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Give Smiles To Homeless Kids

We all have wonderful memories as snot-nosed kids, or if you disagree with me, then for the most part of it, we were comfortable. We had nothing to worry about but the exams and assignments to fulfill, when our favorite anime is on air, what games to play with our troublesome friends at dismissal, what food to buy in the canteen and the list could go on.

Sadly, not all of us had such dilemma but had way rougher at a young age.
We have homeless children who had been emotionally and physically shattered by the harsh living conditions of the streets; whose families suffer or break apart right before their very eyes, whose tummies ache because it had nothing to digest thus, their intestines are the ones facing the painful acidic reactions from their bile. We are never to blame or judge these kids if they had to turn to chemical addiction, crime, prostitution or worse, suicide, because we were never there in their darkest moments.

Think life is hard? Think again.
Good thing there are those pe…

Inspiring Movement at 1st Cebu Social Media Summit

"How can new technology and new media create solutions for the biggest problems facing my community?"

This is the question that everyone resonated all over the world as we celebrate International Social Social Media Summit. Here in Cebu, the premier blogging institution with which I belong to, organized the event with the help of our sponsors and partners.

Another milestone under our belt, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. spearheaded the event last September 22 featuring different talks that showcase how new media changed the world we live in.

Attended by student leaders, businessmen and bloggers, the gathering proved to be the convergence of ideas that will dictate how we can influence tomorrow and use social media for progress.

Yours truly, had the chance to present to everyone another big endeavor that CBSi is embarking in, ACT NOW.

What is ACT NOW #actnowcebu? ACT NOW is a new project of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. to streamline its newly-formed Outreach Committee, which…

Cebu Google Business Group For Awesome Networking!

If you want a community that shares your passion for everything Google then you are in great luck because Google Business Group (GBG) Cebu has finally reached our shores!

It is an independent tribe of business owners and online enthusiasts who want to network and basically, be more awesome. 

Started by the forerunners of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi)'s Fleire Castro and Bjornson Bernales, GBG aims to promote ecommerce, launching start-ups and online campaigns of all sorts.

We had a quirky meetup last September 22 sponsored by Bo's Coffee had everyone pleasantly knowing each other.

Why I joined GBG? I am a blogger, online marketer, graphic and web designer, CBSi Outreach Committee chair, and freelance service provider. I've been using Google products like a tattoo with my lifestyle be it professional or personal endeavors.

From Search, Labs, Blogger, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Youtube, Drive, and Calendar, Google basically has close to everything covered. To belong w…

How to be a Champion

The invitation to attend this life-changing forum couldn't come any better as I could definitely say that before the event, I was in the state of my life where I have lost my passion after a lot of unfortunate things ravaging me, one after the other.

But hearing from the people, who the world hails as champions in their own right, I realized that there is so much more than the challenges we face. Our finances, relationships, stress and some other things that punch us down to rock bottom is, in fact, healthy because when you are down there is no way to look but up. 

I have been to countless summits, leadership training and conferences but I have never been this inspired. Learning determination from a well-rounded sports journalist, instilling active family values from a celebrity couple and championing resourcefulness and world-class cadence from a popular all-Filipino sports team, the LH Leadership Conference's theme of becoming a winner in life could never be more perfect and …

What Matteo Guidicelli Did That Inspired The World

In their dream to let every child live a life in all its fullness, World Vision has launched a weeklong campaign to promote child sponsorship and its advocacy here in Cebu. 

Banking on their stellar powers, they have invited their brand ambassador and a proud Cebuano Matteo Guidicelli to meet his grantees and visit one of their World Vision communities in Lilo-an where the kids show off their financial management skills.

Yep, these children are setting aside playtime for a few minutes every Saturday to practice funding and discipline, after benchmarking the success of their parent’s Community-Owned and Managed Savings and Credit Association (COMSCA). All thanks to World Vision’s efforts, they are now sustainable in providing themselves what they need with what little income they have.

With passbooks and a vault that is being secured by three members, these kids have become responsible enough to understand financial processes, and I could not reiterate its importance all the more.


Inspirational Poster from Great Songs

All of us go through something... the magnitude differs and so do the situations we battle ourselves in. Life is simple but no one said it's easy, a classic line that rings true every single day.For that, we all need each other and at times when we think we are on our own we draw inspiration from those that empower us somehow.For me, I sometimes get it from really good music and with lines and performances so powerful, I will make it my life's calling to create a series of artworks that give life to the inspiration brought about by today's inspirational tunes.

Always remember whatever it is that is devastating your day, it is not the end of the world, it's just another day... Spread the good vibes!

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Live: Jaysee Blabs Year-End Reflections

Life is simple. You are born. You grow, then you die.

But no one ever said it's easy. The roads we take in between, the people we meet, the circumstances that surround us and the challenges being thrown our way brings out the worst in us; and in some cases, our best. It’s very tempting to talk about positivity but there will come a time that God will test you so much that you will know what is real and where you really stand. People call it pessimism. I call it upright realization that life is irreversible so never take a leap to unknown heights if you’ve had your share of sorrows and mistakes.

It is knowing who you really are, what you are capable of and what you want to do that will define who you will become.
Life is harsh. The most horrendous things can make you become a stronger being you never thought you would be. I’ve taken risks and some may have paid off but one thing didn’t.

Life is short.Have fun. Love the simple things. Kiss the rain. And of course, don't screw things…

Making Money Work For You

The Money Summit and Wealth Expo in Waterfront Cebu definitely blew my mind out of proportions when it comes to money. 

Staying at that ballroom for two days, humbled me and opened a whole new world of opportunities and busted a lot of myths and misconceptions that has hindered me to maximize the power of  these opportunities after all these years.

In a nutshell, I have learned different ways to earn massive, passive income from real business and investment experts themselves. I have learned about Simple Super Strategy for Stocks, How to Become an E-Commerce Super Seller, Quick Profits in Foreclosures, and Getting Started with Multiple Sources of Passive Income. There were a lot of speakers actually with lots more topics but I can only work out a few because of my work schedule.

The focus of this year’s Money Summit and Wealth Expo 2011 is about earning massive passive income. Passive income means earning money that works for you not the other way around. To give you an gist it revolve…

The Speech: The Last Chapter Part 4/4

On a serious note…

There will come a time that God will break everything you hold so dear.

I just hope that when that time comes to you, you wouldn’t hate Him as much as I did because the only way for you to overcome, is to trust Him.

It is so easy to say that we should look on the brighter side of things and that He has a plan and that tomorrow would be a better day.

We may have storms in our life but the fact that it doesn’t rain the rest of the year is very comforting to know.

His plans may seem very random to us mere mortals, but He has his reasons. Great ones.

I’m afraid that I may not be in the position to impose optimism since I myself easily gets entangled in depression every once in a while.

But what’s great about me is the ability to leave baggage at the door because we should only open the right boxes at the right time.

We have lives to pursue and feelings should just come second.

Bruno Mars actually had a song that I constantly remind myself when all else breaks down right…

The Speech: How I Got My First Paid Job Part 3/4

Most of us will start venturing to the world of work while the rest of us have already battled our way in.

Before WebXPress, before MICS department, let me share a short tale of how I got my first job.

During our first year college, I was awarded as a President's Lister and pride got into me as I got the highest academic recognition ever. So I asked my dad to buy me a PSP as a reward but he turned me down because he could not afford it. I got so mad that I tried to look for a job to buy one for myself. Then I ended up at a call center in Lapu-lapu City because they were offering part time jobs back then. And Lapu-lapu is like a million kilometers away from where I live. Up till now, I still can't figure out how I managed to survive all those time.

But anyway, I got accepted and they managed my working schedule to complement my school's. Every day I worked for five grueling hours on the phone dealing with different people and switching from one project to another almost imm…

The Speech: Recounting Happy Memories Part 2/4

Going deeper into the memory lane, who wouldn’t forget the four years of Sinulog? You see we have this thing of offering dance presentations at the Mardi Gras and rambling about it would take the whole day so I’m just gonna leave it at that.

Don’t you also remember
we had this SBO tribute day where I didn’t dance,
mangrove planting in Lapu-lapu,
the fun Buwan ng Wika with ACLC,
then guarding different precincts during the GMA-AMA Quick Count Election coverage,
DOLE seminar at CDU,
our retreats in Verbum Dei and Don Bosco,
our educational tour all over Cebu’s top workplaces,
and dancing with our nanays and tatays in Barili,
our acquaintance parties in Crown Regency and Stakili,
our intramurals culminations in Portofino
and the one in Villa Teresita where I didn’t dance again?
It was a whole lotta fun.

I’d also like to take to congratulate my fellow scholars under RAFI’s Young Minds Academy program especially to Rhecel, Lorbe, Irish and to my cousin Babykit, for being such wo…

The Speech: Thanking Special People Part 1/4

Graduating Bachelor of Science in Information Technology last May 5, 2011, I was given the privilege to deliver the Valedictory Address for our batch in AMA Cebu. It was one of the happiest moments of my life and I also commend the efforts of our school admin, faculty, staff and Radisson Blu for making our graduation amazing in a lot of ways. Here is the transcript of my speech and I do hope that it will inspire you to be who God wanted you to be.

Me and my parents!
To our distinguished guests, to our school director, to our school dean, to the rest of the faculty, to our administrators, to our staff, parents, guardians, friends, family, good afternoon.

I have the best time of my life when I stepped into college.

I have met great people, done extraordinary things, and explored amazing places.

I lived life with uncertainty at every turn and took every choice to make as an opportunity whether it will bring me sorrow or joy.

For the rest of my blabbering, I will be telling you ta…

What you can do to improve your life! Part 4/4

All of us have major major problems and most of it involves money and people. It takes skills and perseverance to excel in what you do. There was so much to take in from Mr. Anthony Pangilinan when I was invited to cover the Plantersbank SME Speaker Series the other day.

The fifth and final struggle that SMEs face is
All of us have the ability to take on responsibility.

Mr. Pangilinan assures, “I will not doubt that you will succeed.”

He also advises:
Don’t ask what is important: the left or the right wing?

Legacy is about what you’ll leave behind. Grand exit if you must say. Maybe we should also thought of a grand entrance just as well.

ACRONYMS Mr. Pangilinan also introduced to us to two new acronyms in life:

This means if you want
everybody to be ethical,
you must be enthusiastic.

Lead by example, practice what you preach, and live life.

We have all eternity to celebrate our victories,we only have sundown to win them all.
He als…