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That World-Class Science Museum in Manila

When you are in the mood to be taken out of this world with all the awesomeness of Science, then head on to the most beautiful business district in Manila and visit The Mind Museum in Taguig

Sitting mightily on a 1.2 hectare lot in Bonifacio Global City, brace yourself with most visually stunning exhibits and interactive stations that educates, entertains and lets you grow appreciation to the world we live in.

It’s a great place to get lost in as every corner has been filled with facts and info that is sure to keep you overwhelmed with excitement. 

It is so well-built from the ground up that I would recommend it to all foreign guests and diplomats visiting the Philippines.

The story of our world is well told in pieces that is easy to understand and digest. Think of it like your elementary Science book coming alive.

The architects, designers, engineers, scientists, businessmen behind this visionary project deserve the highest recognition and my ultimate respect.  

I was blessed to share this day with my best buddies since high school Jammy and Jasper.

It’ll blow your mind and bring out the kid in you. I’m proud to be a nerd and I love to be in a place where I can be one without being weird.

You can be with your family or with your barkada and I guarantee you’d have a great time. The dinosaur, piano stairs, harp with no strings, the phases of the moon, solar system, the evolution theory, human senses, the arcade, animals, molecules, heart and the brain, the static globe that raises your hair, wildlife, the huge chocolate and so much more to look out for.

Three hours is actually not enough for you to run around, take pictures, read the infographic, press buttons and pose some more.

The 3D film which boasted an all-Filipino team was the highlight of our visit. After the movie, I was left in awe and saddened that it had to end. I was taken through a filmic tour of the history of the universe.

The visual and verbal consistency of the messages and signages was also notable. Everything about it was well-thought out. Plus, the striking futuristic architecture will make you beam with pride. 

Known to be worth a billion pesos, The Mind Museum in Taguig materialized solely on private donations from the biggest companies in the country and most of whom you will find out once you get there due to some branded stations. I just wish they could’ve muted down the corporate branding on some stations since we paid a regular price but that’s just me. For all I know they could've charged me much higher. The ticket prices are a bit high compared to NIDO Discovery Center in MOA but they justify the experience nonetheless. I wish I could’ve gotten it at a subsidized rate since I am an employee of the benefactor but I had learned about it a bit too late.

Anyway, when in Manila, you know what to do...

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Selfies at Awesome Overlooked BGC Art Masterpieces

Taguig is nothing like what you see in indie films, documentaries and news reports you see on TV featuring Metro Manila. It brandishes the best places to live, work and play in the country today. 

Living costs are worth it since you really can’t put a price on security, convenience and artful stylish living that can make use of your creative frugal skills. In fact, business districts here are comparable to Venice and New York. Worth moving out into, I must say. Like any beautiful places, it is dotted with great art installations that sadly doesn't get the attention they deserve.

"Kasaysayan Bawat Oras Art Piece." There are beautiful art installations from where I work, the Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It is made of reinforced brass sheet and cement and after searching online found out that it is actually a "sundial-slash-educational playground." This sundial, which is actually a functional time guide, serves as a "metaphor for Philippine history" and the art style, materials and color scheme perfectly blends in the modern architecture that envelopes it.

"Transformation." A walk away from the office is a lighted sculpture of three stacked laminated glasses. Beautifully lit from the inside and incorporating a system of cascading water set in a fountain pool, this art form really makes you think and what makes it personal is that it does have different interpretations to anyone who appreciates it. For me it looked like buildings sprouting from the ground which is metaphoric to the economy of the country today which is reaping the foundations set from the previous administration.

And here's an unnamed art pieces just outside my office building. If you guys know it, please let me know. But the way I see it, it depicts the arrival of voyagers to our land, the story of Mactan perhaps. It is poetic, the lines are fluid, and the movement is dynamic.

These installations all over the metro are probably the most overlooked. Little do we know about how much went through from the proposal and creative thought process and beyond. Kudos to the artists, their engineers, workers and the firms behind these. Continue to make the city's capital a cradle of world-class beauty. If you know the artists, please comment below so I may give where credit is due.

I can only wonder and get struck in silence since people here don't seem to mind them. And since I am trying to fit in, it is best to act like the locals and keep my ignorance in check. There are ways to appreciate them like blogging or Instagramming them anyway. But if I have my way, I could stare at it for hours and never even flinch. That's what I used to do when I go out on my own anyway. Maybe because I love art by heart but I think it is more reminiscent of loving where I am in my life today.

There are more art installations and spots I have yet to check out so watch out for it!

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