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How to do Kickass Rebranding and Awesome Social Media Strategy

Social Media Primer What is social media? Social Media is defined as a conversation powered by online platforms. Conversations between all people in the internet.

There is no regulation and no formal organization so an expert consultation is needed to aid entities who wish to utilize this form of media. Content that you share has to be emergent, fun, compelling but the key thing is to listen to your target audience.

The ability of your target audience to respond in real-time makes goals quantifiable as well as measurable qualitatively. It is a brand new way of understanding markets not just another messaging channel.

What are the things you can do with social media?
Post real-time updates and advisoriesComplement your traditional media campaigns by making the materials available onlineArchive and distribute important government documents meant for public distributionPromote events Raise awarenessCrowd source materials, ideas, feedback, suggestionRecruit volunteersRaise funds

What are …

Nominations now open for the #bcba 6th Best Cebu Blog Awards!

One of the emerging sub-industry in IT and media, blogging has indeed come a long way; and the people behind one of the most organized blogging community in the Philippines is once again ramping up yet another great event to honor the very best bloggers today. 

I am proud to be part of the organizing committee with my colleagues from the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi) after winning the honor some years ago and it has been my calling since then to evangelize on placing your passion into online publishing ideas.

If you have a friend or fellow who has what it takes to win home this years exciting prizes, then skim through the mechanics and fill out this Nomination form.

Check out Best Cebu Blogs website and Facebook page for more details. Send us your inquiries and shout outs through our Official Twitter account.

Be the very best version of yourself and live your greatest life yet!

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Be a Better Blogger, Leader, Businessman, Advocate by #TrendingForward

Image Gateway to your Awesome Dream Job

Life is hard these days and if you are someone who is taking care of yourself or your family then you ought to have a career that pays you off well. does that and so much more. 

What could be more awesome than to have a job that jumpstarts the career track you've always wanted. They simply have all of the hottest job listings from the leading industries such as ADMINISTRATION/OFFICE, ARTS/DESIGN, BPO, ENGINEERING, FINANCE/ACCOUNTS, IT, LEGAL, MEDICAL, OFFSHORE/OUTSOURCING, RECRUITMENT/TRAINING, SALES/MARKETING/RETAIL and so much more.

There have been a lot of job sites existing today but wins the competition by being a specialized site that is usable, visually elegant, fresh and has partnered with the biggest and best employers to date.

Talent attraction is always one of the challenges of today's companies and for a site that is advanced both in front and at the back-end of development, it just makes it a whole lot easier for people to reach t…

Team “Wait Know More” rules Startup Weekend Cebu

WAITING in queues when paying bills, groceries, medicines, etc. will soon be a hassle of the past as Team “Wait Know More” came up with a solution – a web application with SMS integration -- that would help reduce people’s long waiting times in the shops and won the inaugural Startup Weekend Cebu (SWC) on Sunday (May 13) at the Conference Hall of the University of the Philippines – Cebu (UPC).

The 10-man “Wait Know More” team, composed of members from different age groups – 16 being the youngest and 40 the oldest, ran away with the fabulous top prizes, including incorporation as a United Kingdom entity, as it bested 17 other teams in the 54-hour competition for developers, designers, marketers, technopreneurs, and venture capitalists.

It was a glorious weekend for “Wait Know More” as they were also named the “team that can change people’s lives” and received the special Faster World Award from incubator Kickstart Ventures Inc. Kickstart president and SWC judge Minette Navarrete handed…

Designing a Real Estate Homepage in Photoshop

I may not go into details as there are millions of Photoshop tutorials online but I'm going to impart some insights as we move along. First, designing for web means you have to master CSS first so that you could limit your vision to what could be doable for the browser especially for business websites like real estate. 

As what I tell people always, the principles of art must be applied on graphic designs so you can always use them (or even break them!) depending on your call of judgment. 

Studying colors, typography, light, shades, placement, how people scan a web page, what makes a striking image, optimizing photos, finding the best patterns, layering, optimizing screen real estate, interpreting design briefs smartly, Web 2.0 and etc. There are so many things you should know as to what must go on within a designer and a developer's mind.

Suppose I wanted to create a portfolio website for our family's fictitious property and I want it to look clean but at the same time ver…

Startup Weekend Cebu opens Friday at UP Lahug!

IT’S all systems go for the much-awaited first-ever Startup Weekend Cebu on May 11-13 at the Conference Room of the University of the Philippines – Cebu (UPC) along Lahug, this city.

Startup Weekend Cebu organizers, led by, have partnered with innovative organizations -- Globe Telecom, incubator Kickstart Ventures Inc.,Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev), Developers Connect (devCon), Exist/Morphlabs, and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) --  to bring this much-anticipated event to Cebu.

In a demonstration of community collaboration, the Startup Weekend Cebu community also received enthusiastic support from the Startup Weekend Manila organizers – web engineering firms ProudCloud and Dynamic Objx, as well as incubator Kickstart Ventures – to build on the lessons learnt from the two previous Startup Weekend Manila events, weaving in specific grassroots Cebu community perspectives.

Startup Weekend  -- a 54-hour competition where developers, …

Join World Bloggers Day 2012: It’s More Fun in Blogging and Social Media

Blogging is quite a job compared to what others perceive it to be.

You have to establish a reputation, create compelling useful content, market your site and have a lot of handful of tasks in between.

But the key is interacting with a community.

Connecting with other bloggers has always been both a passion and a challenge.

World Bloggers Day 2012: It is more Fun in Blogging and Social Media.
This year 2012, the initiators of World Bloggers’ Day we came up with a theme that can encourage more bloggers anywhere in the world to push their blogging passion and efforts.  It’s now just about posting an article, clicking the social media buttons and connecting with other bloggers. Integrating fun in blogging is a relevant ingredient to ignite or rekindle the passion in blogging, treating the blogs not just a business but a platform for rewarding enjoyment.

The proliferation and increasing relevance of social media is not a supplementary factor, but an equally significant integration in blog…

Globally-anticipated IT Startup Weekend set in Cebu

FOLLOWING the success of its inaugural staging in Manila last year, Startup Weekend comes back to the Philippines in 2012 to once again generate breakthrough ideas from tech communities not just in Manila this time but also in other key cities of the country as well, including Cebu.

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom launched the first-time-ever Startup Weekend in the Philippines last October in Manila with pioneering incubator Kickstart Ventures Inc., web engineering firms Proudcloud and Dynamic Objx, and innovative educator MINT College.

Startup Weekend Manila 2011 was one of the most attended among all Startup Weekends worldwide.  It saw almost triple the expected number of participants, making the organizers increase the number of events and cities in the Philippines for this year.

Startup Weekend Cebu will be held on May 11-13 at the University of the Philippines-Visayas Cebu College in Lahug, two weeks after the Manila event which is scheduled on April 27-29 at MINT …

Facebook App: Turn your Facebook Timeline into a Movie

Facebook became more than just a social networking where friends, families and colleagues get to interact in ways that were not possible some years ago. 

But now it has become one of the most indispensable web applications that we could never live without because basically you can do everything on the site from online shopping, events organizing, group productivity up to raising funds and awareness. 

Now, it has introduced a lot of innovation with the launching of Facebook Timeline. It has changed the way Facebook lets us share our life story to the world.

And as if that wasn't enough, they have partnered with a respected marketing agency, Definition 6 to release an application that creates a movie based on your Facebook Timeline aptly called "Facebook Timeline Movie Maker". It highlights the biggest changes in your life and some amazing photos that plays with great cinematic effects and soundtrack that'll make you say AWEESSSOMMEE. But one catch though, you can't…

It’s More Fun in CBSi: The Cebu Bloggers Society’s 4th Anniversary Celebration

"There is only one blogging group in Cebu that continues to thrive in reshaping the online publishing norm in the locality, and introduces a new form of media to the locales, bringing citizen journalism and independent online publishing to the next level.
"Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. empowers the common people to know their rights and capabilities toward information dissemination which also changes the way they consume them."  - -

And to celebrate our four years of triumphs and hardships, we celebrated our anniversary February 14 days earlier at one of the emerging restaurants in the city with food, fun and games. It was really great seeing everyone together again and reshaping our goals and visions for the rest of the year.

To know more about the org and looking back at the golden moments that made us who we are today, and the relevance of blogging in Cebu society and beyond, check out the official press release in our official site:

It’s More Fun in CB…

The 20 Awesomeness of Visayas Blogging Summit 2011

Blogging has been a great tool to market great solutions, events, ideas and businesses because of its dynamic and interactive nature compared to traditional media. That is why when the Visayas Blogging Summit was organized two years ago by Ilo-ilo Bloggers, it had strengthened the capabilities of online publishers by equipping them with knowledge and access to unlimited information to upscale this media.

After my great experience of flying all the way to Ilo-ilo to learn more about blogging tools, ethics, photography and travel blogging, I could just be nostalgic as I got into the hype of co-organizing this year's Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 (#VBS2011) with the great people (from fellow Board of Trustees, to its members and volunteers) behind the most organized blogging institution in the country, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi).

SM City Cebu Trade Hall was opened early to give way to participants to converge for the #VBS2011 last November 26, 2011 and my organization, the C…

Groupon PH saved me from a really BAD day!

Since Groupon Philippines was launched here in the country, around a thousand people have enjoyed what their city has to offer in Cebu alone. We have been enjoying as much as 90% discount on restaurants, fitness and wellness centers.

December has been quite a ride and it burnt me out pretty bad so I decided to use the 30-minute foot spa and 1 hour full body massage, compliments from Groupon Philippines. 

It was actually so easy! All I did was go to the homepage and register then I clicked the Buy Now button which takes me to the payment page. There are so many ways to pay: Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, Bancnet, GCash and Bank Deposits via leading banks (BDO, BPI, Unionbank, RCBC).

Thru Groupon, I was able to enjoy a great time with myself at the Subtle Zen Spa Center just in time when I had a really BAD day just when my year was just about to end, but I had sorta snapped out of it already by now. But anyway, what was awesome about the foot spa and full body massage deal was that I was able …

Official Jaysee Social Networking Sites | Jaysee Blabs Rebranding Launched!

I have been putting on hold this blog's branding launch for quite some time now because of a lot of engagements. 

I wanted to be an identity and with so much avenues for expression, I admit I may have been quite inconsistent. 

I wanted Jaysee Blabs not just as a blog title but a reputable source of quality content; a mission I have not concocted not until I reached this far. 

The ironic thing is I am able to pull branding strategies and collaterals on other causes such as the Project Liwanag and iluvfarmers Campaign. and events like the Visayas Blogging Summit and 3rd CBSi Anniversary and other businesses via freelance and office clients... but certainly not on mine. Life, let's just say, has not been that kind enough to give me much time for the things I love.

You can read about the weird Jaysee Blabs story at, the mother site of the organization I am actively part of the Cebu Bloggers Society which has also garnered the respect of other institutions for its pro…

Best Cebu Blogs 2011 awards this year's great online promoters

Cebu is really worth promoting and there are a lot of awesome things to see and do; and the need for quality online publishing will put Cebu into the international limelight. Being awarded as Best Cebu Blog 2010, I am deeply honored as I was recognized for all the efforts into showcasing what Cebu has to offer.

This year, I am invited to be part of the team behind the Awards Committee and I have been assigned to do graphic designs for this year's Best Cebu Blog 2011 which is happening this December 9, 2011 at SM City Cebu. Here is the official online poster for the great event:

It is a very intimate social media gathering, as the event is invites only. Gracing the occasion are the finalists and some members of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.

I also personally congratulate friends who made it on the shortlisting of finalists:

Irish Nuñez of
Ken Taarup of
Sinjin Pineda of
Mark Gallardo of
Rabsin Dela Cruz of philippinestr…

RAFI’s YMA Nation-Building Scholars Offer Solutions, Promote Advocacy Against Poverty

Instead of going to malls or playing online games, a group of teens and young adults chose to spend their weekends in the community to help poor Cebuanos. They also used Facebook and other social media networks, went to schools to campaign and raised funds to promote the causes of local groups working on poverty alleviation.

These are scholars of the Young Minds Academy (YMA), a leadership and citizenship development program of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI).

Iluvfarmers Final Report2
Here is our iluvfarmers Accomplishment Report Presentation Slide

The scholars presented their community-based projects in the Best of Young Minds Conference last Oct. 28 at Casino Español, Cebu City.

An awards and graduation ceremony followed the conference to culminate the eight-month YMA program.

You An Artist? Create the LASER Mascot and get a chance to win 10,000 pesos

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. I used to scribble around characters of Fushigi Yuggi in 6th grade using charcoal and some shading. I then turned to landscape watercolor artworks then did some cray pas here and there. That is why it comes as no surprise that I work as a web designer because art was just that close to my heart.

I've done some branding and marketing projects for a lot of clients and for my organizations. Basically a new project of an industrious organization excites me so much. 

Join Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 for FREE and be awesome!

Blogging for personal advancement, networking, business, governance, advocacy and culture. 
Online publishing could do so much than present a new style of storytelling, engaging audience, interacting with fans, friends, supporters, concerned citizens, clients or potential ones.

In fact,  28% of the Fortune 500's blogs link to Twitter accounts and 5  of the top 10 companies have public blogs: Wal-Mart, Chevron, General Motors, Ford, and Bank of America. Why so? Because blogs have the power to reach a wider audience and they are able to communicate and market their brands, products and services with a small investment.

RAFI collaborates with 10 groups for youth development

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) inked a partnership agreement with six civil society organizations and four local government unitsfor the project development phase of the Young Minds Academy (YMA) Season 5, RAFI’s youth leadership and citizenship development program.

The agreement was signed together with the YMA scholars last Aug. 2 at the Bryant George Hall of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) of RAFI.

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