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Moving on as one color. Poster for the new government.

As a new government taking shape, people are having their own set of expectations and all but we must remember that the elections are over and that we should all move on.
Support the incoming government but never too hopeful.
A Cory phenomenon is just what any politician could hope for.
It is decent of Noynoy to revive traditions as it is nothing but a respectful gesture despite his public hatred for our incumbent president. Hope he plants the seeds of reconciliation and not more divisions in the already broken Philippine politics.
He may not be perfect either but I think he will do well as promised.
The government is not the only solution. We our own solution. This dependent mentality is what makes the poor poorer.
Welcome to the new government. Sulong Pilipinas!

Funniest Parody of the 2010 PH Presidentiables

Saw this viral pic on Facebook and I laughed so hard my tummy ached. I am thankful to the one who made this for making my day and a million others' as well. And this digital artwork depicts reconciliation to the weirdest of ways. It’s beyond comedic and a manifestation that Filipinos never thrive in war but in love and laugh alone.

“Our country must confront a lot of problems that needs a leader with experience, a leader willing to set aside all differences and genuinely reconcileto solve our difficulties and take advantage of opportunities facing the country.” - GIBO TEODORO -

Gibo’s edge over the other contenders

“They want genuine change.
How can you have a genuine change when you do not have a road map or a platform?
How can you have genuine change if you sow the seeds of division now?
How can you reconcile when right now you are attacking people?
After you prosper, you expect the person to make up with you just because you say so. I don't think so.
We must start now on the road to genuine change and reform.” - Gibo Teodoro -
Teodoro plans to improve the quality of education, build infrastructures and give free medicines particularly to the poorest of the poor.
“We deserve good international standing because we are good Filipinos, not because we are mendicants to the rest of the world. We deserve food security. We need to capacitate our local governments to give basic services to our people. We need a sustainable and principled peace based on the rule of law in each and every part of the country.” “Perhaps I am going to be elected for, if not to make this country better. It is not for ou…

Gibo is not Gloria

“One thing that makes Atty. Gibo Teodoro stand out among the other candidates, including Sen. Gordon, is his realistic principles and platform. A very good indication of how realistic Atty. Gibo is: He never claims nor promises to eliminate corruption in government, instead he proposes ways on how to minimize corruption. Given the current structures in our society and our value system, it is impossible to totally eliminate corruption.It is only possible to minimize it as Atty. Gibo also believes. Why? Because our value system permits for the predisposition for corruption not only among government officials but also in each and every one of us. Lastly, he's the sole candidate who's running under positive campaign. No mudslinging, No bashing and blaming. Gibo introduces us into a new world of Politics. A constructive and not a destructive. Gibo is not Marcos nor Gloria. Each has their own style of leadership. Each has their own unique character, behavior, attitude, intelligence.…

Looking back on the Arroyo Administration

I have no plans of demonizing her because the media and the childish presidentiables have pretty much covered that. What I’m gonna share right now is what our next president, come May 10, has to beat.“With positive economic figures to boast of
Despite the tumultuous events through your 9 years
For your presidency not to “invariably end in a bust”
Unlike those of the presidents before you
Unlike the Marcos regime that collapsed in an economic crisis
Unlike that of the Aquino administration that ended with a power crisis
Unlike Ramos who stepped down from office
Battered by the Asian financial crisis, though not of his making
Unlike the Estrada government that was toppled due to political crisis” [1]EconomyNew York-based think tank, GlobalSource Partners, asked President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo about her economic legacy.GS:Some critics have given you a failing mark based on the promises you made in past State of the Nation Addresses, especially in terms of job creation, education for al…

“Sino Si Gibo?” Comics

Credits to Denise Celdran of Facebook.

For the high-res:

PM me your e-mail if you want the original TIF files:

What Gibo, JFK and Obama have in common

Saw this on Facebook and I think this is worth sharing. It came with the following description:G1BO's inspiring and charismatic leadership reminds us of Ninoy Aquino in the Philippines and JFK, Jr. of the United States. The unanimous choice of colleges and universities across the archipelago, including UP, ATENEO, UST, PISAY & La Salle among others; not since OBAMA has there been a surge of millions of new votes all coming from the youth. Is a future camelot at hand in the Philippines with a G1BO administration?To know more about him:

Reasons Why I Will Vote Gibo and the Sims 2 “Lipad” Ad I made for him

offers realistic solutions.
He is NOT tainted with corruption or any scandal.
I loved him so much that I decided to create a music video/campaign for him using my favorite computer game, The Sims 2. With the inspiring song “Lipad” by Rivermaya, I decided to incorporate elements of the plane, him interacting with the commoners, and adding his strongest points as subtitles all throughout, I proudly present to you the

Lipad – Sims 2 Gibo Music Video.

Because he could really need a little more exposure.
Even my own brother has told me to stop campaigning for him because the odds are that he will lose, given the figures that the surveys show and the fact that the voting public is mostly made up of people that (let’s just say) don’t belong to the thinking class and who only depends on the mainstr…

With all the hatred I say love

Election period in the country and you could be well sure to get caught up in the fever as we are subconsciously being brainwashed by “maka-masa kuno” ads of aspirants trying to woo us in their way to a public service seat. Then there’s the ugly mudslinging between candidates and buying people as Villar is pretty much accused of doing lately twice in a row. And occasionally, assassinations may happen too. The most important thing about this time is that we once again feel that we are important as the voting public has the power. And it’s hard because we all have trust issues. People begin expressing so much hatred either to make a point or prove their stand on issues or even to express grievances against public figures. And all this could happen in as simple as casual conversations with friends. As my English speech a little while back, I was trying to instill positivity. But then comes a time where we believe in this one person that no matter how rough the road gets for him, you walk…

Gibo Teodoro Platforms

He cited four concrete steps to stimulate the economy and to sustain the efforts of the administration. These are good government, infrastructure and technology; better education, health and overall quality of life; and order in society throughout the country.In a statement furnished to The FREEMAN, he said that good government would mean restructuring the central government as well as local government units; improving the compensation of public servants; invigorating the judicial system, and strengthening the civil service.Also, Teodoro said that a comprehensive and participative health care system should be put in place, as well as the establishment of a student loan program wherein students can borrow money from the government, which they can pay through the GSIS or SSS once they find jobs after graduation.National LeadershipThe strong will to resist temptationA good leader must be of strong character and integrity. More than anything else, he or she must embrace the true essence o…

Gibo Teodoro's Words of Wisdom Perfect as Text Messages

“My main campaign message is reform based on stability because there could be no reform if there is no stability.” -GIBO TEODORO
My campaign will remain to be positive because we need to inspire people, we need to encourage people. We need to help each other and lend a helping hand. It has to be positive because our battle cry is ‘Forward Philippines.’” -GIBO TEODORO

“You have to propel the morale of the people, you have to lift up their spirits to believe that they are going to do well, that the government is going to do well so that the country can be put on another plane,” -GIBO TEODORO
“Number two, our country must confront a lot of problems that needs a leader with experience, a leader willing to set aside all differences and genuinely reconcile all sectors to be able to solve our difficulties and take advantage of opportunities facing the country.” -GIBO TEODORO
"I think if they think that I am the most qualified, then that means to say that they believe that I will be abl…

Great Birthday Gift: Election 2010 Poster for my idol

A newfound friend via asked if he could quote me for his poster. This is how our conversation went:
And yes, that’s me replying with the line “hindi laban… lipad.” And it is true that I actually changed my profile pic to a great photo of Sir Gibo. He ringed me up for my permission and I gladly said yes and I asked his permission if I could disseminate this and he nodded just the same. A cool birthday gift if you must say.
And as the Black Eyed Peas song goes:
Let’s cast amnesia. Forget about all that evil. The evil that they feed ‘ya!

Gibo’s Credentials Part 2: Manila Standard Today Report

By Fel V. Maragay

[Gilberto] Teodoro, a bar topnotcher and master of laws holder from Harvard University, believes he has the credentials and leadership qualities needed to unify the Filipinos and steer the country on the path of peace and prosperity.
“I can give a lot of balance to things. I can look at things in perspective. I know the long-term structure and institutional requirements of the country.
And perhaps because of my experience of being in both the opposition and the administration, I have the quality of making people work together.
I have credibility with a lot of people of diverse political persuasions,” he told staff members of another daily.

After passing the bar, Teodoro worked as a lawyer with the law office of former Justice Secretary Estelito Mendoza. He served as congressman of Tarlac for three consecutive terms. It was a measure of his leadership that he became chairman of the Nationalist People’s Coalition and head of the party’s contingent in the House of Repre…

Gibo’s Credentials Part 1: Manila Standard Today Report

By Fel V. Maragay
If the country’s president were elected by participants in political forums, Lakas-Kampi standard bearer Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro, Jr. would emerge as the runaway winner.
Teodoro has been wowing the audiences in the live debates with his rivals in the presidential derby organized by various groups.
At 46, he is the youngest among the front running presidential contenders.

He has stood out in every forum because of his wit, intelligence, deep grasp of issues, eloquence and vision of governance. He is also perceived as a man of integrity who has never been linked to any scandal in government.
As a public servant, Teodoro earned a reputation for frugality and prudence in the use of resources. He imbibed this virtue from the examples of his father, the late Gilberto Teodoro Sr. who, as administrator of the Social Security System, safeguarded the funds and assets of the SSS with unequaled zeal and was the only official of the Marcos authoritarian regime who resisted the a…

What are the chances of Gilberto Gibo Teodoro winning?

By Manny Mogato
MANILA - The Philippines' former defense chief, Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro Jr, remains confident of catching up and even overtaking the frontrunners in the race for the presidency in May, banking on the administration's vast network and resources.
Here are some questions and answers on Teodoro and his prospects:
HOW LIKELY IS TEODORO TO WIN?Difficult to say. Teodoro's rating remain poor, with the latest opinion surveys last month placing him a distant fourth in the field of 10 presidential candidates. He has a rating of 5 percent against 45 percent for the frontrunner Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, his cousin.
But analysts say it is too early to establish a trend four months away from the actual casting of ballots.
Some have said the presidential elections on May 10 could now be narrowed down to the top four candidates on the basis of their grassroots network, logistics and financial resources as well as immense popularity.
They also …

Why Vote For Gibo?

Gilberto Gibo Teodoro is a great man and to judge him based on the party he represents is just unfair that is why you could really see the amount of effort he exerts to redeem himself. The man has the brain of his own and he is definitely better than anybody else. He can prove that positive politics could really reign in the country where trapo officials are given more favor by the media.
Reasons to vote for him

Noy Noy Aquino’s Ad Comically Criticized

Nicojr one of my favorite Pinoy bloggers have expressed criticism to the aspirant I don’t wish to vote for. And he did it pretty well. Here are the greatest lines he has jabbed:
It all seems so easy. No obstacles, no pain, no sadness, no struggle, not even a drop of sweat. Halaman lang ang sagabal. Whoever thought hope and change would be this effortless?
[The ad] brings to mind the age-old aphorism, the standard precaution to consumers: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
The revolution is not a dinner party.

Resilience of Philippine Economy and What It Means To All Of Us

To the well-formed you might have known about the global financial crisis that started in the United States last year.

You might have known that every day thousands and thousands of American jobs are lost with a lot of businesses closing; that didn’t even spare world’s top companies like Intel, Microsoft, BMW, etc.

It is a sad, cold fact that the world is not on the right track.

News in the US reports nothing but:
millions of people who have lost their job and fresh graduates who can’t find one, businesses going on extreme austerity measures, how Obama is doing with the stimulus package, and people losing their cars and homes because they could no longer afford to pay mortgage. “People have been hurt, the poor suffers more than the rich.”
But a few months ago, our country, the Philippines, received an upgrade of our credit rating, citing the resilience of our economy.

“The state of our nation is a strong economy.”
The strong economy is the reason:
why we now own a beautiful h…

Tatakbo ka ba? | I joined GMA 7’s Fun Run for clean election 2010

GMA Network initiates a grand pre-election activity that aims to promote clean and honest elections last Sunday, August 30, at the CICC in Cebu (main even at The Bonifacio Global City).
Why it rocks? Well, it was a fun 5k run with the whole AMA Cebu Admin and friends, there was free meals there after, photo-op with Cebu broadcaster Bobby Nalzaro, signing the wall of commitment and I get to see political aspirants in our province dancing to the tune of “Sabay-Sabay Tayo.” But most especially, the chance to get to see these aspirants sign up a public document that they will never get engaged in corruption and election fraud was one of the best things we should support activities like these.
We always whine but we wait for the world to change. This event is one of the reasons to shame ABS’s Ako ang Simula.

If you're viewing this from facebook you won't see the slideshow above, view it here.
My Flickr Photostream:

Strong Leader’s Greatest Quotes | PGMA’s SONA 2009 Highlights

The following are the greatest lines of most probably the biggest most explosive and outright entertaining State of the Nation Address the world has yet to ponder and it came from no less than her Excellency and my political idol, President Gloria Arroyo. The past twelve months have been a year for the history books. Financial meltdown in the West spread throughout the world...

Tens of millions lost their jobs; billions across the globe have been hurt—the poor always harder than the rich. No one was spared....
It has affected us already.
But the story of the Philippines in 2008 is that the country weathered a succession of global crises in fuel, in food, then in finance and finally the economy in a global recession, never losing focus and with economic fundamentals intact...The state of our nation is a strong economy.  Good news for our people, bad news for our critics...I did not become President to be popular. To work, to lead, to protect and preserve our country, …