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Don’t Waste Time! Apply These 6 Simple Techniques To Improve Water Conservation

El Nino is coming to ravage Philippines once again under the guise of summer season but this as we all know makes temperatures skyrocketing, pushing living costs at its peak, and water consumption being on top. Here are simple, actionable and practical ways that will help you live reasonably while at the same time, conserving water at home. Thanks to Cebu City Government for these infographics and I hope you find it useful!

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Helping OFWs Bridge Financial Gaps

After years of uphill struggle, many OFWs come home to stay into the same financial status and way of life they had before they departed the country. There are many whys and wherefores for such an upshot – their families back home were unable to save, the salary earned out of the country proved inadequate for the family’s mounting necessities, the OFW overseas had so many other trials to deal with such that economic groundwork fall through the cracks, or financial implements abroad simply did not tone with the needs of our fellowmen in other countries. 

With AXA iON, Filipinos abroad who log on to the internet quite often can now access the most basic financial products that can help them secure their financial future in a transparent, easy, and affordable way.

“The internet is playing an ever increasing role in the way we communicate, transact and find information about anything,” Rien Hermans, President & CEO of AXA Philippines said,  
“With AXA iON, we now give Filipinos the chance to secure their financial future from the increasing costs of education, the burden of expensive healthcare costs, and the passing of a breadwinner, all in a digital platform, in just a few, easy steps, and from wherever they are,” he added.

AXA iON offers four (4) fully-guaranteed products that make up the AXA eXentials line, which are designed to be affordable with premiums starting at only P1,000 per month:

  • Savings eXentials is a fail-proof alternative to savings that provide better returns than a regular savings account returns, pays out the cash to your family even if you don’t complete the 5-year savings plan in case of death or disability.
  • Academic eXentials gives guaranteed cash benefits once a year for 5 consecutive years, to help defray costs related to tuition or education. But in case of untimely demise before the 5-year payout period, Academic eXentials will give your family additional cash every year until the year before the scheduled release of benefits.
  • Life eXentials is a back-to-basics income replacement plan. Unlike typical life insurance plans, Life eXentials pays out its benefits monthly over a period of up to 5 years so there’s no danger of wiping out the insurance proceeds at once and ensures that the beneficiaries get a monthly stipend to replace the income of the loved one who passed away.
  • Health eXentials is the affordable complement to HMO coverage as it pays out cash upon diagnosis of critical conditions such as heart attack, stroke, including gender specific cancers (breast, cervical, prostate cancers), stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease and 30 other critical illnesses.

This is a press release.

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Thoughts of a Newly Turned 25-Year Old

My vision...

is to live in a God-fearing happy world where there is tolerance for people to become who they are, where they are treated with equality, where there is acceptance, where there is prosperity and abundance, and most of all a society that functions with sustainability.

My mission...

is to educate and inspire as much souls as I can and learn from others along the way, in order to realize the better joyful world we all deserve in His name.

My tattoo...

People ask me "why wings?"

The answer is Why Not? I've always have been fascinated by angels and eagles.

I grew up asking why He never gave us the ability to soar heights naturally and then eventually I answered my own question:

He did not give us limitations, instead, He gave us a great opportunity to rise above it.
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Birthday wish...

As I turn a year older, I hope I will find joy every time I wake up, a reason to live, a reason to love life again.

Lingering question...

Have you ever asked God why is He still keeping you alive?

Funny moment...

Because I am traumatized by Manila traffic, I ended up arriving 4 hours before call time of my first day at my new Makati job. Let us advocate timeliness and accountability.

Awww moment...

My niece asked me what my best talent is. Trying to teach her humility, I pretended to have a hard time answering. She ended up drawing the letter T on my hand because she says I'm good in talking to people.

Financial goals...

Zero out debt. 
Be at pace with my amortization. 
Start saving up for personal goals. 
Start building an emergency fund.
Additional deposit on my FAMI mutual fund and ColFinancial stocks account for my life goals.

New year's reflection...

It's a scary thing to lose passion in life when He does everything to bless you. Be careful when you give your heart away, you'll might never get it back and you'll lose your soul along the way. In this life, we'll never be truly happy, we just have to make most out of it and look forward to eternal bliss. 

Someone once told me "rest but don't quit" and "He might never give what we want but He'll find a way to give us what we deserve." 

In this coming new year, remember two things: only love what matters most and love yourself. Stay positive.

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Thoughts from a Mega Banker: Financial Skills For Fellow 20-ish Pinoy Yuppies

I may have financial successes and failures at different points in my life but if there is anything I am proud of, it is that I have stuck with my plans even through privations.

I am living frugally now because I have a lot of responsibilities to pay. I’m currently paying off equities for a pre-sold home (at age 23!), mobile data plan, premiums for a life insurance, premiums for a funeral plan (I know right?), saving for future plans (which I am not able to do yet) like finishing my postgraduate studies or travelling and investments like funding my stocks and mutual funds through Citiseconline and FAMI Equity accounts respectively.

I didn't need to wait until I reach the pinnacle of my career years to educate myself towards financial independence. I take it upon myself to learn about personal finance as early as I can even if I am still a rank-and-file employee. Ignorance is the biggest cost we pay, so we have the responsibility to continually educate ourselves in order to prosper as what God would have wanted. He always has great plans for us, I used to say often, but He can’t do it alone unless we pay our dues and do our share.

Life loves those who dare live it. - Jaysee -

There are small things that we can start doing today:

  1. Be tight-fisted with our pesos. If you save up your small purchases throughout the day, it might add up for an equity payment on a home for the first month alone.
  2. Keep a good credit history. Treat your plastics (credit cards) as cash. This will ensure that banks will lend you money should you ever decide to take out a loan for your business, home or first car. 
  3. Keep your bills low.  Be careful about subscription models and eliminate some recurring bills to things you don’t really “need”. If you are like me, who lives in a world of great consumerism then don’t give in to the pressure of owning the latest phone your telco offers or wearing the brand that everyone covets. This leads to my next advice.
  4. Live humbly. Be frugal but don't deprive yourself of great things you deserve. Being frugal could involve skipping taxis unless needed and taking public transportation instead. Having not to dine out at restaurants regularly could help save you money in the long run. Pantry could be good for you and you may also want to take advantage of the free drinks like the mega bank I am working for now. 
  5. Sock money away. From your pay, take out savings which you might not use for daily expenses. Then from your savings take out an emergency fund and place it on a separate account. This should be at least 6 months’ worth of funds in case you lose your job. This is one tip I didn’t think through when I had quit my previous job and while I had a great time during the transition, trust me when I say this but I am literally paying the price of not socking money away.
  6. After you have saved for your emergency money, open another savings account for investments. Invest today. Check out stocks, and if you are not comfortable with your financial knowledge then go with mutual funds and UITFs. Life insurance products even have investments components today and it is very much recommended that you get one especially if you have dependents. The money you place on these accounts should not be something you would use in the next 10 years or so.
  7. This lack of financial strength makes us all exposed. It makes me feel bad when I had to turn down friends and family when crisis had hit them and I had nothing much to aid them. Share your financial knowledge as much as you can.
  8. Time is not an infinite product. As someone in our 20s, most of us think that we have all the time in the world to figure things out and get what we want. Truth is, we have to make the most of the opportunities we have today, because there will be a time when you have no more of it. 
  9. Don't be so full of yourself. You are irreplaceable. It's easy to drown in our own ego since we may be the most capable, creative, knowledgeable and multi-tasking generation but we have yet to reach our full potential. The real world just have all the mechanisms to crush you down and humble you. We all still have to methodically and painfully work our way to success.
  10. Take Responsibility. I am proud to be part of a mega bank who fosters a culture around integrity. As people starting, we are bound to make mistakes but we shouldn’t be defensive about errors in judgment. We can only grow by embracing the lessons learned, taking accountability in everything we do by heart, I must say.
  11. Chin up if you ever got your butt kicked. Having a horrible boss or coworker is something to be joyful about. This is the most vulnerable, pliable and foundational stage of our professional career.  Working for someone that demands fineness and pushes your bounds on a daily basis will build the most rock-hard ground work for your continuing professional victory. Dealing with difficult people will only strengthen your character along the way anyway.

What other tips can you share? Comment up!

Thank you Geraldine Tabada for the portrait above!

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Thoughts of a Mega Banker: 14 Tips to Outsmart your Credit Card

Working for the biggest financial in North America fortified everything I know about Philippine credit cards. There are better resources online but let me share you what I know about this great financial tool and how you can use it to your advantage and not the other way around.

"The plastic" is very convenient and rewarding to use that is if you know how to use it wisely.

14 Ways to Outsmart your credit card

  1. Always pay it in full based on your "outstanding balance". (Note: not minimum, partial.) This is where we make money from fees like finance, interest, or transaction fees.
  2. Get a card which suits your lifestyle. If you are a frequent flyer, then use card that gives you reward like miles. Make sure you get the best deals of the best card. 
  3. Do not pay for annual fee ever. That is not to say that you don't pay it at all, just ask them nicely over the phone if they could waive it let's say for the first year or the first three years. I made this mistake and so shouldn't you. If they reject the idea then call again in the next 6 hours or so and plea up until you get what you called for. Don't even give in when they say that they will increase your credit limit instead. Remember that is not your money on hand but a money that you are to borrow. You are after the rewards and not paying more fees. Just note that the annual fee is usually billed a month before your first card anniversary.
  4. Know the cutoff of every billing statement. Then pay a week before it. Or better yet divide the payments in two and pay every payday or better yet pay every purchase you make if your savings account and the credit card account is enrolled on your online bank profile.
  5. Always get your rewards before their expiry at the end of the year.
  6. Link all your bills to your plastic so you get the points. (Meralco, Globe, Sun, Smart, Tuition, Life Insurance)
  7. Be responsible enough to never go overdraft so you won't get any fees.
  8. Don't ever be tempted to avail of cash advance unless if it is an emergency and you don't have enough savings. Banks these days offer a .99% interest per month which is good but if you could pay it off before the term reaches half then the better.
  9. Don't treat your plastic as a lotto ticket. You can't swipe it just when you feel like it. Treat it as your extended time lender for 30 days instead. 
  10. Make sure your Philippine credit card has MasterCard and Visa logo on it. These are universal merchant associations and they make sure that your card is accepted everywhere (even internationally) you use it.
  11. If your card has online banking, enroll in e-statements as well like text and email notification. This will serve your reminder for online transaction, fraud detection for unusual transaction and so that you don't forget your due date.
  12. Don't be like the rest of the nation who is influenced under the culture of just paying the minimum amount due. If you don't pay in full, interest charges will start to incur.
  13. It is good to know that banks already earn every time you use it since they charge the merchant and not you. Charging you with additional fees is already an additional stream of income actually.
  14. And if you travel abroad, you can use it to pay the merchant even without going to the money changer. Just inform your bank ahead of time so they can put fraud notifications at bay.

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MBA Diaries: Awesome Things To Know Before Starting Business in PH

There are a lot of resources that gives an in-depth discussion on the requirements needed to legalize business here in the Philippines. The fundamentals and documentation requirements in filing for these make the very foundation of the entrepreneurial work we are to embark in. 

From single proprietorship, partnerships and corporations, requirements differ whichever the government deems necessary and suitable.

There is going to be a great deal of work to be done when starting up but since the DTI has actively devised the Philippine Business Registry, getting into business has never been easier.

SSS and BIR requirements are very long, specific and at times, arduous but are very important in nation building through tax collection and pension planning of everyone in the industry not just with the employees we will employ but our own as well. I couldn’t stress the importance of PhilHealth requirements too in ensuring our labor force are well taken care of.

Corporations whether stock or non-stock should register under Securities and Exchange Commission to ensure the entity is legal.

Brokers and dealers need to do market regulation department and it was great to know long it actually takes to file reports and forms. Investment houses, underwriters, transfer agents and self-regulatory organizations have their own reports and examinations to pass as well. The periodic monitoring is important to ensure the entities operating and financial health.

Philippine Business Registration, Licensing and Permitting 

My spiritual adviser and classmate, Ms Reba, reported in avery entertaining and informative matter. She aided us through a bird’s eye view on how to actually name and make all the necessary steps to help jumpstart your business into actual operation.

We have the BNRS system from the DTI website to search if the name has been registered by someone else or not. We’ve come to realize that you need to register your business to any of the three government agencies depending on the nature: DTI, SEC or CDA if you are a cooperative.

The government has risen up to the challenge to making it easier for business to apply for registration thus spurring productivity and improve the country’s competitiveness.

 The PBR or Philippine Business Registry has been the innovation that the DTI-NERBAC has introduced to streamline the registration with ease since you get to be registered into five national government agencies in a few minutes. The PBR is formerly managed by our professor, Ms Yap, and this positive development has been the product of workshops and seminars hosted by NERBAC 7, a governing board with the support of Cebu City Government.

With less than 30 minutes, you can have a registration to SSS, DTI, PhilHealth and Pag-ibig Fund on the same site in Cebu City. The licensing and permitting process enables any business to be legalized with the city mayor’s approval.

Good news: We now have the business permit and licensing system to ensure payment of taxes in a systematized manner. All these processes makes application for new business a breeze and aspiring entrepreneurs could never be happier. 

Philippine Business Technology Advancement 

Ms Endo was able to define the advancement in the area of technology and has narrowed it down to five examples such as construction, medical, information and environmental, and travel.

These technologies have affected e-commerce in a lot of ways as the exchange of products and services can now be done through the internet.

The advancements has affected the present-day entrepreneur through creating a climate suitable for business, ICT streamlining business operations and most of all the business transactions grow exponentially.

 I have also known about different strategies that improve enterprise productivity such as strengthening business fundamentals, reducing asset intensity and bolstering planning capabilities.

I believe one of the best things that technology has contributed is the value-based management principles and improving cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Philippine Business Enterprise Identification and Selection 

Ms. Cepe's team was able to give us the greatest factors in identifying a business project which is very useful. Introducing the useful techniques we can use such as finding a business opportunity, supply demand, studying import and export movements and capitalizing on available resources, can help us become great business people someday.

Teaching us to adapt, complement and reshape is one thing but for us to successfully indentify an enterprise we need to explore backward forward industry linkages and screen and select the best investment alternative. 

We have two options: to buy an existing business or take a franchise and they have done such a great job of optimizing the pros and cons of franchising as well. 

The advantages of not starting from scratch is that you are able to use an established brand and customer base as well ongoing research and development with around the clock training and support. But if you have a raw business idea you need to be able to ask yourself about the scope and criteria, your knowledge of the industry, your field experience and skills, ease of entry and how unique your idea is. This topic helps me know the market for the product as well as creating a service and putting it all together so that the finances would eventually follow.

After assessing potential market, technicalities, organization and operational needs, I am pretty sure implementing business plans would go smoothly for the most part.

All of these are my reflections from my Entrepreneurship Class MBA 103 at University of San Jose Recolletos - Cebu Class 2014.

Go to for more details on starting a business in the Philippines!

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Finance Tips for Young Filipinos from a Young Mega Banker

I currently work for North America’s largest mega bank and there is so much we can learn about finance from our developed counterparts. Fear is another concern among us Filipinos young and old alike. But if there is something we have proven the world, it is that we rise significantly from almost anything.

It has been a generally accepted fact the Filipinos loath risk, meaning we tend to dodge risks especially in investing and how we view entrepreneurship. One evidence of which is our huge money in Savings accounts. 

“BSP numbers pegs bank accounts (Savings, Checking & Time Deposits) at about P5 trillion while Special Deposit Accounts (SDA) at approximately P1.5 trillion.” 
- MoneySense Philippines -
A big lump of the money of the Pinoys is not actually being put in investment vehicles and is not reaching their full potential. While bank accounts are really safe, their earnings are waaaaay below price increases rates on commodities (inflation) which means for every year we keep money in savings, we actually tend to lose them.

My recommendation: Learn about investing. There are a lot of seminars and blogs around investing, insurance, entrepreneurship, personal finance, so take the time to learn the correct way to manage your hard earned money. Financial education it is one of those things that will bring us financial independence. 

Let us also not be immobilized by anxiety and doubt because if we risk nothing we gain nothing. I don’t mean gambling or betting our hard earned money away – we can learn to broaden your horizons and practice practical investment design.

It's simple. Just separate a portion of your savings to investments. This money should be something you are willing to put away for a very long time probably in 10 years before you reap the gains.
If investing directly in the stock market may be too much for you to stand, then I recommend we take a look at collective “equity funds” like the your local bank’s UITFs (Metrobank, BPI, or Security Bank) or mutual funds from FAMI as well. Even top life insurance companies now have investment components like SunLife and AXA.

Regardless of investing directly or indirectly, I have faith that it’s time for Filipinos to hit the books and put in in the Philippine stock market.

My MBA Diaries: Awesome Takes on Filipino Entrepreneurship

The Filipino Entrepreneur

The observed characteristics of the Filipino entrepreneur is very much alike to the Eastern philosophy of yin and yang: someone who has strengths and weakness. It is no secret that the successes of today's wealthiest Filipino businessmen was largely influenced by their traits, values and experiences as they rise above their adversities in life and did what they have to do to survive. They have turned their negative practices and attitudes into entrepreneurial assets.

It is very relevant to my life in a sense that we all need role models growing up and learning the ropes of entrepreneurship.

With the current business climate, it makes sense to learn from the best to be the best. 

Industry’s key players could be a rich source of information if you wish to be one of them some day. Their frugality, self-discipline and undying thirst for learning, made them accumulate wealth in the process.

  • Henry Sy, the Philippine’s top retail magnate has grown his investments exponentially that he begins to conquer other markets and potential industries that complement his current undertakings.
  • Lucio Tan has built multiple empires in airline, banking and tobacco through hard work as he was exposed to harsh living conditions as soon to a poor immigrant family.
  • John Gokongwei taught me to “save money instead of spending all of it.” His perception on expenditures has catapulted him to riches beyond his wildest expectations. As chairman to the country’s biggest conglomerates, he shares that we should “love what we do.”

Their stories inspire the rest of us, the aspiring entrepreneurs, as we venture out into harsh business terrains, unknown industry territories and unexpected undertakings that will test our values, patience and knowledge.

The Philippines' SME and the government

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is defined in terms of total assets and liabilities but could encompass a lot of industries as long as it provides products and services that the market would need.

It is very crucial that the class discussed it since as startups, our business undertakings would most likely begin in this sector before graduating as a large enterprise.

SMEs play a major role in economic development because it helps in the industrialization of rural areas with business potentials. It also creates employment and other opportunities. But the most important contribution to nation-building would be the fact that it makes equitable income distributed well amongst players.

It is also assuring that the government has taken big steps in ensuring the sector’s growth and development with the formation of MSMED Council. The agencies that work hand in hand as well as the LGUs participation that ensures that businesses would be sustainable, fair and would thrive in the long run.

The government addresses business enterprises’ concerns in this country:

  1. the high cost of doing business, 
  2. business registration and licensing procedures, and the 
  3. lack of start-up incubation.

Most SMEs also suffer from limited access to information and funding since they are not able to set up research and development teams as well as the usual rejection from financial institutions who flag their proposals as high-risk.

Another thing that hampers SMEs’ growth is the inability to be competitive enough to expend their markets locally and globally.

Training is organized by government agencies to address this and ensure the marketability would penetrate a wide range of prospective clients. DTI, DOST and UP-ISSI has provided assistance for this sector to ensure that

  1. financing, 
  2. technology transfer, 
  3. production and 
  4. management training helps them achieve targets and expand business.

Government gives tax incentives and easy processing of application for registration to these businessmen to help them grow their investments.

But one thing unknown to the consumers is that the government is keeping eye on top performing businesses in the provincial and regional level through the Rising Star and Star Elite award respectively.

Knowing that the government 

  1. goes out of their way to help these industries sustain, 
  2. encourage excellence and 
  3. help foster business climate 

makes it a very good time to contribute in building the nation through setting up business that has latent qualities to expand and grow people’s lives along the way with wealth accumulation coming at second in priority.

We have laws that make sure that the interest both of the consumer and the business is protected. Such laws discussed were the BMBE Act of 2002 and Magna Carta for MSMEs. These regulations ensure that viability and unprecedented growth of such enterprises.

The country has cooperatives, skills and technical education arms, livelihood resource centers that is ready to provide the necessary resources for would-be entrepreneurs to grow and learn, you just need to have the heart and passion to make a difference.

These are all my modified version of my reflection sheet for my Entrepreneurship 103 class while taking up an MBA at University of San Jose Recolletos - Cebu.

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Moving To A Greater City

The short trip here in Manila with my siblings a few weeks ago was the precursor to the series of events that followed and the dreams that formed. I never said goodbye to anyone. Well, except for my family and my lola. There is something about goodbyes that just isn't me. I'm more of a 'see you soon' type of person. Maybe it is my defense mechanism as I've lost a lot of people in the past, but still, I just don't do well with emotions.

After being scheduled for a work interview, I just thought of packing my bags immediately and contacted my cousins if I could live with them. I could never be more thankful to God for blessing me a wonderful family here. For the first time in my life, I am in a place where love and respect is just overflowing.

I have prepared my whole life for the hardships of living here and I'm the one who actually goes out to make it happen when I decide to do something. People were shocked. Even I was shocked. But then there is nothing more I would want to do but attain the best opportunities. Cebu is great but it has no more room for my professional and financial growth.

I have been down so long that I never wanted anything else but happiness for myself and people around me from this point on.

Yes, living costs here are skyrocketing high. Food prices range higher, commuting is broken down to multiple rides and long walks to stations and stops, amidst the blistering sun. Long walks. Prepare to dish out a big amount of money just for transpo expenses alone. You even have to round off your taxi fare to the nearest tens as a custom.

To be honest, having a car or a job that could pay for taxi allowances is a must. There is a great amount of pollution, as with any highly urbanized city. And don't even get me started about the traffic. Even with color coding, it's just insane. I haven't started work yet but I know that aspect is gonna be a big problem.

If I may add, the threats to your safety as pedestrian taunts you every day to the point that commuting here is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Your day has not even started yet but you are already exhausted and sweaty. Your sunblock, handkerchief, towellette and wipes are your best friends here. But when you have been exposed to the heat, your back is moist and you have to suddenly enter an establishment, mall, train or bus, it suddenly sends chills to your spine and the threat of getting pneumonia or some lung disease becomes eminent. Or am I just exaggerating? Either way, I thank God I am not asthmatic.

And then there's the riding in tandem that you might have seen in the news. It makes me squirm just thinking about how morbidly random it is. God bless the souls of the victims and God bless the crime group who does it for some reason. God bless the pickpockets and arrogant drivers too.

Have I mentioned the floods? I had my taste of it with my siblings here but let's just not hope for the worst. I was a victim of it in Cebu and I will do my best not to suffer from it ever again. Floods are known to cause typhoid fever, cholera, leptospirosis and hepatitis A among others. Aside from dying, you also get to lose your possessions and home from it.

Manila is a huge city, so you have to be alert, to be brave and to be smart. Respect the people you know who live and work here in this city.

But with all the negativity aside, it is actually one of the MOST beautiful city there is.

I have been to many places but nothing else could come close.

They have great roads and tollways, startlingly impressive malls and high-end scenic business districts everywhere like Bonifacio Global City and McKinley Hill that is indistinguishable to great cities like New York and Venice accordingly, and there's a lot of alluring and tranquil residential areas... truly a place where dreams can come true.

What'll happen to me next? I really don't know. I know what the end for me looks like but only God knows what tomorrow will bring for me. One of my credo is just to take a leap into the unknown and trust that everything will always turn out for the best. But if it doesn't, then move forward. Simple.

I have never been more focused in my career. I will try to achieve a work-life balance. I will do my best to go beyond getting by and having my bills and obligations get paid, but live a life so comfortably that I could praise God to the highest since it is in His plan for all of us.
"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'"
Jeremiah 29:11  

Thank you to Geraldine Tabada for the amazing Bonifacio High Street shots!

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Open Graduation Letter To My Baby Bro


Congratulations! You made it! I will support whatever it is you decide to do from this point on as I always did when we were young.

I just wish there was someone who could have told me this when I graduated: real world sucks. Competition is cutthroat, expectations are high and it'll seem that the whole world is waiting for you to fail. But guess what? It took me a long time to figure life out and the only way to survive is to actually not care. Yep, you heard me right.

  • Don't give an F about anything that doesn't matter. It's easy to get distracted in life but if you just write down your goals and aspirations and look into it daily, your mind will conceive and the universe will connive to make it happen. You saw my post-its in my room. That's what it was for.
  • Don't even care if you fail. If you fail, the better. Why? You become a better version of yourself. Don't care about words coming from people who don't want the best for you. 
  • Don't even care especially if you are not involved. That sounded selfish but sometimes you have to learn the art of letting go. 

Yes, letting go. Learn when to raise the white flag when the battle is not worth fighting for anymore but it takes soooo much wisdom to know the right time.

Life is a battlefield. Love the people who are on your side, create strategies to get where you want to be, network with the right stakeholders who will help you win your war and lastly, just be awesome and don't try so hard while you're at it! It just happens.

Be a very good friend. Be remembered as someone who brought joy and awesomeness into the world!

Work smart not hard. Really.

You grew up pampered by your mom and dad but you should remember that life is not a walk in the park. It drags your head down and throws you around like a baby unwittingly thrashing his toy.

Just do what we always do best... survive.

Make happiness your goal every day.

Always remember that God works in mysterious ways, there are times we think we've lost all hope but everything gets better. It always does. He will bless you. He always does. Just live a simple, happy life. Focus on your goals and dreams and don't forget to thank everyone who got you where you are today. I may not be at home anymore to watch over you but you know how to reach me.

Stay safe,


And now some snaps... sorry girls he is committed to a lovely lady.

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Faith Above Everything Else

Growing up, life gave me barely enough in everything. But I am thankful I was raised that way because it taught me to appreciate what I have, save and have financial discipline, concretize my big dreams and work hard all my life for the things that I want to happen. Those deprivation prepared me to face the harsh fact that real world plays no favorites.  

Something happens to you when you become the hero for a long time. When I had the opportunity to actually do nothing, I immediately jumped at the idea. It was hard to explain to anyone even to my self. But we all go through that stage in life where we have nothing to lose and we couldn't think of anything better but to follow our heart. I am not one to explain my actions for I am only accountable to my Creator alone. We are young, the stakes are high but we have the rest of our lives to do better if not our best.  

With everything that goes on in my personal life now, I could only sigh with exhaustion beyond repair. A wise girl once told me in these times that I just have to "rest but don't quit." I will forever bring those words into my heart for God only has nothing but great plans for me; and while I take a leap of faith, He has opened more doors than I could handle.

For the first time in a long while, I can breathe again.


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Through Loving Yourself The Most

It is no secret that we face adversaries of different degrees on a daily basis and there is only one reason to rise a million times, we actually have no choice but to... live. We owe it to our Creator to become better version of ourselves, to be happy and to be prosperous. 

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs osmena peak cebu

That principle has been etched into my soul for quite a long time now, to the point that it was the first word I tattooed to myself. I don't even suggest you get one unless you fully understand the risks that it will cost your family, career and future plans. I could go on detailing the very moments that I've kept hidden to the world that ultimately lead me to do the unthinkable, but I'd rather not. Because I want you to go on your own personal journey and reconsider the very reasons why you live to this day. 

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs osmena peak cebu

It has always been my cause to bring happiness and positivism into this world, if it is the last thing I would do. You should do this same as this world is exponentially decaying from anger, sin and greed. The idealists of this universe can only do so much to mitigate it from imploding. 

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs osmena peak cebu

Stop obsessing over material possessions and instead focus on keeping things will give value to your life. 

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs osmena peak cebu

With little acts of kindness to ourselves, to everyone around us and in everything we do, you too can make the same impact when looking at life at a different, refreshed and blessed perspective.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs osmena peak cebu

Stop over thinking, flush out negative thoughts and peel off the scars of the past. Focus on what you want to achieve and make each day a step towards becoming the person you want to be. Try to keep a keen eye on what's going around you and make sure you don't miss the simple things. We become distracted as the rest of the world competes for our attention. 

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs osmena peak cebu

Think highly of yourself and every once in a while, take calculated reasonable risks that'll give you an opportunity to be happy or be successful. Your self-esteem should be enough to pay for all your imperfections. And while your at it, use your flaws to your advantage. Don't even compare your life with others. You can question, but never blame anyone about how it turned out. 

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs osmena peak cebu

Remember, there is a reason why God did not fix you: you were never broken.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs osmena peak cebu

Give a premium to your health and educate yourself with matters that can help you improve the way you live and understand illnesses so you may one day outlive them. For some reason, the body is designed to break but everyone can attest to its miracles as it has the mechanisms to naturally heal itself. Meditate and reflect as you have to be mentally tough too. 

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs osmena peak cebu

In this chaotic city life, take time to just close your eyes and think of your happy place wherever you may be, you can escape without actually having to run away from responsibilities. The world is beautiful and so are you.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs osmena peak cebu

Trust that everything will get better. It always does. Be a reason why other people smile, become happy or at least feel good about themselves and the world. 

Share all these and save someone today.

P.S. Thank you to my playfully troublesome friends who took the photos during our treacherous climb and hypothermic overnight camp at Osmena Peak, Cebu. Love, love, love.

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A Dying Man's Wish

We are not strong.

I am sorry to disappoint you, world but we are not as “resilient” as what you may have heard of us. You can’t just say that we had this crisis because we are "strong people."  

When the greatest storm of biblical magnitude comes crashing in, you’ve got nowhere to run, the strength we once know just… disappears.

Nothing will ever discount the pain brought about when our towns got awashed like an ant thrown into a tumbling industrial washing machine. If developed nations took a considerable amount of time to recover, imagine a small country like ours suffering hundred times more.

No one could ever be prepared enough for the tragedy that took the lives of hundreds of thousands and one heart of our nation.

An expat stormchaser recounts the last days of Tacloban as a sea of water where, moments later, lit up the dark sky as the remnants of the city went afire.

Where were you as a child got torn away my arms by ravaging waters finger by finger? Where were you as a gym’s roof got ripped away by devilish winds and landed on some crouching people as furious as you would stomp on a cockroach? Yes. You were safe and warm. Oh wait, have you ever seen a bloated corpse? Yep, she could be a wife, a mother, or a sister over there.

The winds had this… sinister ominous whistle. You heard it didn’t you? How can I forget it? It cradled me to sleep.

Thing is, we’ll never know when we are able to stand up again. 
The people were beyond exhausted. 

The rest of us had grief taken over our bodies and began to act on instincts. Ravaged. Beastly. The stench of death everywhere taught them to be stronger. Panning your vision around, you are unable to make the places that you once call home. Survival withers away by the second and the last ones have hit rock bottom.

I wish I can say to myself that the only to look is up, but their joints are too weak to even pivot. Emotionally. Spiritually. Physically. 

I don’t have the energy to blame anyone. So should you. No blaming politicians and their cohorts whose corruption scandal just went public. No blaming risk councils whose disaster plan was a blank web page. No blaming the media who upon hearing the tragedy went on to air stupid dance numbers instead of a telethon and uninterrupted coverage. No blaming the all mighty President who went on to say that we were not prepared enough. No blaming yourself for doing nothing or not doing enough. No blaming God. And I could go on but… Just. Stop. Blaming. Each Other!

Can you imaging a Dying Man's Wish? "We’re gonna use our last weakened breaths to scream for help. Screams that will haunt you in your sleep. The same sounds dying families made while struggling in the water. I’ll keep screaming that if I may not be able to live a day more… someone else will."

We are not 'strong'...


Learn how you can send help Typhoon Haiyan victims.

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Top 8 Brutally Honest Money Tips for Filipinos. Seriously.

Filipinos are apparently boastful and naive when it comes to money. This was quantified during a financial literacy survey headlined by Philippine Daily Inquirer with "Filipinos as money ‘experts’: Clueless on bonds, stocks, loans." 

I don't claim to be a financial expert but I know enough and I care so much for people around me but educating them seems to be hard so I just hope they read this and the rest of millions of Filipinos who haven't got a clue. 

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs at the bonifacio global city bgc

Rule number 1. 

Get Paid What You're Worth. 

Make sure you make an industry review of what your job is worth on the market. Network is the best source so chat up with peers and build lasting valuable relationships. Think about what you could do to advance your career and what your options are in the future.

Rule number 2. 

Spend Less Than You Earn. 

Why is everyone finding it so hard to live within their means? Why buy things you don’t need? Live humbly. Is that so bad? But reward yourself especially if you deserve it once in a while, before you go crazy.

 Rule number 3. 

Stick to a Budget. 

Know where your money is going. Set aside a few minutes within this day and think about how much you spend for each expenditure. Trackash is a simple app you can download for Android. You’d be surprised to see the results.

Rule number 4. 

Don’t blame the credit card. 

I grew up being taught never to incur debt to anyone because gratitude is hard to repay and debts in a financially challenging time is really bad too. But let me tell you, credit cards are the best financial tool you can use under the perfect circumstances. It could also be a nightmare if you are not responsible. One paradigm shift I had while taking graduate studies was when our Entrepreneurship professor encouraged us to get one for credit history reference should we decide to take out a business or huge personal loan someday. It could also help you acquire resources needed that adds value to your personal life or career at the present, e.g. an income-generating tool like a laptop. Using it to fill your egotistic materialistic social-climbing lifestyle leads you nowhere. I work with these types of people and they are in the worst financial shape of their lives.

Rule number 5. 

Think SSS Retirement Benefit is enough? 

Financial analysts and personal finance books and resources would tell you some things in common:

(1) build a business, (2) build up an emergency fund and (3) invest your long term savings. 

Emergency fund should be more or less three months worth of expenses to make you live comfortably if you go out of work or six months if you have kids. We have the best investment options in the market today and we can take advantage of our economy to place our savings for retirement in a fund that grows cumulatively over time.

Consider opening up pooled investment as a beginner like a UITF account from your local bank or a mutual fund. I currently have FAMI because it is linked to my Metrobank Account online. We are not in the US where they have 401(k) or Roth IRA funds but opening up a separate retirement fund is the next best thing.

Plenty of resources will teach you about long term investing actually and once you get the hang of it, you could try stocks. Stock trading is scary if you don’t have the tools or resources but long-term stock investing to blue-chip companies is the best option in growing your wealth. I recommend Citiseconline because of how they advocate investing among first-timers through tools and reports that guide you unlike BPITrade. Teach yourself delayed gratification once in a while.

Rule number 6. 

You have money for every plan you have, you just don’t know it. 

“I don’t have money for this and that,” you tell yourself.

Negativity only conditions your mind to fail. 

And if there is one thing I’ve realized after completing the Financial Management class being handled by the dean of the university I am in, there is nothing impossible if you plan. I have friends who have children and who have not given thoughts about starting to save for their kid’s college. I don’t encourage education plans because of what happened to CAP but I do encourage placing your savings into an investment vehicle so that you can shield yourself from inflation, make it grow if you don’t have the time for business and of course, shield it from your overspending itching hands. Whatever your other goal is like having a car, house, travel, or an expensive dog, spare a little money consistently every month and place it somewhere and be surprised to check it out after a long time. In addition, people wonder why I get to places and own nice things when I earn just like everyone else. I have a savings plan and it involves a simple equation.

Income – Savings = Expenses. 

I am still replenishing my savings as of the moment because I funded my own graduate studies but still I have a plan and have stuck to it all these years. Take a short time to assess your short term and long term plans, put in writing and post it somewhere you would see every day.

Start with the end in mind. Set a goal. Now.

Never underestimate the power of vision and memory sucks so put plans in writing. Plans should be SMART, our professor used to say. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Research about SMART Goals to educate yourself further.

 Rule number 7. 

Insure. Get a life insurance. 

I suggest VUL since you don’t necessarily have to die to enjoy the money since within a term of let’s say 10 years, you start receiving returns and dividends! I currently have Cocolife Platinum Savings because it also insures my ability to earn income with disability insurance but SunLife also offers attractive plans which I might put into future consideration. Talk to a financial adviser or go to an IMG seminar to know what products work for you based on your time horizon, goals and risk appetite. If you are young go for Equity. Be conservative if you are kinda mature like Bond Funds or Money Market Funds.

 Rule number 8. 

Get a funeral plan, memorial plan if you can. 

Death is a sensitive issue to most of us; certainly was for me not until I started working and thinking about the future.

Life is beautiful but being a person who have endured a biking accident and a motorcycle accident (coincidentally in the same city area), a rockclimbing accident, and lately, an ATV accident with my brother, all I can say, no matter how careful you are or in my case, the other way around, death is inevitable. But it isn’t such a bad thing if you think about it as a spiritual journey. 

If you’re not born rich, chances are, you can never afford to be displayed in a posh chapel in the city not unless you have prepared for it ahead of time. I recommend St. Peter’s plan because it is also transferable. Premium payments are waived if the plan holder passes away but is transferable to a family member. On the other hand, a memorial plan is important since I definitely have an attitude problem and I don’t like to placed in a public cemetery for a lot of reasons.  Haha And if you can insure your home too, Malayan is the country’s best non-life insurer today.

Stop procrastination. Be a positive-thinker. Stop making effin' excuses. 

Educate yourself to the highest level. Talk to an adviser or a peer you trust. 

The best time to live an awesome life is… now. 

Please share this article and help others help themselves.

If you have a great tip/opinion, please comment now and let us know!

Thank you to Jasper Tecling and Justine Munez for the portrait above.

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*Disclaimer: follow tips at your own risk.

Earn Free $25 By Helping Others

A revolutionary micro-financing website launched a few years ago. Now with over millions of dollars lent, with a guaranteed 98.99% repayment rate from borrowers, the success of the US-based company lies on how efficient it is in mobilizing crowd-sourced funds to those who need it most, our struggling brothers and sisters all over the world.

I am proud to introducing Kiva. Empowering people and alleviating poverty $25 at a time. 
Choose a borrower. Make a loan. Get repaid. Repeat!

I had a first hand experience on how it was able to change the lives of its loan clients here in the Philippines when I was flown to Kabankalan City, Negros Oriental and meet the people behind the success of the social enterprise.

Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation Inc. (NWTF), increases its aid to the homemakers by seeking the partnership of Kiva to some of its members. These women are trying to increase family income through setting up businesses in farming, raising hogs, feeding fowls, setting up stalls and selling different kinds of delicacies and on top that, building better homes, all the while exuding grace and joy as I have observed in their monthly meeting at their center; a genuine portrait of Pinoy optimism.

Why Kiva?

  1. It is really simple to use and is free. You can just instantly register using Facebook connect.
  2. Just by signing up, you earn free $25 that you can loan to any micro-entrepreneur in the Philippines.

When you loan someone on Kiva, you are loaning them the chance at a better life, create opportunities and there is nothing better than to be able to change a family's life at your convenience. This is a great opportunity for busy professionals to help out without having to exert so much time, effort or resources.

Step 1. 

Get started today with a one-click sign up process using your Facebook Profile.

Step 2. 

After signing up, you'll get a free $25 where you are given the option to choose who to loan to but I suggest you pick from the women supported by NWTF, read about their stories and how your loan can help them.

Why care?

The whole thing will only take three minutes of your time and if you think that whatever it is you are trying to do online is more important than saving a family today, I respect that, but I will have this on your conscience. It's time to actually care and sending help as convenient as this means lending out love with little to no effort at your part which leaves you with no excuse to defend your apathy. Invest today and see your portfolio grow too.

If you want to learn more about the amazing things about NWTF read about my awesome trip all the way to their headquarters as I get to meet the inspiring women whose lives were forever altered for the best, thanks to the Philippines fastest-growing and most respected NGO today.

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Assuming A Greater Challenge: NNCRVII Appoints New Champions to Causes

I have always used my social media influence to promote awesome things: from great personal reflections, to events with a blast; but what I'm most notable for is my inclination towards anything for social good. 

So it comes as no surprise that I became part of one of the fastest emerging organization of media practitioners in Cebu assembled by the National Nutrition Council that would help sustain efforts for nutrition campaigns, advocacy and events.

Malnutrition is one of the effects of poverty that has been putting the country at bay in terms of human and economic advancement.

MEDIA INFORMATION NETWORK FOR NUTRITION AND DEVELOPMENT 7 (MIND 7) has been involved with projects and events that NNC Region 7 has been fighting for these past few years.

Yours truly, was just entrusted the position as Secretary and was blessed enough to land in a national daily via coverage by Ms. Cheryl Baldicantos of Manila Bulletin. As I assume a new responsibility, I promise to do everything in my power to help strengthen the flow of relevant information to the general public.

Soft copy of Manila Bulletin Nov. 29.
Photo taken by top photojournalist Ms Cheryl Baldicantos.

“The region recognizes the importance of effective information dissemination, and the influence you, members of the local media have in shaping the public’s opinion on food and nutrition.

"Though of different media used to hand-out nutrition information to the public, from radio, television, print and other social media, each of you have done us proud this past year.” NNC 7 Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator, Dr. Parolita A. Mission challenged the press for more stories and space on issues of nutrition.

The general assembly of the Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development was celebrated last November 26, 2012 at the Cebu Grand Hotel in Escario Street.

The event was coincided with the induction of officers and a Christmas Party.

Other officers for 2013-2014 are

  • President - 
    • Mr. Jun P. Tagalog, manager of DYLA 
  • VP for Print – 
    • Ms. Phoebe Jen D. Indino, correspondent of Manila Bulletin; 
  • VP for Radio - 
    • Ms.Annabel A. Lagrosas, BPA II of DYMR;
  • VP for Social Media - 
    • Mr. John Ciocon, Managing Director of John Ciocon Creative Agency; 
  • VP for NGA IOs - 
    • Ms. Marie A. Nillama, IO of DPWH. 
  • Elected new secretary is 
    • Mr. Jaysee Pingkian, Board of Trustee of Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.; 
  • Treasurer - 
    • Ms. Mitchelle Palaubsanon, Reporter of The Freeman and 
  • Auditor - 
    • Mr. Jose Marie C. Lanza, Sation Manager of Love Radio. 

The officers will serve the association for two years.

Read on for more great stories from the MIND 7!

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Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Celebrates 5 Years of Awesomeness!

A glamorous event for the Cebu bloggers happened at Harold's Hotel in light of CBSi Appreciation Night last February 15, the organization's anniversary celebration and a toast to the monumental success we've worked so hard for. 

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs receiving a recognition from the President Ruben Licera and VP Bjorn Bernales of CBSi.
Yours Truly receiving a recognition from the President Ruben Licera and VP Bjorn Bernales of CBSi.

With the theme, “ACTNow”, which is also CBSi’s guidepost for civic participation, I thank all the members' support and the guidance of our leaders who are one with me when I say that bloggers have the power to incite action from the general public in issues that we are facing today.

And as the Official Committee Chair for the Outreach, I promise to integrate social good in every endeavor that CBSi will be involved in and eventually have it naturally assimilate with us especially to our partners: the agencies, the businesses, the government and most especially the non profits and the youth sector.
jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs Smiling with my blogging buddy Chanel Imperial
Smiling with my blogging buddy Chanel Imperial

The night will recognize members and partners who made significant contributions to the premier blogging organization in the country.

This event will calibrate all the members vision and mission while mapping out the direction of the organization which is geared towards becoming relevant in the community; something where a blogger's influence is very much needed in these challenging days.
jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs  Posing with long-time folks and fellow March blogger celebrants Mark Monta and Mark Gallardo.
Posing with long-time folks and fellow March blogger celebrants Mark Monta and Mark Gallardo.

I have been in the org for a couple of years now, starting out as a junior member when I was still in college and I've seen the group grow mature, reach out to more people here and abroad, forged great partnerships and encouraged people to become the best version of themselves one post, one photo, one tweet, one event at a time.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs cebu bloggers The CBSi family with our partners!
The CBSi family with our partners!

About CBSi

CBSi was founded in 2008 incorporated as a non-profit organization under the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2010. Within the span of five years, the group successfully covered the US Election Watch in 2008 and organized a computer literacy program in Pinamungahan, Cebu in 2010; Visayas Blogging Summit in November 2011; 1st Social Media Day in June 2012; 1st Social Media Summit and 1st World Blogathon in December 2012, among others.


6-7 p.m.
Chanel Imperial (registration sheets)
Socratis Tom Ramas (photo wall)
7-7:30 p.m.
Welcome Remarks
Nancy Cudis
Photo Story: CBSI over the years
Mark Gallardo
7:30-8:30 p.m.
Dinner and interaction
Xerxes Bernadez
8:30-9:30 p.m.
Awarding Proper:
Chanel Imperial & Kareen Satorre (assists)
-Appreciation of valuable partners
Ruben Licera, Bjornson Bernales, Mark Monta
-Appreciation of valuable members
Ruben Licera, Bjornson Bernales, and a partner
-President’s Awards
Ruben Licera, Bjornson Bernales, Nancy Cudis
9:30-10 p.m.
2013 CBSI Theme: ACTNow
Jaysee Pingkian
Mini raffle
Bjornson Bernales
President’s message with toast
Ruben Licera
Closing remarks
Mark Monta

Join us!

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