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Beyond The Enchanting Panoramic Pine View You Shouldn't Miss

Home to one of the most gruesome stories in history, Baguio has a lot of stories to tell which has intrigued thousands of tourists year after year. A Victorian-style mansion known as White Laperal House has been known to be a place where suspected spies get tortured and killed during the World War II. This has become a quirky Bamboo museum and has been a setting for a very haunting film, White House.

The dilapidated Diplomat Hotel was a spooky part of our itinerary. The grunge texture of the abandoned structure is witness to its tragic past. As you'll walk through halls you can just imagine your hair raise as you try to take each other's portraits in the hopes of capturing a spirit on film. Urban legend has it that nuns were beheaded during the onset of the War.

Not just your ordinary university town, Baguio is like an enchanted princess all clad in gems as flowers. Romantic parks abound with spectacular panoramic views that is sure to leave you breathless. The city has become…

This Festival Will Inspire You To Pack Up For Baguio

If you think life in the city has been too hot to handle lately (and I mean that in the most literal way as well), then pack your bags up, stack your light day sweater in and head on to the ultimate summer capital of the country, Baguio!

Here are some a few well-manicured park and roadside sights, festive sounds and warm smiles of the participants, cool refreshing scents drifted by the winds and local flavors that'll make you want to get that looong bus trip from Manila or in our case, just a four-hour ride from Pampanga airport!

Though some of the pics may show my Panagbenga experience which only happens on February, I guarantee you will still the love the place the whole year round! This festival celebrates the season of blooming where flowers adorn every corner of parade floats and ornate every dancer's costume and props. The younger generation gets to keep in touch with their heritage and reconnect with age-old Malayo-Polynesian tradition.

Shopaholics can spend their heart …