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Vote for Chiz Escudero 2010

Read on and see what the youth has to say about this irritating political icon. I made this internet poster in support of him anyway. Haha.daveigh: I'm still in the process of checking his credentials. Ayoko padala sa mga TV appearances nya...MingTsai:  nope. another trapo in the making. puro dakdak lang, papogi sa tv, kulang naman sa aksyon.funzen: NOPE. Like the other posts here, he's just full of words. Nakakainis pa syang magsalita. Ang lalim magtagalog. Walang nang ganun magsalita ngayon. I wonder if he speaks the same way when talking to his rich friends. Sa akin kase, kun ano ka sa mga kaibigan mo, dapat ganun ka rin sa ibang tao. Lalo na sa pagsasalita. Trapo na trapo ang dating nya e.soltera81: HINDI! Trapo sya, plastic. Taga-UP sya pero di sya susuportahan at iboboto ng mga taga-UP. Isa sya sa mga nang-uto kay FPJ na tumakbo kahit wala naman talagang kakayahang mamuno yung tao. Manggagamit! Magaling lang ang boladas.Rhedge: NO! ang ingay ingay sa TV, di naman nakatul…

2010 Elections: Presidentiable Interview of Chiz Escudero | ANC Leadership Forum

Listen to the interview. Clip: 10 minutesSure he may draw himself a lot of crowd because he is gunning for the presidential position via youth sector. And in the clip he blabs about how his being young is his weakness when Tina asked him what his strength was. He also whines about the pork barrel he received and threatened Gloria impeachment but still accepted the pork barrel to plaster his name on the road lighting projects in his district, under his congressional term. He also whimpers about him not being born rich. Duh! Wait ‘till you hear him disgrace our president at the open forum. Dividing the country in these hard times is not really that appealing to me but as long as a lot of young voters who still thinks that this so-called ‘politically eloquent’ who plans to raise yet another people power or any army to overthrow the government I suggest that he cooperate with the Abu-sayyaf instead rather than brainwashing a lot of people especially the youth (like what YSpeak does most o…