: You wanna put that [hand gun] away?
CJ: Certainly not. Cops gonna bust me out. Neighborhood’s destroyed by gang and drugs.
Jaysee: I understand. Anyway, you are forced to deal with the major dramatic events of the plot, including his brother Sweet's arrest and incarceration, the betrayal of his childhood friends Big Smoke and Ryder. What does that make of you?
CJ: A hero. A sad hero.Jaysee: Did you just ran over a man in cold blood?
CJ: Shit happens all the time.Jaysee: And driving…