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Moving on as one color. Poster for the new government.

As a new government taking shape, people are having their own set of expectations and all but we must remember that the elections are over and that we should all move on.
Support the incoming government but never too hopeful.
A Cory phenomenon is just what any politician could hope for.
It is decent of Noynoy to revive traditions as it is nothing but a respectful gesture despite his public hatred for our incumbent president. Hope he plants the seeds of reconciliation and not more divisions in the already broken Philippine politics.
He may not be perfect either but I think he will do well as promised.
The government is not the only solution. We our own solution. This dependent mentality is what makes the poor poorer.
Welcome to the new government. Sulong Pilipinas!

Los Angeles, Philippines and the alarming line in between

So I’ve been told that the City of Angels is actually the most polluted city in US. And why the hell should I care? There are a lot of Filipinos in California and most of them have worked so hard that they were able to keep up with the locales and are living the life. Nice cars, nice home, great job and family. Little do they know that they are also contributing to the growing problem.

photo by seraphimc

Al Gore visited the country recently and gave a talk in Manila facing Philippine legislators, industry movers and concerned celebrities. He talked about climate change and what wrath it has brought upon us specifically the country with the recent floods caused by Ondoy. You could sum his talk up with a localized version of The Inconvenient Truth. Climate change was never a political and business issue. It is a moral issue we always have to face head on.

During his presentation, Gore showed images of the destruction caused by Ondoy in Manila last year. But he also celebrated the electri…

Looking back on the Arroyo Administration

I have no plans of demonizing her because the media and the childish presidentiables have pretty much covered that. What I’m gonna share right now is what our next president, come May 10, has to beat.“With positive economic figures to boast of
Despite the tumultuous events through your 9 years
For your presidency not to “invariably end in a bust”
Unlike those of the presidents before you
Unlike the Marcos regime that collapsed in an economic crisis
Unlike that of the Aquino administration that ended with a power crisis
Unlike Ramos who stepped down from office
Battered by the Asian financial crisis, though not of his making
Unlike the Estrada government that was toppled due to political crisis” [1]EconomyNew York-based think tank, GlobalSource Partners, asked President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo about her economic legacy.GS:Some critics have given you a failing mark based on the promises you made in past State of the Nation Addresses, especially in terms of job creation, education for al…

Irish priest freed because kidnappers will watch Pacquiao

Did you know that the sudden release of Micheal Sinnott was because of someone else: the world’s top pound-for-pound boxer. Manny still holds the record of keeping a zero crime rate here in the country during his fights.The Irish priest said his captors decided to get him out of the jungles of Mindanao as early as possible because they wanted to catch Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto.“Your freedom is our freedom. We don’t want to be here for a long time, too. And we want to watch Pacquiao’s fight.” - Sinnott said on Saturday, quoting his kidnappers as saying. -And critics of the Arroyo administration said it was done just in time of Hillary Clinton’s visit. Well, guess what Manny proved them wrong.;]

Resilience of Philippine Economy and What It Means To All Of Us

To the well-formed you might have known about the global financial crisis that started in the United States last year.

You might have known that every day thousands and thousands of American jobs are lost with a lot of businesses closing; that didn’t even spare world’s top companies like Intel, Microsoft, BMW, etc.

It is a sad, cold fact that the world is not on the right track.

News in the US reports nothing but:
millions of people who have lost their job and fresh graduates who can’t find one, businesses going on extreme austerity measures, how Obama is doing with the stimulus package, and people losing their cars and homes because they could no longer afford to pay mortgage. “People have been hurt, the poor suffers more than the rich.”
But a few months ago, our country, the Philippines, received an upgrade of our credit rating, citing the resilience of our economy.

“The state of our nation is a strong economy.”
The strong economy is the reason:
why we now own a beautiful h…

Weird facts about me

Did you know…
that my cap was snatched from my head while I was inside the PUJ?
We were inside the jeep on our way home when passed the area leading to Pier 3 when suddenly a man just swiftly walked by when traffic lights turned red and took my cap from me and ran away. That was bizarre and weird.that I bring along an alcohol sprayer in my pocket daily?
When H1N1 scare broke out and government reminding us of the importance of washing our hands my dad bought a sprayer and have us fill it with great smelling Casino to bring everywhere.that I love cats and dogs sooo much?that I hate Chiz?that I’m obsessed with taking photos? I have this fascination of immortalizing great moments and even humdrum ones because I always think that time passes by and that no one else can take them back.that I listen to Gavin de Graw? and to Micheal Buble, HSM 3, Flo-rida, Akon, Charice, Chris Brown, Cook and Archuleta, Daughtry, Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, and Britney on my way home?that I love movi…

Strong Leader’s Greatest Quotes | PGMA’s SONA 2009 Highlights

The following are the greatest lines of most probably the biggest most explosive and outright entertaining State of the Nation Address the world has yet to ponder and it came from no less than her Excellency and my political idol, President Gloria Arroyo. The past twelve months have been a year for the history books. Financial meltdown in the West spread throughout the world...

Tens of millions lost their jobs; billions across the globe have been hurt—the poor always harder than the rich. No one was spared....
It has affected us already.
But the story of the Philippines in 2008 is that the country weathered a succession of global crises in fuel, in food, then in finance and finally the economy in a global recession, never losing focus and with economic fundamentals intact...The state of our nation is a strong economy.  Good news for our people, bad news for our critics...I did not become President to be popular. To work, to lead, to protect and preserve our country, …

Estrada disgraces Arroyo mishandled medical background

Philippine Daily Inquirer July 11, 2009 :MANILA, Philippines — No need for the National Bureau of Investigation to step in.This was the reaction of former President Joseph Estrada to a report that the bureau would investigate who had leaked the story of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s breast implants to the media.“I cannot understand why the NBI is using its resources looking for the doctors who talked about the medical attention given to you know who, when there are so many cases of killings, incidences of ambush assassinations, bombings and other heinous crimes that need to be investigated,” Estrada told members of the Manila Medical Society who invited him as guest speaker for its 107th foundation anniversary on Thursday.“Ang masasabi ko lang, NBI, huwag naman ninyong dibdibin ang kasong ito,” he added. (All I can say to the NBI is not to take this seriously)The Palace made it clear that it had not instructed the NBI to investigate but given the situation that one of the greate…

Why Gloria is world class | Question and Answer in St. Petersburg Economic Forum in Russia

She shared the limelight last June 5 with Russian Federation President Dmitry Medvedev, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koiizumi, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Nobel Prize Laureate in economics, Dr. Robert Mundell at the opening session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.Oil, whose prices impact heavily on consumer products and a whole range of other items, tops the list of issues to be discussed on Day 2 of the St. Petersburg forum. Specifically, the discussion on oil-related issues will center on the “global role of energy resources, the structure of demand and demand forecasts, and the potential for development of energy sources.”Leading the discussions on oil issues are chief executive officers (CEOs) and other top executives of different energy-related conglomerates, management groups, research bodies and agencies.Another issue is how governments are taking the lead in stabilizing the economic situation. This, and other questions beg for concret…

Strengthening Philippine Economy

Which of the Philippines’ most recent presidents succeeded in strengthening the economy and has the chance of having his or her economic legacy appreciated by future generations?[1]

It’s not the lawyer.
Not the housewife.
Nor the general.
Definitely not the actor.
But the short economist.

President Gloria Arroyo, is the winner according to economists from the University of Asia and the Pacific in a briefing held in Baguio City last May 14th.

Inflation Rate - The annual rate of change or year-on-year change in the Consumer Price Index. (National Statistics Office) or in other words:
The inflation rate is the increase in prices for a basket of goods and services expressed on a yearly basis. Put simply, if the basket costs $100 in year 1 and $104 in year 2, the inflation rate is 4%. [6]
Buying power - Purchasing power is the amount of value of a goods or services compared to the amount paid with a currency.
The value of money, as measured by the quantity and quality of products and serv…

NBN Channel: Philippines’ Epitome of Positivity in Broadcast and Journalism unlike Top Trash Newscasts

With our major media networks seemingly disregarding government affairs and focuses on reporting bad news and getting the side of the tactless Opposition and the feeling know it all activists, it is indeed comforting to know that one network delivers its message of being the “The Information Channel” in a very positive way. They educate the mass of what is the government doing despite all the bad publicity highlighted on today’s trash top news casts. That’s TV-4 in Manila, and TV-11 in Cebu. For more info. I was googling it stumbled upon this forum and here are what people has to say:Sir Hodge:Kung gusto niyo makapanood ng mga good news about economy at makita ang iba't ibang programa na magbibigay inspirasyon sa inyo na tumulong sa pag-unlad, watch this channelang maganda kasi sa NBN, mas binibigyan ng exposure ang mga programa ng gobyerno... ang ch2 at ch7 mas gusto i-cover, patayan, rape, rallies... mas focused sa negatibo, gusto nila mga sensational... kaya mga sentimyento ng…

What the Palace has to say about the Charter Change - Executive Secretary Ermita Press Briefing

ANC Leadership Forum Leg 2 | Countdown to 2010: Erap, Legarda, Fernando, Binay Open Forum

The Leg 2 of the Countdown to 2010: An ANC Leadership Forum aired on ABS-CBN and its sister channel Studio 23 only to feature another set of controversial personalities who expressed their intentions of taking part on the caucuses come 2010 Elections. Read the first leg of the forum here.Moving on, I’m gonna blab about the open forum. Forum Question No. 1The question was, “The Supreme Court (SC) is now the battle ground of the controversial constituent assembly, should you become president you will have the chance to appoint two justices in the SC in the year 2010. Apart from the competence, what is the most important quality of the SC justice and why?”Erap, self-serving as the rest of them, answered, “When I was president” Don’t get me started. When he was president, this happened. “I was very careful in choosing justices. When I was president, I never talked to any justices of the SC.” Maybe because he has nothing intellectual to talk about.Bayani Fernando, repeated competence whic…

Everything you need to know about Cha cha | House Resolution No. 1109 | Con Con and Con Ass

2010 Elections: Open Forum| ANC Leadership Forum

Gathering five presidentiables, in national TV event organized by ANC channel, namely Gilberto Teodoro and Chiz Escudero, Mar Roxas, Ed Panlilio, and Richard Gordon. Judges drew questions and gave the participants two minutes to answer each. Interesting questions asked were: Will you form a coalition with Manny Pacquiao’s political party? Will you support the investigation of the Arroyo family for corruption allegation? What is Pres. Arroyo’s positive contribution? Who do you admire living or dead?Open Forum_Manny Pacquiao Political Party.wma 471k Gilbert Teodoro says that nobody will stop to something when there is due process as long as there is verifiable truth. Listen to Secretary Gibo’s stand on the allegations against Pres. Gloria. Open Forum - Gilberto Teodoro 267k Open Forum - Will you support allegation.wma 160k Open Forum - Who do you admire.wma 629k This is the part where Chiz Escudero tells the world how disrespectful he can be and so does Ed Panlilio, who by the way, us…

2010 Elections: Presidentiable Interview of Richard Gordon | ANC Leadership Forum

Listen to the full interview here. Clip: 10 mins.Senator Richard Gordon and head of Philippine National Red Cross talks about why he wants to be the president when “a lot of money is spent and once you get there people criticize you.” But for some reason he replies about the Philippines having low savings and that he mentions about us trying everything from Martial law to Democracy and “ang values natin nakakalimutan.” What’s noteworthy is how he elaborates the forgotten values angle by adding, “si Lapu-lapu ginawang isda, si Rizal ginawang babaero.” The whole point was to create an image, “para tayo gagalangin.” When asked further by Ricky Carandang about he’s gonna appeal to young voters as Chiz Escudero does since apparently 60% are under 30, he jokingly exclaims “I’m the youth of old age.” But adds on a serious manner that “Experience is not a substitute for education and the greatest error of the youth is to believe that education is a substitute for experience.” And as if someth…

2010 Elections: Presidentiable Interview of Gilberto Teodoro | ANC Leadership Forum

Gilberto Teodoro Presidentiable Interview Countdown to 2010 by jaysee In the Interview, he answers Ricky Carandang’s questions as mild as “Secretary, you’re a very thoughtful person and you don’t give in to drama, you don’t sound like a politician, why are you running as a president?” to which he replies that he has been lured by the administration coalition, league of mayors and governors and the provincial board members. Not bad for a recommendation.But what struck me most is his willingness to face judgement by affiliation to stand on what he thinks is right rather than trash the government and win sympathy from the mass as what Chiz Escudero is doing. He was asked about how the recent US elections relates to him as there is the parallelism that whatever John McCain does, he is always linked to the unpopular former Pres. George Bush and him being linked to Pres. Arroyo. “Are you afraid of being John McCain?”He replies, “No. Dito ako naninindigan, dito ako naninilbihan. Hindi nama…

2010 Elections: Presidentiable Interview of Chiz Escudero | ANC Leadership Forum

Listen to the interview. Clip: 10 minutesSure he may draw himself a lot of crowd because he is gunning for the presidential position via youth sector. And in the clip he blabs about how his being young is his weakness when Tina asked him what his strength was. He also whines about the pork barrel he received and threatened Gloria impeachment but still accepted the pork barrel to plaster his name on the road lighting projects in his district, under his congressional term. He also whimpers about him not being born rich. Duh! Wait ‘till you hear him disgrace our president at the open forum. Dividing the country in these hard times is not really that appealing to me but as long as a lot of young voters who still thinks that this so-called ‘politically eloquent’ who plans to raise yet another people power or any army to overthrow the government I suggest that he cooperate with the Abu-sayyaf instead rather than brainwashing a lot of people especially the youth (like what YSpeak does most o…

Octomom fired nannies, Obama’s Boiling Point, Abu-Sayyaf

Uncool presidentCan’t believe I haven’t written in weeks. As if I had readers. Anyway…
I have to admit, I was Obama’s supporter not until he began slamming doors on BPO companies. Anyway, I have recently read about his most buzzed about Tuesday night’s press conference. Not only was he sorta 35 minutes late but how he answered questions as well and if you do your homework you could make the connection between the slight temper and the late part.
“Why”, Mr. Ed Henry of CNN asked, “did the president wait several days before speaking out?” The president, with an icy stare, responded that he "likes to know what he's talking about."
Another moment where Pres. Obama nearly raised his brows was when Chuck Todd of NBC asked what should American people sacrifice in this times of economic crisis. And just like that he says, "which is working hard, looking after their families, making sure that, despite the economic hard times, that they're still contributing to their com…

ASEAN Summit: An Expensive Yet Downright Progress?

Editorial Column by: Jaysee John Pingkian

Cebu’s hosting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit promising a boost in local industries, with the assembly of the Cebu International Convention Center alone seen to spur development in tourism and professional service.

Why Asean Summit 2006? The 17-country delegation is to make declarations about combating HIV/AIDS, terrorism and a Cebu Declaration on the Framework of the Asean Charter.

What are the problems?