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Reasons Why I Will Vote Gibo and the Sims 2 “Lipad” Ad I made for him

offers realistic solutions.
He is NOT tainted with corruption or any scandal.
I loved him so much that I decided to create a music video/campaign for him using my favorite computer game, The Sims 2. With the inspiring song “Lipad” by Rivermaya, I decided to incorporate elements of the plane, him interacting with the commoners, and adding his strongest points as subtitles all throughout, I proudly present to you the

Lipad – Sims 2 Gibo Music Video.

Because he could really need a little more exposure.
Even my own brother has told me to stop campaigning for him because the odds are that he will lose, given the figures that the surveys show and the fact that the voting public is mostly made up of people that (let’s just say) don’t belong to the thinking class and who only depends on the mainstr…

Funny Innovative Ads of Top Brands


Why Vote For Gibo?

Gilberto Gibo Teodoro is a great man and to judge him based on the party he represents is just unfair that is why you could really see the amount of effort he exerts to redeem himself. The man has the brain of his own and he is definitely better than anybody else. He can prove that positive politics could really reign in the country where trapo officials are given more favor by the media.
Reasons to vote for him

Microsoft Office Labs Vision 2019 | Best IT Videos Yet | “A Glimpse Ahead”

Despite the grand scale of haterade against the company in the US, nobody can deny the fact that Microsoft has changed the world. They were always at the forefront of technological advancements and has tried to dominate every single part of it. From the internet, to Operating Systems, to Gaming up to Software, Microsoft is a brand to reckon with. That is why it comes as no surprise that a team from their company has already mapped on what could be the future of the way we live and work in the years ahead. They launched a website and some kick ass videos that show how their concepts and potential tools will be consumed by the regular people of all walks of life.To give you a “glimpse ahead,” watch this video: to watch more vids and learn more, visit their official Office Labs site:

Shows You Should Watch While You Are Alive and their Awesome Promo Materials | Part 2

I’ve shared that Lost, Desperate Housewives, 24 and others made it on the top my favorite shows ever. Now let me share 7 more great shows that’s totally worth your breathing time. Even if they didn’t make it on the first half doesn’t make them any less special than they truly are. And as usual their creative marketing people did a great job on these photo shoots and posters all the while giving justice to the shows and added more awesomeness to already awesome.
7. The Office

Noy Noy Aquino’s Ad Comically Criticized

Nicojr one of my favorite Pinoy bloggers have expressed criticism to the aspirant I don’t wish to vote for. And he did it pretty well. Here are the greatest lines he has jabbed:
It all seems so easy. No obstacles, no pain, no sadness, no struggle, not even a drop of sweat. Halaman lang ang sagabal. Whoever thought hope and change would be this effortless?
[The ad] brings to mind the age-old aphorism, the standard precaution to consumers: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
The revolution is not a dinner party.

TV Shows Worth Watching this Fall [VIDEO]

Desperate Housewives kicks off the new season with the theme "Armed and Desperate". Awesome motion graphics utilizing the lead girl’s photos. All while Shakira’s “She Wolf” plays on the background.Disaster Date - MTV Shows MTV will feature a new show called Disaster Date where you get to control the blind date of your best friend the worst that it could be. Trash TV? Not this time.Note: You need to click on the “Show in Original Post” if you’re viewing this from Facebook.

“Energy Giant” A Great Foreign Commercial

This could possibly be one of the best commercials with Earth splashed all over it. A refreshing way to see renewable energy in action Disney way.From Jung von Matt Advertising Agency in Elbe, Hamburg

Have you seen the latest Phil. Ad. Congress TV Spot?

A dark tale about a Spanish-era circus encloses this year’s Phil Advertising Congress’ high quality TV spot. But like everyone else, I was in great awe and curious. So I Googled it and found out that the commercial was actually just a trailer to a series of films dubbed “Perspective.” Each film focuses on the side of the story of one character: The Assistant, The Stagehand, The Magician and the Date. Who killed who?  Each perspective is intriguing and adds more layers to the story as we dig deep down. If only Pinoy movies and TV shows were of this caliber we wouldn't have to settle to being fans of Hollywood. But what the heck. Watch on.

Ilumina LCD iTV made by Filipinos | Inovent Inc. | World’s First Interactive TV

Do you ever wish that you could surf the internet while watching TV? Personal Computers had PC TV Tuners long time ago but it didn’t become a hit. Now, a group of young Filipino inventors unveiled the world’s first interactive TV. What’s that? You can surf Facebook or watch videos on Youtube and you could switch to the Primetime shows immediately when you want to. Hope mass production of these would follow as soon as possible so techies like me could grab hold of one of these. That is if they don’t cost a fortune.Visit

Glowing T-shirts featured on Ruffa and Ai

Just imagine walking through a club or a concert and standing out from the crowd because apparently design on your shirt is glowing. Cool huh? They were featured in Ruffa and Ai and not only do they make shirts, they also do glowing buttons.Visit

Globe “Duo or Die” Campaign: Visionary or Offensive?

Philippines telecom company Globe Telecom is making landlines obsolete in a new television commercial for its Globe Duo service. But does using suicidal theme exemplify their message or is just outright offensive?The answer? Suicide is real; a grim reality that haunts our society today. But to use it as element to sell an idea is just outright offensive. Sure, a lot of people the commercial was genius and I myself think of it as something of high production value, but bottom-line is that it questions ethics in incorporating it to CG to make phones rise to life only to end up killing themselves because of jealousy.If you read today’s papers, Mariannet Amper, a 12 year old girl from Davao died of suicide out of despair for her family’s impoverished life.

Yesterday, Nel, a 14 year old boy climbed a flyover in Iloilo in a suicide attempt apparently fuelled by rugby. A few weeks back, Julie wrote about Kristen Ariane Cuenca, a third grader who jumped off from the fourth level of a bu…

Britney and Pepsi

Former Senator and 1996 Presidential candidate Bob Dole was on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Tuesday, where he discussed his role in the Britney Spears starring Pepsi commercial. Dole also joked that he wasn’t responsible for the breakup of Britney and *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake. Read on for the very funny transcript.

The period Pepsi jingles are real, but the ads themselves are modern reinterpretations of old TV commercials, and that may be the only interesting thing about them. Retro efforts like these always underline a certain truth: Eras are defined largely in hindsight. After all, who has the self-awareness (or clairvoyance) to understand exactly how a decade will be recalled?
However, the new ad may well have captured the current moment anyway, for one reason -- Britney herself. What other figure on the current pop horizon has a better shot at becoming the emblem of the age? You don't have…

Best Superbowl Commercials of 2009

Just today I was drowning myself with a lot of commercials from this years SuperBowl via Youtube’s AdBlitz 2009 channel.
I enjoyed it so much I made awards for them:
Best “Haha” AwardPepsi “I’m Good”

Best “Wow!” AwardCoca-cola “The Heist”

Best “What the?”Doritos “The Power of Crunch”

Best “Ahwww…” AwardCoca-cola “Avatar”