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My Blastin 2010

The year 2010 is the Year of the Jaysee Blabs.

  • I got addicted to the Sims 3 and decided to blog about this great home which more or less depicted my dream home, something that faces the sea and something that is contemporary.
  • Sinulog 2010 was something I could never forget since it was my third year to dance at the mardi gras. Our school, AMA Computer College has started to offer ‘sayaw halad’ for the biggest festivity in the country as a sign of gratitude and I didn’t have a choice but I never regretted the experience.
  • I then campaigned so hard for Gibo that this blog became a dedicated magazine with posts like Why Vote for Gibo? And I also decided to create a Youtube video to create a music video of his campaign jingle Lipad by Rivermaya. I used Sims 2’s game movies to craft the awesome vid.
  • It is also the year for me to have my design printed for an event and it was for my nephew-son’s birthday. Miggy turned 5 and I designed his tarp and cards. This year also launched my freelance career as a writer, graphic and web designer. I also won a graphic design contest from Powerbooks where I bagged home a copy of Mockingjay.
  • With the Ondoy and Pepeng, Maguindanao Massacre, and Haiti earth tremors breaking loose, I offered a simple post about life.
  • We celebrated the birthday of my high school buddy and fellow CAT officer, Praky’s, at the Blue Reef which also gave us the chance to try out the biggest pizza I ate and it was in Calda's (Thanks to Leil). 2010 also paved the way for the reunion of all CAT officers at the Genesis Valley. We also supported our fellow buddy Boie when she joined Ms. Consolacion 2010.
  • I also had a very insightful experience at the Genesis Valley Mountain Resort when I took part at the Emerging Pinoy Leaders Congress. It was also the same year that Congressman Tomas Osmena talked in our Cebu City SSG Federation Leadership Training Seminar.
  • I also got accepted at the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. which is the country’s most organized blogging institution. Because of the org, I was able to meet great people and gain access to events in Pino!, Waterfront, Marriot Hotel, City Sports Club, Crown Regency, Crimson Resort and Spa, Café Uno, Casa Gorordo and Aboitiz Studies Center where I first met Mr. Illac Diaz, RedBox Karaoke, SM Northwing, Vudu, Ayala Activity Center, SM IMAX, TGI Friday’s, CoffeeCat, Dilaab Foundation’s office, Big Mao and the famous Galleon Andalucia.

My trip to Ilo-ilo in a nutshell

Minutes before my departure from Cebu last November 27, 2010 , I coincidentally met my mom in the office, Cristina and we talked a lot and had our picture taken by her boyfriend.

(c) Jaysee Blabs

(c) Carlo Led

What made the plane ride enjoyable, even if I didn’t have a window seat, was that it was swaying a lot. I arrived at Ilo-ilo International Airport around 4PM and headed immediately to SM City Ilo-ilo.  

After attending the Visayas Blogging Summit in Cinema 2, we checked in at Days Hotel fronting Gen. Luna Street.

(c) Sinjin Pineda

(c) Bryan Yuson

In the evening, we graced the Philippine Blog Awards at The Venue at Smallville, Ilo-ilo City. The Visayas Leg of the Philippine Blog Awards had a lot of Cebu blogger nominations including yours truly, Jaysee Blabs.

For more information on that visit: Philippine Blog Awards Finalists

(c) Bryan Yuson

Then we had a pajama party at the Days Hotel room to celebrate Sinjin’s birthday.

The next day, Sunday, we had a quick breakfast at McDonald’s right below our hotel. Fellow delegates joined the Ilo-ilo Heritage Tour and we first stopped by the Museo Ilo-ilo. I was in the same jeepney as with the rest of the Cebu Bloggers Society.

(c) Jaysee Blabs

For a two hour drive from the city, we arrived at the San Joaquin Church where we learned that it is the only church with a military theme on its façade with an intricate mural that depicts Spanish victory over Moroccan forces. Then we enjoyed snacks care of Ilo-ilo’s best, Nang Palang’s Buko Pie.

(c) Jaysee Blabs

The road trips was made more fun as they shared a lot of stories which is best left there.

(c) Hawili Hurom

Then not far from it, we headed to the beautiful San Joaquin Cemetery and we had, as we call it, a fun class picture.

(c) Jaysee Blabs

Miag-ao is actually the largest municipality in the country and the Miag-ao Church was the next destination built three centuries ago. It had a lot of watchtowers which were built to protect the people from Moros.

(c) Jaysee Blabs

We had the best lunch in town at the Tatoy’s Grill and Seafood where we enjoyed authentic Ilonggo style barbecues and dishes! What shocked us though was when this old lady came in and prayed at us one by one and asked for donations right after.

Molo Church was thought-provoking since it is the only church I know that is feminist. There are around 16 images of saints who are women inside.

Plaza Libertad and San Jose Church has a high historical value because it is the site where Spain surrendered their last base to the revolutionaries.

(c) Jaysee Blabs

We were then led to Jaro Cathedral and Belfy. What was interesting about the church is that, first, its architectural design juxtaposes contemporary and traditional and second, the image of Mama Mary built in stone is actually miraculous in the sense that it grows in size through the years which is the reason why it is already placed outside the church.

(c) Bryan Yuson

Our last destination was the Angelicum School which is one of Ilo-ilo’s landmarks as it houses the Lizares Mansion. It felt eerie though and it was only then we had learned that when World War II broke out, the Lizares family left the Mansion for a safe hiding place. The Mansion was then used as headquarters of the Japanese army. It was believed that the basement became the dumping ground of tortured Filipinos.

On a lighter note, we also received goodies from the DeOcampo Shop.

(c) Bryan Yuson 
When the night has fallen, we headed back to the hotel and prepped ourselves for dinner at the Bourbon Street at the Smallville, Ilo-ilo City.

The next day, most had left because they had early flights while mine was in the afternoon. So before going to the airport, I dropped by SM City Ilo-ilo one last time to buy some pasalubong and stroll around.

I had lunch courtesy of Green Mango restaurant at the Second Floor SM City Ilo-ilo.

Then I had my first spa treatment courtesy of the Tibiao Fish Spa at the Lower Ground Floor.

At the airport, I stumbled upon Kuya Mark Gallardo. My plane ride home was great because I get to be near the window. And I went home bringing along a lot of memories and stories to tell from my first independent trip.

My first Tibiao Fish Spa experience at SM Ilo-ilo!

I think the most neglected and most hardworking part of my body would have to be my feet. So it comes as a delight when Tibiao Fish Spa invited us for an invigorating and unique spa experience on my third and last day in Ilo-ilo last November 29, 2010.

The Tibiao Fish Spa

When I entered their shop at the Lower Ground Floor in SM City Ilo-ilo, I was so excited to know what a fish spa feels and looks like. They assisted me with keeping my things as I washed my feet in the designated area. The staff was very attentive and courteous that you’ll feel right at home.
Me with a younger guest
I soon found myself sitting on the indoor pools but became too afraid to even submerge my feet. I looked around and saw them laughing at my cowardly face. It even surprised me that I became hesitant and I involuntarily lifted my feet once these little fishes came to me and tried to nibble on my foot. I was laughing uncontrollably because it tickles a lot and I was acting stupid. Can you imagine me getting afraid while this girl was braver than I was? So I toughened up and sat still and conversed with other guests who were there.

Big fishes nibbling my feet. Weee!
Now that I was resistant to the small fishes I moved to the next indoor pool with the bigger ones and man did I shriek at the first plunge. It was thrilling and scary but it’ll take a few minutes for you to get over though. Once you get the hang of it, you will feel this deep relaxing experience which is at the same time fun to do.

The first time I saw this type of treatment was on one of the Ugly Betty episodes but I had never in my wildest dreams imagined experiencing it firsthand. I am hoping they set up shop here in Cebu so that my friends and family could try it too.

Thank you Tibiao Fish Spa! Merry Christmas everyone!

Jaysee goes to Visayas Blogging Summit 2010

Gathering blogging enthusiasts from all over Visayas, the Visayas Blogging Summit (VBS 2010) became the perfect venue to learn more about this whole new industry.

So I had this brouhaha with CebuPacific but then I made a decision to fly all the way to Ilo-ilo to not only attend VBS 2010 but as well as the Philippine Blog Awards and the Ilo-ilo Heritage Tour for a three day two night stay.

jaysee pingkian at sm ilo-ilo
Upon arrival at the Ilo-ilo International Airport, I immediately rode a shuttle to SM City Ilo-ilo to attend the summit. I got my summit kit and some other freebies upon registration which was kinda cool. The event staff was very much helpful with the whole process as I pretty much have my hands full. After scanning the theater, I spotted my fellow members from the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.

The VBS 2010 covered topics from using it as a medium to promote advocacy, to ways of earning through blogging, the VBS 2010 has got to be one of the biggest blogging event I’ve attended to in terms of educational scope, sponsorships, and activities. Held last November 27, 2010, the VBS had congregated different blogging institutions such as the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi) and Cebu Bloggers, Negros Bloggers, Capiz Bloggers from Roxas City and Tacloban Bloggers.

The whole day summit was held at the Cinema 2 and featured 11 great talks as to how social media had dictated the way the world is turning. From business to politics, from earning to promoting, this medium is popular for a lot of reasons and it is because of our audience reach, the ability to present dynamic content and provides means for interaction.

janette toral ©gerryruiz
“If you don’t get your hands dirty, you will not succeed.” Thus affirms Ms. Janette Toral who spoke about the ‘Impact of Blogs and Social Networking to Businesses’. And as always, she has never lost her sheen in giving a lot of information and insights in the strongest points possible. She also introduced us to great tools that could quantify the success of a social media campaigns. Since her talk about ‘Practical Tips in Becoming an Influential Blogger’ at the 1st Cebu Blog Camp this year, I have put her in the pedestal of technology gurus I admire.

Her strongest line that day would have to be when she said, “It’s not about us. It’s about our audience.” And regarding effective campaigns, she reminds us that we should all “be real enough to the point that [your message] will resonate to your audience.”

For a link to her silde check this out:

estan cabigas ©gerryruiz
I was also able to witness Mr. Estan Cabigas’ lecture on ‘Selling the Best of the Philippines through Blogging’. His adventures are well documented through breathtaking photography which is posted in his photo blog and He also has this fascination on churches and running. He did left me a great thought: “The point of travel blogging is telling people something interesting. You don’t need to do long travels to tell something about a place.”

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