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David Cook Tantalizes Cebu Fans with Unbeatable Energy Level

The Heavens has arranged it for me to be able to watch David Cook's concert without shelling out top dollar. Indeed, his' was a stellar performance that I hope would not be my last.

Concerts like this serves as a validation to his crown and that he is not just an Idol, but in fact an artist of high-class calibre in this generation, a legend waiting for his statue to be erected.
Tagging my dad along on a beautiful misty Sunday, June 15th, we soon found ourselves speeding up along the streets in the likes of an action movie. As time kept ticking, we were looking around for a tight parking spot as everyone has hoarded the multilevel basement parking of the Waterfront Cebu Hotel, the venue. We ended up at the IT Park, a healthy walk away. To note, we have not even taken our dinner yet hoping to get there on time and hell we did.

As we went inside the lobby, a certain energy can be felt as all people flocked to the huge ballroom all ecstatic to see the American Idol himself. I'…