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Give Smiles To Homeless Kids

We all have wonderful memories as snot-nosed kids, or if you disagree with me, then for the most part of it, we were comfortable. We had nothing to worry about but the exams and assignments to fulfill, when our favorite anime is on air, what games to play with our troublesome friends at dismissal, what food to buy in the canteen and the list could go on.

Sadly, not all of us had such dilemma but had way rougher at a young age.

We have homeless children who had been emotionally and physically shattered by the harsh living conditions of the streets; whose families suffer or break apart right before their very eyes, whose tummies ache because it had nothing to digest thus, their intestines are the ones facing the painful acidic reactions from their bile. We are never to blame or judge these kids if they had to turn to chemical addiction, crime, prostitution or worse, suicide, because we were never there in their darkest moments.

Think life is hard? Think again.

Good thing there are those people who make it their life's calling to come and rescue these children and give them a life they deserve.

Cebu has a lot of NGOs but allow me to introduce you to The Citi Center, a shelter for homeless children managed by the Cebu City Mendicancy Office in cooperation with Dolores Aboitiz Children's Fund.

They are in need of the following:

  1. Mats
  2. Pillows and pillow cases
  3. Empty sacks (for belongings)
  4. Bath soap
  5. Children's shirts
  6. Short pants
We are knocking at your kind hearts to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  It's up to you to decide the brand and quantity of your donation.

You may drop them at the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center, 35 Lopez Jaena St. Cebu City.

If you don't have the time, you can opt to share a little of your resources thru online fund transfer to:

bank name: Union Bank of the Philippines
account name: Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc
account number: 002780003279

Because these kids deserve to feel blessed more than anything in the world and that the living doesn't have to be the worst thing that could happen.

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Inspiring Movement at 1st Cebu Social Media Summit

"How can new technology and new media create solutions for the biggest problems facing my community?"

This is the question that everyone resonated all over the world as we celebrate International Social Social Media Summit. Here in Cebu, the premier blogging institution with which I belong to, organized the event with the help of our sponsors and partners.

Another milestone under our belt, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. spearheaded the event last September 22 featuring different talks that showcase how new media changed the world we live in.

photo by Bjorn

Attended by student leaders, businessmen and bloggers, the gathering proved to be the convergence of ideas that will dictate how we can influence tomorrow and use social media for progress.

Yours truly, had the chance to present to everyone another big endeavor that CBSi is embarking in, ACT NOW.

Group picture of organizers and attendees of Cebu Social Media Summit #sgscebu #sgsglobal
Photo by Herbert

What is ACT NOW #actnowcebu?

ACT NOW is a new project of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. to streamline its newly-formed Outreach Committee, which yours truly is also the chairperson.

See the full awesome presentation below to learn more about what ACT NOW is all about, what the CBSi Outreach Committee stands for and to know how you can help Cebu's amazing NGOs:

Why we all should ACTNOW?

  • Guinsaugon, Southern Leyte and Legaspi, Albay
  • Recently most of Metro Manila is under water
  • Persistent torrential rains, causing landslides and flash floods, killing people and destroying property and lives along its path
  • El Niño occurrences with the epidemics on dengue
  • 23.1 million Filipinos are poor *
  • You could be next

What is ACTNOW?

  • Not just a brand. It is an offline and online project of the CBSi Outreach Committee. 
  • It mobilizes people to act.
  • Bloggers Social Responsibility Arm of CBSi.
  • Bloggers Doing Good, Helping Others Do Good.


  • Promote individuals, NGO and government-related causes online and offline
  • Be a catalyst for action by linking individuals, businesses and organizations to NGOs and gov't programs that needs support
  • Help social good organizations that CBSi bloggers are active in, believe in

Current Projects

on the Social Media Summit day, all CBSi members were mandated to bring clothes for donation to the Habagat victims in Manila
the Social Media Summit is one such offline endeavors of the CBSi to promote social good!
CBSi headed by the Outreach Committee will start the Cebu Chapter of RockEd Philippines with an future rockin' event where youth can learn about issues and act on it with their favorite bands as ambassadors


Other Social Media Summit #sgscebu Topics include: 

  • State of the Social Media Scene in Cebu
    by Ruben Licera Jr., president of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.;
  • Social Media Responsibility Defined
    by Dr. Narciso Tapia, a medical blogger and finalist of the 1st Cebu Media Excellence Awards (CMEA);
  • Inspiring Change through Blogging and Social Media
    by Nancy Cudis, 1st CMEA Blogger of the Year and Top 9 finalist of Good Blog Awards 2012;
  • Social Movement via Social Media
    by Atty. Totol Batuhan, Founder of Abante Barangay Movement; and Social Media Engagement Ethics and Legal Issues

    by Atty. Ethelbert Ouano, law professor at the University of San Jose Recoletos

The 1st Social Good Summit Cebu is supported by Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., GeiserMaclang Communications, PRWorks, Abante Barangay Movement, SMART, and Marcelo Fernan Cebu Press Center.

During the event, I also managed the live updates in our official event Facebook page:

You can also join us in the conversation using the following hashtag:

It's time to #ACTNOW!

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Cebu Google Business Group For Awesome Networking!

If you want a community that shares your passion for everything Google then you are in great luck because Google Business Group (GBG) Cebu has finally reached our shores!

It is an independent tribe of business owners and online enthusiasts who want to network and basically, be more awesome. 

Started by the forerunners of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi)'s Fleire Castro and Bjornson Bernales, GBG aims to promote ecommerce, launching start-ups and online campaigns of all sorts.

We had a quirky meetup last September 22 sponsored by Bo's Coffee had everyone pleasantly knowing each other.

Why I joined GBG?

I am a blogger, online marketer, graphic and web designer, CBSi Outreach Committee chair, and freelance service provider. I've been using Google products like a tattoo with my lifestyle be it professional or personal endeavors.

From Search, Labs, Blogger, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Youtube, Drive, and Calendar, Google basically has close to everything covered. To belong with people who can aid me in harnessing the potentials of online tools to advance everything I do now, I say why not? Wouldn't you want that for yourself too?

Yours Truly with the Cebu Google Business Group!

To know more about Google Business Groups and how you can be part of it

Visit our official website:

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How to be a Champion

The invitation to attend this life-changing forum couldn't come any better as I could definitely say that before the event, I was in the state of my life where I have lost my passion after a lot of unfortunate things ravaging me, one after the other.

But hearing from the people, who the world hails as champions in their own right, I realized that there is so much more than the challenges we face. Our finances, relationships, stress and some other things that punch us down to rock bottom is, in fact, healthy because when you are down there is no way to look but up. 

I have been to countless summits, leadership training and conferences but I have never been this inspired. Learning determination from a well-rounded sports journalist, instilling active family values from a celebrity couple and championing resourcefulness and world-class cadence from a popular all-Filipino sports team, the LH Leadership Conference's theme of becoming a winner in life could never be more perfect and I will be forever grateful to its organizers, the LH Foundation Inc. and Oakridge Business Park for opportunity.

Tagging along my brother and cousin who have been great role models to their colleagues, we had a great Saturday reminding ourselves that we are young and have the rest of our lives ahead of us and to always aim to be the very best version of ourselves, I commonly quip. Yep, to win, you don't always have to step ahead of others, you can be a winner even by just being able to outperform yourself.

Dyan Castillejo

Dyan Castillejo

"Practice, practice, practice," Dyan Castillejo encourages participants. 
She had played in Wimbledon, French Open and US Open in her early athletic years before harnessing her beauty and eloquence as a sports broadcast journalist. But her path was not an easy flight as she faced depression that at one point she would sigh looking at a plane window alone with all her fears and anxieties where she has to travel alone because Philippines could not afford to hire a coach let alone pay for her fare and accommodation. Her family almost lost all of their assets just she so could play abroad. 
"The harder the trial, the sweeter the victory," she jested. But it was her strong faith that kept her going saying she always read the Bible to gain inspiration because He “always have plans to give you hope and future.”

She then resorted to training with other her competitors, studying what they do, using her time wisely and essentially teaches us to be champion wherever you are. She even shared her role models which included Manny Pacquiao, the Phil. Dragonboat team, and Venus Raj where she says that in her experience covering Ms. Universe events, she has concluded that these women are as “tenacious and fierce as athletes.”

But the word that almost threw me out of my seat was when she said:
“We all make mistakes but we can always start today. Life is too hard to live without God.”

Suzie and Paolo Abrera

Suzie and Paolo Abrera

We all juggle the responsibilities we have at home, at work and within ourselves like crazed circus taken out of hand. To learn from the best in family life, LH had brought in the power showbiz couple who is known for their advocacy for the environment and healthy lifestyle, Paulo and Suzie Abrera.

We could not stop laughing at their anecdotes as they journey through instilling values to their children to eventually learning from them as well. With training their kids for as innocent as children’s party games, she comically remembers her being a Palayok champion in her hometown during her time which inspired her to raise them competitively as well.

“Strike a balance within our home,” Suzie says that why they put a premium when it comes to bonding with their little kids.

They travel, swim and jog together which all families should find time to do because “champion qualities are something you have to show \and how we present ourselves [when] daunted by challenges” is a must. 
“Perseverance, generosity,” Paolo states the two things we should try to influence our family to be. He even recalls teaching her daughters to do carpentry to steer them away from the disadvantages brought about by today’s high-tech gaming tools. But it was a lost cause though, he giggles. 

They showed us a lot of videos for inspiration but one thing that stuck through was the 1992 Barcelona Olympics where the runner tore his hamstring in the 400 meter semi-final but fought through the pain and, with assistance from his father, managed to complete a full lap of the track as the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

“Play with [the kid’s] strengths and take on the challenges. Some things happen and we don’t know the reason [why] but his father came all the way from the stands.”

Philippine Azkals

Philippine Azkals

Then came the Azkals who had challenges within them and beyond, even before the world had acknowledged them as a group of good-looking ball-flipping athletes. To impart the great story of the Philippine football team was the team captain, Chieffy Caligdong, Cebuano Paolo Pascual, Striker Filipino-Iranian Misagh Bahadoran, twins Marwin and Marvin Reyes, Team Manager Patrick, and the well-celebrated Dan Palami.

Azkals. They called themselves as such because they felt unwanted as the government and sport institutions have never waived their support for the team. When they started they couldn’t get along together because they had language and culture barrier since some members are of foreign descent which played a great hindrance in fostering the team’s camaraderie.

“Never rest on your laurels.” They said as they declared that they always try to surpass the achievements that they already have, which is in line with what the host said in the beginning about always striving to become the very best version of ourselves. 

Caligdong. But of everything they said, it was Caligdong’s story that opened the eyes of the audience and brought some to tears as he recalls the very reason why he lost his brother, an injury from the very sport he is very much acquainted with now. Pardon me for saying this, but it’s just sad that his talent in playing the game gets overshadowed by the popularity of his more dashing teammates. Shallow ovarious fans. His brother died playing football and he had to go through hell to keep on even with family and friends trying to stop him. It reached to the point that he was playing not for the victory but for the family he so dearly lost. They weren’t even wealthy which also makes it more difficult for him to sustain his needs for the sport so he had to do odd jobs to buy sports gear. In fact his moment wearing three layers of socks just so he could fit in his brother’s football shoes was a glorious one at best.


We need a reminder every now and then through the lives of other people to just break through the walls that keep us from finishing our race, scoring our goals and ultimately bringing home that medal. But everything goes way beyond our dreams, as what we do today will always be the greatest achievement our existence will forever entail. So when you are down, all you have to do is lift your head up a little and just… live.

What Babykit has to say...

Filipino-Iranian Misagh Bahadoran with babykit nunez
My cousin with Misagh

What makes LH Leadership Conference super awesome?

The venue itself surprised me when I entered the room. I was amazed with all those white board on each side of the room, showcasing different sport personalities embracing their lives as a champion. I really admire the organizers who made LH Conference a huge success. Guest were organized, the stage was nicely set up.  
Plus! Plus! Plus! Notable and respectable speakers present in the Oakridge Pavilion complete the LH Conference; satisfied the audience with their incredible stories and principles behind being a champion. Dyan Castillejo, Suzi and Paolo Abrera, and Azkals team manager, Coach Dan, really made it powerhouse speakers.  
Guests were also served snacks, a large-sized crabby patty with chips on the side and a soda. Mind you, guests are free to ask as many as they want. It’s unlimited.
At the end of the conference, guests were allowed to approach the speakers. This, made my day!

What are the lessons I’ve learned from the speakers?

Speaker 1: Dyan Castillejo 
Dyan talked about being the Heart of a Champion. The line she said that marked on my mind was, “Your dreams and prayers are useless if you’re not a hardworker. Practice, practice, and more practice.”  
Speaker 2: Suzi and Paolo Abrera 
The power couple in sports and broadcast talked about raising a champion. What I learned from them was in order to build a champion, training should start at home. Your primary coach will always be you parents. Train your kids as early as possible. Engage them to sports they like, and not what you prefer them to like.  
Speaker 3: Coach Dan “Azkals” 
The line that Coach Dan said at the end of his speech really marked on me. He said, “We play not for fame nor for money, but we play to raise the flag of Our Country…” He also said that every champion, started from scratch and from being a nobody, which he relates to his team on why they were called “Azkals”, because none of the government and sports institutions have supported them before.

What Kevin has to say...

kevin pingkian with Mr Abrera.
My brother with Mr Abrera.

At first, Leadership conference for me is only all about improving one’s skill in terms of being a groundbreaker. But then, I heard about the leadership conference which was sponsored by LH Foundation Inc. 
I was amazed since this is one of the most influential foundations in our society today. The venue of the leadership conference was perfect because in my own opinion, it fits perfectly based on the genre of the said event.  
The leadership conference was extraordinary since their guest speakers were: Azkals the Philippine Football Team, Dyan Castillejo, Suzi & Paulo Abbrera. It adds a very impressive impact from the audience when those extraordinary speakers share their own experience of being a “champion” in life.  
Based on what the speakers had shared, I learned a lot from them. I even liked this line when Dyan Castillejo shares to the audience that, “Have a dream, to be champion!” 
All of the insights that the guest speakers had share is very applicable to me as an HRM Student. I conclude that everyone can be a champion not just in our field but also as an ordinary human being.

About my Guest Post Writers

Babykit Marie R. Nunez

A girl who loves anything Twilight and is too humble of her achievements latest of which is her Cum Laude citation last March. She is my pretty cousin and RAFI Young Minds Academy Teammate.

Kevin Clint R. Pingkian

In his third year of BS-HRM, my brother is not just a basketball and drift car driving fan but also dedicates his life being a leader in his collegiate environment.

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What Matteo Guidicelli Did That Inspired The World

In their dream to let every child live a life in all its fullness, World Vision has launched a weeklong campaign to promote child sponsorship and its advocacy here in Cebu. 

Banking on their stellar powers, they have invited their brand ambassador and a proud Cebuano Matteo Guidicelli to meet his grantees and visit one of their World Vision communities in Lilo-an where the kids show off their financial management skills.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs with matteo Guidicelli
Proud of his roots, conversing with showbiz prince in vernacular was a breath of fresh air. There is more than what meets the eye and I think it is his humility that made him rise through the ranks almost effortlessly. His sincerity just exudes in every smile and every gesture he makes, truly a man of sophistication and breeding. Cebu will be forever proud of what you have achieved and will continue to support the causes you fight for.

world vision liloan

Yep, these children are setting aside playtime for a few minutes every Saturday to practice funding and discipline, after benchmarking the success of their parent’s Community-Owned and Managed Savings and Credit Association (COMSCA). All thanks to World Vision’s efforts, they are now sustainable in providing themselves what they need with what little income they have.

With passbooks and a vault that is being secured by three members, these kids have become responsible enough to understand financial processes, and I could not reiterate its importance all the more.

Meeting his extended family

After the heart-warming experience with Liloan COMSCA kids, we headed on to see chivalrous actor's beneficiaries whom he has sponsored for a couple of years now. They have created tokens of their appreciation through drawings which they gave personally.

world vision liloan

When they were asked what they could say to the debonair celebrity, the mother and her daughter choked up in tears and everyone in the room fell silent for a while because we were so moved by the extent of how World Vision and its beneficiaries has literally changed the lives of people they are serving. Matteo, being a charming guy he is, tried to keep the mood alight as quipped a joke in vernacular that made us laugh. He narrates how happy he becomes when he receives letters from these kids which contains drawings and pictures especially on Christmas. And I've learned from him personally that he also receives report cards on a regular basis.

About Sharing the Joy of Hope

Visiting the community with their celebrity sponsor and setting up exhibits is just part of their caravan in celebration of World Vision’s 55 years of “Sharing the Joy of Hope.” Today, World Vision assists more than 112,000 children and their families in 29 provinces all over the Philippines.

Congratulations to the people behind World Vision and hats off to all their sponsors and partners! Faith in humanity restored!

How you can change this world

With only six hundred pesos monthly contribution, you can already send a child to school and help them cope with the hardships of today’s life. Encourage your friends to spare a few bucks and be the change this world needs.

For more information

Call Cebu Hotline at 505-4444Call or text 0917-5540683
Like WorldVision on Facebook
Follow them @WorldVisionPH

Sponsor online through 

WorldVision Official Website

Inspirational Poster from Great Songs

All of us go through something... the magnitude differs and so do the situations we battle ourselves in. Life is simple but no one said it's easy, a classic line that rings true every single day. For that, we all need each other and at times when we think we are on our own we draw inspiration from those that empower us somehow. For me, I sometimes get it from really good music and with lines and performances so powerful, I will make it my life's calling to create a series of artworks that give life to the inspiration brought about by today's inspirational tunes.

Starting off with Demi Lovato's Skyscraper, a song about rising above the pain and suffering...

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson teaches us that you don't need anybody to be complete and it also jams about pinning those who did you wrong down...

Stronger by Mandisa has a lighter tone by telling the world that it may be hard to see God at times but He still cares, a thought very hard to choke down for some...

Always remember whatever it is that is devastating your day, it is not the end of the world, it's just another day... Spread the good vibes!

Kiss the Rain by Billie Myers

Terrified by Zachary Levi

We Found Love by Rihanna

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Live: Jaysee Blabs Year-End Reflections

Life is simple. You are born. You grow, then you die.

But no one ever said it's easy. The roads we take in between, the people we meet, the circumstances that surround us and the challenges being thrown our way brings out the worst in us; and in some cases, our best. It’s very tempting to talk about positivity but there will come a time that God will test you so much that you will know what is real and where you really stand. People call it pessimism. I call it upright realization that life is irreversible so never take a leap to unknown heights if you’ve had your share of sorrows and mistakes.

It is knowing who you really are, what you are capable of and what you want to do that will define who you will become.

Life is harsh. The most horrendous things can make you become a stronger being you never thought you would be. I’ve taken risks and some may have paid off but one thing didn’t.

Life is short. Have fun. Love the simple things. Kiss the rain. And of course, don't screw things much and if you do just bounce right back because life is too short for you to dwell in the past.  Enjoy every minute even when you are in pain.

Eat like a king, laugh out loud, love like you’ve never been hurt and as a wise man once said, live as if you would die tomorrow.

This post might come as a shock to people who may only know me by my very fun nature but I come with great seriousness as I deliver very important messages that I so rarely dwell into.

I can spend the whole day rambling about how my 2011 might’ve been the best and the worst in my life but I’d rather not because we’re not that close (lolz) and I’ve been known to be secretive even to my family. Instead, let me take you to a journey with me like strangers meeting for the first time at a long bus trip. Vague. Simple. Fun.

This is one part I’d rather not discuss much at all but I think I might have shocked the world when I did a lot of things throughout the year that squeaky clean me would never do. I thought so too. But when I’m pushed to edge, I get surprised with discovering what I am truly capable of.

There might have been a lot of dark moments in that year that convinced me to go bald (lolz); pack up and leave the comforts of my own home to live alone; to have a mean look by dying my hair bloody red, have both ears pierced; and get a tattoo for all the world to see.

I’m not really the kind of person who wants to explain myself but one thing you should know is that I am fine, for the most part. I know I have a lot of things to thank for and there are a lot of people who loves me but you don’t actually remember those things when you are in a very hazy state.

And oh, I survived two house floods alone for which I lost most of my gadgets, went on a hunger strike, lost a bike on the street and bought a new one, and got ran over and walked away completely unharmed. Tsk tsk tsk. I know right?

TRAVEL. Last year was a great one for my travelling feet. I had a great experience walking towards great lengths both literally and figuratively. But one notable thing in my travel logs was the fact that I went to the picturesque beauty that is Bohol for three times. And the excitement and fun never gets old every time I go there maybe because of the fact that I am with different people and mostly in different places. An island built for solitude as well as good ol’ friendly amusement.

The first time I went there was to join a young adults retreat with Christian friends. It was our adventure trips that made it very memorable. I could so remember how I squirmed as I went ziplining to probably one of the highest peaks in the country, and how I underestimated the word ‘caving’ before I went in and found out how hard it really was.

I went back by December to respond to the invitation of the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the National Nutrition Council to see the great government programs of the province of Bohol. We went to see the very reasons why Bohol is one of the most well managed local government units today and met program coordinators, volunteers and the beneficiaries who made it happen. But then what is a trip to the leading tourist destination without taking a lot of detours to the island’s sweetest spots. We even spent the night at a very great resort in Panglao. Ahh the pristine sea lines, sands so white and fine they feel like clay on your feet.

The third time came a few weeks later after a planned trip with some officemates as we take advantage of the Holiday break being given to us by the company. For three days and two nights, we were able to enjoy most of what the island has to offer. The great experience came after one of us tried to canvas around 30 travel companies for being the most reasonably priced and with the best itinerary. Exciting dolphin watching, snorkeling at their sanctuary, leisure dining at the river cruise, mud splashing with the ATV ride and so much more. It was definitely worth every penny and it just proves that travel need not be dollar expensive.

GRADUATION. 2011 is also a year of academic highlights for me. I graduated with high colors earning my degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology as well as graduating from the best leadership training program in the country, the Young Minds Academy of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. The YMA Program taught me so much when it comes to seeing the bigger picture in our lives that we need to go beyond passive citizenship and actually jumpstart doing something great with all our energy and time.

But there is something about those graduation moments that made it feel so impersonal for me. I have dreamt of getting a medal when I graduate for as long as I can remember but when that moment finally arrived I just never felt a thing; maybe because of the fact that it came at a really bad time in my life, as I was in between different challenges or maybe because my definition of happiness has grown to something so much deeper. I ask forgiveness for people who wanted me to throw lavish parties but trust me, there is nothing worth celebrating anymore. Appreciation from people is good enough and seeing my family happy because of that makes the rocky trip worth the ride.

JOB. I am also thankful for my current company, where I also did internship, for offering me a job when I graduated. Despite the offers of others, I chose not to be lured by money because trust me, VISA is right, there are some things money cannot buy; like the reliance you have gained, signature WebXpress camaraderie and friendships you have formed and the caring management that you so rarely get in an industry driven to prematurely propel itself to success.

CHRISTMAS. But what is being Jaysee if without being the life of the parties? (lolz) Surprisingly, I always thought I wasn’t social enough but as of writing this article I found myself scavenging through my photo albums and statistics would say I might have attended around six Christmas Parties. The most number my life will ever have I think.

First there was the media thanksgiving organized by Globe from which I won a new phone.

With my 19th century hottie writer outfit, there I was at another party with media practitioners under the MIND 7 which was celebrated the same night of the office Christmas party. Teleportation powers was put into place that night.

As if I came straight out from a Carribean movie, I attended the Pirate Themed church youth party.

Then as part of our social responsibility efforts, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. decided to spend Christmas with our brothers and sisters at the Missionaries of the Poor.

And of course, what’s the holidays if without spending it with my beloved families of both sides on separate occasions. They are the reasons why I so love Christmas.

BIRTHS. Probably one of the best blessings of my 2011 was the birth of two special kids. No, not that special. Special in a sense that they came from two close friends, Ate Suzette, my former office supervisor and Ate Ceewai, my cousin. Salute to all the mothers for I am witness to how it can cause monstrosity in mood and looks at birth but they are pretty much fine now and they have become great mothers for all I know.

I would really like to impart you every single thing that I have learned for the past year but it’s so much better if you discover your life’s lessons yourself.

I do however would like to imprint some points into your consciousness: enjoy life; never give up everything for just one; people who leave you never deserve you; it’s always ok to be real and be human; and when you crumble down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, put on a smile and do what is expected of you and just… live.

Live: The 2011 Jaysee Blabs Year End Reflections

P.S.  I'm going to hibernate much on 2012. Taking the backseat on every thing. I've had my run. Inner peace and happiness is my new goal. I'm contented. I am complete. Will slowly disappear to obscurity perhaps. Have a great year ahead and I wish you all the best.

Making Money Work For You

The Money Summit and Wealth Expo in Waterfront Cebu definitely blew my mind out of proportions when it comes to money. 

Staying at that ballroom for two days, humbled me and opened a whole new world of opportunities and busted a lot of myths and misconceptions that has hindered me to maximize the power of  these opportunities after all these years.

In a nutshell, I have learned different ways to earn massive, passive income from real business and investment experts themselves. I have learned about Simple Super Strategy for Stocks, How to Become an E-Commerce Super Seller, Quick Profits in Foreclosures, and Getting Started with Multiple Sources of Passive Income. There were a lot of speakers actually with lots more topics but I can only work out a few because of my work schedule.

The focus of this year’s Money Summit and Wealth Expo 2011 is about earning massive passive income. Passive income means earning money that works for you not the other way around. To give you an gist it revolves around dividends, interest income, capital gains, rental income, franchise fees, licensing fees, royalties, affiliate income and more. What’s great about the conference format is that they invited the best in the industry to talk about their forte and there was a combined effort to induce proven and practical strategies to earn massive passive income with no financial jargons you won’t understand.

This post should give you more or less a head start. I would also like to commend the organizers for having a smooth and entertaining flow despite the travel constraints of the speakers and formulating the program content, digestible and relevant materials presented and hyping up the energy level of the audience was top notch. Who knew finance could be this exciting?

Here are some keypoints that I learned from the host:

Not everything is taught in school. Earning money takes a lot of experience and skills training in the real world. 
Successful people became rich by trying, doing, experimenting, practicing and failing. Luck is merely the thin line between opportunity and preparation. 
The greater the adversity, the greater the chances for success. 
For Cebu to become a first class city, you gotta be first class citizens too. 
The speakers agreed that Cebuanos are hard to please and is quite shy. I mean it is proven a lot of times not just on that seminar. 
Be bold, be fearless.

Things to know about multiple streams of income:

Be a full time family man. Know your priorities. 

Juanis Barredo has addressed audiences over 8,000 customers and investors nationwide.
Juanis Barredo has addressed audiences over 8,000 customers and investors nationwide regarding the benefits of investing in the Philippine stock market.

Know stock market or if you don’t have time to learn everything about it go to Citiseconline.  
Investing in stocks is not scary, you just have to approach the right broker such as BDO or Citiseconline and just wait for your money to grow without working hard for it. 
Learn internet marketing and earn from it. 
Do events organizing. 
Invest in interpersonal skills.

Things to know about Real Estate:

Noli Alleje founded The Property Forum Inc which has networked with some 15,000 licensed real estate brokers and thousands of property consultants through its membership with top real estate organizations in the country.
Noli Alleje founded The Property Forum Inc which has networked with some 15,000 licensed real estate brokers and thousands of property consultants through its membership with top real estate organizations in the country.

Time cures real estate mistakes. Pampanga was covered in lahar before and people just wanted their land out of their hands so they sold it cheaply. Now Pampanga is an agricultural and real estate haven since the new soil formation could hold water so well and that a lot of adventure trails and resorts have benefited from the transformation as well. 
Buyers beware. Be careful about fake land titles. Always check with the Register of Deeds, that is why foreclosed properties are better since papers are clean because the banks capitalize on keeping their reputation. 
When buying the property, ask yourself what to do with it: hold, sell or lease? 
Inflation rates increases your asset value. 
Buy properties where the path of progress lead, not where it is already advanced. You can check with your municipality about the RORO stops or the Philippine Nautical Highway. 
Don’t fall in love with your investment because it is going to be very hard to let go.

Things to do when doing e-Commerce:

Eireen Diokno-Bernardo is a recognized eBay and PayPal as E-Commerce Education Specialist for Southeast Asia. She is also recommended by Jim Griffith, the Dean of eBay University in the U.S. as an eBay Education Specialist for worldwide online trading in the Philippines. She has been endorsed by UnionBank for E-Commerce and E-Learning.
Eireen Diokno-Bernardo is a recognized eBay and PayPal as E-Commerce Education Specialist for Southeast Asia. She is also recommended by Jim Griffith, the Dean of eBay University in the U.S. as an eBay Education Specialist for worldwide online trading in the Philippines. She has been endorsed by UnionBank for E-Commerce and E-Learning.

Have a Paypal account for safe online money transactions. 
Aside from selling, you can also earn from eBooks, Consultancies and Webinars. 
Philippines is considered just a potential market by EBay but with a collective effort to put every world-class product sonline, we can be an emerging market online. 
There is no such thing as financial freedom since you will always need more. 
We, as a nation, know how to create but we don’t know how to market our products. Keep on selling! 
Shipping is very important. Know the carriers, know the rates, know the calculations and have a great relationship with your shipper. 
Study which products will sell online. Ebay can show you which products got sold and how much. 

What are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating and start a great life now!

Thank you so much Learning Curve Inc.!

The Speech: The Last Chapter Part 4/4

On a serious note…

There will come a time that God will break everything you hold so dear.

I just hope that when that time comes to you, you wouldn’t hate Him as much as I did because the only way for you to overcome, is to trust Him.

It is so easy to say that we should look on the brighter side of things and that He has a plan and that tomorrow would be a better day.

We may have storms in our life but the fact that it doesn’t rain the rest of the year is very comforting to know.

His plans may seem very random to us mere mortals, but He has his reasons. Great ones.

I’m afraid that I may not be in the position to impose optimism since I myself easily gets entangled in depression every once in a while.

But what’s great about me is the ability to leave baggage at the door because we should only open the right boxes at the right time.

We have lives to pursue and feelings should just come second.

Bruno Mars actually had a song that I constantly remind myself when all else breaks down right in my face and it was shared to me by Irish. Let me share a few lines to you too:

I’ve been working hard so long
Seems like pain has been my only friend
My fragile heart’s been done so wrong
I wondered if I’d ever heal again
I will break these chains that bind me
Happiness will find me
A whole new world is waiting
It’s mine for the taking
I know I can make it
Today My Life Begins

Indeed, life comes in surprising packages and as the years go by I’ve soon come to realize that college is a bittersweet experience I would never tire to live it over and over again.

 I wish I could say a lot more good stuff. But Life is unfair. Life is cruel.

That is the challenge given to us:

To make the most out of what we have, what we lost and what we will gain.

Rise above every crisis.

Live in the moment.

Seize every opportunity.

Because life loves those who dare live it.

If you ask me the secrets to success then live by the three principles that have guided me all this time:

Do what is right, do what you love, and do it with all your heart.

Thank you and I won’t say 'goodbye' but 'see you guys around'.

Today our life begins.

I am complete.

The Speech: How I Got My First Paid Job Part 3/4

Most of us will start venturing to the world of work while the rest of us have already battled our way in.

Before WebXPress, before MICS department, let me share a short tale of how I got my first job.

During our first year college, I was awarded as a President's Lister and pride got into me as I got the highest academic recognition ever. So I asked my dad to buy me a PSP as a reward but he turned me down because he could not afford it. I got so mad that I tried to look for a job to buy one for myself. Then I ended up at a call center in Lapu-lapu City because they were offering part time jobs back then. And Lapu-lapu is like a million kilometers away from where I live. Up till now, I still can't figure out how I managed to survive all those time.

But anyway, I got accepted and they managed my working schedule to complement my school's. Every day I worked for five grueling hours on the phone dealing with different people and switching from one project to another almost immediately. It was so stressful that I have the highest respects for call center agents, let alone working students.

I had to be awake as early as 1AM to ride on the only jeepney that passes by early dawn because if I miss it I am going to be late for work and the company has a policy that if you are going to be late, don't come at all because you will be sent home anyway. Pay was good and so were some other more benefits.

As they days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to months, I began to wear out to the point I would lock myself in the bathroom cubicle either to sleep or to cry out my frustrations and exhaustions. So I went back to the very reason that took me there. I bought the PSP, resigned and learned life's biggest lesson the hard way.

One thing you should know about life is that do things not because you get something out of it but because you LOVE it.

The Speech: Recounting Happy Memories Part 2/4

Going deeper into the memory lane, who wouldn’t forget the four years of Sinulog? You see we have this thing of offering dance presentations at the Mardi Gras and rambling about it would take the whole day so I’m just gonna leave it at that.

Don’t you also remember
we had this SBO tribute day where I didn’t dance,
mangrove planting in Lapu-lapu,
the fun Buwan ng Wika with ACLC,
then guarding different precincts during the GMA-AMA Quick Count Election coverage,
DOLE seminar at CDU,
our retreats in Verbum Dei and Don Bosco,
our educational tour all over Cebu’s top workplaces,
and dancing with our nanays and tatays in Barili,
our acquaintance parties in Crown Regency and Stakili,
our intramurals culminations in Portofino
and the one in Villa Teresita where I didn’t dance again?
It was a whole lotta fun.

I’d also like to take to congratulate my fellow scholars under RAFI’s Young Minds Academy program especially to Rhecel, Lorbe, Irish and to my cousin Babykit, for being such wonderful teammates.

They have done such a great job during the S-Leadership, Kool Adventure Camp, ThinkQuest and there is still more to come like out of town expeditions, community visits, immersions and project proposals.

Trust me, we have felt poverty in most marvelous ways.

I would also like to thank Sir Mel, Ms. Evelyn and everyone at RAFI for doing remarkable things for our country.

I’d also extend my gratitude to Kuya Iggy and Ms. Nancy for the encouragement and to our sponsors Unionbank and City Savings Bank for believing in us.

Thank you so much and I hope to see you all soon.

I’d also like to thank my colleagues at Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. for opening a lot of opportunities for me most especially to Kuya Iggy, Ate X, Ate Mikyu, Ate Wil, Attorney, Kuya Bjorn, Ate Ag, Kuya Bert, Kuya Mark, Kuya Miong, Kuya Rab, Angeli and Sinjin.

Thank you to WebXpress Inc. for nurturing my career most especially to Ms. Kate and Sir Mike.

Thanks to Kuya Ang, Ate Suzette, Ate Franny, Ate Amina for mentoring me and hats off to all my OJT Friends, and the Art and PHP Departments.

I would also like to thank my mentors in the past, Ms Shammy and Sir Angel of Western Wats Incorporated and Ms. Mauie of the Management Information and Computer Services Department of the Cebu City Hall.

I would also like to thank my high school friends for sticking up with me until this very day.

Thank you to the Wumties, to the Generals, to the Abats, to the Bebis, and to my 4D and 3F family. Thank you guys so much.

Me getting my medal along with my family!

But the biggest thanks go to my family. I am so proud to be a Pingkian and to be a Rosal. They have been very supportive. I just wish I could afford all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and nephews to be here.

Anyway, my successes in life are actually attributed to my family. They were always the ones who go behind my back to push me further.

To my father who work so hard to give us a wonderful life and whose professional values I emulate.

To my mother who takes care of us like no other and who is so proud of me.

To my brother and sister who are my confidants and best friends and who are absolutely better looking. Chance.

To Miggy who has brought absolute joy in the family.

Thank you so much guys.

My family, no matter how imperfect, is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have never said this publicly but I love you mommy. I love you daddy. I love you Kef. I love you Te. I love you Miggy.

The Speech: Thanking Special People Part 1/4

Graduating Bachelor of Science in Information Technology last May 5, 2011, I was given the privilege to deliver the Valedictory Address for our batch in AMA Cebu. It was one of the happiest moments of my life and I also commend the efforts of our school admin, faculty, staff and Radisson Blu for making our graduation amazing in a lot of ways. Here is the transcript of my speech and I do hope that it will inspire you to be who God wanted you to be.
Me and my parents!
To our distinguished guests, to our school director, to our school dean, to the rest of the faculty, to our administrators, to our staff, parents, guardians, friends, family, good afternoon.

I have the best time of my life when I stepped into college.

I have met great people, done extraordinary things, and explored amazing places.

I lived life with uncertainty at every turn and took every choice to make as an opportunity whether it will bring me sorrow or joy.

For the rest of my blabbering, I will be telling you tales that led to this day, how we must face our present challenges and recognizing the very people who I owe my life to.

It was not too long ago when I first stepped into AMA.

I was younger, I was more naïve and definitely unaware that AMA existed here in Cebu if it wasn’t for my mom who tagged me along for enrollment.

I.T. was already in my mind as got addicted to HTML and Java in my fourth year high school and I used to want to become a game developer. I would really like to thank Mdm. Dadula because of her, I aced my programming subjects since they came so easy to me.

My decision to take up I.T. conflicted with my other interests such as Physics, Architecture, Political Science and English to name a few.

I was supposed to live the rest of my college life as a loner. I wanted to look like the typical guy in the movies but nah, that is sooo not me. I then got close to this group of gorgeous, talented and smart people as the days go by and we soon called ourselves AMA Angels. Could anything be more egotistical than that?

Thank you so much guys for the great memories and I just wish the rest of the gang was here.
The AMA Angels would also like to thank Sir Palatao.

Lorbe and I are also thanking him, Ma’am V and Sir Joey for awarding us the academic scholarships. You have no idea how it meant for us.

I’d like to thank Sir Polibert for all the prizes that I won from his contests. From the movie tickets at the Speech competition to the 50 pesos for acing a quiz, he has gotta be one of the most dynamic professors we’ve had.

Who wouldn’t forget our first IT project under Ms Veda? I was partnering up with Ate Z for our online financial calculators and we called the application as Quarta, spelled fashionably with Q.

It became our springboard to prepare us for the fourth year’s I.T. Capstone Project and we teamed up again and this time with Rhecel and Andrew for a much bigger endeavor.

We presented an IT planning product concept titled Transparent Handheld Computing Device with Smart Visual Recognition.

Cool? Definitely. It was worth all the trouble and money.

And speaking of money, who couldn’t recover from our Data Communications projects with the blinking LEDs and the digital counter. We had to burn some circuits from learning how to solder and Kuya Nido, Kheydin and I even have to walk around the streets of Colon to gather up the parts.

In the end, we all have to ask professional help and thanks to Sir Jazzi’s encouragements, we might have failed but we learned a bigger lesson.

Talking about school events.

Before I got elected as Vice President of the Student Body Organization, I was more of a participant and I could so remember the day Jessa and I won 1st runner up for the Foundation Day Quiz Bowl hosted by Kuya Billy. I could also remember the day Jomar and I won Best Essay for the Math and Science Month.

With the amazing efforts of Ms. Rachel, Student Body Organization was chartered and inducted its pioneer set of officers who reigned three productive terms. Thanks to the AMA Angels who was very dominant during the elections that I didn’t have any choice but to rise up to the challenge.

Being an officer was the most stressful thing that happened to me. Organizing school events were fun and I’ve been pretty good in planning ever since. It’s just that I can only do so much. That is why I’d like to thank every one of you for supporting so give yourselves a round of applause.

I would also dedicate this time to thank our Administration, Faculty and Staff for making great things happen.

They are the very cornerstones of this institution and the very people who took the extra mile to giving us nothing but the best.

The unsung heroes we could say.

The selfless service they render could never be undervalued.

So to them I say: Thank you. Let’s give them a round of applause.
My Ring Hop Ceremony held at the Northwinds Hotel Lahug.
The only consolation we get for serving you guys is to see you have fun.

From the acquaintance parties to the Hearts Day and Christmas Party Celebrations in the past three years, to the 1st ever Halloween Party and the 1st Teachers’ Day, the BlogTalk seminar, the Foundation Days and the Intramurals,

College broke free from its monotonous routine of daily lectures.

We were also given the privilege to represent the school at the Emerging Pinoy Leaders Congress of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated or RAFI at the Genesis Valley and the SSG Federation Leadership Training Seminar at the Cebu Business Hotel. So I’d like to acknowledge the people who could show what a true public servant has to be: Ford, Rebecca, Ate Z, Jaymhar and to Abby Kate who could not be here. Thank you so much.

What you can do to improve your life! Part 4/4

All of us have major major problems and most of it involves money and people. It takes skills and perseverance to excel in what you do. There was so much to take in from Mr. Anthony Pangilinan when I was invited to cover the Plantersbank SME Speaker Series the other day.

Photo op with Mr. Anthony together with CBS Members Angeli, Ate Wil and Kuya Iggy!
Photo op with Mr. Anthony together with CBS Members Angeli, Ate Wil and Kuya Iggy!

The fifth and final struggle that SMEs face is


All of us have the ability to take on responsibility.

Mr. Pangilinan assures, “I will not doubt that you will succeed.”

He also advises:
Don’t ask what is important: the left or the right wing?

Legacy is about what you’ll leave behind. Grand exit if you must say. Maybe we should also thought of a grand entrance just as well.



Mr. Pangilinan also introduced to us to two new acronyms in life:

enthusiasm acronym
This means if you want
everybody to be ethical,
you must be enthusiastic.

Lead by example, practice what you preach, and live life.

We have all eternity to celebrate our victories,we only have sundown to win them all.

He also shared an acronym he formulated himself after spending time with Jim Collins and Rick Warren:

cents acronym
Contribute? Does what you do add value to something?
Excel? Can you excel while doing it?
Natural Gift? Are you born to do it?
Turn on? Does doing it excite you?
Spirit in you? Is it moral? Uplifting? Positive?

If you answer at least four, then go for it. For three, think hard. Below three, call back some other time.

“If it makes CENTS for you, then it makes CENTS for me.”

For timeliness he also asked about the unfortunate Quirino Grandstand incident:
what should be the country's response to the hostage crisis manila quirino grandstand


Q&A with the Speaker

Participant: How do you manage your success?
“I am a change agent. I am in a mission to disturb you.”
“What I want in my epitaph? He loved Maricel for life.’
“When you try to take fulfillment on your business, you are violating it.”
“Don’t overextend yourself. Greed and pride are the major causes of failures in business.”

Participant: How should I start?
“Being here is a start. Sitting in front and hungry to learn.”
“Know what vocation, profession and engagement works best for you. Listen to yourself.”

You have just learned to solve:

  1. How to assess what we should stand for.
  2. Align your organization to the community.
  3. Accept the fact even now we greatly influence those around us.
  4. Answer to people we honor and respect.
  5. Account for our decisions and actions.

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