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The coolest Lost posters

I am such a huge fan of the show and the fact that it has ended just recently left a whole in my heart. Seriously.
But anyway, this show is the biggest of its kind. Reasons to love this? The way it is written, made and acted. The plot is not predictable at all and that makes it exciting. The only show in history that has generated the most amount of buzz on and off line. It’s the sci-fi drama taken to the ultimate level. If you haven’t watched it, you are definitely missing a whole lotta fun.
No wonder a lot of fans make great fan art and posters inspired by the imagery of the show.
The ending left us all hanging with a lot of questions and mysteries about the island but the writers have let go of that to give way into telling us a greater part or the outlook of the show which is: why there was a sideways timeline and if their life on the island was real. But I’m not gonna talk about that as Lost-pedia has pretty much covered that well.

The last Lost mag photoshoot

Vanity Fair is releasing a Lost edition of the magazine and as always, their shoots are gorgeous and hot. The concept of this photo set is a love triangle between the Lost’s lead characters. The issue is dubbed ‘The Lost Good-bye.’ It saddens me that the show has to end and getting a copy of this issue could, at least, help me cope with my grief. Enjoy!

Best Lost Promotional Photos Ever [PHOTO]

Every fan’s treasure trove is a collection of high-def promotional posters and photo sets and I as I was walking ‘round the web for some kick ass Lost photos and I stumbled through this blog. It contains Season 5 promo shoots. Without further adieu, I give you a preview and the link. Enjoy!Link: