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Thoughts of a Newly Turned 25-Year Old

My vision...

is to live in a God-fearing happy world where there is tolerance for people to become who they are, where they are treated with equality, where there is acceptance, where there is prosperity and abundance, and most of all a society that functions with sustainability.

My mission...

is to educate and inspire as much souls as I can and learn from others along the way, in order to realize the better joyful world we all deserve in His name.

My tattoo...

People ask me "why wings?"

The answer is Why Not? I've always have been fascinated by angels and eagles.

I grew up asking why He never gave us the ability to soar heights naturally and then eventually I answered my own question:

He did not give us limitations, instead, He gave us a great opportunity to rise above it.
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Birthday wish...

As I turn a year older, I hope I will find joy every time I wake up, a reason to live, a reason to love life again.

Lingering question...

Have you ever asked God why is He still keeping you alive?

Funny moment...

Because I am traumatized by Manila traffic, I ended up arriving 4 hours before call time of my first day at my new Makati job. Let us advocate timeliness and accountability.

Awww moment...

My niece asked me what my best talent is. Trying to teach her humility, I pretended to have a hard time answering. She ended up drawing the letter T on my hand because she says I'm good in talking to people.

Financial goals...

Zero out debt. 
Be at pace with my amortization. 
Start saving up for personal goals. 
Start building an emergency fund.
Additional deposit on my FAMI mutual fund and ColFinancial stocks account for my life goals.

New year's reflection...

It's a scary thing to lose passion in life when He does everything to bless you. Be careful when you give your heart away, you'll might never get it back and you'll lose your soul along the way. In this life, we'll never be truly happy, we just have to make most out of it and look forward to eternal bliss. 

Someone once told me "rest but don't quit" and "He might never give what we want but He'll find a way to give us what we deserve." 

In this coming new year, remember two things: only love what matters most and love yourself. Stay positive.

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Did You Know You Are Losing Four Days Every Month, Here’s Why

Filipino motorists, apparently, spend over a thousand minutes each week on making decisions alone. At least that’s what a recent study reveals. 

We might not notice it but if we look at the bigger picture, we dedicate a large part of our lives unknowingly just to scratch our head stressing over life’s small unnecessary details.

A nationwide study by Shell publicized that Filipinos make over 30 conscious decisions each day that could have been dedicated to more important things like spending time with family, reaching organizational goals in your career, finding ways to expand your business, and laughing out loud with friends. As a firm that aims to make their customers’ lives easier, they are currently looking into ways in providing more value through introducing products that we can rely on.

With Shell's Celebrity Driver of the Year, Ms Bianca Gonzales sharing her experience with smart long haul driving.
With Shell's Celebrity Driver of the Year, Ms Bianca Gonzales sharing her experience with smart long haul driving.

With a lot of pressures about modern city living, our evolving needs have been the top priority of today’s top service and product providers.

Mango Tree in Bonifacio Global City Taguig City Metro Manila packed with bloggers and media practitioners celebrating the feat of the participants and winner of the Shell Driving Challenge.
Mango Tree in Bonifacio Global City packed with bloggers and media practitioners celebrating the feat of the participants and winner of the Shell Driving Challenge.

We should be conscious even in our small actions from now on and literally make every second count. For time can never be taken back once wasted. 

The Shell FuelSave Good Choice Report poked into the lives of commercial drivers, private individuals, moms and college students who drive at least once week, from different key cities such as Metro Manila, Dagupan City, Batangas City, Metro Cebu and Davao City. It is indeed revitalizing to note that our fretfulness even in deciding where to eat, what to do, where to go, to milestone decisions such as career and financial planning takes up a huge chunk of our lives.

“We recognize that our customers are very busy people and are pre-occupied with so many things,” says Mr Anthony Yam, VP Pilipinas Shell. 

While most Filipino motorists make decisions based on own personal prejudices and considers themselves as strongest influencers in their decision-making, there are a lot of things being put into regard. Funds, family and life partners are naturally being consulted as well.

The study also emphasizes that these decisions are done in the morning, while out of home and most of the time, on the road. These are things we all know already, can all relate to and it is saddening that it had to take a corporate study to make us aware of our habits.

Beautiful models manning the Shell app kiosk at the event.
Beautiful models manning the Shell app kiosk at the event.

And just a great way to highlight how making good choices impact our lives positively, Shell organized a Driving Challenge event. Putting together celebrity Bianca Gonzales and 13 everyday drivers test road savvy and fuel efficiency skills as they drive from Bonifacio Global City to Batangas and back. To those who are not aware of how long a drive that is, it is about 240 kilomoters. That’s around five audiobooks, 10 US Top 40 albums, singing your next favourite song on Spotify, ranting about that annoying girl at work or taking a pic of the cars in front you for Waze points and the list goes on.

Shell Fuel Scientist Mae Ascan, the only Filipino Fuel Scientist in the world, gave a special mentoring session to the participants on smarter driving behaviors. Ultimately, through this Challenge, choosing the right fuel does not have to be a tough decision, states Mr Yam. And yes, there’s a hundred years of street cred of the conglomerate to prove that.

What is your goal for today? How will you make life’s precious minutes count? What difference will you make after reading this?

#JayseeBlabs Closer Look on Consumer Studies

Knowing all about your consumer will make you a greater company since you would be able to adapt to lifestyle changes that might be influencing them as they make choices. Consumer Studies are a great way to and Shell did a great job at collating data and developing marketing strategies that revolves around the results.

Business communication can aid in resolving market problems as people make smarter decisions and the way they did information acquisition and manipulating it in such a way that it would promote the brand was a great way of making a process personal for a company of a global heritage.

There are a lot of consumer behaviors that you should put a focus to such as social, economic, psychological, even technological. Sampling methods based on what your research goals may be employed accordingly. You can reach your consumers by personally communicating with them through your social media channels or 'incentivizing' their answers through e-survey prizes.

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How This Pinoy Print Ad Can Teach Us About Moving On and Letting Go #awesomebrand

Adding a touch of humor has positive impact on your brand provided the right timing and the right mix of elements. And since the Filipino culture thrives on comedy, it makes business sense to use it in delivering a message that promotes fidelity and fitness in the most unusual of ways.

GNC's Burn 60 product brandishes the slogan Fit Lives Longer in a series of print ads created by JWT in Manila, Philippines, that was plastered on national glossies. The telenovela feel of the ad makes it really familiar to the Filipino market and I just want to single out the character design and details where the illustrators and artists did such a fantastic job. Notice the attention to details such as lighting and shadows, how the canvas was divided to distribute focus and how tension was translated through the character emotions and color tones. The copy is catchy and the art direction, perfect. It has this Disney gone bad feel to it which makes it more laughable.

The situation itself is very much personal to everyone as we have a mix of macho culture and tolerance to infidelity. Heck, we even re-elected an impeached president to become mayor of the country's capital city. No wonder why shows like the Legal Wife and My Husband's Lover and movies like No Other Woman, A Secret Affair and The Mistress had such a huge following. I found article that could not elaborate our double standard of morality any better. The author was raw and honest and just a word of precaution, it is subjective so respect his/her opinions and I sadly agree to most parts of it. If there is anything you would want to speak on this matter, I welcome you to comment below.

Everyone knows someone who may have cheated at one point/s in their relationships but our hearts should be big enough for forgiveness, acceptance and second chances.

“Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool."
Isaiah 1:18
Let us not cast the first stone unto our fellows who have fallen. Judgement and revenge is not ours, it's God's. And the bible speaks of forgiveness as a recurring theme as filling our hearts with anger will only be grounds of us being prohibited to enter His Kingdom come time.

If you are in the situation where you find it hard to forgive the people who have wronged you, give yourself time as the despair you are feeling makes you human. But remember each time that passes makes your heart decay and grow dark and you might reach a point where you cannot reverse the actions or words that you will let loose when the bottle has filled up. For hatred, like love, can grow in your heart if you nurture it. That is why I am glad about stories on the silver screen and Philippine television give positive resolutions or happy endings to shows of adulterous themes because it teaches people different ways of coping, moving on and letting go. The thing about real life relationships is that it may not be the same ending the fairy tales taught us but you can still happy none the least.

Let us take this time to think about who we have not forgiven and what we plan to do about it.

In the meantime, be awesome!

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How Real Hero Dogs Make Pinoy Brand Successful By Tugging Hearts #AwesomeBrand

I was blessed to have grown up in a home where pets would run wild and free. Dogs could be very helpful in making childhood better and it surely did a lot of awesomeness for me. They are indeed very loyal and we should be thanking God for being blessed with such creatures whose sole purpose in life was serve and love us.

Here is a great ad created by Campaigns and Grey Makati honoring what could be one of the most underrated films of all time starring Richard Gere and was, on interesting note, based by a true story in Japan, Hachiko. I could remember watching this with my family one silent night and you could just laugh out loud how we would hide our tears from time to time, and by the end of it all, our eyes were so sore it would seem we just survived a street riot that ended with painful teargas explosions.

I could still remember how our Golden Retreiver-ish dog Cyber used to sit beside me in our front porch after a long school day and then his happiness would rub off on me. Man, I could remember how I would've wanted to miss school the day I knew it was his last. Dogs are the bestest best friend you could ever have. They will never judge, never nag, never fight you unless you try to inject them which is a natural instinct to protect themselves. I have to hug our dog so tight the day we took him to the vet just have him vaccinated.

I cried in the middle of a youth conference when I've learned that our chocolate brown dog Macky had passed away, To people who think they are just stinking, loud, ungracious things, you would never understand the pain it brings to lose a furry family member.

I could still reminisce how I would spend the afternoon biking in the neighborhood with Zack and Hans and how these two would hug me every time I come home from work, and how Brownie, one of the bravest we've had, would go to extraordinary lengths to secure our home.

We had lots of other furry heroes that taught me that there is evil in this world and that we need all the protection we can to deter it. And if it means you get so much bliss and happiness along the way, then so be it. I'm not encouraging you to drive to the nearest pet store and get a dog this instant, having one curtails a lot of preparation, hard work, patience, money and as much time as it would to take as a newborn baby. Remember, not all homes need dogs but every dog needs a home.

Take a moment to look at the details of the artwork and how tragically beautiful the copy is. You can feel the pain all over again. Good call Nutrience!

"At a train station, Hachiko waited for his master to be back from work. He kept on even after the man's death, rain or terrible snow, for 9 years until the faithful Akita waited his last. This is just one of the many canine deeds when a man's greatness falls short of a dog's goodness. To painstakingly come out with a really good doggie meal is one small way of giving back."

The genius is in the details.

One way to make your product known is to capitalize on emotional branding, appealing to your target audience's state, needs and aspirations and Nutrience surely hit home by making you feel the pain all over again while incorporating the fact that creating such a product was a noble cause to help all other Hachikos out there. While it is a dangerous move to make, it is a risk worth taking, and once you execute as well as this campaign then the pay off will reflect on how much positive feedback you get from the community you serve. The sleepless nights and the hunger pangs the teams had to endure behind these campaigns should be worth it as the artworks gets distributed in different media across the shelves and glossies of this nation.

When an ad effectively provokes emotion, they have done their job for the day. The bond they have created with the market will make them stand out and in an industry where known brands have dominated households, it pays to tug the hearts of dog owners and dog lovers to get noticed and then you can sell at a later point.

As if that ad was not enough, I present you two more variations that will make you grab your tissue boxes.

"An unwanted mongrel was looking for shelter. A humble couple gave it a home. And the mangy dog they saved paid up. She used her own face to stop a motorcycle from crushing the couple's little girl. Kabang recovered. Still the ever vigilant dog, all heart with only half a face. 
"Somehow, our product concept celebrates dog virtues that at times we find greater than what the best of us can give."

"The Western Front saw fur and four legs in action. A wet nose saved an entire regiment from blinding gas attacks and German spies. Slobbering became the comfort of the wounded. In all 17 battles, Sergeant Stubby made front page during World War I.

"Deserving no less than the Purple Heart, we can only honor courage not with K-rations but with sincerity, science and awe combined."

Hats off and my respect to Campaigns and Grey Philippines team.

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Of Choosing Your Battles: Raw Sunday Reflections

If there is one thing that should be taught to grade school formative years, I would give two. One is financial independence and the other is introductory courses about the Real World. There are so many things the world after childhood has not prepared me for, and looking back, it made me become a better and bigger person but unfortunately, a bruised one at best. 

You’ll learn so much living with kids than you’ll ever do with adults actually. Their point of views in life are simple, raw and the most ethical ways you can ever take. I had a conversation with my niece a few days ago and aside from the usual kulitan we dropped into a serious note that left me blown away, she sighed about how hard it is to find true friends. I was saddened by that fact but a part of me felt glad since she would be able to treasure true friends for a lifetime the moment she finds one at a very young age.

 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

I am blessed to have friends who are as close to my heart as family. But sadly I had left all of them in Cebu and some of them have flown to different parts of the globe. I would be forever grateful of how social media bridges that gap and I could still continue to make daily connections as if they are just a stone’s throw away. After working in ruthless cities where everyone is driven by ambition, I’ve come to realize that you actually have to choose the people you associate yourself with. I grew up from conservative Catholic educational institutions that taught us values of befriending and trying to please everyone. But the real world doesn’t operate that way. Do good things and some people would only look at your flaws but do good anyway.

There will always be those kind of people whose guts you will never learn to love, even like for the least; those people who will try to defame or insult you and those people who you thought are your friends but will turn situations around and make you appear like you are the bad guy in a whiplash. I am not saying that people are mean but I am just saying that they will do everything to serve their interest. It is something adults aparently do. And there is nothing wrong with that but only when it crushes another soul.

 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church
Word of caution as someone who have gained lifetime treasures of friends and someone who has been mistreated by wolves in sheepskins every now and then: choose your battles. I learned that after having a hearty lunch with my closest friend in the office after a long day. Silence may be the best way to go sometimes. You will never win a battle where the stakeholders do not support your cause. They may play safe because they have ambitions to feed but one thing is for sure, just when you thought a place became what it is today because people are forthright and frank, you may be wrong. I’ve come to realize that progress came to some people because they did not choose to fight for what they believe. Pop culture would define them as sipsip or maybe they are the ones who are just waiting for the others to fall.

Again, be careful with people you associate with because they might be the same people who are looking up to you when the world crucifies you on a cross. Just ask Jesus, he is the authority when it comes to defining how treacherous the world could be, even if you are armed with your purest of intentions of making the world a better place.
 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

Life is daily war in itself and to make it through, you need to have loyal soldiers by your side. It will take time to weed them out but once you get rid of toxic people in your life, you will surely live a life of awesomeness and nothing but true happiness. Have a blessed Sunday!

 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

Photos featuring the St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

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Thoughts from a Mega Banker: Financial Skills For Fellow 20-ish Pinoy Yuppies

I may have financial successes and failures at different points in my life but if there is anything I am proud of, it is that I have stuck with my plans even through privations.

I am living frugally now because I have a lot of responsibilities to pay. I’m currently paying off equities for a pre-sold home (at age 23!), mobile data plan, premiums for a life insurance, premiums for a funeral plan (I know right?), saving for future plans (which I am not able to do yet) like finishing my postgraduate studies or travelling and investments like funding my stocks and mutual funds through Citiseconline and FAMI Equity accounts respectively.

I didn't need to wait until I reach the pinnacle of my career years to educate myself towards financial independence. I take it upon myself to learn about personal finance as early as I can even if I am still a rank-and-file employee. Ignorance is the biggest cost we pay, so we have the responsibility to continually educate ourselves in order to prosper as what God would have wanted. He always has great plans for us, I used to say often, but He can’t do it alone unless we pay our dues and do our share.

Life loves those who dare live it. - Jaysee -

There are small things that we can start doing today:

  1. Be tight-fisted with our pesos. If you save up your small purchases throughout the day, it might add up for an equity payment on a home for the first month alone.
  2. Keep a good credit history. Treat your plastics (credit cards) as cash. This will ensure that banks will lend you money should you ever decide to take out a loan for your business, home or first car. 
  3. Keep your bills low.  Be careful about subscription models and eliminate some recurring bills to things you don’t really “need”. If you are like me, who lives in a world of great consumerism then don’t give in to the pressure of owning the latest phone your telco offers or wearing the brand that everyone covets. This leads to my next advice.
  4. Live humbly. Be frugal but don't deprive yourself of great things you deserve. Being frugal could involve skipping taxis unless needed and taking public transportation instead. Having not to dine out at restaurants regularly could help save you money in the long run. Pantry could be good for you and you may also want to take advantage of the free drinks like the mega bank I am working for now. 
  5. Sock money away. From your pay, take out savings which you might not use for daily expenses. Then from your savings take out an emergency fund and place it on a separate account. This should be at least 6 months’ worth of funds in case you lose your job. This is one tip I didn’t think through when I had quit my previous job and while I had a great time during the transition, trust me when I say this but I am literally paying the price of not socking money away.
  6. After you have saved for your emergency money, open another savings account for investments. Invest today. Check out stocks, and if you are not comfortable with your financial knowledge then go with mutual funds and UITFs. Life insurance products even have investments components today and it is very much recommended that you get one especially if you have dependents. The money you place on these accounts should not be something you would use in the next 10 years or so.
  7. This lack of financial strength makes us all exposed. It makes me feel bad when I had to turn down friends and family when crisis had hit them and I had nothing much to aid them. Share your financial knowledge as much as you can.
  8. Time is not an infinite product. As someone in our 20s, most of us think that we have all the time in the world to figure things out and get what we want. Truth is, we have to make the most of the opportunities we have today, because there will be a time when you have no more of it. 
  9. Don't be so full of yourself. You are irreplaceable. It's easy to drown in our own ego since we may be the most capable, creative, knowledgeable and multi-tasking generation but we have yet to reach our full potential. The real world just have all the mechanisms to crush you down and humble you. We all still have to methodically and painfully work our way to success.
  10. Take Responsibility. I am proud to be part of a mega bank who fosters a culture around integrity. As people starting, we are bound to make mistakes but we shouldn’t be defensive about errors in judgment. We can only grow by embracing the lessons learned, taking accountability in everything we do by heart, I must say.
  11. Chin up if you ever got your butt kicked. Having a horrible boss or coworker is something to be joyful about. This is the most vulnerable, pliable and foundational stage of our professional career.  Working for someone that demands fineness and pushes your bounds on a daily basis will build the most rock-hard ground work for your continuing professional victory. Dealing with difficult people will only strengthen your character along the way anyway.

What other tips can you share? Comment up!

Thank you Geraldine Tabada for the portrait above!

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Instagram Photo Stories of Tantalizing Taguig and Mesmerizing Makati

It's definitely a challenge for someone to move out into a great big world. It's frightening at first but once you get the hang of it, everyday just seems to be a wonderful experience. 

I've been known to be someone who definitely never settles down on his comfort zone for I will not achieve the things I did if I didn't become outgoing, driven and passionate in life, a lover of the world and everything that goes beyond this short existence. 

I think it only gave a few seconds of shock even to my closest of friends and family when they have known that I have relocated to the National Capital Region for good to pursue professional interests and went immediately to their daily lives as usual when the shock wore off. Not that they don't care at all, I guess, but I think there is nothing left for me to prove myself to them that they just trust everything I do no matter how unpopular my decision might be at times.

I've ranted how hard it is to live here in Manila in the past but I have yet to show the simple things here that keeps me going. Snippets of the beauty in everyday urban life at the heart of the country's most progressive interlocked cities.

Let me show you the way to live from the perspective of a wide-eyed wanderer. Lights, sounds, smoke, heat, rain, chill creates a transcending melody as you go about your daily business. Here lays world-class institutions, illustrious townships, bustling business centers and strewed by the hurried look of people, who are just as eager as you are, to be champions of their very own lives.

I am thankful I live with a family here who I can lean on, for I will never know what dire living situations I will get into if they had not been around. Life is hard without family and I could not stress that enough. Yes, just being around here is hard enough, let alone having to live through the day. God works in mysterious ways and He blesses you with wonderful people if you just pray hard enough.

Everything will soon be worth it once we reap our investments in the far future.

But in the meantime, let me present you a masterfully filtered mobile Manila photography series all over Taguig and Makati.

Love your life and everything else will fall into place. Trust that He only has great plans for you.

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Walking By Your Faith

There is a church my family here in Manila and I frequent to, and it sits idly in the middle of an alluring exclusive subdivision in Cavite.

St. Benedict Church Westgrove boasts of perfectly manicured landscaping, minimalist and pure architecture whilst letting people breathe into the essence of their faith. I suggest you pay a visit and attend a mass whenever you have the time. 

The church exterior is really beautiful. It doesn't bombard you with extreme details that distract you from the main purpose of you going there in the first place, championing you and your faith and nothing else.

The Holy Family is still a living symbol of domestic peace and this wood carving right outside the church was so beautiful it emanates happiness.

This is Isza's hand, my dearest niece. It has been said that God hears the prayers of a child so well because their heart is untainted as they are humans at their purest.

Life can keep you really busy, distracted, stressed out and modern living has perfected ways to make you feel that way. Retreating to serene places such as places of worship gives you absolute peace that could prepare you for another week ahead and keep your conscience and faith always in check. When I took this picture here at St. Benedict Church Cavite, I had no idea it would be just as beautiful as how I've seen it.

That's the bell tower, a separate outbuilding just outside the church. 

Places of worship, religion and the mass celebrations should only be tools of communication between you and your Creator and should not be the only basis of your spirituality. Incorporate Him in everything you do. Pray wherever and whenever you can especially in your moments of doubt and despair because I have been told that God hears better than a Hallelujah, as one song goes. But when you are in a stage of your life where, like me, you wake up thanking Him for all the blessings, joys and praising Him even with the challenges you have, never forget to check in to Him as much as you would check in your Facebook status. Faith is a personal journey and joyful people can only do so much good to people around them. 

Stay strong and happy! Comment up and share your journey!

For unfiltered photos of St. Benedict Church, you may check out Let's Go Sago Blog.

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Selfies at Awesome Overlooked BGC Art Masterpieces

Taguig is nothing like what you see in indie films, documentaries and news reports you see on TV featuring Metro Manila. It brandishes the best places to live, work and play in the country today. 

Living costs are worth it since you really can’t put a price on security, convenience and artful stylish living that can make use of your creative frugal skills. In fact, business districts here are comparable to Venice and New York. Worth moving out into, I must say. Like any beautiful places, it is dotted with great art installations that sadly doesn't get the attention they deserve.

"Kasaysayan Bawat Oras Art Piece." There are beautiful art installations from where I work, the Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It is made of reinforced brass sheet and cement and after searching online found out that it is actually a "sundial-slash-educational playground." This sundial, which is actually a functional time guide, serves as a "metaphor for Philippine history" and the art style, materials and color scheme perfectly blends in the modern architecture that envelopes it.

"Transformation." A walk away from the office is a lighted sculpture of three stacked laminated glasses. Beautifully lit from the inside and incorporating a system of cascading water set in a fountain pool, this art form really makes you think and what makes it personal is that it does have different interpretations to anyone who appreciates it. For me it looked like buildings sprouting from the ground which is metaphoric to the economy of the country today which is reaping the foundations set from the previous administration.

And here's an unnamed art pieces just outside my office building. If you guys know it, please let me know. But the way I see it, it depicts the arrival of voyagers to our land, the story of Mactan perhaps. It is poetic, the lines are fluid, and the movement is dynamic.

These installations all over the metro are probably the most overlooked. Little do we know about how much went through from the proposal and creative thought process and beyond. Kudos to the artists, their engineers, workers and the firms behind these. Continue to make the city's capital a cradle of world-class beauty. If you know the artists, please comment below so I may give where credit is due.

I can only wonder and get struck in silence since people here don't seem to mind them. And since I am trying to fit in, it is best to act like the locals and keep my ignorance in check. There are ways to appreciate them like blogging or Instagramming them anyway. But if I have my way, I could stare at it for hours and never even flinch. That's what I used to do when I go out on my own anyway. Maybe because I love art by heart but I think it is more reminiscent of loving where I am in my life today.

There are more art installations and spots I have yet to check out so watch out for it!

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Thanks Jobelle and Mama Z and Geraldine for the photos above!

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Trailblazing Trinidad at Bewitching Bohol

There is a sleepy town in Bohol, a place tourists have unlikely paid a visit. It is beautiful in every way and I suggest you head there when you have the time. The friendly smiles, the serenity that overpowers the place, it is a place where you get to know more about your self than you ever did while you were in the city.

And if you know a local, you will be taken to trails and picturesque beaches that you only get to read on romance novels. Armed with nothing but my trusty sunblock, Crocs and camera, I got to meet wonderful people from the Trinidad Bohol Municipal Hall and Trinidad Municipal College.

Thank you Charles and the Sumatra family for the wonderful accommodation. I have never been so happy to be in the island I can call my second home.

How to get there?

From Cebu get a ticket at Pier 1 bound for Getafe. From there, get a jeepney ride to Trinidad Bohol. Be sure to have booked your accommodation first. A quick Google search will give you places to go.

Just how beautiful the place is? 

Check the awesome photos out:

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs

trinidad bohol

trinidad bohol

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs

trinidad bohol

trinidad bohol

trinidad bohol

trinidad bohol

trinidad bohol

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs

trinidad bohol

I will definitely go back. In the meantime, take a trip down and there and say hi to the folks for me. Tell 'em you've read about the place from a blog. And, oh, there is a cave that I have yet to see too, maybe you can check it out!

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