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How to do Kickass Rebranding and Awesome Social Media Strategy

Social Media Primer

What is social media?

Social Media is defined as a conversation powered by online platforms. Conversations between all people in the internet.

There is no regulation and no formal organization so an expert consultation is needed to aid entities who wish to utilize this form of media. Content that you share has to be emergent, fun, compelling but the key thing is to listen to your target audience.

The ability of your target audience to respond in real-time makes goals quantifiable as well as measurable qualitatively. It is a brand new way of understanding markets not just another messaging channel.

What are the things you can do with social media?

  1. Post real-time updates and advisories
  2. Complement your traditional media campaigns by making the materials available online
  3. Archive and distribute important government documents meant for public distribution
  4. Promote events 
  5. Raise awareness
  6. Crowd source materials, ideas, feedback, suggestion
  7. Recruit volunteers
  8. Raise funds

What are its limitations?

It is not a magic bullet, it will not help you if you don’t develop your brand, and if you don’t have a staff. As with any other medium, it takes time: to listen, to participate, to generate buzz and build a community. The biggest struggle non-profits and government have is understanding the platforms as tools to engage communities, that is what new media companies are built for.

Why is it important?

Internet usage is growing at an exponential rate. This year, Asia Pacific is expected to triple theirs with wifi-enabled mobile computing devices becoming commodities. Corporations, governments and NGOs are capitalizing on their social media profiles to engage.

Philippines has a fair chance to achieving the same brand success given the right tools, planning, and implementation. GlobalWebIndex published a study about social networking usage for 2011-212 and we, Filipinos, ranks first; all the more reasons to tap the medium. Industry insiders attribute it to our culture of kinship among family and friends. reports that it took radio and TV to reach 50 million users. Facebook added 100 million users in 6 months. Amazing isn’t it?

No wonder why department and agencies of developing countries’ governments are on Facebook: Department of Health Victoria AU and Department of Health and Health Services of the US.

Overview of Social Media Planning

  1. Preplanning
    • Listening to existing benchmark entities and target market
  2. Planning
    • Setting goals
    • Developing brand
    • Developing key messages
    • Developing social media plan
    • Choosing the right platforms
  3. Implementation
    • Social media scheduling or action plan or workflow
    • Creating content
    • Posting content
    • Engage
  4. Evaluation and Recommendation
    • Checking metrics
    • Updating campaign strategy

Sample redesigned Cover Photo for National Nutrition Council Region 7 (NNCRVII)

Full-scale Implementation Proposal

Case Study for @NNCRVII


  1. Workflow Managment. NNC 7 has to consolidate all social media properties.
  2. Branding. Needs to strengthen brand to effectively deliver key messages: 2012 NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES FOR FILIPINOS 
  3. Promotion. Needs to let citizens in the region practice healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits


Full-scale implementation of rebranding of NNC 7, developing content that engage target market, quantify results and widen reach, positive brand perception to increase reputation, authority, build community, loyalty and mind recall, hire an NNC outsourced social media manager to post, engage and maintain social media properties and brand equities.


  1. Develop strong branding guidelines for NNC 7
  2. Increase Facebook page followers
  3. Increase Facebook page targeted content engagement
  4. Increase Twitter page followers
  5. Increase Twitter page targeted content engagement
  6. Create social media content (ONLINE) and marketing collateral (OFFLINE) that effectively deliver the key messages included in the 2012 NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES FOR FILIPINOS 
  7. Update communities in the region about NNC 7 projects and advisories

Main Target Audience

Region VII Filipino Youth Age 14-22 (High School to College Students)
Region VII Filipino Young Adults Age 23-30 (Working Professionals and Young Parents)

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Sigeland: How Breeze Let's Cebu Moms Kids Explore

Mothers all around the metro were invited to Breeze’s first ever Sigeland event last June 22, 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. It became such a success, that more moms asked if Breeze could hold another one. So Breeze decided to mount a second run of the Sigeland at the Ayala Activity Center in Cebu. Gates opened to the public at 11:00 AM, where moms and kids alike were welcomed to take part in fun activities as well as bring home a toy from the first toy store that doesn’t accept cash. 

Breeze believes that stains, which come from playing and exploring, are good because it builds life experiences and teaches lessons. This is an attitude they wish to instill in mothers (thus turning them into Sige Moms) so that they encourage their children to try new things and learn important values along the way. Sigeland provides a perfect venue by which this can happen.  

Breeze proudly presents the very first of its kind. Moms and kids in Sigeland took home toys without paying for them in cash, moms instead had to make a promise to say yes to stains, and yes to learning. Each toy was assigned a “price” that moms had to pay. 

Our Miggy ecstatic to get his toy from Breeze!
For example, a child’s painting set had the price “teach your child creativity” on it, and moms must teach the child the value of creativity as payment for the toy. Other values included courage, confidence, and sportsmanship, offering a wide array of toy choices to pick from. Kids took home bikes, basketball hoops, inflatable pools, art sets, scooters and so much more.

Over 1500 toys were given away. Cashiers were set up to accept promises via Facebook instead of cash payments. Sige mom’s availed of their toys, by using the Sigeland Facebook App to “cash in” their promise of teaching their kids a lesson.  The no-cash toy store operates on the belief that if stains from playing lead to learning, then “Sige sa Mantsa!”

Breeze believes that children learn from their own independent experiences. By learning through toys, Sige kids are given the opportunity to experience their lessons through hands-on activities, translating abstract ideas into concrete form.

Present during the event is Sige Mom Dawn Zulueta, who experienced shopping at Sigeland. She also chose 10 lucky winners to have a photo taken with her, 9 of which were chosen via raffle draw and the other through Facebook.   

Sige Land proved to be a fun venue for moms to bond with kids through a most memorable shopping experience that teaches them values and lessons along the way. This experience is a reminder that every stain leads to something good and that thanks to Breeze, our "Sige Moms" don't have to worry about stains and can focus on ensuring their childs life experience. Time for moms to stop saying 'No' and instead say "Sige sa mantsa!"

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Inspiring Movement at 1st Cebu Social Media Summit

"How can new technology and new media create solutions for the biggest problems facing my community?"

This is the question that everyone resonated all over the world as we celebrate International Social Social Media Summit. Here in Cebu, the premier blogging institution with which I belong to, organized the event with the help of our sponsors and partners.

Another milestone under our belt, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. spearheaded the event last September 22 featuring different talks that showcase how new media changed the world we live in.

photo by Bjorn

Attended by student leaders, businessmen and bloggers, the gathering proved to be the convergence of ideas that will dictate how we can influence tomorrow and use social media for progress.

Yours truly, had the chance to present to everyone another big endeavor that CBSi is embarking in, ACT NOW.

Group picture of organizers and attendees of Cebu Social Media Summit #sgscebu #sgsglobal
Photo by Herbert

What is ACT NOW #actnowcebu?

ACT NOW is a new project of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. to streamline its newly-formed Outreach Committee, which yours truly is also the chairperson.

See the full awesome presentation below to learn more about what ACT NOW is all about, what the CBSi Outreach Committee stands for and to know how you can help Cebu's amazing NGOs:

Why we all should ACTNOW?

  • Guinsaugon, Southern Leyte and Legaspi, Albay
  • Recently most of Metro Manila is under water
  • Persistent torrential rains, causing landslides and flash floods, killing people and destroying property and lives along its path
  • El Niño occurrences with the epidemics on dengue
  • 23.1 million Filipinos are poor *
  • You could be next

What is ACTNOW?

  • Not just a brand. It is an offline and online project of the CBSi Outreach Committee. 
  • It mobilizes people to act.
  • Bloggers Social Responsibility Arm of CBSi.
  • Bloggers Doing Good, Helping Others Do Good.


  • Promote individuals, NGO and government-related causes online and offline
  • Be a catalyst for action by linking individuals, businesses and organizations to NGOs and gov't programs that needs support
  • Help social good organizations that CBSi bloggers are active in, believe in

Current Projects

on the Social Media Summit day, all CBSi members were mandated to bring clothes for donation to the Habagat victims in Manila
the Social Media Summit is one such offline endeavors of the CBSi to promote social good!
CBSi headed by the Outreach Committee will start the Cebu Chapter of RockEd Philippines with an future rockin' event where youth can learn about issues and act on it with their favorite bands as ambassadors


Other Social Media Summit #sgscebu Topics include: 

  • State of the Social Media Scene in Cebu
    by Ruben Licera Jr., president of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.;
  • Social Media Responsibility Defined
    by Dr. Narciso Tapia, a medical blogger and finalist of the 1st Cebu Media Excellence Awards (CMEA);
  • Inspiring Change through Blogging and Social Media
    by Nancy Cudis, 1st CMEA Blogger of the Year and Top 9 finalist of Good Blog Awards 2012;
  • Social Movement via Social Media
    by Atty. Totol Batuhan, Founder of Abante Barangay Movement; and Social Media Engagement Ethics and Legal Issues

    by Atty. Ethelbert Ouano, law professor at the University of San Jose Recoletos

The 1st Social Good Summit Cebu is supported by Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., GeiserMaclang Communications, PRWorks, Abante Barangay Movement, SMART, and Marcelo Fernan Cebu Press Center.

During the event, I also managed the live updates in our official event Facebook page:

You can also join us in the conversation using the following hashtag:

It's time to #ACTNOW!

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Facebook App: Turn your Facebook Timeline into a Movie

Facebook became more than just a social networking where friends, families and colleagues get to interact in ways that were not possible some years ago. 

But now it has become one of the most indispensable web applications that we could never live without because basically you can do everything on the site from online shopping, events organizing, group productivity up to raising funds and awareness. 

Now, it has introduced a lot of innovation with the launching of Facebook Timeline. It has changed the way Facebook lets us share our life story to the world.

And as if that wasn't enough, they have partnered with a respected marketing agency, Definition 6 to release an application that creates a movie based on your Facebook Timeline aptly called "Facebook Timeline Movie Maker". It highlights the biggest changes in your life and some amazing photos that plays with great cinematic effects and soundtrack that'll make you say AWEESSSOMMEE. But one catch though, you can't choose which posts will appear and it doesn't have the option to download the movie or send it to Youtube but either way I think it is really cool and Facebook could never had done a better job as they did now.

Screenshots of my Facebook Timeline Movie

They have not released an official statement regarding the application and the collaborative project yet but it is clearly an attempt to make users more comfortable with the new profile setup as there have been quite a number of resistance despite all the awesomeness I think it brings.

Make your own Facebook Timeline Movie now! 

Make one for yourself through the link after watching the video above.

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Official Jaysee Social Networking Sites | Jaysee Blabs Rebranding Launched!

Jaysee Blabs Official Avatars used
I have been putting on hold this blog's branding launch for quite some time now because of a lot of engagements. 

I wanted to be an identity and with so much avenues for expression, I admit I may have been quite inconsistent. 

I wanted Jaysee Blabs not just as a blog title but a reputable source of quality content; a mission I have not concocted not until I reached this far. 

The ironic thing is I am able to pull branding strategies and collaterals on other causes such as the Project Liwanag and iluvfarmers Campaign. and events like the Visayas Blogging Summit and 3rd CBSi Anniversary and other businesses via freelance and office clients... but certainly not on mine. Life, let's just say, has not been that kind enough to give me much time for the things I love.

You can read about the weird Jaysee Blabs story at, the mother site of the organization I am actively part of the Cebu Bloggers Society which has also garnered the respect of other institutions for its professionalism and its establishment: 
Looking back on Jaysee Blabs Journey

Jaysee Blabs blog's mission is to create editorial impact, build community, effectively market solutions, products, business, and events all by delivering quality content.

Jaysee Blabs is where you get to read quality articles about anything awesome. From life in Cebu, issues and great programs in the Philippines, technology and entertainment, graphic and web design and some other awesome stuff. 

My tagline: Anything Awesome!

Anyway, in just two days I was able to create a design guideline with consistent imagery amongst all the social networks where Jaysee Blabs and its network of blogs appear and I am proud to show you the output. Meticulous color scheme, design inspiration, HTML/CSS knowledge, and Photoshop layouting was put into place for all of this to be achieved. It was actually more of trial and error because of the different behaviors of the images in different browsers, different platforms and different screen resolutions. Anyways, drool on them below...

Jaysee Blabs Official Youtube Channel

Jaysee Blabs Official Twitter Account

Jaysee Blabs Facebook Page - Landing Page

My Facebook Profile Timeline Cover Photo

Official Jaysee Blabs Google+ Page

Jaysee Blabs Official Myspace Profile

Jaysee Blabs Official Tumblr Site

Jaysee Blabs Official Multiply Site

Jaysee Blabs Official Vimeo Channel

Jaysee Blabs Official Friendfeed Profile

For that let me leave you another digital art promoting the new Jaysee Blabs brand. If you look closely it showcases gadgets that have contributed so much to me and my career. The theme for this art is all about empowerment.

So what are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW, +1 and LIKE  Jaysee Blabs now to get a grip of the latest awesome stuff.

Happy holidays and enjoy your Christmas eve!

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Championing Real Heroes Online

The highest incidence of poverty occurs in the rural areas and we believe that the very people who are feeding us, the farmers who work tirelessly to provide us with food, don't have to remain poor. 

We, Team CPMPC of Young Minds Academy (YMA) Season 5, has been tasked to do a wide range of Social Marketing efforts for a poverty alleviation program of the Municipality of Consolacion. We are campaigning to support Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan, a project which aims to train farmers about modern fruit and vegetable production. 

Basically, farmer beneficiaries from all over go the farm demo site to be trained through the education capabilities of Harbest Agribusiness Inc. The Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan project currently receives mobilization funding from SM Foundation Inc. for the project operating costs which includes training and transportation allowance.

We aimed for great social impact and awareness by tapping on the social media applications that most people are using today. Our elaborate Social Marketing Plan revolves around a lot of network connections, ad campaigns being disseminated through the new media and raise all forms of support possible since our farmer beneficiaries will need farming tools, supplies, fertilizers, seeds and seedlings to be used in their respective farms.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs planting
My love for planting started with our humble home in the province where my parents are avid fans of gardening.

Consolacion Cebu Philippines.  You will only appreciate what our hero farmers are doing once you really get in under the sun, work long hours, work hungry and thirsty and work without complaining.
You will only appreciate what our hero farmers are doing once you really get in under the sun, work long hours, work hungry and thirsty and work without complaining.

Our mission is to 10,000 pesos or signatures of commitment and 1,000 Facebook Page supporters, and create a social impact and raise awareness and sympathy to our farmer heroes.

Thus, we branded the campaign as "iluvfarmers" to unify the values and realize our visions. The logo design, art direction of the campaigns, messages, and brand promise have been consistent as an entity on and offline.

This beautiful farm site where I'm volunteering on is actually located in Brgy. Danglag, Consolacion, Cebu where farmer beneficiaries of the Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Program are being trained advanced farming techniques. Yep, I learned this new term called mulching where crop beds are actually covered in plastic.
This beautiful farm site where I'm volunteering on is actually located in Brgy. Danglag, Consolacion, Cebu where farmer beneficiaries of the Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Program are being trained advanced farming techniques. Yep, I learned this new term called mulching where crop beds are actually covered in plastic.

iluvfarmers Facebook Page (

After three weeks (Sept 19-October 16, 2011), we had a 137 of Facebook post ‘likes’ meaning people liked the content we present, gained 981 Facebook supporters, 47.75 average Facebook Post Feedback Score per week meaning people actually not only cared enough to read but also liked, shared and commented on photos and statuses we make, 97% increase in Facebook page activity on the third week compared to the third.

iluvfarmers Blog

Also, around 57 people ‘liked’ the iluvfarmers Blog Posts, 218 have read the blog, Facebook supporters more than tripled with 395% increase in number, Facebook supporters read the posts at least 19 times.

iluvfarmers Twitter Page (

We also had a 187% increase of status updates in Twitter, Twitter followers replied 135 times, 78% increase in Twitter followers, promoted 21 times by our followers in Twitter and gained the support of personalities online like Jessica Concha and Marc Solis, Janette Toral, Anna Oposa, Bettina del Rosario on Twitter. The Campaign was featured on 19 websites and even made it to the country’s premier blogging institution,

Team CPMPC on the move.

We also have asked the endorsement from prominent Cebuano youth personalities and ordinary citizens to become the face of iluvfarmers in a series of ad campaigns that went abuzz online.

Also we have gathered around 1,261 signatures of commitment from the students in different colleges and universities and have pooled together Php 3,225.00 in donations.

If you want to donate or volunteer, call the Consolacion Municipal Agriculture’s Office at this number 
+63 (032) 564-3391 and look for Ms. Evangeline Puao!

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RAFI collaborates with 10 groups for youth development

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) inked a partnership agreement with six civil society organizations and four local government units for the project development phase of the Young Minds Academy (YMA) Season 5, RAFI’s youth leadership and citizenship development program.

The agreement was signed together with the YMA scholars last Aug. 2 at the Bryant George Hall of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) of RAFI.

Read on to know 7 Facebook Pages Worth Liking...

Scholars Upscale Social Marketing To Promote Hero Farmers

Can you imagine life without farmers? A team of scholars from the Young Minds Academy (YMA) Season 5 leadership program can’t. They harnessed the power of marketing strategies mostly through the new media to promote a farmer empowerment project in Consolacion, Cebu. Because of the on-going training that the farmers are undergoing, they will soon yield better and abundant harvests in their respective farms all over Cebu.

The online community has been abuzz with the iluvfarmers farmers campaign that champions hero farmers in Cebu
The online community has been abuzz with the iluvfarmers farmers
campaign that champions hero farmers in Cebu.

One Day is All They Ask - Mom's Day Special Post

There is this one day of the year where Moms, Moms at heart and Guys doing mommy duties gets to be remembered for all the things that had make them exist and happy in the first place. That is why I was so overwhelmed with so much joy when my sis read to me a Facebook note she created yesterday to honor our Mimi/ Mommy/ Mimz/ Joce. After she read it, I felt it is something that the whole world deserves to know and with her permission here it is:

by Tisha Shayne Pingkian on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 9:27am

She was never my bestest bestfriend. We always argue in terms of fashion. I hated her make-up and she hated my lipstick. I don't like her choice of scents and she disliked my hair color. I wish I were deaf when she started cursing and she wished she was blind when I go out on a date. But all of these were buried in the past. Things started to change 7 years ago when she learned that she was going to be a grandmother.

We really never get to share long talks at night because I was too busy with school and she was with household choirs. Everything started to change when I become a MOM. It crushes my heart each time she cries. She was the only person who understood me when I was in trouble. She was always in the front row when I perform on stage. She was always present and at all times knowledgeable about my school activities. And during my first heartache, guess who was there? It was her. It was her who nursed my boo-boo. It was her when I cried because I don't want to have scars after my operation and she never laughed about it. It was her who comforted me when I gained too much weight. It was her who was with me when I need to shop for new apparel on a tight budget. And it was her who cried with me when I gave up on love.

Yes, it was MIMI who showed me that being a mom, you need to put yourself second so your child will be first.

Being a MOM is a tough job and we have no rest days, no salary increase, no double pays on holidays and most of all it's lifetime -- no retirement benefits. So on MOTHER's DAY, let your moms get a day off from work. Treat her like a queen. Go on a date with her at a nearby spa or wallow at the salon for a complete makeover. Just one day, that's all she asked.

Do you ever wonder why we celebrate MOTHER's DAY once a year? It's because everyday is CHILDREN's DAY. It's her time tomorrow. Go grab the phone and make a restaurant reservation or book a hotel room just for the two of you. Bond and it shall be forever treasured!

HAPPY MOM's DAY to all my fellow mothers! Tomorrow, we shall rule the world! Strut in our favorite stilettos! Wear the skimpiest outfit and the trendiest tops! Show them that we rock!

Oh yeah! ROCK ON MOMS!!!!!!!!!


Jaysee: Happy Mother's Day to my mom, my sis, my aunts, my cousins, my friends, our cats and basically everyone I know who raised a child.

Jaysee blabs about the power of change

The world is going to end as we know it and it scares a lot of people lately. Floods, earthquakes, abrupt climate change and unexplainable natural calamities that have been caused by harsh human activities have come abound here and there.

How we protect ourselves is a priority not just for our government but for each of us individually because it is not what our country can do for us but what we can do for it.

Solutions doesn't come by mind setting alone but it has to be coupled with a series of actions that works toward a common goal and that is positive change through the little actions we make that will impact greatly when the time comes. 

Change is inevitable and is the most constant thing in the world and if we do our share in modifying our habits and lifestyle

This day has been really long and fun like that. Companies like Aboitiz Equity Ventures have made it there oath to touch people's lives and shaping the future through the business operations that they do. 

We are formally celebrating the launch of their sister company's Facebook application, the Alter Space Game. It is an environmentally inclined gaming platform that aims to educate people about the simple actions and choices that make that contributes to the growing problem brought about by our carbon footprint. As simple as leaving unused electronics plugged could actually damage the ozone layer. Before playing it, why not read this to know about what this awesome all-Filipino theme and development team game is all about.

Just how are we celebrating the glorious launching? We are having the time of our lives here in Shangri-la Resort Mactan doing the coolest stuff some people could only dream about. We have enjoyed great food like pizzas, salads, huge sandwiches, fruit platters and chilling by the sea sipping our drinks with Aboitiz Power exec Ms. Mia and received sailing lessons from the Scottish sailor extraordinaire Sir David with his family. We even enjoyed the most exhausting swim with Aboitiz Equity Ventures' exec Sir Basti.

There is so much to learn from these people today. Ms. Mia was talking about excited she was when her team was able to realize what was just a vision for an Aboitiz Power which was a Facebook game that is very educational, eye-catching and not that too addictive so that parents wouldn't have to raise their brows and they did one hell of a job within the span of one year which I think is an achievement if you have background on system development life cycle as much as I do. The change that I have seen in myself was the amount of appreciation I have for these people on the things that they do. They inspired me to excel in everything that I am working on because you will reap rewards when you have done your part and have done it so well.

I also got the chance to go swimming from the shore to the platform which took me a lot of effort and time to finish despite me being armed with a life vest. And here he was, very athletic and all, and trust me I am way younger but he taught me never to give up as he was very encouraging all throughout this painful and body taxing process of having to swim my way to safety. And alas, I gladly made it alive on the platform and the old me would have surrendered halfway and swam my way back but this time I had seen the greatest change: I never gave up, I finished what I started and finished it well.

Alter Space: Amazing Pinoy Facebook Game Ever!

Aboitiz leads once again and this time putting our country in the global map as they have developed the first Filipino Facebook game. We are becoming that awesome. 

Through the resources of their subsidiary, the AboitizPower, the Facebook game is supposed to teach us about the ends of what we are doing on Earth that upsets the whole ecosystem. 

The environmental advocacy that the game entails should be enough to raise enough awareness while at the same time prove that we can level up with game publishers abroad. I first heard about the game titled “Alter Space” when it was introduced to us by the executives of Aboitiz Equity Ventures in a party hosted here in Cebu.

About Alter Space

My sleeping character in his home with pet Tarsier
Alter Space is a Facebook game developed by Cleanergy.

In Alter Space, players are tasked to take care of their own planet. Players progress by adding points to their Happiness, Current-cy, and Experience levels—while keeping their carbon footprint level in check, otherwise their planet and their avatar will perish.

Fun and quirky, the game’s graphics goes by the traditions set by Playfish but nonetheless very original in concept.


About AboitizPower

AboitizPower Corporation (AboitizPower) is a publicly-owned holding company of Aboitiz Group that manages power generation, distribution and retail including hydroelectric power generation facilities in Isabela and Ilocos Sur, operates the power bunker in MEPZ 1 Cebu and basically empowering a huge part of the country. Visit

Rockin’ Jaysee Blabs poster

jaysee blabs poster designed by jaysee pingkian

I designed a poster that showcases my important URLs like

  1. my Facebook fan page, which I had just created a few weeks ago.
  2. It also promotes my main blog, and
  3. my photoblog

About the design

I love green because it represents the environment which I am truly passionate about, it also speaks of a campaign color that I supported in the last Philippine Elections. I love Myriad Pro because of how elegant the font looks to any digital art which I think best characterizes this blog. The paint smudges speak of how wild my range of topics have become that I start to consider myself as my own niche. I talk about socio civic efforts, the environment, Cebu events, college, technology, food, interesting places, Youtube videos and photography among many others. I also applied the rules of graphic design and broke them.

Please like my fan page
to be abreast with the latest awesome content:

Wonggoys: Promising Cebu Band officially launches album

I have never heard of a band named Wonggoys up until we, some members of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., were invited to their album launch last December 9, 2010. I was astonished by the type of music they play as I was expecting something comical as their name suggests. Their songs are smartly written, witty and timely and the vocal pace and range could definitely match those of Bruno Mars’ or Jason Mraz’.

Their album “I’m Not Sure What To Say But I’ll Say It Anyway” speaks about songs that is relatable to anyone who at one point of their lives experienced love, its joys and aches and some other things in between. They are very easy to listen to and their boy like charm in their tracks can get everyone to contemplate or for the girls, to swoon. Their catchy soft rock jazzy songs can make you beat your feet to the rhythm with casual undertones in every line.


Who is Wonggoys?

What Gibo, JFK and Obama have in common

Saw this on Facebook and I think this is worth sharing. It came with the following description:

G1BO's inspiring and charismatic leadership reminds us of Ninoy Aquino in the Philippines and JFK, Jr. of the United States. The unanimous choice of colleges and universities across the archipelago, including UP, ATENEO, UST, PISAY & La Salle among others; not since OBAMA has there been a surge of millions of new votes all coming from the youth. Is a future camelot at hand in the Philippines with a G1BO administration?

To know more about him:

Reasons Why I Will Vote Gibo and the Sims 2 “Lipad” Ad I made for him

  2. speaks of RECONCILIATION and UNITY.
  3. offers realistic solutions.
  4. He is NOT tainted with corruption or any scandal.
  7. has the POLITICAL WILL
    I loved him so much that I decided to create a music video/campaign for him using my favorite computer game, The Sims 2. With the inspiring song “Lipad” by Rivermaya, I decided to incorporate elements of the plane, him interacting with the commoners, and adding his strongest points as subtitles all throughout, I proudly present to you the
    Lipad – Sims 2 Gibo Music Video.

    Because he could really need a little more exposure.
    Even my own brother has told me to stop campaigning for him because the odds are that he will lose, given the figures that the surveys show and the fact that the voting public is mostly made up of people that (let’s just say) don’t belong to the thinking class and who only depends on the mainstream media for information, which apparently is dominated by two incompetent people.

    For links on the info used in the film see: (Thanks to Anthony Faustino) (Thanks to Shadow)
    For the plane used in the film: (Thanks to Crocobaura)
    For more Sims 2 Music Videos visit:

    Taking pictures

    If you must know, I don’t own any standalone digital camera but my 1.3 MP camera phone. That’s what happens when you really can’t convince your working sister to buy a decent cam for the family. And mind you, my phone is enough for outdoor or daylight shots. Picasa and Photoshop come very handy. I go to this place with friends or family or I kid around my nephew and instantly, I make a great photo album ready for Multiply. But the selected ones end up in Facebook. When something is shoot worthy, it gets immortalized in as easy as a button click. And that is one thing I love being here at home in Cebu, my nephew and our pets make the best subject besides myself.

    pets cebu (13) 

    pets cebu (1) 

    pets cebu (4)

    “Opposites Attract” 
    pets cebu (8)

    The Cuteness that is PetSociety

    Here are a few snaps from the adventure of Cyber, my PetSociety character, as he visits the most creative houses of his friends.

    petsociety (1) petsociety (2) petsociety (3) petsociety (4) petsociety (5) petsociety (6) petsociety (7) petsociety

    Happy PetSo-ing!

    Fw: PETA trashes Canadian Seal Slaughters!


    March 15th is the International Day of Action against the Canadian seal slaughter.

    Join compassionate people like you for this online day of action against the bloody seal slaughter! We'll be posting details in the coming weeks about ways you can help without even leaving your house. From making phone calls to E-mailing petitions to friends, there are many ways to take just a minute to speak up for these animals.

    Did you know that during Canada's annual war on seals, sealers routinely hook live seals in the eye, cheek, or mouth to avoid damaging the fur, then they drag the seals across the ice? Many of these gentle creatures may not even have eaten their first solid meal or taken their first swim before they are slaughtered for their skin!
    Interested in leafleting or setting up a local demonstration? Drop us a line at

    21 or younger and want to help save the seals? peta2 will hook you up with free stickers and more to hand out at school! E-mail

    Help us spread the word!

    I read this as an update from PETA’s Facebook Page

    Great Birthday Gift: Election 2010 Poster for my idol

    Gibo teodoro
    A newfound friend via asked if he could quote me for his poster. This is how our conversation went:
    gibo_hindi laban
    And yes, that’s me replying with the line “hindi laban… lipad.” And it is true that I actually changed my profile pic to a great photo of Sir Gibo. He ringed me up for my permission and I gladly said yes and I asked his permission if I could disseminate this and he nodded just the same. A cool birthday gift if you must say.
    And as the Black Eyed Peas song goes:
    Let’s cast amnesia. Forget about all that evil. The evil that they feed ‘ya!

    How to be safe using Facebook?

    • Don't open attachments in emails that look suspicious or come from an unknown or untrustworthy source.
    • Don't open attachments unless you know what they are, even if they're from friends.
    • Delete chain mail and spam from your email and Facebook inboxes.
    • Be cautious when downloading files from the Internet.
    • Be cautious of any message, post or link you see on Facebook that looks suspicious, requires an additional login, or asks you to download or upgrade software.
    • Use an up-to-date browser that features an anti-phishing blacklist. Some examples include Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.0.10.
    • Choose unique logins and passwords for each of the websites you use.
    • Check to see that you're logging in from a legitimate Facebook page with the domain.


    The Koobface Worm

    If your account has been used to send spam, and you think your computer is infected with the "Koobface" worm or another virus, please visit one of the online anti-virus scanners from the Helpful Links list, and reset your password.

    False Chain Letters

    Don't believe messages claiming that Facebook is becoming overpopulated and suggesting that accounts will be deleted. These messages are false and did not come from Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook. They can be safely disregarded and deleted.

    Suspicious Posts and Messages

    Be wary of strange Wall posts and messages, even if they're from friends. These will usually ask you to click on a link, sometimes to check out a new photo or video that doesn't actually exist. The link is typically for a phony login page or malware site.

    Steps You Should Take

    If spam has been sent from your account:
    • Reset your Facebook password immediately. You can do this by clicking on the "Forgot Your Password" link on the login page or by going to the Account Setttings page once logged in.
    • If you can't reset the password on your account because the email address you use to log in has been changed, or if your account has been disabled, contact our User Operations team.
    • Run a virus scan on your computer, as you may have inadvertently downloaded malware.

    If you've seen spam sent from a friend's account:
    • Tell your friend to follow the steps above.
    • Warn those who received the spam not to click on it, and to delete it from their Walls and Inboxes immediately.



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