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The coolest Lost posters

I am such a huge fan of the show and the fact that it has ended just recently left a whole in my heart. Seriously.
But anyway, this show is the biggest of its kind. Reasons to love this? The way it is written, made and acted. The plot is not predictable at all and that makes it exciting. The only show in history that has generated the most amount of buzz on and off line. It’s the sci-fi drama taken to the ultimate level. If you haven’t watched it, you are definitely missing a whole lotta fun.
No wonder a lot of fans make great fan art and posters inspired by the imagery of the show.
The ending left us all hanging with a lot of questions and mysteries about the island but the writers have let go of that to give way into telling us a greater part or the outlook of the show which is: why there was a sideways timeline and if their life on the island was real. But I’m not gonna talk about that as Lost-pedia has pretty much covered that well.

Jaysee Life Photography | Another reason why you shouldn’t underestimate your camera phone

Pictures tell the greatest stories and with the technology we have now chronicling your life has never been easy. Enjoy the slideshow.

‘Aroma Paradise’ lives up to its name as our family outing destination

Last Sep. 7, holiday, we certainly had a blast when the whole Pingkian family decided to  come together for a fun day at a resort in the far north. Far far north. We arrived in Imelda Aroma Paradise, a huge resort in Catmon that’s 3 hour ride from the City of Cebu and mind you the drive won’t bore you at all with attractions in Danao up to the great resthouses in Catmon itself.
The resort was beautifully manicured with great shrubbery and landscaping with a 3 pools: a kiddie, medium and an infinity pool uphill where our cottage is located. With only P100 each as entrance, inclusive of all amenities, you can bring along food and drinks and do whatever you can in the place. We even went bird watching with my cousins’ binoculars. A huge slide and lots of areas for pictorials. There are videoke machines and rooms for transients. Anyway, enough blahs and enjoy the slideshow below.

I had a long Weekend: Went to Milo Olympics, Chilled Out in Holiday Plaza and the mall, Partied with old friends at a Fiesta

Apparently my Saturday was so hectic, I had to like walk from here and there and go places and meet old friends all in my hideous shirt and jogging pants. Originally my day was only set for Red Team Game Practices but due to the sports complex being used for Milo Olympics this year, we decided to watch Soccer and Track and Field. They went ahead and I stayed awhile to watch Dancesport, Badminton and Swimming Competitions. But I followed them anyway to Angellica Bakeshop. While we were chilling out, a lady talked us out to attending a business training program or something. We followed her anyway since food was apparently served for free. :>Before that, we snuck out and went malling and hung out in Holiday Plaza and the mall and took pictures like freakin’ tourists. Then I had to say goodbye and pass the business training thing to attend to a greater food trip, a fiesta. I went to my old friend’s house and met up with some old high school buddies from the C. A. T. 1 Unit and had a g…

“Family” A Scrapbook | Tribute to People Who Mattered

Just how much do you love your family? And I mean including your relatives and not just your immediate home buddies.
Yup, our love for them encompasses so many beautiful things and as they say our family is a haven in this heartless world. While rest of the world walks away, our family remains with us.
This is my ultimate tribute to the people that mattered to me and I truly am sorry if I may have missed some people due to lack of photo resource but you always know how I feel about you.
So take time to do things that you're family will appreciate. All you have is today and tomorrow is a very uncertain thing. If you are viewing this from facebook, chances are you won't see the embedded slideshow above.
I suggest this link for full screen view of the gorgeous album:
If not you can view it from my blog here.

High School Scrapbook Slideshow | HSM 3 Theme

Chronicling Jaysee Pingkian’s High School Life in St. Louis School of Mandaue. I am now currently a 3rd Year BS-IT student in AMA.
“There are times when you just get down, you feel like nobody likes you. We're in high school forever. It's just what we do with it.”
-J. Russell Lynes-

If you're viewing this from facebook chances are you won't be able to see the slideshow above. View it here.
My Flickr Scrapbook Photostream: