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Rockin' Firefox 4 Cebu Party

Techies have converged at the Techbar IT Park last March 22, 2011 in a party organized by Evanjohnn Mendoza and Ruffy Heredia. We were celebrating the release of the latest version of probably one of the best innovations of man, Firefox 4. 

Not only was there a presentation of how far this browser, we've all come to love, has gone through, but as well as playing our way to grab cool Firefox goodies. Yep, we played a lot of games alright. Budding web developers and members of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi) got invited to the event and it was a great way to meet friends again and I even got the chance to meet my high school friend, Josephus and caught up with the latest of our buddies way back when.

Aside from being the fastest browser there is, boasting of performance that's six times faster than the previous release, it is optimized to give you the best web experience with hardware accelerated graphics. For the interface, there's the notable app tabs and the Panoram…

Weird facts About Me Part 3

Did you know that...
I have a Myspace Account with mostly celebrities as friends.I make Sims2movies.I dream of becoming a filmmaker.Loves the beach sooo much.Loves sing-along with friends or with family. Apparently it’s something I’m not really good at.I have hidden funny weird graduation pics from high school.Loves Indian mango so much that I decided to bring some to my friends.Is an obvious fan of Lost and HSM.I am a prankster.My Firefox theme is customized to splash my face on it.Weird Facts About Me Part 1Weird Facts About Me Part 2Weird Facts About Me Part 3

My Very Own Firefox Theme

If at this moment you still aren’t convinced that Firefox is not one of the best things that happened to the PC World then this Firefox extension should blow you off your mind. Meet Firefox Personas. A lightweight theme switcher for our favorite browser. With hundreds of great design to choose from without restarting your browser or downloading a heavy theme extension, Personas will become a necessity.Want to make your own Persona?
1. Just make two image files:Header: 3000 x 200 pxFooter: 3000 x 100 px2. Visit Then your good to go!

Game Developer Awards and some awesome stuff

Have you tried ExitReality or even know what it means? Then you have missed half of your internet life since this is the future of internet. Talk about 3D web browsing.
By creating an instant 3D world from any web page, ExitReality adds a new dimension to the Internet. And this new universe of inter-connected worlds expands even beyond 2D to include thousands of innovative 3D places and games created over the past decade, and now ready to be explored.
Speaking of Internet 3D, BBC ran a wired story about Mozilla Foundation’s plans to create an Internet 3D browser in the likes of ExitReality. They had partnered up with Khronus, a graphics consortium in creating standards to be known as accelerated 3D graphics on the web. If they succeed once again, then online shopping would happen in virtual malls, webTV sites will launch their own virtual theaters and everyone will have their own virtual apartment. But the greatest revolution this will implicate…

Flipping everything - your desktop, your browser

I noticed there is this new animation scheme inspired by Vista's Desktop Management known as Flip 3D feature where you could scan through windows as if they were real papers.

Flip through Firefox tabs with FoxTab
"FoxTab ... brings innovative and attractive 3D tab management to Firefox. Firefox users can now benefits from a new level of web surfing experience.

FoxTab enables grouping, filtering, closing and switching between tabs quickly and easily."

Flip through opened windows with WinFlip

"WinFlip is very easy to use. Simply unzip the file (no installation required), launch the program and you're ready to go. If you want to use it instead of the standard Alt+Tab, press the Windows key+Tab combination. All your active apps and opened windows will be displayed in an attractive 3D environment, where you can flip among them by pressing Tab repeatedly or choose a certain window by pressing the key associated with it.WinFlip worked fine during our t…