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How This Pinoy Print Ad Can Teach Us About Moving On and Letting Go #awesomebrand

Adding a touch of humor has positive impact on your brand provided the right timing and the right mix of elements. And since the Filipino culture thrives on comedy, it makes business sense to use it in delivering a message that promotes fidelity and fitness in the most unusual of ways.

GNC's Burn 60 product brandishes the slogan Fit Lives Longer in a series of print ads created by JWT in Manila, Philippines, that was plastered on national glossies. The telenovela feel of the ad makes it really familiar to the Filipino market and I just want to single out the character design and details where the illustrators and artists did such a fantastic job. Notice the attention to details such as lighting and shadows, how the canvas was divided to distribute focus and how tension was translated through the character emotions and color tones. The copy is catchy and the art direction, perfect. It has this Disney gone bad feel to it which makes it more laughable.

The situation itself is very much personal to everyone as we have a mix of macho culture and tolerance to infidelity. Heck, we even re-elected an impeached president to become mayor of the country's capital city. No wonder why shows like the Legal Wife and My Husband's Lover and movies like No Other Woman, A Secret Affair and The Mistress had such a huge following. I found article that could not elaborate our double standard of morality any better. The author was raw and honest and just a word of precaution, it is subjective so respect his/her opinions and I sadly agree to most parts of it. If there is anything you would want to speak on this matter, I welcome you to comment below.

Everyone knows someone who may have cheated at one point/s in their relationships but our hearts should be big enough for forgiveness, acceptance and second chances.

“Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool."
Isaiah 1:18
Let us not cast the first stone unto our fellows who have fallen. Judgement and revenge is not ours, it's God's. And the bible speaks of forgiveness as a recurring theme as filling our hearts with anger will only be grounds of us being prohibited to enter His Kingdom come time.

If you are in the situation where you find it hard to forgive the people who have wronged you, give yourself time as the despair you are feeling makes you human. But remember each time that passes makes your heart decay and grow dark and you might reach a point where you cannot reverse the actions or words that you will let loose when the bottle has filled up. For hatred, like love, can grow in your heart if you nurture it. That is why I am glad about stories on the silver screen and Philippine television give positive resolutions or happy endings to shows of adulterous themes because it teaches people different ways of coping, moving on and letting go. The thing about real life relationships is that it may not be the same ending the fairy tales taught us but you can still happy none the least.

Let us take this time to think about who we have not forgiven and what we plan to do about it.

In the meantime, be awesome!

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Creative Pinoy Earth Hour Ads That Makes You Look Twice #awesomebrand

Earth Hour has been a worldwide movement encouraging every one to turn off all lights for an hour as a symbol of our commitment to the planet. Every last Saturday of March and supported by all key global organizations in the world, reminds every one to place the environment on top of every business and personal decision.

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually not an exercise of energy reduction so they don't really measure how much is saved at that period but the lights off and candles on is more of symbolism and for awareness generation.

Thinking that we would lose electricity because of its scarcity would make us value it even more. Generating energy through traditional means has a lot of negative environmental impact that is why we've been taught as child to use it sparingly. It makes sense to consider renewable energy as mainstream source and investing in sustainable business practices is one sure way to keep the world running and save millions of lives along the way. And for the record, Philippines topped Earth Hour participation reports at one point.

A design agency creatively made ads that promote the Earth Hour event and I'd like you to revel in its vibrant beauty for a sec before heading down to the details:

My first reaction to the artworks was "So?" then I took a second look at it and I could've gasped in my Eureka moment when I saw the candles blend in perfectly. The artistry that went into conceptualizing, producing and direction of the outputs was commendable. Congratulations to Leo Burnett Philippines in Manila for doing the campaign for WWF, organizers of Earth Hour. This recognition might be long overdue considering these were executed a year ago.

The earth is beautiful, let's keep it that way. Hope the images inspired you as much as did to me.

Be awesome today!

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Why Cebu has the Best Disco Light in the World #AwesomeBrand

I just recently stumbled on this great new ad by the Department of Tourism. They have done such a great job in marketing the country under the It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign conceptualized with BBDO Guerrero, the famous ad agency who saved the country from the Kay Ganda plagiarism shame.

This 30 seconder is one of a bunch which they aired abroad featuring my hometown, Cebu, the most beautiful island in the world. Bias aside, this island boasts of the best of both worlds: developed modern urban living and ultimate nature-tripping.

What better way to entease the world to book their holidays to Cebu, Philippines than through using familiar icons of the developed nations by using the bait ball of sardines underwater as a reference to a disco ball which coincidentally appeals to young global travelers who wish to have fun. It would've been better if the diver danced too anyway. Genius in the details. Hats off BBDO and DOT!

Consistent advertising in this type of visual positioning will truly make Philippines a mainstream destination one day. We don't have much advertising budget as Thailand but with robust, targeted and visually captivating campaigns such as this, we would fare enough just the same.

Jaysee Blabs Recommendations

Now that the life cycle of the campaign has reached maturity, I believe it's time to roll out new mechanisms to revitalize the tourism efforts and crowdsourcing is the way to go. Probably launching a new app where users could generate It's More in the Philippines memes and promotions that will help entice app usage such as contests and immediate gratification like rewards programs on selected merchants and brands.

Developing a Brand Book for the campaign would greatly aid local tourism offices who should be involved in preparing advertising materials, communications, signages and collaterals of their vacation spots. We have a great need to synergize our promotions and communicate our messages effectively.

Or a national short film workshop where DOT would partner with a major media network and bring in the country's emerging photographers and videographers, aspiring stars, and directors-writers to look out for and bring amazing modern Pinoy stories to life amid national spots as picturesque backdrops. Outputs could be distributed online and even screened on international film festivals. I know we have so many diamonds in the rough as a nation and the country just needs to harvest them out and present it to the world. It could also be a show idea where the development of production is being documented and the viewing date of the final films could be a major TV event.

Capitalizing on social media advertising could be one way. It's not as costly as traditional advertising but the reach is global and instantaneous. Increasing social media ad spending would somehow diversify the marketing mix and taking advantage on it's targeted audience features would make it more economical. They can try to reach more Millenials from developed nations through Facebook and Youtube and developing platform-specific media and apps would up our ante in trying to level the field of global tourism and tourism-related revenue.

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Selfies at Awesome Overlooked BGC Art Masterpieces

Taguig is nothing like what you see in indie films, documentaries and news reports you see on TV featuring Metro Manila. It brandishes the best places to live, work and play in the country today. 

Living costs are worth it since you really can’t put a price on security, convenience and artful stylish living that can make use of your creative frugal skills. In fact, business districts here are comparable to Venice and New York. Worth moving out into, I must say. Like any beautiful places, it is dotted with great art installations that sadly doesn't get the attention they deserve.

"Kasaysayan Bawat Oras Art Piece." There are beautiful art installations from where I work, the Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It is made of reinforced brass sheet and cement and after searching online found out that it is actually a "sundial-slash-educational playground." This sundial, which is actually a functional time guide, serves as a "metaphor for Philippine history" and the art style, materials and color scheme perfectly blends in the modern architecture that envelopes it.

"Transformation." A walk away from the office is a lighted sculpture of three stacked laminated glasses. Beautifully lit from the inside and incorporating a system of cascading water set in a fountain pool, this art form really makes you think and what makes it personal is that it does have different interpretations to anyone who appreciates it. For me it looked like buildings sprouting from the ground which is metaphoric to the economy of the country today which is reaping the foundations set from the previous administration.

And here's an unnamed art pieces just outside my office building. If you guys know it, please let me know. But the way I see it, it depicts the arrival of voyagers to our land, the story of Mactan perhaps. It is poetic, the lines are fluid, and the movement is dynamic.

These installations all over the metro are probably the most overlooked. Little do we know about how much went through from the proposal and creative thought process and beyond. Kudos to the artists, their engineers, workers and the firms behind these. Continue to make the city's capital a cradle of world-class beauty. If you know the artists, please comment below so I may give where credit is due.

I can only wonder and get struck in silence since people here don't seem to mind them. And since I am trying to fit in, it is best to act like the locals and keep my ignorance in check. There are ways to appreciate them like blogging or Instagramming them anyway. But if I have my way, I could stare at it for hours and never even flinch. That's what I used to do when I go out on my own anyway. Maybe because I love art by heart but I think it is more reminiscent of loving where I am in my life today.

There are more art installations and spots I have yet to check out so watch out for it!

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Thanks Jobelle and Mama Z and Geraldine for the photos above!

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Get the Best Pinoy Art for Christmas!

Give a unique and incredible gift this Christmas!  An array of affordable art will be presented for your choosing in Art at the Park, a display of paintings and art pieces every Sundays starting December 16, 2012 at the Cebu Business Park open space along Biliran Road fronting The Terraces entrance.

See beautiful paintings of watercolor, acrylic or oil on canvas of various sizes and subjects; intricate wood art and mixed media artworks; artsy printed t-shirts and many more.  You can also have your portraits done in an instant, or commission artists to do portraits of your family and friends!

Art at the Park is a joint effort between Qube Gallery, Cebu Holdings Inc., Cebu Business Park and Ayala Center Cebu.  It will soon be a hub of art lovers and artists alike for a vibrant exchange of creativity.

Qube Gallery Chief Executive Officer Jon Gotiong said, “You see amazing art displayed in the streets or in the parks of Paris or along the open spaces in Manila.   It’s about time we also had this sort of gathering done regularly in Cebu.”  

Art at the Park is seen to boost interest in local art among local residents and tourists.  Price ranges are incredibly affordable for high quality art from amateur and professional artists.  It likewise assists the artists in their struggle to maintain a difficult career path with a venue where they can source additional income.

For artists who are interested to join visit and download Art at the Park registration forms and rules.  Email filled out forms at  Also call Qube Gallery at Tel. No. +6332-512-1921 for inquiries.

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Guest Post: Art Saves Children's Souls

It's never too late to change. He was once one of the kids we fear as we stroll the streets of Cebu City. Now, a boy becomes a hero in his own right by inspiring people to turn to art for comfort rather than spreading crime, violence and hate, which other impoverished kids are doing. Read on for a special feature from the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.

What started as an artwork by 16-year-old Alberto Lopez from Barangay Ermita in Cebu City has led to the creation of an arts project that later provided venues for expression for more young children and teens like him.

For Lopez, this artwork, which is a sketch of a happy family, show his desire to draw until his hands get weary.

“I had never been interested in arts before, primarily because I was out in the streets fighting with other kids. I was once a delinquent juvenile in Ermita, spending more time on the streets with my older peers,” he said in Bisaya.

Lopez’s story inspired the Dolores Aboitiz Children’s Fund (DACF) of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) to partner with Bidlisiw Foundation Inc. to organize the Ermita Children’s Arts Project, which ran from November 2011 to May 2012. 

“It aimed to engage the Ermita children and youth in creative and constructive activities that will divert them from vices and develop their character and skills,” Joem Degracia, DACF program officer said.

During this period, 98 children and youth—mostly out-of-school youth, night students, and street children—from Barangay Ermita availed of free lessons on visual arts, violin, choir, and performing arts. 

The mentors included renowned Cebuano painter Celso Pepito for visual arts; University of Southern Philippines Foundation choir conductor and teacher Barret Oliver Richards for choir; well-known violinist and music educator in Cebu Lianne Sala for orchestra; and University of San Jose Recoletos-Institute of Non-Formal Education and Community Outreach Program led by Florabel Lim for performing arts. 

“My involvement in this project changed the way I see things. It changed me and my whole life. I found a venue where I can truly express myself. Visual arts enabled me to explore my world through sketching. Even if I’m not the best in the group, it is still fulfilling to be appreciated by other people,” Lopez shared.

 His artworks mainly manifest his advocacy on the rights of a child, importance of family, and effects of youth’s engagement in vices. During one of their sessions, the young boy sketched a family wherein each of them was happily holding each other’s hands.

“My drawing speaks of the value of a happy family. When a child has a happy and loving family, he or she will be guided all throughout his or her life. When my parents saw my works, I can see in their eyes how happy and proud they are of me. That is the greatest reward I ever received,” he recalled.

At present, Lopez is one of the peer educators in Ermita, teaching younger children to draw and helping keep them from trouble. 

“We want to show to the people that we are not the kind of Ermita children they perceived us to be—the delinquents or the snatchers. We are renewed now; we have changed for the better,” he said.

Lester Amosura, 17, who is also into visual arts, shared the same personal advocacy, saying that many people are quick to call Ermita children snatchers, loiterers, and trouble-makers, but fail to appreciate their talents. 

“We may be poor but through our talents, we believe we can someday help our families,” he added.

The children also underwent interventions, such as knowing their rights as a child and personality development.

Edruel Batulan, Bidlisiw Foundation Inc. organizer for the Ermita Children’s Arts Project, observed that the attendance rate of the project in its first few weeks was inconsistent because some of the children were working as dishwashers or as garbage collectors or doing the laundry.

“The arts project boosted the children’s self-confidence. As time passed by, they were able to interact with the other children. They were able to showcase to people that they can do better if given the chance,” Batulan said.

 Last Jan. 26, two girls from Barangay Ermita—Novabella Pelayre, 13, and Ma. Theresa Reyes, 14—performed in a fundraising concert entitled, “Sistemang Pilipino: Transforming Lives Through Music”, held at Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. 

Having received violin lessons through the Ermita Children’s Art Project, the girls were invited by Lianne Sala, violin teacher and concert organizer, to serve as examples of what children from underserved communities are capable of if only they are given the opportunity.  

Children who are in violin, performing arts and choir lessons have no previous background in these particular arts. Batulan said that the kids who took violin lessons did not have any experience in playing the instrument before.

“They don’t have violins at home. Violins are lent to them, and through constant practice, they were able to learn how to play as if they have played before. They can even read notes now. The best thing that they have learned from this project is self-discipline,” he said.

He also cited that children in performing arts now have the confidence to act and dance before a large crowd. 

“When you see the kids perform, you would not think they were once part of the streets. Now, they have joined us in exploring the world of arts. We have given them a step closer to a better future,” he added.

(Guest Post By Chrisley Ann Hinayas/Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.)  

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New Beginnings: The Best of Cebuano Artistry

It takes a real artist to be able to create something worth talking about: delivering a message across, evoking an emotion, showing beauty bare eyes could not see, inciting an action or inspiring a thought.

Popular belief tells us that art is the most difficult field to embark in because of its subjective nature and after working for four years in the industry, I could say it remains so.

Why Art

Some convict that art is a walk in the park because it doesn't need the stereotypical technicalities and analytics. Just goes to show that these people has never gotten their hands on the tools of the artist be it digital or traditional. There is a reason why art has taken over museums all over the world grossing billions of dollars in sales, incited societal rebellions, cultural revolutions, political and worldy spiritual movements that have changed the world simply because they give value that no other field can.

My Art Career

I did design for a living. I have been a Web Designer and Graphic Artist for numerous freelance projects and full-time for an Australian firm WebXpress Inc. and launched my career to one of the biggest creative powerhouse serving international clients as a Design Consultant for AuthorSolutions  Inc. I have dealt with VIP projects, demanding clients, escalated red-flagged issues but gladly I never had a designer’s block as my mind is constantly very full with random stuff (mostly creative in nature) and as an artist you will learn to draw inspiration from almost everything. And the excruciating challenges that the seemingly high-pressured but enjoyable job entails was never something that I anticipated when I started doing doodling sketches as a child or while I was smudging charcoal and cray pas fan art of my favorite anime characters as a nettlesome kid. That is why I have my highest respects for the people working in this industry and it gives me so much pleasure to introduce these great artists from my very own hometown.

Melver Mercado jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs

Melver Mercado  was very intimate when he explains the inspiration from his paintings such as his thesis work above which talks about salvation, grungy depictions of street life and his family and acquaintances who brings it to life as subjects. But then he says that as much as possible he doesn't explain his works because he very much welcomes free interpretation from his audience.

One of the social good causes that I am passionate about is culture and the arts; two things that should never be neglected considering how high-paced the world is becoming. I was totally ecstatic when I got the invitation to attend one of the most promising art exhibits here in Cebu, Qube Gallery through an art expo entitled “Sinugdanan” (Cebuano term meaning “New Beginnings”). 

"Laughter" Felix Catarata uses staged lighting to accentuate the natural emotions of his subjects, the children who are performing a play.
"Laughter" Felix Catarata uses staged lighting to accentuate the natural emotions of his subjects, the children who are performing a play.

I witnessed the best Cebuano hands put together visual narratives of still life, history, abstract, editorial, self-portrait, photography and more. And man, I am speechless up until the moment I was scribbling my drafts for this post.

Darby Alcoseba and one of his amazing photorealistic liberal paintings whose messages speak about the state of the nation.

I wish all people could appreciate and see art the way I do. We should always look beyond the amazing colors, highlights, texture, subjects and mood and try to think about what every piece is trying to say and what it means to each of us. That is the beauty of art, we can tell its story.

"Gansilyo" Darby Alcoseba whose exceptional lighting and details tells a more interesting story of an aged woman and her yarnwork.

Gigi Ocampo and me beside her very emotionally powerful self-portrait.

Nuff blahs, It is time to succumb and be lost in the world-class artistry of Cebuanos...

painting by cebu artist

painting by cebu artist

painting by cebu artist

painting by cebu artist

Hats off to the greatest talented people in the island of Cebu! You make us awesome proud!

All the artist with Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jon Kenneth Gotiong, Gallery Partner Jo Ann M. Lim and Gallery Manager April May Tudtud-Ramos.
All the artist with Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jon Kenneth Gotiong, Gallery Partner Jo Ann M. Lim and Gallery Manager April May Tudtud-Ramos.

The art exhibit was open to the public until October 30, 2012 at the Rizal Museum along Osmeña Boulevard and I'm pretty sure you missed but you can still revel at the amazing dashes and strokes that placed Cebu in the World Map of the industry:

FULL Photo Album of the EXHIBIT
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Eco Art Exhibit Fundraiser at SM Megamall

An art exhibit centering on marine environment conservation opens on May 4 at the Renaissance Gallery in Megamall. “Sa Asul o Sa Itim” features the works of young artists Mike Garcia, Willhen Peneyra, Ezra Reverente and Allan Calingansan. 

The artists’ oil and mixed media artworks focus on marine environment issues like destructive and overfishing, coastal infrastructure and tourism, and mismanagement of fisheries.

The purpose of the exhibit is to raise public awareness on marine life protection as well as raise funds for environmental projects. 

Ultimately, “Sa Asul o Sa Itim” aims to challenge everyone to translate this higher environmental awareness into concrete action by making the right choice and participating in concerted and individual efforts to save the marine ecosystem. 

The proceeds of the exhibit will go to Eco-Sys Action’s Whale Shark Project in Donsol, Bicol Region. Eco-Sys Action is an environmental foundation based in Hong Kong, Valence France, and Nairobi Kenya that works to preserve threatened species and their habitats while improving the health, education and economic conditions of local communities.

The foundation’s initial projects in Donsol have already taken off. These include the establishment of marine library with a permanent exhibition on whale shark protection, distribution of educational materials in schools all over the region, establishment of mini clinics along the coastal areas, and set-up of microenterprises such as small garden cultivation and beekeeping activities.

Renaissance Gallery is located at the 4th floor of Megamall Building A in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong. The exhibit will run until May 11. 

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