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Why Being Fashionable Was Never This Good. Literally.

#ShowYourStripes for Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit Program

Doing good is always in style!

Starting November 15, McDonald’s brings you the limited-edition red and white striped socks in select restaurants in Greater Manila Area.

For only P100 a pair, you can #ShowYourStripes as an addition to your OOTD plus you are able to help build the next Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit in the country.

Striped. Jeric and Jeron Teng.

McDonald’s and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Philippines join the 40th global anniversary of RMHC by inviting Filipino customers to wear the red and white striped socks to support the Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit.

Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit

Bahay Bulilit is one of the flagship programs of RMHC in the Philippines. It is in partnership with the DSWD and with LGUs that build daycare centers in communities that need it most. It is a safe place for children to learn and play, free of charge, while their parents are at work.

McDonald’s has 25 Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit daycare centers to date. Its latest Bahay Bulilit was recently opened in Tacloban, Leyte to reinforce its commitment to help the community of Tacloban a year after Typhoon Yolanda.

“We were in awe with the community’s warm welcome of the Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit in Tacloban.  We are now more motivated than ever to continue this ripple of change through the #showyourstripes.” said McDonald’s PH President and CEO and RMHC PH President Kenneth Yang.

“We invite every Filipino to show their stripes and join us as we build more Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit for more kids who need it most.” Yang added. 

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Are You A Filipino College Student And Want To Travel The World For Free? This Is For You!

"Go Green in the City" Global Competition.

Be part of the journey as young students like you innovate and crunch out smart ideas to make cities smarter.

Compete for a trip around the world and a career opportunity at Schneider Electric, one of the biggest global specialists in energy management.

Open to all Filipino college students of any course who have ideas that utilize, optimize, conserve and or generate electricity. No need to create an actual prototype. Just a one-pager of what you think will change the world someday.

Four easy steps:

  1. Register.
  2. Fill out your profile.
  3. Form a team of two with, for diversity purposes, has at least one girl in the group.
  4. Submit your one page case solution.

Deadline for submission of proposals is February 1, 2015.

Inform your colleagues and the professor you have chosen to become your mentor about this today and start exhausting all available resources to conceptualize your project.

Pinoy Pride

In 2013, two engineering students from the Ateneo de Manila University outperformed more than 25 other teams from around the world. The competition gave them the chance to showcase their talent in the global search for viable energy management solution.

Alyssa Tricia Eloise Vintola and Lorenz Ray Payonaga

Alyssa Tricia Eloise Vintola and Lorenz Ray Payonaga won with their entry project entitled ‘Oscillohump’, an awesome energy management solution that harvests energy from road humps using the concept of induction. To explain it further, it simply means that whenever a vehicle passes through the Oscillohump, they generate power that charges a battery which may be used to power street lamps, traffic lights, or CCTV cameras. They even had the chance to get an all-expense paid visit to Paris, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Denmark and Indonesia.

What are you waiting for?

Think Big. Think Green. Think Schneider Electric.
Visit now

P.S. Event photos from the Shangri-la Makati Press Conference to be posted soon.

#JayseeBlabs Closer Look on Contest Marketing

There are a lot of ways small businesses can benchmark on Schneider Electric's marketing strategy. If you have noticed, they used competition for brand marketing. They are trying to reach the Millenial Generation as a company of choice as part of talent acquisition and brand positioning in the potential market.

Yours Truly with EON Team Members

The stakes they are offering are very exciting and the learning experience that they will get is definitely priceless. The competition they are organizing will also aid research and development and stir up creative outputs in the chosen field as a catalyst of idea generation and eventually it might trigger new lines of businesses as well.

As reports, "Like other tools, contests can be extremely effective when used as part of a comprehensive social media strategy." Consider mechanics, platform, reach and target audience, regulations, industry reports and trends, specific measurable goals such as brand awareness or inspiring change or entrepreneurial spirit, prizes, and assess the current strengths of your company and brand as well as the opportunities for growth and understand how you can use that to your advantage.

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Something to Hooray About

If not just the sunset, mornings are my most favorite part of the day.

Something about new beginnings and second chances, a promise to do something great, mornings just give us so many things to be anxious or smile about.

McDo brought together bloggers and media practitioners to do something together for the first time.

When I heard that I am invited to do yoga, I was like nah, that's going to be easy.

But little did I know that it is so strenuous, I could actually consider it a sport. My arms were literally shaking from the weight of my body and hamstrings ached as it was stretched doing the standing dog position. I just knew right then and there I had to do this every day. For someone who lives a monotonous lifestyle of endless officework with little to no movement for hours, this is a treat to your body as it tones your arms, loosens up joints, awakens your digestive system, improves blood circulation, and hardens your core.

"May all human beings find peace."

If you think yoga is easy, think again. Thanks @mcdoph Namaste.

What was taught to us by the ever glowing guru, Ms Elizalde of ECHOYoga Shala in Makati, were the first two batches of yoga poses namely, Surya Namaskar A and Surya Namaskar B. Each with co-related steps that when done, would leave you gasping for air and sweating the toxins out as you do the repetitions.

And contrary to popular belief, no, you won't fall asleep and no, it is not easy to do. It appears light as the instructors we see on TV or movies are effortless but for a beginner, you could just make a fool out of yourself much like us who laugh at our own bloopers every now and then.

Glide like a butterfly and not stump like an elephant, Ms Marilen Elizalde would jokingly remind. Revealing her age of 40, she looked more youthful and peaceful than I do. She has mastered the bodily discipline since 2001 and willingly introduced us to the joy of healing and strengthening your body from within. The dads and adult men in our batch fared just the same as the ladies.

Yoga Benefits

Recommended to be performed amid sunrise or natural lighting, yoga can do so much more like treat insomnia, makes the skin glow, lose extra calories, and for the ladies, regulate menstrual cycle. But let me give a focus on the total physical workout benefits you are going to get: limbs become symmetrical and your vital organs become more functional. For someone who values health before anything else, I recommend that you check out your local yoga studio and inspire everyone you know to be health conscious. The poses are monotonous so it is easy to master and you can do it when you wake up, before going to work, anywhere.

And when done in solitary, yoga can be the best way to clear your vulnerable mind in this seemingly self-destructing world.


Give yourself the gift of yoga and enjoy mornings the way it should be. And while you're at it, succumb to the latest breakfast offering of McDo with, my favorite, Chicken McMuffin. Also check out the Chicken Egg McMuffin and the delectable Sweet Ham Special. Let the most important meal of the day be something to hooray about.


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How Real Hero Dogs Make Pinoy Brand Successful By Tugging Hearts #AwesomeBrand

I was blessed to have grown up in a home where pets would run wild and free. Dogs could be very helpful in making childhood better and it surely did a lot of awesomeness for me. They are indeed very loyal and we should be thanking God for being blessed with such creatures whose sole purpose in life was serve and love us.

Here is a great ad created by Campaigns and Grey Makati honoring what could be one of the most underrated films of all time starring Richard Gere and was, on interesting note, based by a true story in Japan, Hachiko. I could remember watching this with my family one silent night and you could just laugh out loud how we would hide our tears from time to time, and by the end of it all, our eyes were so sore it would seem we just survived a street riot that ended with painful teargas explosions.

I could still remember how our Golden Retreiver-ish dog Cyber used to sit beside me in our front porch after a long school day and then his happiness would rub off on me. Man, I could remember how I would've wanted to miss school the day I knew it was his last. Dogs are the bestest best friend you could ever have. They will never judge, never nag, never fight you unless you try to inject them which is a natural instinct to protect themselves. I have to hug our dog so tight the day we took him to the vet just have him vaccinated.

I cried in the middle of a youth conference when I've learned that our chocolate brown dog Macky had passed away, To people who think they are just stinking, loud, ungracious things, you would never understand the pain it brings to lose a furry family member.

I could still reminisce how I would spend the afternoon biking in the neighborhood with Zack and Hans and how these two would hug me every time I come home from work, and how Brownie, one of the bravest we've had, would go to extraordinary lengths to secure our home.

We had lots of other furry heroes that taught me that there is evil in this world and that we need all the protection we can to deter it. And if it means you get so much bliss and happiness along the way, then so be it. I'm not encouraging you to drive to the nearest pet store and get a dog this instant, having one curtails a lot of preparation, hard work, patience, money and as much time as it would to take as a newborn baby. Remember, not all homes need dogs but every dog needs a home.

Take a moment to look at the details of the artwork and how tragically beautiful the copy is. You can feel the pain all over again. Good call Nutrience!

"At a train station, Hachiko waited for his master to be back from work. He kept on even after the man's death, rain or terrible snow, for 9 years until the faithful Akita waited his last. This is just one of the many canine deeds when a man's greatness falls short of a dog's goodness. To painstakingly come out with a really good doggie meal is one small way of giving back."

The genius is in the details.

One way to make your product known is to capitalize on emotional branding, appealing to your target audience's state, needs and aspirations and Nutrience surely hit home by making you feel the pain all over again while incorporating the fact that creating such a product was a noble cause to help all other Hachikos out there. While it is a dangerous move to make, it is a risk worth taking, and once you execute as well as this campaign then the pay off will reflect on how much positive feedback you get from the community you serve. The sleepless nights and the hunger pangs the teams had to endure behind these campaigns should be worth it as the artworks gets distributed in different media across the shelves and glossies of this nation.

When an ad effectively provokes emotion, they have done their job for the day. The bond they have created with the market will make them stand out and in an industry where known brands have dominated households, it pays to tug the hearts of dog owners and dog lovers to get noticed and then you can sell at a later point.

As if that ad was not enough, I present you two more variations that will make you grab your tissue boxes.

"An unwanted mongrel was looking for shelter. A humble couple gave it a home. And the mangy dog they saved paid up. She used her own face to stop a motorcycle from crushing the couple's little girl. Kabang recovered. Still the ever vigilant dog, all heart with only half a face. 
"Somehow, our product concept celebrates dog virtues that at times we find greater than what the best of us can give."

"The Western Front saw fur and four legs in action. A wet nose saved an entire regiment from blinding gas attacks and German spies. Slobbering became the comfort of the wounded. In all 17 battles, Sergeant Stubby made front page during World War I.

"Deserving no less than the Purple Heart, we can only honor courage not with K-rations but with sincerity, science and awe combined."

Hats off and my respect to Campaigns and Grey Philippines team.

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Of Choosing Your Battles: Raw Sunday Reflections

If there is one thing that should be taught to grade school formative years, I would give two. One is financial independence and the other is introductory courses about the Real World. There are so many things the world after childhood has not prepared me for, and looking back, it made me become a better and bigger person but unfortunately, a bruised one at best. 

You’ll learn so much living with kids than you’ll ever do with adults actually. Their point of views in life are simple, raw and the most ethical ways you can ever take. I had a conversation with my niece a few days ago and aside from the usual kulitan we dropped into a serious note that left me blown away, she sighed about how hard it is to find true friends. I was saddened by that fact but a part of me felt glad since she would be able to treasure true friends for a lifetime the moment she finds one at a very young age.

 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

I am blessed to have friends who are as close to my heart as family. But sadly I had left all of them in Cebu and some of them have flown to different parts of the globe. I would be forever grateful of how social media bridges that gap and I could still continue to make daily connections as if they are just a stone’s throw away. After working in ruthless cities where everyone is driven by ambition, I’ve come to realize that you actually have to choose the people you associate yourself with. I grew up from conservative Catholic educational institutions that taught us values of befriending and trying to please everyone. But the real world doesn’t operate that way. Do good things and some people would only look at your flaws but do good anyway.

There will always be those kind of people whose guts you will never learn to love, even like for the least; those people who will try to defame or insult you and those people who you thought are your friends but will turn situations around and make you appear like you are the bad guy in a whiplash. I am not saying that people are mean but I am just saying that they will do everything to serve their interest. It is something adults aparently do. And there is nothing wrong with that but only when it crushes another soul.

 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church
Word of caution as someone who have gained lifetime treasures of friends and someone who has been mistreated by wolves in sheepskins every now and then: choose your battles. I learned that after having a hearty lunch with my closest friend in the office after a long day. Silence may be the best way to go sometimes. You will never win a battle where the stakeholders do not support your cause. They may play safe because they have ambitions to feed but one thing is for sure, just when you thought a place became what it is today because people are forthright and frank, you may be wrong. I’ve come to realize that progress came to some people because they did not choose to fight for what they believe. Pop culture would define them as sipsip or maybe they are the ones who are just waiting for the others to fall.

Again, be careful with people you associate with because they might be the same people who are looking up to you when the world crucifies you on a cross. Just ask Jesus, he is the authority when it comes to defining how treacherous the world could be, even if you are armed with your purest of intentions of making the world a better place.
 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

Life is daily war in itself and to make it through, you need to have loyal soldiers by your side. It will take time to weed them out but once you get rid of toxic people in your life, you will surely live a life of awesomeness and nothing but true happiness. Have a blessed Sunday!

 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

Photos featuring the St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

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Instagram Photo Stories of Tantalizing Taguig and Mesmerizing Makati

It's definitely a challenge for someone to move out into a great big world. It's frightening at first but once you get the hang of it, everyday just seems to be a wonderful experience. 

I've been known to be someone who definitely never settles down on his comfort zone for I will not achieve the things I did if I didn't become outgoing, driven and passionate in life, a lover of the world and everything that goes beyond this short existence. 

I think it only gave a few seconds of shock even to my closest of friends and family when they have known that I have relocated to the National Capital Region for good to pursue professional interests and went immediately to their daily lives as usual when the shock wore off. Not that they don't care at all, I guess, but I think there is nothing left for me to prove myself to them that they just trust everything I do no matter how unpopular my decision might be at times.

I've ranted how hard it is to live here in Manila in the past but I have yet to show the simple things here that keeps me going. Snippets of the beauty in everyday urban life at the heart of the country's most progressive interlocked cities.

Let me show you the way to live from the perspective of a wide-eyed wanderer. Lights, sounds, smoke, heat, rain, chill creates a transcending melody as you go about your daily business. Here lays world-class institutions, illustrious townships, bustling business centers and strewed by the hurried look of people, who are just as eager as you are, to be champions of their very own lives.

I am thankful I live with a family here who I can lean on, for I will never know what dire living situations I will get into if they had not been around. Life is hard without family and I could not stress that enough. Yes, just being around here is hard enough, let alone having to live through the day. God works in mysterious ways and He blesses you with wonderful people if you just pray hard enough.

Everything will soon be worth it once we reap our investments in the far future.

But in the meantime, let me present you a masterfully filtered mobile Manila photography series all over Taguig and Makati.

Love your life and everything else will fall into place. Trust that He only has great plans for you.

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