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How This Pinoy Print Ad Can Teach Us About Moving On and Letting Go #awesomebrand

Adding a touch of humor has positive impact on your brand provided the right timing and the right mix of elements. And since the Filipino culture thrives on comedy, it makes business sense to use it in delivering a message that promotes fidelity and fitness in the most unusual of ways.

GNC's Burn 60 product brandishes the slogan Fit Lives Longer in a series of print ads created by JWT in Manila, Philippines, that was plastered on national glossies. The telenovela feel of the ad makes it really familiar to the Filipino market and I just want to single out the character design and details where the illustrators and artists did such a fantastic job. Notice the attention to details such as lighting and shadows, how the canvas was divided to distribute focus and how tension was translated through the character emotions and color tones. The copy is catchy and the art direction, perfect. It has this Disney gone bad feel to it which makes it more laughable.

The situation itself is very much personal to everyone as we have a mix of macho culture and tolerance to infidelity. Heck, we even re-elected an impeached president to become mayor of the country's capital city. No wonder why shows like the Legal Wife and My Husband's Lover and movies like No Other Woman, A Secret Affair and The Mistress had such a huge following. I found article that could not elaborate our double standard of morality any better. The author was raw and honest and just a word of precaution, it is subjective so respect his/her opinions and I sadly agree to most parts of it. If there is anything you would want to speak on this matter, I welcome you to comment below.

Everyone knows someone who may have cheated at one point/s in their relationships but our hearts should be big enough for forgiveness, acceptance and second chances.

“Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool."
Isaiah 1:18
Let us not cast the first stone unto our fellows who have fallen. Judgement and revenge is not ours, it's God's. And the bible speaks of forgiveness as a recurring theme as filling our hearts with anger will only be grounds of us being prohibited to enter His Kingdom come time.

If you are in the situation where you find it hard to forgive the people who have wronged you, give yourself time as the despair you are feeling makes you human. But remember each time that passes makes your heart decay and grow dark and you might reach a point where you cannot reverse the actions or words that you will let loose when the bottle has filled up. For hatred, like love, can grow in your heart if you nurture it. That is why I am glad about stories on the silver screen and Philippine television give positive resolutions or happy endings to shows of adulterous themes because it teaches people different ways of coping, moving on and letting go. The thing about real life relationships is that it may not be the same ending the fairy tales taught us but you can still happy none the least.

Let us take this time to think about who we have not forgiven and what we plan to do about it.

In the meantime, be awesome!

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Creative Pinoy Earth Hour Ads That Makes You Look Twice #awesomebrand

Earth Hour has been a worldwide movement encouraging every one to turn off all lights for an hour as a symbol of our commitment to the planet. Every last Saturday of March and supported by all key global organizations in the world, reminds every one to place the environment on top of every business and personal decision.

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually not an exercise of energy reduction so they don't really measure how much is saved at that period but the lights off and candles on is more of symbolism and for awareness generation.

Thinking that we would lose electricity because of its scarcity would make us value it even more. Generating energy through traditional means has a lot of negative environmental impact that is why we've been taught as child to use it sparingly. It makes sense to consider renewable energy as mainstream source and investing in sustainable business practices is one sure way to keep the world running and save millions of lives along the way. And for the record, Philippines topped Earth Hour participation reports at one point.

A design agency creatively made ads that promote the Earth Hour event and I'd like you to revel in its vibrant beauty for a sec before heading down to the details:

My first reaction to the artworks was "So?" then I took a second look at it and I could've gasped in my Eureka moment when I saw the candles blend in perfectly. The artistry that went into conceptualizing, producing and direction of the outputs was commendable. Congratulations to Leo Burnett Philippines in Manila for doing the campaign for WWF, organizers of Earth Hour. This recognition might be long overdue considering these were executed a year ago.

The earth is beautiful, let's keep it that way. Hope the images inspired you as much as did to me.

Be awesome today!

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Why Cebu has the Best Disco Light in the World #AwesomeBrand

I just recently stumbled on this great new ad by the Department of Tourism. They have done such a great job in marketing the country under the It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign conceptualized with BBDO Guerrero, the famous ad agency who saved the country from the Kay Ganda plagiarism shame.

This 30 seconder is one of a bunch which they aired abroad featuring my hometown, Cebu, the most beautiful island in the world. Bias aside, this island boasts of the best of both worlds: developed modern urban living and ultimate nature-tripping.

What better way to entease the world to book their holidays to Cebu, Philippines than through using familiar icons of the developed nations by using the bait ball of sardines underwater as a reference to a disco ball which coincidentally appeals to young global travelers who wish to have fun. It would've been better if the diver danced too anyway. Genius in the details. Hats off BBDO and DOT!

Consistent advertising in this type of visual positioning will truly make Philippines a mainstream destination one day. We don't have much advertising budget as Thailand but with robust, targeted and visually captivating campaigns such as this, we would fare enough just the same.

Jaysee Blabs Recommendations

Now that the life cycle of the campaign has reached maturity, I believe it's time to roll out new mechanisms to revitalize the tourism efforts and crowdsourcing is the way to go. Probably launching a new app where users could generate It's More in the Philippines memes and promotions that will help entice app usage such as contests and immediate gratification like rewards programs on selected merchants and brands.

Developing a Brand Book for the campaign would greatly aid local tourism offices who should be involved in preparing advertising materials, communications, signages and collaterals of their vacation spots. We have a great need to synergize our promotions and communicate our messages effectively.

Or a national short film workshop where DOT would partner with a major media network and bring in the country's emerging photographers and videographers, aspiring stars, and directors-writers to look out for and bring amazing modern Pinoy stories to life amid national spots as picturesque backdrops. Outputs could be distributed online and even screened on international film festivals. I know we have so many diamonds in the rough as a nation and the country just needs to harvest them out and present it to the world. It could also be a show idea where the development of production is being documented and the viewing date of the final films could be a major TV event.

Capitalizing on social media advertising could be one way. It's not as costly as traditional advertising but the reach is global and instantaneous. Increasing social media ad spending would somehow diversify the marketing mix and taking advantage on it's targeted audience features would make it more economical. They can try to reach more Millenials from developed nations through Facebook and Youtube and developing platform-specific media and apps would up our ante in trying to level the field of global tourism and tourism-related revenue.

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How Real Hero Dogs Make Pinoy Brand Successful By Tugging Hearts #AwesomeBrand

I was blessed to have grown up in a home where pets would run wild and free. Dogs could be very helpful in making childhood better and it surely did a lot of awesomeness for me. They are indeed very loyal and we should be thanking God for being blessed with such creatures whose sole purpose in life was serve and love us.

Here is a great ad created by Campaigns and Grey Makati honoring what could be one of the most underrated films of all time starring Richard Gere and was, on interesting note, based by a true story in Japan, Hachiko. I could remember watching this with my family one silent night and you could just laugh out loud how we would hide our tears from time to time, and by the end of it all, our eyes were so sore it would seem we just survived a street riot that ended with painful teargas explosions.

I could still remember how our Golden Retreiver-ish dog Cyber used to sit beside me in our front porch after a long school day and then his happiness would rub off on me. Man, I could remember how I would've wanted to miss school the day I knew it was his last. Dogs are the bestest best friend you could ever have. They will never judge, never nag, never fight you unless you try to inject them which is a natural instinct to protect themselves. I have to hug our dog so tight the day we took him to the vet just have him vaccinated.

I cried in the middle of a youth conference when I've learned that our chocolate brown dog Macky had passed away, To people who think they are just stinking, loud, ungracious things, you would never understand the pain it brings to lose a furry family member.

I could still reminisce how I would spend the afternoon biking in the neighborhood with Zack and Hans and how these two would hug me every time I come home from work, and how Brownie, one of the bravest we've had, would go to extraordinary lengths to secure our home.

We had lots of other furry heroes that taught me that there is evil in this world and that we need all the protection we can to deter it. And if it means you get so much bliss and happiness along the way, then so be it. I'm not encouraging you to drive to the nearest pet store and get a dog this instant, having one curtails a lot of preparation, hard work, patience, money and as much time as it would to take as a newborn baby. Remember, not all homes need dogs but every dog needs a home.

Take a moment to look at the details of the artwork and how tragically beautiful the copy is. You can feel the pain all over again. Good call Nutrience!

"At a train station, Hachiko waited for his master to be back from work. He kept on even after the man's death, rain or terrible snow, for 9 years until the faithful Akita waited his last. This is just one of the many canine deeds when a man's greatness falls short of a dog's goodness. To painstakingly come out with a really good doggie meal is one small way of giving back."

The genius is in the details.

One way to make your product known is to capitalize on emotional branding, appealing to your target audience's state, needs and aspirations and Nutrience surely hit home by making you feel the pain all over again while incorporating the fact that creating such a product was a noble cause to help all other Hachikos out there. While it is a dangerous move to make, it is a risk worth taking, and once you execute as well as this campaign then the pay off will reflect on how much positive feedback you get from the community you serve. The sleepless nights and the hunger pangs the teams had to endure behind these campaigns should be worth it as the artworks gets distributed in different media across the shelves and glossies of this nation.

When an ad effectively provokes emotion, they have done their job for the day. The bond they have created with the market will make them stand out and in an industry where known brands have dominated households, it pays to tug the hearts of dog owners and dog lovers to get noticed and then you can sell at a later point.

As if that ad was not enough, I present you two more variations that will make you grab your tissue boxes.

"An unwanted mongrel was looking for shelter. A humble couple gave it a home. And the mangy dog they saved paid up. She used her own face to stop a motorcycle from crushing the couple's little girl. Kabang recovered. Still the ever vigilant dog, all heart with only half a face. 
"Somehow, our product concept celebrates dog virtues that at times we find greater than what the best of us can give."

"The Western Front saw fur and four legs in action. A wet nose saved an entire regiment from blinding gas attacks and German spies. Slobbering became the comfort of the wounded. In all 17 battles, Sergeant Stubby made front page during World War I.

"Deserving no less than the Purple Heart, we can only honor courage not with K-rations but with sincerity, science and awe combined."

Hats off and my respect to Campaigns and Grey Philippines team.

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10 Things That Every Filipino Should Do To Live a Great Life

As part of branding efforts to make NNC Region VII's initiatives relevant, fresh, professional and appealing to the general public, they availed of my expertise and received outputs that would somehow help champion the causes of this amazing agency.

To know more about the details about the project, read on:

How to do Kickass NNCRVII Rebranding and Awesome Social Media Strategy

While you're at it, I present you the 10 Online Nutritional Guideline Posters for NNCRVII:

Behind the scenes:

Like now and be updated with more health and lifestyle tips!

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New Beginnings: The Best of Cebuano Artistry

It takes a real artist to be able to create something worth talking about: delivering a message across, evoking an emotion, showing beauty bare eyes could not see, inciting an action or inspiring a thought.

Popular belief tells us that art is the most difficult field to embark in because of its subjective nature and after working for four years in the industry, I could say it remains so.

Why Art

Some convict that art is a walk in the park because it doesn't need the stereotypical technicalities and analytics. Just goes to show that these people has never gotten their hands on the tools of the artist be it digital or traditional. There is a reason why art has taken over museums all over the world grossing billions of dollars in sales, incited societal rebellions, cultural revolutions, political and worldy spiritual movements that have changed the world simply because they give value that no other field can.

My Art Career

I did design for a living. I have been a Web Designer and Graphic Artist for numerous freelance projects and full-time for an Australian firm WebXpress Inc. and launched my career to one of the biggest creative powerhouse serving international clients as a Design Consultant for AuthorSolutions  Inc. I have dealt with VIP projects, demanding clients, escalated red-flagged issues but gladly I never had a designer’s block as my mind is constantly very full with random stuff (mostly creative in nature) and as an artist you will learn to draw inspiration from almost everything. And the excruciating challenges that the seemingly high-pressured but enjoyable job entails was never something that I anticipated when I started doing doodling sketches as a child or while I was smudging charcoal and cray pas fan art of my favorite anime characters as a nettlesome kid. That is why I have my highest respects for the people working in this industry and it gives me so much pleasure to introduce these great artists from my very own hometown.

Melver Mercado jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs

Melver Mercado  was very intimate when he explains the inspiration from his paintings such as his thesis work above which talks about salvation, grungy depictions of street life and his family and acquaintances who brings it to life as subjects. But then he says that as much as possible he doesn't explain his works because he very much welcomes free interpretation from his audience.

One of the social good causes that I am passionate about is culture and the arts; two things that should never be neglected considering how high-paced the world is becoming. I was totally ecstatic when I got the invitation to attend one of the most promising art exhibits here in Cebu, Qube Gallery through an art expo entitled “Sinugdanan” (Cebuano term meaning “New Beginnings”). 

"Laughter" Felix Catarata uses staged lighting to accentuate the natural emotions of his subjects, the children who are performing a play.
"Laughter" Felix Catarata uses staged lighting to accentuate the natural emotions of his subjects, the children who are performing a play.

I witnessed the best Cebuano hands put together visual narratives of still life, history, abstract, editorial, self-portrait, photography and more. And man, I am speechless up until the moment I was scribbling my drafts for this post.

Darby Alcoseba and one of his amazing photorealistic liberal paintings whose messages speak about the state of the nation.

I wish all people could appreciate and see art the way I do. We should always look beyond the amazing colors, highlights, texture, subjects and mood and try to think about what every piece is trying to say and what it means to each of us. That is the beauty of art, we can tell its story.

"Gansilyo" Darby Alcoseba whose exceptional lighting and details tells a more interesting story of an aged woman and her yarnwork.

Gigi Ocampo and me beside her very emotionally powerful self-portrait.

Nuff blahs, It is time to succumb and be lost in the world-class artistry of Cebuanos...

painting by cebu artist

painting by cebu artist

painting by cebu artist

painting by cebu artist

Hats off to the greatest talented people in the island of Cebu! You make us awesome proud!

All the artist with Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jon Kenneth Gotiong, Gallery Partner Jo Ann M. Lim and Gallery Manager April May Tudtud-Ramos.
All the artist with Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jon Kenneth Gotiong, Gallery Partner Jo Ann M. Lim and Gallery Manager April May Tudtud-Ramos.

The art exhibit was open to the public until October 30, 2012 at the Rizal Museum along Osmeña Boulevard and I'm pretty sure you missed but you can still revel at the amazing dashes and strokes that placed Cebu in the World Map of the industry:

FULL Photo Album of the EXHIBIT
at JayseeBlabs Facebook Page

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Designing a Real Estate Homepage in Photoshop

I may not go into details as there are millions of Photoshop tutorials online but I'm going to impart some insights as we move along. First, designing for web means you have to master CSS first so that you could limit your vision to what could be doable for the browser especially for business websites like real estate. 

As what I tell people always, the principles of art must be applied on graphic designs so you can always use them (or even break them!) depending on your call of judgment. 

Studying colors, typography, light, shades, placement, how people scan a web page, what makes a striking image, optimizing photos, finding the best patterns, layering, optimizing screen real estate, interpreting design briefs smartly, Web 2.0 and etc. There are so many things you should know as to what must go on within a designer and a developer's mind.

Suppose I wanted to create a portfolio website for our family's fictitious property and I want it to look clean but at the same time very regal, affluent with an atmosphere of great greenery. Here is a homepage mockup that I made within hours with a colour scheme: red brick, apple green and sky blue, apparently my favorite colors. I took the brick background as inspired by our home's facade which is visible from the banner. For tourism-related websites, full width image banners work best and contrasting hover backgrounds on the main menus give more clickability rate. The banner is our real home actually and I wanted to take the target audience of this personal project (around young professionals to families) to come feel the place before they even came.

The light streaks behind the logo is actually a brush that I placed on a separate layer so that it could be isolated once the design proceeds to cutting and the blue header gradient is linear so that it could be tiled horizontally. Address and contact details should appear on the header when necessary.

That's my real dog, Zack, on one of the supposed amenities being featured under the banner. It also took me a while to find an image that could be great as a wall vine and just duplicated the image and warped around to become the shadow.

This is the finished homepage. Enjoy!

Inspirational Poster from Great Songs

All of us go through something... the magnitude differs and so do the situations we battle ourselves in. Life is simple but no one said it's easy, a classic line that rings true every single day. For that, we all need each other and at times when we think we are on our own we draw inspiration from those that empower us somehow. For me, I sometimes get it from really good music and with lines and performances so powerful, I will make it my life's calling to create a series of artworks that give life to the inspiration brought about by today's inspirational tunes.

Starting off with Demi Lovato's Skyscraper, a song about rising above the pain and suffering...

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson teaches us that you don't need anybody to be complete and it also jams about pinning those who did you wrong down...

Stronger by Mandisa has a lighter tone by telling the world that it may be hard to see God at times but He still cares, a thought very hard to choke down for some...

Always remember whatever it is that is devastating your day, it is not the end of the world, it's just another day... Spread the good vibes!

Kiss the Rain by Billie Myers

Terrified by Zachary Levi

We Found Love by Rihanna

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CBSi@4: It's More Fun in CBSi

The country's premier blogging institution that has proven to promote government programs, businesses, events and causes in great ways will turn a year older this Feb. 14.

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. will celebrating the organizations' founding anniversary with a simple and fun dinner this Feb. 11 sponsored by the Azkals Sports Bar and Grill.

For the event, I have been tasked to design an online poster that will visualize this year's festive theme: It's More Fun in CBSi which also encourages bloggers who may want to join the org to upscale their blogging experience and open opportunities and give honor to the worldwide tourism campaign of our country. I have incorporated the elements of Sinulog and Fiesta in the artwork which definitely encapsulates the Filipino brand of fun.

Happy 4th Anniversary guys! More power to all of us in the online publishing and social media industry!

In behalf of the members and the Board of Trustees of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. thank you so much for taking us where we are now most especially to our media, business, government, organizational and academe partners, sponsors, volunteers and participants.

For more information, read the full story on our org's site:

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RAFI is now accepting applications for YMA season 6

Following the launching of the sixth season of Young Minds Academy (YMA) last Jan. 21, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) is now accepting applications for the program.

YMA is a youth leadership and citizenship development program of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) of RAFI aimed at developing young people to become responsible and accountable leaders and proactive citizens ready to serve the public and its interests. 

This is done through awareness raising, experiential education, immersion, and open discourse, among others. 

It is open to young people aged 12 to 20 years old.

Because of my very wonderful 10 months, I designed a poster showcasing how awesome it is to be a YMAer.

One chance of a lifetime. Nation-building has never been this fun! Poster by Jaysee Blabs!

YMA was launched in October 2006 and already ran for five seasons, including a special summer edition held in 2009 for Region 8.

“Through this program, I have discovered what kind of leader I want to be. The change has started in me already. Now it’s my time to be a role model to others,” said 15-year old Jessica Therese Vestil, a scholar of last season’s YMA.

For Sean Timothy Salvador, 18, another YMA season 5 scholar, he said that YMA taught him to use his life as a daily opportunity to become a blessing to every person he meets and help change their lives for the better. 

To join the sixth season of YMA, interested applicants must form a team of five members under one of the following categories: Generation A (17-20 years old) and Generation B (12-16 years old).  List of team and individual requirements and application forms may be obtained from the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center, or downloaded at

Deadline for the submission of applications is on February 20, 2012.

YMA is sponsored by UnionBank of the Philippines.

It is one of the programs under RAFI’s Leadership & Citizenship focus area, which gathers and nurtures future leaders and influencers ready to effect change. Its other focus areas are Integrated Development, Micro-finance & Entrepreneurship, Culture & Heritage, and Education.

For more information about YMA, please call 418-7234 loc 110 and look for Mel Yan, or email, or visit or

To know more about YMA, see my YMA life notes:

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How to Create Kickass Awesome Tourism Site Web Design

When I went to Bohol for the second time last year, I fell in love with the resort we stayed in. I was there for a learning visit on some of their great government programs and went to see the mayors and the governor himself. Our resort was in Panglao and I woke up early morning to enjoy the seashores and took some really great photos which got me thinking of designing a tourism site for the place. So as usual on a bored day, I pulled up Photoshop on my computer and drafted what I think is my best work so far. Colors, photos, and user experience design rules were considered as I got going designing a Jaysee Blabs Panglao site. Check it out!

The rotating banner with the cool buttons on the side showcasing the best features of the place.

The phone number creatively placed on a post it together with snapshots of the photos I took.
And yes, that's me on the Book Accomodations call to action. LOL

The footer with with my feet on it.

The header feeds on the thought of using complementary colors to make everything lively as the place could be but I used the brightest color palette on the logo for more branding retention.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the homepage design study for Panglao done by yours truly.

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Awesome Web Design for Pirate Site AGGRRHH!!!

Last Christmas, I was able to attend a themed party and I got so inspired with my look that I decided to draw inspiration from it for my next web design project. I ran Photoshop and decided to get my creative juices flowing with logical web design rules running in my mind at the same time and created a homepage design for the i55 Christmas Party. And that's me on the banner. LOL

It's all in the details. Must be effective and consistent.

The main call to action.

The banner exudes old world elements and my photo.

The header with the main navigation, search box and a shopping cart.

The logo.

That's about it! Follow your passion, have an inspiration and just be awesome at all the things you do and you can just be surprised at what you can do. Trust me, I did.

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