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Of Choosing Your Battles: Raw Sunday Reflections

If there is one thing that should be taught to grade school formative years, I would give two. One is financial independence and the other is introductory courses about the Real World. There are so many things the world after childhood has not prepared me for, and looking back, it made me become a better and bigger person but unfortunately, a bruised one at best. 

You’ll learn so much living with kids than you’ll ever do with adults actually. Their point of views in life are simple, raw and the most ethical ways you can ever take. I had a conversation with my niece a few days ago and aside from the usual kulitan we dropped into a serious note that left me blown away, she sighed about how hard it is to find true friends. I was saddened by that fact but a part of me felt glad since she would be able to treasure true friends for a lifetime the moment she finds one at a very young age.

 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

I am blessed to have friends who are as close to my heart as family. But sadly I had left all of them in Cebu and some of them have flown to different parts of the globe. I would be forever grateful of how social media bridges that gap and I could still continue to make daily connections as if they are just a stone’s throw away. After working in ruthless cities where everyone is driven by ambition, I’ve come to realize that you actually have to choose the people you associate yourself with. I grew up from conservative Catholic educational institutions that taught us values of befriending and trying to please everyone. But the real world doesn’t operate that way. Do good things and some people would only look at your flaws but do good anyway.

There will always be those kind of people whose guts you will never learn to love, even like for the least; those people who will try to defame or insult you and those people who you thought are your friends but will turn situations around and make you appear like you are the bad guy in a whiplash. I am not saying that people are mean but I am just saying that they will do everything to serve their interest. It is something adults aparently do. And there is nothing wrong with that but only when it crushes another soul.

 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church
Word of caution as someone who have gained lifetime treasures of friends and someone who has been mistreated by wolves in sheepskins every now and then: choose your battles. I learned that after having a hearty lunch with my closest friend in the office after a long day. Silence may be the best way to go sometimes. You will never win a battle where the stakeholders do not support your cause. They may play safe because they have ambitions to feed but one thing is for sure, just when you thought a place became what it is today because people are forthright and frank, you may be wrong. I’ve come to realize that progress came to some people because they did not choose to fight for what they believe. Pop culture would define them as sipsip or maybe they are the ones who are just waiting for the others to fall.

Again, be careful with people you associate with because they might be the same people who are looking up to you when the world crucifies you on a cross. Just ask Jesus, he is the authority when it comes to defining how treacherous the world could be, even if you are armed with your purest of intentions of making the world a better place.
 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

Life is daily war in itself and to make it through, you need to have loyal soldiers by your side. It will take time to weed them out but once you get rid of toxic people in your life, you will surely live a life of awesomeness and nothing but true happiness. Have a blessed Sunday!

 St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

Photos featuring the St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish Magallanes Church

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My MBA Diaries: Awesome Takes on Filipino Entrepreneurship

The Filipino Entrepreneur

The observed characteristics of the Filipino entrepreneur is very much alike to the Eastern philosophy of yin and yang: someone who has strengths and weakness. It is no secret that the successes of today's wealthiest Filipino businessmen was largely influenced by their traits, values and experiences as they rise above their adversities in life and did what they have to do to survive. They have turned their negative practices and attitudes into entrepreneurial assets.

It is very relevant to my life in a sense that we all need role models growing up and learning the ropes of entrepreneurship.

With the current business climate, it makes sense to learn from the best to be the best. 

Industry’s key players could be a rich source of information if you wish to be one of them some day. Their frugality, self-discipline and undying thirst for learning, made them accumulate wealth in the process.

  • Henry Sy, the Philippine’s top retail magnate has grown his investments exponentially that he begins to conquer other markets and potential industries that complement his current undertakings.
  • Lucio Tan has built multiple empires in airline, banking and tobacco through hard work as he was exposed to harsh living conditions as soon to a poor immigrant family.
  • John Gokongwei taught me to “save money instead of spending all of it.” His perception on expenditures has catapulted him to riches beyond his wildest expectations. As chairman to the country’s biggest conglomerates, he shares that we should “love what we do.”

Their stories inspire the rest of us, the aspiring entrepreneurs, as we venture out into harsh business terrains, unknown industry territories and unexpected undertakings that will test our values, patience and knowledge.

The Philippines' SME and the government

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is defined in terms of total assets and liabilities but could encompass a lot of industries as long as it provides products and services that the market would need.

It is very crucial that the class discussed it since as startups, our business undertakings would most likely begin in this sector before graduating as a large enterprise.

SMEs play a major role in economic development because it helps in the industrialization of rural areas with business potentials. It also creates employment and other opportunities. But the most important contribution to nation-building would be the fact that it makes equitable income distributed well amongst players.

It is also assuring that the government has taken big steps in ensuring the sector’s growth and development with the formation of MSMED Council. The agencies that work hand in hand as well as the LGUs participation that ensures that businesses would be sustainable, fair and would thrive in the long run.

The government addresses business enterprises’ concerns in this country:

  1. the high cost of doing business, 
  2. business registration and licensing procedures, and the 
  3. lack of start-up incubation.

Most SMEs also suffer from limited access to information and funding since they are not able to set up research and development teams as well as the usual rejection from financial institutions who flag their proposals as high-risk.

Another thing that hampers SMEs’ growth is the inability to be competitive enough to expend their markets locally and globally.

Training is organized by government agencies to address this and ensure the marketability would penetrate a wide range of prospective clients. DTI, DOST and UP-ISSI has provided assistance for this sector to ensure that

  1. financing, 
  2. technology transfer, 
  3. production and 
  4. management training helps them achieve targets and expand business.

Government gives tax incentives and easy processing of application for registration to these businessmen to help them grow their investments.

But one thing unknown to the consumers is that the government is keeping eye on top performing businesses in the provincial and regional level through the Rising Star and Star Elite award respectively.

Knowing that the government 

  1. goes out of their way to help these industries sustain, 
  2. encourage excellence and 
  3. help foster business climate 

makes it a very good time to contribute in building the nation through setting up business that has latent qualities to expand and grow people’s lives along the way with wealth accumulation coming at second in priority.

We have laws that make sure that the interest both of the consumer and the business is protected. Such laws discussed were the BMBE Act of 2002 and Magna Carta for MSMEs. These regulations ensure that viability and unprecedented growth of such enterprises.

The country has cooperatives, skills and technical education arms, livelihood resource centers that is ready to provide the necessary resources for would-be entrepreneurs to grow and learn, you just need to have the heart and passion to make a difference.

These are all my modified version of my reflection sheet for my Entrepreneurship 103 class while taking up an MBA at University of San Jose Recolletos - Cebu.

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Know someone or an org doing awesome stuff for the country? 6th RAFI Triennial Awards

May we invite you to nominate individuals and institutions to the 6th RAFI Triennial Awards.

The awards program aims to recognize people and organizations who have committed themselves to building a more humane, equitable and caring society.  

It is given in 2 categories: the Ramon Aboitiz Award for Exemplary Individual and the Eduardo Aboitiz Award for Outstanding Institution.

The Ramon Aboitiz Award for Exemplary Individual is open to every Filipino, natural born or naturalized citizen, at least 30 years old, and of good moral character whose dedication to their profession has made significant contributions to the advancement of the well-being of fellow Filipinos. 
The Eduardo Aboitiz Award for Outstanding Institution is open to all institutions or organizations. They may be government organizations, non-government organizations, civic organizations, or people’s organizations, which have been established for at least three years, with functional programs and work with other groups in bringing about comprehensive and responsible development.

To nominate, you may fill out the attached nomination form and mail it to:

Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center 
Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. 
35 Lopez Jaena St., Cebu City, 6000 

You may also send your nominations through email at;
OR through text by keying in
Nominee's Full Name <space> Nominee's Contact Details <space> Name of Person Nominating, 
and sending to 0949-764-3525 or to 0927-576-8055; 

OR by logging on to

Deadline for submission of nominations is on May 31, 2014. 

Winners of each award category will be given a trophy, cash prize of not less than Php 400,000, and the opportunity to travel in the Visayas and Mindanao to share their expertise and experience to various groups. 
Nominations are also accepted from government agencies, non-government organizations, people’s organizations, civil society, academe, and the business sector. Self-nomination is discouraged.

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Open Graduation Letter To My Baby Bro


Congratulations! You made it! I will support whatever it is you decide to do from this point on as I always did when we were young.

I just wish there was someone who could have told me this when I graduated: real world sucks. Competition is cutthroat, expectations are high and it'll seem that the whole world is waiting for you to fail. But guess what? It took me a long time to figure life out and the only way to survive is to actually not care. Yep, you heard me right.

  • Don't give an F about anything that doesn't matter. It's easy to get distracted in life but if you just write down your goals and aspirations and look into it daily, your mind will conceive and the universe will connive to make it happen. You saw my post-its in my room. That's what it was for.
  • Don't even care if you fail. If you fail, the better. Why? You become a better version of yourself. Don't care about words coming from people who don't want the best for you. 
  • Don't even care especially if you are not involved. That sounded selfish but sometimes you have to learn the art of letting go. 

Yes, letting go. Learn when to raise the white flag when the battle is not worth fighting for anymore but it takes soooo much wisdom to know the right time.

Life is a battlefield. Love the people who are on your side, create strategies to get where you want to be, network with the right stakeholders who will help you win your war and lastly, just be awesome and don't try so hard while you're at it! It just happens.

Be a very good friend. Be remembered as someone who brought joy and awesomeness into the world!

Work smart not hard. Really.

You grew up pampered by your mom and dad but you should remember that life is not a walk in the park. It drags your head down and throws you around like a baby unwittingly thrashing his toy.

Just do what we always do best... survive.

Make happiness your goal every day.

Always remember that God works in mysterious ways, there are times we think we've lost all hope but everything gets better. It always does. He will bless you. He always does. Just live a simple, happy life. Focus on your goals and dreams and don't forget to thank everyone who got you where you are today. I may not be at home anymore to watch over you but you know how to reach me.

Stay safe,


And now some snaps... sorry girls he is committed to a lovely lady.

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What The UK Ambassador Did That Delighted Filipino Guests

British Ambassador to the Philippines Asif Ahmad greeted guests in eloquent Filipino which came as a pleasant surprise in an intimate event with British diplomats and Cebu society.

He shares the hardships they had to go through when the most unfortunate thing happened to our country. "As we had no military operational links with the Philippines, I had to ensure that our deployment of two navy ships, three [Royal Air Force] cargo planes and 1,200 military personnel were able to operate effectively."

Overcoming a huge dilemma in transporting care to those who need it most, it has never been highly publicized that United Kingdom is the number one contributor in the wake of supertyphoon Haiyan/Yolanda’s wreckage in the Visayas, surpassing the US, humility that is of record level, a testament to their genuine care for us as a nation. 

He also shares his vision of attracting more stakeholders to come and invest in the country thus creating more jobs and opportunities and his track record would speak for itself.

He now looks forward to a brighter future for Philippines as with the rest of us.

He has chosen a long time Cebu resident who served a key role in organizing British aid as UK new honorary consul in Cebu. Ms Tamsin Booth has been assigned to care for British citizens in the Visayas and she speaks our local vernacular (Bisaya) as beautifully as she looks.

To our British envois, we, the Filipino people, will be forever grateful by your generosity, urgency and humility all these years.

Instagrammed with [l-r] Ms Victoria Buenaventura, Consul Ms Tamsin Booth, Ambassador Asif Ahmad and yours truly.

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What Happens When Kids Are Taught The Basics of Fire Safety

For 10 days across different schools in the operating area of VECO, the electric service provider to Metro Cebu conducted enjoyable seminars to fifth graders aimed at fire safety, education against kite flying, personal defense, and practical first aid treatment. The Fire Safety Caravan fortifies the fact that kids learn when they have fun, understand its relevance and when they have complete hands-on experience. Enjoy the short film featuring the kids from Mandaue City Central School!


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#JayseeBlabs Closer Look on Corporate Social Responsibility

For a firm that monopolizes a utility service, VECO as a brand is never perceived as an evil capitalist mainly because they genuinely care about their customers by having numerous activities, benefit programs and marketing strategy such as this. It is a mantra that is passed on from generation to generation that every enterprise, big or small, should give back to its community. Implementing programs that encourage social good in the interest of your firm could be a first step in adding this component to your operations.

This is a great way of establishing what your company truly stands for. Being involved in city fires especially those living in cramped rundown spaces, the company has been challenged a numerous times and they could never do it alone that is why they have active education programs that helps consumers make wise energy-based decisions.

Events like this which targets children would need to go through a lot of planning and the content would even need to go through approval since it is a sensitive market, and VECO did a stellar job at creating modules which are both fun and informative as well as visually entertaining and interactive at best. The whole school area was utilized and the children did have a lot of laughs and when you can initiate an emotion like that, your frontrunners and company representatives did a great job for the day.

VECO also had to outsource the program to a non-profit who specializes in survival for content creation, training and event handling which gives us a lesson that you should capitalize on your strengths and tap the strengths of others to develop yours.

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How Cebu Provincial Gov't and CEMEX Makes A Difference After Haiyan

CEMEX Philippines, the leading producer of cement and other ready-mix products worldwide, officially partners with the provincial government, city governments of Northern Cebu and various non-government organizations to help the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda today.

According to Chito Maniago, CEMEX Philippines director for corporate communications and public affairs, the company’s new project dubbed as “Build Unity” is a “holistic, strategic and synergized community rebuilding program”.

A total of Php25M donated by the various CEMEX branches worldwide is intended to help the victims of the typhoon.

“It’s not the money but the partnership created. In unity, there is strength. We can’t do it alone,” said Maniago.

CEMEX Philippines tapped Task Force Paglig-on of the provincial government for the said project.

Atty. Ramil Abing, who appeared in behalf of Gov. Hilario Davide III, thanked CEMEX Philippines and other partners for their commitment and continued efforts in rebuilding Cebu.

“The province is doing its best to help and is currently facilitating the release of the help from the national government,” reported Abing.

Aside from the provincial government, “Build Unity” project is in partnership also with the city governments of Bogo and Danao where four (4) unity villages are set to be built with the help of Gawad Kalinga.

CEMEX Philippines partners also with the Department of Education Cebu Division to rehabilitate Kawit National High School in Medellin and with 3 Villages, 1 Goal  (3V1G):

  1. to build a community health center in Malapascua Island, 
  2. provide a bancambulansya (boat ambulance) and 
  3. train the people on first-aid and disaster response.

This project also aims to build a community livelihood center in Carnaza Island where a masonry skills training will be conducted with the help of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and install underwater cement sculptures and driftwood sculptures in various coastal towns that would serve as marine habitat as well as boost the areas’ ecotourism.

Bogo City Mayor Celestino Martinez Jr. and Daanbantayan City Mayor Augusto Corro unceasingly thanked all the government, non-government organizations and private entities who continued to send help even up to now. They are aiming to acquire lots for the relocation of the many families that survived the typhoon Yolanda as well as rehabilitate the damaged houses and livelihood.

“We are committed to the province, and to the cities. You can count on us. This is not just an act of today but we are moving forward,” said Paul Arcenas, CEMEX Phils vice president for strategic planning. (Lianne Llesol)

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How to save babies during calamities #haiyan #yolanda

During emergency situations, disease and death rates among children under-five are generally higher than for any other age group. The younger the infant, the higher the risk. 
Focusing on the appropriate feeding of infants and young children can reduce the risk of malnutrition and mortality.

During the first six months of life, no other food or liquid is usually required to meet the nutritional requirements of an infant other than breast milk. As these requirements change, complementary foods are subsequently needed. Under normal circumstances, infants who are not breastfed for the first six months are five times more likely to die from pneumonia and fourteen times more likely to die from diarrhea than infants who are exclusively breastfed. The valuable protection from infection and its consequences that breast milk provides is all the more important in environments without safe water supply and sanitation.

There is a common misconception that in emergencies, many mothers can no longer breastfeed adequately due to stress or insufficient nutrition. Although stress can temporarily interfere with the flow of breast milk, it is not likely to inhibit breast milk production provided mothers and infants remain together and are supported to initiate breastfeeding. Mothers who lack food or are malnourished can still breastfeed adequately. Sufficient fluids and extra food for the mother will help protect the health and well-being of both mother and child.

As a result of a desire to help, emergency situations are often characterized by inappropriate donations of breast milk substitutes, bottles and teats. These substitutes may include any food being marketed or otherwise represented as a partial or total replacement for breast milk, whether or not suitable for that purpose. In practical terms, these include: infant formula, milk powder, therapeutic milk and bottle-fed foods and juices.

UNICEF and the World Health Organization note that donations of such products in emergencies are often made without proper assessment of needs. The use of milk products and feeding bottles for feeding infants and young children can cause serious health hazards for example by increasing the risk of infection due to the challenges of cleaning them adequately. As a rule, breast milk substitutes should not be used in emergencies and frequent breastfeeding for children up to at least two years of age or beyond, should be encouraged.

In exceptional circumstances, the decision to use artificial feeding such as infant formula in separated and orphaned infants may be appropriate following an assessment by qualified health and nutrition workers. In these circumstances, it should be done under supervision and monitoring of specialists, in hygienic conditions and in accordance with the International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes and relevant World Health Assembly resolutions.

In the context of women living with HIV/AIDS, establishing the best feeding option for infants born to HIV-infected mothers is extremely important. Given the high risks of replacement feeding for infants in emergencies, women infected with HIV should still be supported to breastfeed to increase the likelihood of survival of their infants whether HIV infected or not. Combining anti retro-viral interventions and breastfeeding for HIV infected mothers can reduce the likelihood of post-natal HIV transmission to the infant7. Replacement feeding should only be used if it is acceptable, feasible, affordable, sustainable and safe (Acceptable Feasible Affordable Sustainable and Safe - AFASS principles).

In emergency situations, the government is presented further with the opportunity to promote breastfeeding and highlight the risks associated with breastfeeding alternatives through public health promotions and training for mothers/caregivers of young infants.

This is a press release from the National Nutrition Council Region VII (NNCRVII) and Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development for Region 7 (MIND 7).

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What's Happens When You Gather 300 Geeks At Boracay

A Philippine start-up community road map is needed to push the Philippine economy forward faster. 

This consensus began shaping up as some 300 Pinoy and international attendees participated in the two-day conference dubbed as Geeks on a Beach or #GOAB in the world-famous tourism destination in the Philippines, Boracay Island.

Held last Sept. 26-27, the conference themed “Bringing together tech innovators – from startups to global heroes” gathered an impressive lineup of 41 tech / startup experts as event speakers and the support of59 sponsors and partners.

In a roundtable discussion among stakeholders, deputy executive Director Mon Ibrahim of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO) welcomed, among other recommendations, the crafting of a Philippine road map for startups.

Startups refer to fast-growing Internet-based businesses set up by entrepreneurs, something that began in the first startup community in Silicon Valley decades ago and spread globally through the years.

During the press conference that opened the #GOAB conference, Ibrahim revealed that government plans to generate 1.5 million direct employment for the Philippine IT industry. Of this figure, he said, 40% is planned to be generated outside of Manila.

Veteran startup entrepreneurs say that private sector initiative for growing the startup community should continue. Tina Amper of and prime mover of the #GOAB conference, for instance, initially funded efforts for startup gatherings from her own pocket.

Bowei Gai, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, likewise said that venture capital is also not necessary at the beginning in order to develop startup communities. “Startups can self-fund and venture capital will just come.”

Gai, who just concluded a 29-country tour in nine months for his World Start-up Report, said the Philippines has a lot of potential as an emerging startup destination during his keynote talk during the second day of the conference.

Plug and Play co-founder Jojo Flores said that three years ago MIT funded 26,000 companies which hired 3 million employees and earned $2 trillion a year.

“This is the 11th largest economy of the world. That’s just a university. If the Philippines do this right, we can create startups . . . an industry of techno-preneurs on top of outsourcing. We still don’t have enough startups in the country yet.”

The young Cebuano Albert Padin who founded SpellDial said, startups are risky but if you’re afraid to take risks we’ll still be where we are exactly right now.

According to Earl Valencia, president of, “We have the next 5 years to prove that we are the epicenter of something – technology. If Sundance is for films, Davos for G8 leaders, then Philippines should be about startups.”

The loud call from the country’s emerging startup communities should be a signal for Philippine policymakers to move towards helping homegrown tech entrepreneurs become global champions rather than simply attracting foreign multinationals to invest in the country. 

As of the moment, Ibrahim of DOST said his office has contributed funding to #GOAB. While his office has been responsible for making Philippines an outsourcing destination starting in 2005, “we believe the country is also about tech innovation.”

Organized by, powered by, public relations and event management by PRWorks, branding by, #GOAB is co-organized by DOST-ICTO and co-presented by SMART, SMART Bro, SMART Devnet, and

Other partners are Amazon Web Services as platinum sponsor, WaveMaker Labs as gold sponsor,, Ng Khai Development Corporation, LBC Express as the official logistics partner, Fineupgrades,, Boracay Pub Crawl, SPR Boracay Real Estate as silver sponsors, Airbnb as the official accommodation partner, Microsoft Philippines, Island Souvenirs, GTCosmetics Manufacturing and Megaworld as bronze sponsors.

Philippine Software Industry Association, National ICT Confederation of the Philippines, UP,, Game Developers Association of the Philippines, Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines, Brain Gain Network, DevCon, UVNS, and STAC-Silicon Valley are the event’s institutional partners.

#GOAB is also supported by Lenovo Mobile,, KuyiMobile, Plug and Play Tech Center, SHIFT, SeedAsia, Mynimo, Pinoy Great Deals, Crowdsourcing Week, Geek Speak, R & M Preserves, Malee, Lenddo and Lakwatsa Resto Lounge, along with Webgeek, Newsdesk Asia,,, Third Team Media, Panay News, Davao Bloggers Society, Vigattin Radio, Inno Pub Media, e27/SGEntrepreneurs, Rappler, Alcordo Advertising, Asian Journal Publications, Balik Bayan Magazine, and ABS-CBN as media partners.

This is a press release.

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YOU'RE INVITED: Rock Ed Cebu 1st Year Anniversary Events

Call to action re: Zamboanga War

1.) Kick-off event:
Movie Wednesday at Handuraw
September 25, 2013, 7pm
(Handuraw, 2nd Floor)
Featuring Cebu's Promising Indie Films

2.) Main Event:
Peace Concert
September 28, 2013, 7pm-sawa
(Handuraw, 1st Floor)
Featuring Cebu's Hottest LoKal Bands
Book Drive/ Donation Drive for the displaced evacuees in Zamboanga standoff.

Peace Facts

  1. Cebu City Council Resolution No. 09-044, 12-756, 12-3789-2012, 12-4252-2012 declared this month as Interfaith and Peace Month.
  2. United Nations Resolution 36/67 establishes the International Day of Peace every 21st of September.

Life Notes

I was in Cagayan de Oro for a very short trip a few days ago and the tensions in Zamboanga echoed among airwaves and everyday conversations with the locals like wildfire waiting to consume us all. If you are not familiar with this unfortunate tale, I recommend you read this eye opening piece by Jowel Canuday of GMA News.

But you have to know that there is always something we can do no matter how big or small a step you take today. I was just glad to have a few hours of my Saturday night off to meet with the core group of Rock Ed Cebu

I had met Pip, Kim and Jay, who all have the passionate hearts to initiate active citizenship among the youth and young adults by taking advantage of our vibrant music and indie art scene and the welcoming Cebuano attitude. In fact, they have also met up with Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. heads Sir Ruben, Herbert and Chanel the first time the group was convened, as inspired by Ms Gang Badoy herself. As the Outreach Chair, I pledged the support of CBSi into any form of marketing especially to our online followers and partners.

If you wish to be part of the group, please give Pip a holla, your contribution would be very much appreciated.

We all are tired of running away: from our responsibilities, problems, anger or unsettled pasts. But can you imagine what displaced families are running from, when the difference between life and death is cantering a mile away? Though we can't physically protect them, the least we could do is take part in movements within our convenience and give a little piece of ourselves to those who need it most.

Ring up your folks, mark your calendars because it's going to be one heck of a night! :)

Movie Wednesday at Handuraw
September 25, 2013, 7pm 

Peace Concert at Handuraw
September 28, 2013, 7pm-sawa 

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My Alternative Proposals Instead Of #ScrapPork #MillionPeopleMarch PDAF

I have nothing against #ScrapPork and the #MillionPeopleMarch. In fact, I am so happy that the people are not passive about this, as active citizenship is badly needed in these challenging times. I call it heroic. Our country, despite the amazing credit rating, is currently facing grave effects of corruption, cities drowning under water because of torrential rains and hundreds of lives lost in yet another sea tragedy. 

I want the people to be angry. We need a burning passion to rebuild, passion for our country to excel. But we should do it smartly.

I strongly believe Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) is not to blame. It was intended to distribute national wealth for soft (social services) and hard (infrastructure) government projects supposedly. A vision to serve people. Please don't blame the initiative. Even great NGOs are suffering from bad publicity because of the involvement of the bogus ones. We can't abolish it since the government agencies would have to do all the spending since they have their own priorities as well. Legislators need the fund too for the improvement of their constituencies.

What I am suggesting is the incorporation of third-party auditors before and after the funds are released. We are home to Asia's, if not the world's, best auditing firms, The Big Four (esp. SGV and Manabat Co.) and the best business consulting firms such as Guthrie-Jensen, McKinsey, Bain and BCG. So why not invest in their capabilities and save billions along the way? Since Commission on Audit and our corruption watchdog agencies could only do so much. Even in their presence these things happened, so then we ask, isn't it about time we partner with people who do world-class project development and unbiased auditing and accounting services?

Second, we need real-time transparency to the last cent through publicly accessed information channel such as the internet. Finance, business and accounting students all over the country may even incorporate it in their curriculum and projects as case studies for further scrutiny. When the general public have access to verified financial reports and supporting documents, our public leaders will be more cautious and shall be praised if they had done well.

I think we are past inciting hatred. It is about time we cultivate passion within our selves to start caring for this country and other people, so that one day, no one will be hungry, no one will be poor. Idealistic? Nope. I call it visionary.

As someone who has collaborated with NGOs, worked in the corporate world and graduated with Information Technology majors, I've concluded that we should start with the end in mind and everything will eventually fall into place if we do it right.

One thing we lack is that the bureaucracy needs to be collaborative, dynamic and innovative. Some of our systems are broken and it takes forever to address them, maybe because of the generational gap or the inefficient traditional processes. New ideas and technologies should be considered immediately just like how businesses and top-notch organizations operate.

Listening to the needs of the people and the organization and bench marking on the world's best practices should be priority as well. Lastly, we should always integrate risk mitigation, sustainability and protecting public interest at all times.

Here's what our legislators and significant people have to say about the fund and please don't miss out the honest comments below, trust me, you're gonna have a great time!

If you want to participate in online nation-building efforts, visit

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Be a Better Blogger, Leader, Businessman, Advocate by #TrendingForward

The turnout of this summit is expected to be varied as they will be hailing from the academic world, youth, business, non-profits and government agencies. Using the tools available to us, social media will be the platform as the driving force to move the country forward.  All this will be discussed, taught and debated at the biggest social media event of the year, Social Media Influencers Summit (SMIS). 

With the most respected speakers eager to inspire the mass with best practices, calls to action and guidelines in making the most out of the modern day medium that could reach hundreds of thousands and incite actions a hundredfold.

It will be the first summit of its kind and will be an annual event organized by iNewMedia Online in cooperation with Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. (CBSi). For free tickets, you may log on to

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Master the Art of Family Business Governance from the Best

To every businessman or prospective entrepreneur, you have to check out the Family Enterprise Excellence Conference which is tailored fit for the Visayas and Mindanao economic conditions and values.

As someone who have been in the corporate environment for quite some time now, I have come to realize that managing business and people is one challenge that can be just as difficult as managing a family. I can only imagine the hell you go through, when the demands and hassles of both, mix in the most stressful way.

From Inheritance to Legacy:
Growing and Sustaining the
Family Business for the Next Generations
April 13,2013
Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

The rationale of the conference theme is to highlight leaders in family enterprise management who have succesfully grown their family businesses and at the same time maintained unity across several generations.

There are several things you SHOULD know though why you should secure yourself a ticket or two:
Family ownership creates value only when founder serves as CEO of the family firm and the top 10 Forbes magazine richest Filipinos mastered family dynamics, leadership and trans-generational wealth.

The Core Consultants for the Family Enterprise Excellence Conference 2013 

The conference is an advocacy program of Premier Business and is co-organized by the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P).

Proceeds from the conference shall be used to put up the Family Business Research Center in partnership with the UA&P's Southeast Asia Business Studies. A portion of the proceeds are also given to the Oblates Sisters for the care of abused children with a home located in Mabolo, Cebu City. 

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Assuming A Greater Challenge: NNCRVII Appoints New Champions to Causes

I have always used my social media influence to promote awesome things: from great personal reflections, to events with a blast; but what I'm most notable for is my inclination towards anything for social good. 

So it comes as no surprise that I became part of one of the fastest emerging organization of media practitioners in Cebu assembled by the National Nutrition Council that would help sustain efforts for nutrition campaigns, advocacy and events.

Malnutrition is one of the effects of poverty that has been putting the country at bay in terms of human and economic advancement.

MEDIA INFORMATION NETWORK FOR NUTRITION AND DEVELOPMENT 7 (MIND 7) has been involved with projects and events that NNC Region 7 has been fighting for these past few years.

Yours truly, was just entrusted the position as Secretary and was blessed enough to land in a national daily via coverage by Ms. Cheryl Baldicantos of Manila Bulletin. As I assume a new responsibility, I promise to do everything in my power to help strengthen the flow of relevant information to the general public.

Soft copy of Manila Bulletin Nov. 29.
Photo taken by top photojournalist Ms Cheryl Baldicantos.

“The region recognizes the importance of effective information dissemination, and the influence you, members of the local media have in shaping the public’s opinion on food and nutrition.

"Though of different media used to hand-out nutrition information to the public, from radio, television, print and other social media, each of you have done us proud this past year.” NNC 7 Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator, Dr. Parolita A. Mission challenged the press for more stories and space on issues of nutrition.

The general assembly of the Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development was celebrated last November 26, 2012 at the Cebu Grand Hotel in Escario Street.

The event was coincided with the induction of officers and a Christmas Party.

Other officers for 2013-2014 are

  • President - 
    • Mr. Jun P. Tagalog, manager of DYLA 
  • VP for Print – 
    • Ms. Phoebe Jen D. Indino, correspondent of Manila Bulletin; 
  • VP for Radio - 
    • Ms.Annabel A. Lagrosas, BPA II of DYMR;
  • VP for Social Media - 
    • Mr. John Ciocon, Managing Director of John Ciocon Creative Agency; 
  • VP for NGA IOs - 
    • Ms. Marie A. Nillama, IO of DPWH. 
  • Elected new secretary is 
    • Mr. Jaysee Pingkian, Board of Trustee of Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.; 
  • Treasurer - 
    • Ms. Mitchelle Palaubsanon, Reporter of The Freeman and 
  • Auditor - 
    • Mr. Jose Marie C. Lanza, Sation Manager of Love Radio. 

The officers will serve the association for two years.

Read on for more great stories from the MIND 7!

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Most Innovative International Weight Loss Success Now in Cebu

Cebuanos can now enjoy the benefits of a slimmer and healthier body with the opening of the Cohen's Lifestyle Centre in the Queen City of the South. Conveniently located at Suite 105 Business Center A, 880 A.S. Fortuna Street, Oakridge Business Park, Banilad, Mandaue City, the Cebu branch of the Cohen's Lifestyle Centre offers the same rapid weight-loss and wellness program through nutrition. 
34-year old entrepreneur Richele Hilario’s has
lost 110 lbs. since enrolling in the Cohen Program
Scientifically proven to allow individuals to safely and effectively lose 8-10 lbs. in one month, the Cohen Program is based on internationally-accepted medical research and has been available for over 25 years with thousands of success stories worldwide. Available exclusively at the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre Philippines, the program was formulated by Dr. Rami Cohen, MD, an international specialist renowned for his research on the hormones involved in obesity and weight loss.

Dr. Cohen’s research isolated the hormones responsible for obesity. These are the human growth hormone (HGH) which preserves muscle tissue and breaks down fat, insulin which regulates blood sugar levels and therefore stops hunger pangs and serotonin which tells the body when it is full or satisfied.  

In people who suffer from the “obesity syndrome,” there is an imbalance in these hormones - the HGH level is low; unnaturally high levels of insulin are released and serotonin is not discharged correctly. As a result, obese people constantly crave food and despite how little or how much they eat, they still gain weight.

With the Cohen Program, Dr. Cohen personally develops an individually tailored Eating Plan by analyzing a person’s unique body chemistry from his/her specific blood test results.  The personalized eating plan is designed to use food to trigger the body’s natural ability to shed off fat rapidly and safely and to bring the hormones back in balance, thus ‘food becomes your medicine’. 

The Eating Plan consists of three meals a day taken in specific quantities from the basic food groups of proteins, vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates.  No exotic or expensive foods need to be purchased.  The essential formula is the specific quantity and combination unique to each person.

The specialized Eating Plan is followed by a short, stabilizing Refeeding Program to reintroduce richer foods without upsetting the balance created by the Eating Plan.  This ensures that the weight will not be regained once the individual  resumes normal eating, provided that management guidelines are faithfully followed.

“The Cohen Program is not a diet, it is a lifestyle,” says Barbara Young, CEO of Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre.  “Following the program precisely will allow the body to correct the hormonal imbalance naturally.  The Cohen Program is also a safer, healthier and cheaper alternative to invasive procedures,” says Barbara, herself a beneficiary of the program.

Before she gave the Cohen Program a try, Barbara weighed 172 lbs.  Caught up in the frenetic pace of the corporate world, she would eat whatever she wanted in order to cope with stress; or for no good reason at all.  But after adopting the Cohen Program, Barbara says she now “eats only when I know my body needs it and I also watch what I eat.  I’ve also influenced my family to eat healthily by eliminating many of the processed foods we used to eat or use for cooking.  We’re now conscious of what types of food are beneficial for our bodies.  Now I’m healthier and slimmer.” Barbara lost 46 lbs. in just four and a half months.    

Barbara found it hard to keep the good news to herself so she shared her positive experience to her friend Regina Rodriguez-Chuavon.  Regina then convinced her sister Dr. Angela Rodriguez-Bandola to also undergo the program.  

“The greatest lesson I derived from the Cohen Program is being conscious of the types of food that I put in my mouth.  Before the program, I always went for fatty foods and junk food.  In a fast food restaurant, I had a hard time ordering because I wanted everything on the menu.   
"After the program, to my surprise, I would find myself in a fast food restaurant and again have a hard time ordering because this time, there was nothing on the menu that I wanted to eat,” says Regina. 

For Dr. Bandola, her weight of 240 lbs. made life difficult for her.  She also found it very difficult to find clothes that fit her.  Wanting to lose the extra pounds, she tried everything from jogging, boxing, medications to all the other diets that were in vogue. These did not result in any substantial weight loss.  And when she stopped, she would regain the weight “with interest.”  Says Dr. Bandola: “With the Cohen Program, I saw and felt the results immediately.”  Just one month into the program and she was already unearthing her old clothes because she could fit into some of them again. When she finished the program, Dr. Bandola lost 110 lbs.  Now, she remains mindful of what she eats and she feels so much better.

The life-changing benefits that Barbara, Regina and Dr. Bandola gained from the Cohen Program inspired them to set up the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre in the Philippines.  Together, the three women actively serve as senior consultants to their clients.

Barbara says that the center’s mission is to save and transform Filipinos to live better lives.  

“With 3 out of 10 people being obese, we knew that this program will be able to help a lot of people.  We want to give Filipinos an effective, safe and natural alternative to weight loss and a lifestyle that can help them remain healthy for the rest of their lives,” says Barbara.

To know more about the Cohen Program, visit the 
Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre Philippines Cebu branch at 
Suite 105 Oakridge Business Center A, Oakridge Business Park, 
880 A.S. Fortuna Street Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu. 

You may also log on to
email or 
call (6332) 236-2334 or (0917) 308-0580. 

This is a press release.

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Helping Nature and Endangered Animals Has Never Been This Rockin Fun!

Eco Art & Music Fest Fundraiser Opens January 19 at Conspiracy Garden Café

Manila (December, 2012) – An art exhibit and music fest fundraiser for Save Philippine Seas’ Pawikan Watchers program opens on January 19, 2013 at the Conspiracy Garden Café, Quezon City.

EndDanger, which features mixed media artworks from the group Artists for Nature and performances from Flying Ipis and other music bands, calls attention to the growing problem of animal endangerment in the Philippines and encourages the community to get involved in conservation and protection efforts.

Although gifted with a rich and biologically diverse ecosystem, from lush forests to a vibrant marine life, our country’s natural resources have significantly dwindled over time. Animal species, in particular, are under increasing threat from habitat destruction, pollution and commercial exploitation. Many are now in the verge of extinction.

The artists and organizers behind EndDanger seek to raise funds for the monitoring of one of the Philippines’ most threatened species, the pawikan. All proceeds from the event’s ticket sales will go to the Pawikan Watchers training program, which Save Philippine Seas (SPS)—an independent movement that fights abuse of our aquatic resources through legal discourse and social media—launched in cooperation with Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB).

Pawikan Watchers aims to educate volunteers from different parts of the Philippines on the ecology and biology of, and PAWB-approved guidelines for, handling sea turtles. Apart from raising funds, Artists for Nature sees the exhibit as an opportunity to broaden public awareness of the urgent need to preserve our wildlife.

EndDanger is sponsored by Numa the Organic & Eco Baby Store and Ministry of Mushrooms, and is in partnership with, Clean Up Philippines, Eco-Sys Foundation, Green Fins, Society for Sustainable Tourism and Development, Inc., Sea News Network, Butanding Network, UP Green League and Earth UST.

The art exhibit runs up to February 8, 2013. Conspiracy Garden Café is located at 59 Visayas Avenue, Project 6, Quezon City.

For opening night tickets or more information, please contact Wendi Garcia at +639162742859 or Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates.

This is a press release.

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Give Smiles To Homeless Kids

We all have wonderful memories as snot-nosed kids, or if you disagree with me, then for the most part of it, we were comfortable. We had nothing to worry about but the exams and assignments to fulfill, when our favorite anime is on air, what games to play with our troublesome friends at dismissal, what food to buy in the canteen and the list could go on.

Sadly, not all of us had such dilemma but had way rougher at a young age.

We have homeless children who had been emotionally and physically shattered by the harsh living conditions of the streets; whose families suffer or break apart right before their very eyes, whose tummies ache because it had nothing to digest thus, their intestines are the ones facing the painful acidic reactions from their bile. We are never to blame or judge these kids if they had to turn to chemical addiction, crime, prostitution or worse, suicide, because we were never there in their darkest moments.

Think life is hard? Think again.

Good thing there are those people who make it their life's calling to come and rescue these children and give them a life they deserve.

Cebu has a lot of NGOs but allow me to introduce you to The Citi Center, a shelter for homeless children managed by the Cebu City Mendicancy Office in cooperation with Dolores Aboitiz Children's Fund.

They are in need of the following:

  1. Mats
  2. Pillows and pillow cases
  3. Empty sacks (for belongings)
  4. Bath soap
  5. Children's shirts
  6. Short pants
We are knocking at your kind hearts to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  It's up to you to decide the brand and quantity of your donation.

You may drop them at the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center, 35 Lopez Jaena St. Cebu City.

If you don't have the time, you can opt to share a little of your resources thru online fund transfer to:

bank name: Union Bank of the Philippines
account name: Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc
account number: 002780003279

Because these kids deserve to feel blessed more than anything in the world and that the living doesn't have to be the worst thing that could happen.

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Running to be a Hero | GK Cebu Run 2012

We all want to be nation builders or at least in our own little ways, to spark social good. GK is giving us the opportunity to help others by letting us do what we do best, staying fit and having fun! They are bringing a big running event here in Cebu championing the causes of our people.

Mark your calendars as this coming November 25, 2012 (Sunday), Gawad Kalinga Cebu is going to hold the GK Cebu Run 2012:

Takbo ng mga Bayani

Gawad Kalinga is a global movement that aims to build communities for the poor by mainstreaming the GK culture of caring and sharing. Through the efforts of both the public and private sectors, we now have 16 GK communities in Cebu and over 2000 communities all over the Philippines and abroad. By taking part in this activity, and running as a hero, we can surely help more poor communities lift themselves from poverty and help spread awareness of the cause.

Below are the details of the run:

Category           Entry Fee          Gun Start
3K                     P300.00             5:00am
6K                     P400.00             5:00am
12K                   P500.00             4:45am
21K                   P600.00             4:30am

Assembly Time: 4:00 am on Nov. 25, 2012.

You may download the copy of the registration form from this site:

Note: You may print your own copy of registration form but you still have to go to designated registration booths to submit it.

Registration is from 1:00pm to 8:00pm daily at RUNNR, Ayala, right across Timezone/Sbarro, and TOBY’S, U/G Floor, SM, beside ACE Hardware.

Singlets are available for early registrants (see below for a pic of the actual sample). For the competitive people out there, aside from the satisfaction of being able to extend help to the less privileged, a finisher's medal will be awarded to each of the 21K finishers.

GK Cebu Run 2012 Event Poster

Kewl GK Singlets

Now you don't have to die to be a hero.

We at the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi) are active in supporting great causes. Read on what other Cebu Bloggers have to say:

"Be a hero and run for a cause. Run for GK Cebu!" 
Doc Buboy Tapia,  MedRelatedStudents Blog

"End the year by becoming one of Gawad Kalinga’s superheroes."

Milafel Dacanay,

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