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Walking By Your Faith

There is a church my family here in Manila and I frequent to, and it sits idly in the middle of an alluring exclusive subdivision in Cavite.

St. Benedict Church Westgrove boasts of perfectly manicured landscaping, minimalist and pure architecture whilst letting people breathe into the essence of their faith. I suggest you pay a visit and attend a mass whenever you have the time. 

Places of worship, religion and the mass celebrations should only be tools of communication between you and your Creator and should not be the only basis of your spirituality. Incorporate Him in everything you do. Pray wherever and whenever you can especially in your moments of doubt and despair because I have been told that God hears better than a Hallelujah, as one song goes. But when you are in a stage of your life where, like me, you wake up thanking Him for all the blessings, joys and praising Him even with the challenges you have, never forget to check in to Him as much as you would check in your Facebook…