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Why Being Fashionable Was Never This Good. Literally.

#ShowYourStripes for Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit Program

Doing good is always in style!

Starting November 15, McDonald’s brings you the limited-edition red and white striped socks in select restaurants in Greater Manila Area.

For only P100 a pair, you can #ShowYourStripes as an addition to your OOTD plus you are able to help build the next Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit in the country.

Striped. Jeric and Jeron Teng.

McDonald’s and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Philippines join the 40th global anniversary of RMHC by inviting Filipino customers to wear the red and white striped socks to support the Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit.

Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit

Bahay Bulilit is one of the flagship programs of RMHC in the Philippines. It is in partnership with the DSWD and with LGUs that build daycare centers in communities that need it most. It is a safe place for children to learn and play, free of charge, while their parents are at work.

McDonald’s has 25 Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit daycare centers to date. Its latest Bahay Bulilit was recently opened in Tacloban, Leyte to reinforce its commitment to help the community of Tacloban a year after Typhoon Yolanda.

“We were in awe with the community’s warm welcome of the Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit in Tacloban.  We are now more motivated than ever to continue this ripple of change through the #showyourstripes.” said McDonald’s PH President and CEO and RMHC PH President Kenneth Yang.

“We invite every Filipino to show their stripes and join us as we build more Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit for more kids who need it most.” Yang added. 

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What Happens When Kids Are Taught The Basics of Fire Safety

For 10 days across different schools in the operating area of VECO, the electric service provider to Metro Cebu conducted enjoyable seminars to fifth graders aimed at fire safety, education against kite flying, personal defense, and practical first aid treatment. The Fire Safety Caravan fortifies the fact that kids learn when they have fun, understand its relevance and when they have complete hands-on experience. Enjoy the short film featuring the kids from Mandaue City Central School!


For full photo coverage, see JayseeBlabs Facebook Page!

#JayseeBlabs Closer Look on Corporate Social Responsibility

For a firm that monopolizes a utility service, VECO as a brand is never perceived as an evil capitalist mainly because they genuinely care about their customers by having numerous activities, benefit programs and marketing strategy such as this. It is a mantra that is passed on from generation to generation that every enterprise, big or small, should give back to its community. Implementing programs that encourage social good in the interest of your firm could be a first step in adding this component to your operations.

This is a great way of establishing what your company truly stands for. Being involved in city fires especially those living in cramped rundown spaces, the company has been challenged a numerous times and they could never do it alone that is why they have active education programs that helps consumers make wise energy-based decisions.

Events like this which targets children would need to go through a lot of planning and the content would even need to go through approval since it is a sensitive market, and VECO did a stellar job at creating modules which are both fun and informative as well as visually entertaining and interactive at best. The whole school area was utilized and the children did have a lot of laughs and when you can initiate an emotion like that, your frontrunners and company representatives did a great job for the day.

VECO also had to outsource the program to a non-profit who specializes in survival for content creation, training and event handling which gives us a lesson that you should capitalize on your strengths and tap the strengths of others to develop yours.

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How Social Media Can Give You A Longer Life

Social Media is defined as a conversation that is powered by online platforms. It is a convenient, innovative, brand new way in understanding and reaching targets and is more than just another messaging channel.

Yours truly, JayseeBlabs, gave a talk to NAOs at the 9th Regional Nutrition Action Officers' Congress and Grand Nutrition Awards held on 02 August 2013 at the Marco Polo Plaza Hotel, Cebu City.

Internet usage is growing at an exponential rate. Corporations, governments and NGOs are capitalizing on their social media presence to engage their markets. According to GlobalWebIndex, Philippines is number one in social networking usage for 2011 to 2012 data alone. It is attributed to our closely knit ties and values. Can you just imagine the possibilities that we can harness if we use it for social good?

There are so many things you can do online to advance nutrition-related efforts: 
  • post real time updates and advisories, 
  • complement your traditional tri-media campaigns, 
  • archive and distribute important documents, 
  • post and publish relevant information,   
  • promote events and awareness, 
  • ask feedback thru questions and surveys, 
  • recruit volunteers, 
  • raise funds, 
  • collaborate and so much more.

To implement a successful nutrition related campaign, you need to develop a social media plan with a consultant and walk through different stages: 

  1. target
  2. message, 
  3. branding
  4. channels, 
  5. content
  6. promotion, 
  7. evaluation

The process is long and investment is huge as with all other efforts in operation but if your organization is not online, you are missing a lot of opportunities for exponential future growth.

About the speaker

Jaysee John Pingkian is the author of Jaysee Blabs and has been blogging since 2007. Currently serving as Board of Trustee and Outreach Committee Chair for the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi), a SEC-registered non-profit dedicated to promote Cebu on a global scale.

He also serves the Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development (MIND 7) as Secretary. He does consultations and spearheads the Rebranding and Full-Scale Social Media Implementation for National Nutrition Council 7 Online Campaigns: #wastongnutrisyon and NNCRVII.

He has done social marketing projects for Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) including the successful iluvfarmers Campaign and the Young Minds Academy.

Special thanks to Dave Feril of NNCRVII for taking the photo.

Event Photo Coverage Here

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Special Feature: Awesome Women for Tomorrow!

Moving women from poverty to financial independence is a dream that only a handful of organizations have attained.

Standing strong against indicators and factors that microfinance institutions face is what Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc. (NWTF) promises, if it is the last thing they would do.

I was fortuitous enough to be able to get the chance to meet the people behind the globally-recognized institution that has changed the way millions of Filipinos have lived. I would like to thank Gadgets Magazine and their judges and partners for recognizing this blog as the winner for the Special Category of the GoodBlog Awards last year and to my teammates and friends for life from the Young Minds Academy (YMA) and shoutout to people NWTF especially to Ms. Presy Alba and Mr. Pachito Genovia for the travel opportunity of my life. Thank you for arranging my itinerary and accommodations. Also I would to extend my gratitude to the staff of South Gate Inn in Kabankalan City, O Hotel in Bacolod City, and Danjugan Island for your hospitality.

Flying from Cebu-Mactan Int'l Airport, I was able to see the green quaint landscape of vast agricultural lands of Bacolod City an hour after departure when the heavenly fluffy clouds had cleared away below my plane window.

What is NWTF?

In more than three decades of operating, NWTF has proven that financially handicapped people are very credit worthy partners contrary to what traditional banks think of them. Reports will show that they have made significant and amazing contributions to nation-building by stimulating the economies of rural areas.

As they have gained economic stability as their home businesses grew, so did their dignity. The organization has expanded socio-economic performance by providing benefits that used to be just a dream to the poor such as scholarships for their children, insurance benefits, dental aid and business marketing and management training.

Over the years, they have emphasized the culture of excellence and partnership which I think brought them to heights they have never imagined.

I was introduced to the NWTF Kabankalan Branch team where major transactions are being done. I met Ma’am Virgie, a loan officer for twenty long years whose motivation to work is the relevance of what she does for others. I also met Ms Aileen Talanguenes and Ms Sharyn Aroz who make sure the paper works are done right. NWTF also offers scholarship to less fortunate but deserving students as well and as for the business loans, they offer a 2.5% interest rate with a rebate of 10% at the end of the term, an offer so generous no mainstream bank would dare counter.

NWTF Achievements

Their new policies, strategies and direction have paved the way for their yearly successes and the divergence between the people working behind have contributed just as much.

In fact, they have sought partnership with Ateneo University, Citi Foundation and Bayan Academy to roll out training courses that will empower their employees as they try to reach organizational goals. Investing in their managers and flying them all the way to the USA is one of their greatest feats in the area of employee development; special thanks to Wharton Business School in Philadelphia, and Harvard Business School in Boston for making it happen.

Known to be blessed with fertile lands, straggling rice plantations are an enlivening common sight. If you move around poetic country roads, you will be welcomed with stately trees lining as you pass by like soldiers welcoming a distinguished guest.

Building a rock solid banking player, their Dungganon Bank Inc. boasts of amazing critieria: 20 million pesos in portfolio, 3,000 active clients and zero portfolio at risk as of 2011.
Expanding to 50 more provinces in Panay, Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, Samar and Palawan, their loan disbursements and portfolio has no way to turn but up.

Buses and tricycles are the main modes of transportation going around the nostalgically attractive kabankalan city negros oriental. Those are zealous farmhands loading sugar canes on their truck at one stop we had, and the one inset is a preacher who discusses relevant scriptures and would ask for donations to make what does sustainable which is actually quite common in Manila as well.
Buses and tricycles are the main modes of transportation going around the nostalgically attractive town. Those are zealous farmhands loading sugar canes on their truck at one stop we had, and the one inset is a preacher who discusses relevant scriptures and would ask for donations to make what does sustainable which is actually quite common in Manila as well.

A fetching sworn seashore that is home to a retired boat is just beautiful for an afternoon stroll. bacolod city
A fetching sworn seashore that is home to a retired boat is just beautiful for an afternoon stroll.

Two fishermen seeking solitude below a sturdy tree before heading on to finish their shellfish harvesting. bacolod city
Two fishermen seeking solitude below a sturdy tree before heading on to finish their shellfish harvesting.

But one metric for their success is the fact that they had been recognized by international entities namely Kiva Microfunds, Vittana and WholePlanet Foundation to name a few.
They received the highest recognition as Triennial Awardee by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc (RAFI).

Here is my short documentary of NWTF at one of their lively center meetings where members would update the cluster of their business progress, challenges they need assistance with and where they would remit their loan payments for the week...

Seeing how candidly happy they are with each other and how their lives turned out through the group sharing, they'll make you realize that the people behind the organization have done one heck of a job. Something about asking them to watch each other's backs and monitoring each other's progress contributed to the exponential success of NWTF all these years, as they try to venture out to new markets throughout the nation. These women have forged a bond deeper than anything I've ever seen. Their challenges with their home-based businesses and their families have not been toppled in their soft shoulders alone since they have the whole community walking through it with them. kabankalan city negros oriental
Seeing how candidly happy they are with each other and how their lives turned out through the group sharing, they'll make you realize that the people behind the organization have done one heck of a job. It really helps that my vernacular, Bisaya, is quite similar to theirs so communicating wasn't really much of a hindrance. Something about asking them to watch each other's backs and monitoring each other's progress contributed to the exponential success of NWTF all these years, as they try to venture out to new markets throughout the nation. These women have forged a bond deeper than anything I've ever seen. Their challenges with their home-based businesses and their families have not been toppled in their soft shoulders alone since they have the whole community walking through it with them. 

Just a walk away from the hut they have built as a modest community center are the muffled sounds of cute brown piglets seeking refuge with each other in a natural pen in one of the mom-client's business. Also a merchandise of an NWTF client is the refueling center catering to tricycle and motor drivers who ride in the area with a light-hearted warning that she takes no credit, as part of mitigating risk from heartless customers which made me smile. kabankalan city negros oriental
Just a walk away from the hut they have built as a modest community center are the muffled sounds of cute brown piglets seeking refuge with each other in a natural pen in one of the mom-client's business. Also a merchandise of an NWTF client is the refueling center catering to tricycle and motor drivers who ride in the area with a light-hearted warning that she takes no credit, as part of mitigating risk from heartless customers which made me smile.

What is Project Dungganon?

Project Dungganon provides credit of one thousand (P1,000) to hundred thousand pesos (P100,000) to women micro-entrepreneurs. Members form a group of five and organize weekly meetings and what is interesting about it is that they are also responsible in monitoring prompt payment of fellow members. They check on each other to ensure that they have a healthy credit standing with NWTF.

It is also note worthy that they have a supplementary system that enables them to assess how the client will be able to survive. They have devised a strategy that effectively sees the members' innate talents, skills and work experiences that has business potential. Through the IGSS or Income Generating Survival Skills method, clients can define a business plan and lower the portfolio at risk and higher repayment rates as they tend to go about their lives.

When the client has the capacity to expand business from the micro up to the Small and Medium Enterprise level, they then graduate and proceed to a new program, the Project Kasanag.

The first successful client I've met personally was Ms. Cecille Salarde who shines bright with her smile as she welcomes me into her first house's living room. Yes, right now she has a second bigger home reaped from her success. After a very engaging conversation over refreshments, I've learned about how she began with two trays of balut and selling it in the neighborhood personally excreting tears and pain in the process before becoming the mega-entrepreneur she is today. Being awarded by the Citi Foundation for her dedication to give her family and those who work for her a brighter future, she is also a living tribute to the very values that NWTF stands for.

Ms Salarde gives me a tour to her numerous enterprises. Clockwise from top left is one of the dozen salvers of boiled peanuts ready for packing, a balut or a delicious steam duck embryo over a light bulb to assess its freshness and age, one of Ms. Salarde's workers inspects the balut storage cabinets in one of her warehouses and a truckload of pink-tainted salted duck egg which exhumes a very aromatic brine and has become a staple appetizer in Filipino homes. Not in this collage are her three burger stands, sari-sari store and her frozen foods produce.

She has the penchant for brightly colored love birds and the songs they make all throughout the day works just like a charm.

I've also come to notice some adorable pigeons bathing at a puddle nearby like little kids on a beach and they were just ignoring them like a common sight but I really do find it very captivating.

Ladies and gentlemen, the NWTF-Project Dungganon Story...

I've also met Ms Josephine Rico who was elected the Chief of Center 50 who herself had gone through great afflictions before she progressed to be the leader of the women in her neighborhood. She remembers that before NWTF gave her the chance to build her own business, she used to share one whole egg with her husband and her children as a whole day's meal. I wouldn't know what she went through but I can definitely say she is one strong woman to have risen up from her challenges. Nothing ever prepared her of the difficulties of moving away from her hometown in Zambales to be with the man he loves but it all turned out quite amazingly well eventually. With strong faith and hard work, she now operates seven motorcycles, two sari-sari stores, donated a parcel of land to be the community center as shown in the photo and owns two houses.

As their name resounds the very essence of empowering women and their families for tomorrow, NWTF will continue to transform lives of their clients and their families each day.

2 Things You Can Do Now:

  1. Visit NWTF Official Website for more information so that you would have an idea as to how you can participate individually or through your company. There is a cluster in every major city in the country so they're probably not hard to miss.
  2. Wherever you are in the world today, you can easily invest in an NWTF mom at by just using your Facebook Profile

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How These Young Teams Saved Countless Filipino Lives

A group of nursing students from West Visayas State University won the first national grand prize winner of Unilab Ideas Positive, a nationwide social marketing competition for college students that enables them to address health and wellness concerns in communities.

Team Waya

Team WAYA was named the winner after successfully bringing down the incidence of diarrheal diseases in Sitio Pang-pang in Dumangas, Iloilo from 75 cases when they started in May 2012 to zero incidence in the first quarter of 2013, after completing the implementation of their social marketing project called “Tahong for Life.”

“Tahong for Life” focused on proper hygiene and sanitation practices for families engaged in “pagtatala” or mussel deshelling, which is the main livelihood of families in the sitio. Mishandling of the mussels was identified as one of the causes of diarrheal diseases in the area.  

Not only did the team teach residents proper food handling practices, but they also built four deshelling centers made of nipa hut and provided residents with sanitary equipment like hair nets and aprons to reinforce the proper sanitary behavior.

They also successfully mobilized the community to practice Bayanihan spirit through  a series of clean-up drives that transformed the community from a smelly and filthy repository of mussel shells into a clean community complete with concrete pathways made from crushed mussel shells mixed with sand and cement.

Team WAYA used the P100,000 seed money from Unilab to implement their social marketing project. 

They are one of 12 teams chosen nationwide by Unilab to receive training on social marketing, as well as seed money to help them turn their idea into actual solutions for communities. 

The winning team is composed of Charibel de Pedro, Michael dela Peña, Alfred Dicto, Hanna Dolduco, and Rexell Ela. They took home P60, 000 in cash, individual medals, and a team trophy. They will also be attending a social marketing training courtesy of Unilab.

Kabataang Katipuneros

The runner up winner is a team from University of the Philippines Visayas called Kabataang Katipuneros who successfully treated the malnourished children in Bgy. La Paz in Guimaras through their multi-factorial health and nutrition project.

As a result, Bgy. La Paz lowered its rank from the number one barangay with most number of malnourished children to number 20 in the whole of Guimaras.

Team Green Label

The other runner up winner is a youth team from University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao called Team Green Label who also successfully treated malnourished children in a public elementary school by turning an idle lot into an organic vegetable garden that became the source of food for the school’s feeding program. They also taught proper sanitation practices to children and integrated a health and sanitation teaching module in the school’s curriculum.

About Unilab Ideas Positive

“Unilab Ideas Positive is about positive ideas and positive outcomes.  
"The winning teams are living examples of how small youth teams with big ideas can make a long-lasting, sustainable difference in local communities.   
"Their creativity, resourcefulness, passion and energy inspire all of us.  
"We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with them, enabling them to turn their ideas into reality, working towards a healthier Philippines, one community at a time,” said Unilab Foundation Executive Director Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi. 

These 12 youth teams nationwide accepted the challenge from Unilab Ideas Positive to make the Philippines a healthier country to live in one community at a time. 

After undergoing a social marketing bootcamp, the teams implemented their projects that would address a health problem in their chosen communities.

In just a span of 6 months, these teams touched the lives of 12 communities in Baguio, Batangas, Cavite, Camarines Norte, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and Metro Manila.


  1. Palomar-Fresnedi sat in the Board of Judges together with 
  2. Human Heart Nature founder Anna Meloto-Wilk
  3. Hapinoy founder Mark Ruiz, 
  4. former dean of UP College of Social Work and Development Dr. Angelito Manalili, 
  5. UP Manila public health professor Gayline Manalang Jr., and 
  6. Undersecretary for Presidential Communications Office and Head of Philippine Information Agency Mari Oquinena.

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Earn Free $25 By Helping Others

A revolutionary micro-financing website launched a few years ago. Now with over millions of dollars lent, with a guaranteed 98.99% repayment rate from borrowers, the success of the US-based company lies on how efficient it is in mobilizing crowd-sourced funds to those who need it most, our struggling brothers and sisters all over the world.

I am proud to introducing Kiva. Empowering people and alleviating poverty $25 at a time. 
Choose a borrower. Make a loan. Get repaid. Repeat!

I had a first hand experience on how it was able to change the lives of its loan clients here in the Philippines when I was flown to Kabankalan City, Negros Oriental and meet the people behind the success of the social enterprise.

Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation Inc. (NWTF), increases its aid to the homemakers by seeking the partnership of Kiva to some of its members. These women are trying to increase family income through setting up businesses in farming, raising hogs, feeding fowls, setting up stalls and selling different kinds of delicacies and on top that, building better homes, all the while exuding grace and joy as I have observed in their monthly meeting at their center; a genuine portrait of Pinoy optimism.

Why Kiva?

  1. It is really simple to use and is free. You can just instantly register using Facebook connect.
  2. Just by signing up, you earn free $25 that you can loan to any micro-entrepreneur in the Philippines.

When you loan someone on Kiva, you are loaning them the chance at a better life, create opportunities and there is nothing better than to be able to change a family's life at your convenience. This is a great opportunity for busy professionals to help out without having to exert so much time, effort or resources.

Step 1. 

Get started today with a one-click sign up process using your Facebook Profile.

Step 2. 

After signing up, you'll get a free $25 where you are given the option to choose who to loan to but I suggest you pick from the women supported by NWTF, read about their stories and how your loan can help them.

Why care?

The whole thing will only take three minutes of your time and if you think that whatever it is you are trying to do online is more important than saving a family today, I respect that, but I will have this on your conscience. It's time to actually care and sending help as convenient as this means lending out love with little to no effort at your part which leaves you with no excuse to defend your apathy. Invest today and see your portfolio grow too.

If you want to learn more about the amazing things about NWTF read about my awesome trip all the way to their headquarters as I get to meet the inspiring women whose lives were forever altered for the best, thanks to the Philippines fastest-growing and most respected NGO today.

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Guest Post: Art Saves Children's Souls

It's never too late to change. He was once one of the kids we fear as we stroll the streets of Cebu City. Now, a boy becomes a hero in his own right by inspiring people to turn to art for comfort rather than spreading crime, violence and hate, which other impoverished kids are doing. Read on for a special feature from the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.

What started as an artwork by 16-year-old Alberto Lopez from Barangay Ermita in Cebu City has led to the creation of an arts project that later provided venues for expression for more young children and teens like him.

For Lopez, this artwork, which is a sketch of a happy family, show his desire to draw until his hands get weary.

“I had never been interested in arts before, primarily because I was out in the streets fighting with other kids. I was once a delinquent juvenile in Ermita, spending more time on the streets with my older peers,” he said in Bisaya.

Lopez’s story inspired the Dolores Aboitiz Children’s Fund (DACF) of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) to partner with Bidlisiw Foundation Inc. to organize the Ermita Children’s Arts Project, which ran from November 2011 to May 2012. 

“It aimed to engage the Ermita children and youth in creative and constructive activities that will divert them from vices and develop their character and skills,” Joem Degracia, DACF program officer said.

During this period, 98 children and youth—mostly out-of-school youth, night students, and street children—from Barangay Ermita availed of free lessons on visual arts, violin, choir, and performing arts. 

The mentors included renowned Cebuano painter Celso Pepito for visual arts; University of Southern Philippines Foundation choir conductor and teacher Barret Oliver Richards for choir; well-known violinist and music educator in Cebu Lianne Sala for orchestra; and University of San Jose Recoletos-Institute of Non-Formal Education and Community Outreach Program led by Florabel Lim for performing arts. 

“My involvement in this project changed the way I see things. It changed me and my whole life. I found a venue where I can truly express myself. Visual arts enabled me to explore my world through sketching. Even if I’m not the best in the group, it is still fulfilling to be appreciated by other people,” Lopez shared.

 His artworks mainly manifest his advocacy on the rights of a child, importance of family, and effects of youth’s engagement in vices. During one of their sessions, the young boy sketched a family wherein each of them was happily holding each other’s hands.

“My drawing speaks of the value of a happy family. When a child has a happy and loving family, he or she will be guided all throughout his or her life. When my parents saw my works, I can see in their eyes how happy and proud they are of me. That is the greatest reward I ever received,” he recalled.

At present, Lopez is one of the peer educators in Ermita, teaching younger children to draw and helping keep them from trouble. 

“We want to show to the people that we are not the kind of Ermita children they perceived us to be—the delinquents or the snatchers. We are renewed now; we have changed for the better,” he said.

Lester Amosura, 17, who is also into visual arts, shared the same personal advocacy, saying that many people are quick to call Ermita children snatchers, loiterers, and trouble-makers, but fail to appreciate their talents. 

“We may be poor but through our talents, we believe we can someday help our families,” he added.

The children also underwent interventions, such as knowing their rights as a child and personality development.

Edruel Batulan, Bidlisiw Foundation Inc. organizer for the Ermita Children’s Arts Project, observed that the attendance rate of the project in its first few weeks was inconsistent because some of the children were working as dishwashers or as garbage collectors or doing the laundry.

“The arts project boosted the children’s self-confidence. As time passed by, they were able to interact with the other children. They were able to showcase to people that they can do better if given the chance,” Batulan said.

 Last Jan. 26, two girls from Barangay Ermita—Novabella Pelayre, 13, and Ma. Theresa Reyes, 14—performed in a fundraising concert entitled, “Sistemang Pilipino: Transforming Lives Through Music”, held at Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. 

Having received violin lessons through the Ermita Children’s Art Project, the girls were invited by Lianne Sala, violin teacher and concert organizer, to serve as examples of what children from underserved communities are capable of if only they are given the opportunity.  

Children who are in violin, performing arts and choir lessons have no previous background in these particular arts. Batulan said that the kids who took violin lessons did not have any experience in playing the instrument before.

“They don’t have violins at home. Violins are lent to them, and through constant practice, they were able to learn how to play as if they have played before. They can even read notes now. The best thing that they have learned from this project is self-discipline,” he said.

He also cited that children in performing arts now have the confidence to act and dance before a large crowd. 

“When you see the kids perform, you would not think they were once part of the streets. Now, they have joined us in exploring the world of arts. We have given them a step closer to a better future,” he added.

(Guest Post By Chrisley Ann Hinayas/Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.)  

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Beyond Statistics: Award-Winning Ways of Battling Malnutrition in Negros Oriental

Much has been said about what the government has been doing in addressing issues the Filipino has been plagued all this time, poverty. 

One side effect poverty brings is the prevalence of malnutrition and, at times, untimely death of mothers and children in the far flung areas. A sad fact that not all of us in the city are affected on a daily basis. After seeing how the municipalities and the whole province of Bohol last year worked together to alleviate the lives of their constituents, this year was yet another exposure to the pride of the East, Negros Oriental.

It could never make me any happier to be able to reach out to the people whose lives changed because of the interventions placed by the public leaders, as I get to see the municipalities in Negros Oriental with so much hope.

Why should I care? You might ask. 

Simple. We are Filipinos. We are Christians. 
After God, we value lives especially of our own people more than anything else. We need to walk the talk. In addition, city professionals pay the biggest taxes in the region so it is good to read something positive rather than just generalizing the whole system and cry foul at corruption allegations all the time because, mind you, the most hardworking people work silently in the government or civic society.

Organized by the National Nutrition Council Region VII led by Dr. Parolita Mission and the Department of Agriculture, MIND 7 Cebu media practitioners were able to experience the extraordinary projects first-hand.

As a first-timer in the province, I was enviable to have the chance to explore the place for all its greatness; and with all their efforts in place, I was then able to understand why they bagged numerous awards for program effectiveness, sustainability and efficiency.

Danny Darong Farm

Like the poetic provincial setting for the next Star Cinema movie offering for February, the famous and multi-awarded farm boasts of master planned organic crop linings and freshest greens employing nothing but modern agricultural techniques. With the late afternoon minty cool air entering our nostrils, breathing in the scenic view was never that hard.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs negros oriental

It was my first time to see a Rambutan tree! I just thought you should know what it looks like.

phoebe indino chiloy baldicantos  jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs negros oriental

Dews adorn this carnation pink rose unmindful of the commotion we had caused arriving to the farm.

Governor Roel Degamo welcoming Cebu media and shares his views how he was able to generate really good nutrition numbers and promote firm and honest governance.

Having a forum with Zamboanguita Municipal Nutrition Committee and officials, seeing actual operations of their Community Radio, walking around their famed Maternity Lodge, meeting Dumaguete City Nutrition Council and officials, discussing issues with Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo and the Provincial Nutrition Committee, touring around the beautiful agricultural site in Valencia before retiring in Dumaguete and the stunning and seductive Apo Island, indeed we were able to go past the statistics that were published and saw the faces of real people behind the citations.

 Healthiest Fresh Milk

We enjoyed fresh milk treats in different flavors at the Norient Fresh Factory. The Negor Dairy Processing Plant is managed by The Dairy Farmers Association of Dumaguete City (DFADC). Land O' Lakes Foundation Philippines, Inc. and The National Dairy Authority are also stakeholders of the project.
We enjoyed fresh milk treats in different flavors at the Norient Fresh Factory. The Negor Dairy Processing Plant is managed by The Dairy Farmers Association of Dumaguete City (DFADC). Land O' Lakes Foundation Philippines, Inc. and The National Dairy Authority are also stakeholders of the project.

We enjoyed fresh milk treats in different flavors at the Norient Fresh Factory. The Negor Dairy Processing Plant is managed by The Dairy Farmers Association of Dumaguete City (DFADC). Land O' Lakes Foundation Philippines, Inc. and The National Dairy Authority are also stakeholders of the project.
Frothy milk with science in plant processing that retains as much nutrients and at the same delighting its drinkers with chilly sweet thick goodness in different flavors that your body will surely love.

Cebu media having a lively discussion with Governor Roel Degamo in his office where we got to witness how firm his type of leadership is.

The hardworking men behind the NUTRISKWELA Community Radio Station 98.5 RK Radyo Kaigsoonan


The government’s Nutrition Program is aimed at uplifting health of the people who needs it the most by making sure that the intervention programs are executed properly at the local level. With the delegation of power awarded to them, the LGUs now have more control as to what programs and activities they would implement in their own localities to help stop undernourishment.

Although the degree of support and implementation varies from each LGU, the nutrition program is there to be seen in every LGU. Nutrition activities being implemented in the local level include:

  • Daily Supplementary Feeding Program (Hot Meals) for day care children; 
  • Nutrition Education where caregivers of children are taught nutritious meal preparation and importance of growth monitoring using the “Pabasa sa Nutrisyon” strategy where mothers gather in small groups and engage in fun learning activities from certified materials provided; 
  • Promotion of exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding for six months onwards among pregnant, lactating and soon to be expecting women; 
  • Establishing of gardens in communities, schools and even in homes to increase food availability; 
  • Micronutrient Supplementation and Food Fortification, among others.

The Maternity Lodge that could pass up as a Tiki resort in terms of comfort and design. This is used to house mothers who hail from mountainous barangays so that they are closer to real birth centers in the municipality below.
The Maternity Lodge that could pass up as a Tiki resort in terms of comfort and design. This is used to house mothers who hail from mountainous barangays so that they are closer to real birth centers in the municipality below.

Members of the MIND 7 explores the seat of governance in Zamboanguita.

Those Little Hands for Huge Community Development

Real life challenges and problems take place outside the four corners of the classroom.

Eighty one high school and college students who are scholars of the sixth season of the Young Minds Academy (YMA) face some of them when they embarked on a three-day immersion last month in participating local government units (LGUs) in Metro Cebu to assess the liveability and sustainability of the areas last month.

For Gail Villacorta, 17, a college student of Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U), her immersion in Cordova exposed her to the challenges of unpredictable weather and to an environment entirely different to what she is regularly used to.

“There were times that we were hours under the heat of the sun. We were also afraid to walk along the unfamiliar streets of the area. There were many things running on our minds that time. There were instances that we were hesitant to approach residents. It was really a challenge for us to deal with the weather and to adapt to a new environment,” she recalled.

The team had to stay with their host family for two nights. Villacorta said that at night it was a period of adjustment for her because she is not used to sleeping in other people’s house.

Luckily, the host family was hospitable and supported them until the last day of their immersion. 

“It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. It made me realize how far the youth could do if there is proper guidance by the elders.  We are just one of the new generations that aim to improve the state of the community,” Villacorta said.

Villacorta and the rest of the YMA 6 scholars were immersed separately by groups in the different cities and municipalities classified as highly urbanized, including Cebu City, Mandaue City, Talisay City, Lapulapu City, Minglanilla, Naga City, San Fernando, Carcar City, Consolacion, Liloan, Compostela, Danao City, and Cordova.

Their mission was to acquire data through focus group discussions, surveys, and transect mapping based on the principles—importance of research and planning, establishment of development framework, and city-region collaboration—of the Mega Cebu Project namely; 

The researchers used the indicators crafted by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), including municipal services, environment, governance, areas for strategic and regional planning, communication and information technology, economic development and employment, basic social services, and use and ownership of lands.

The Mega Cebu Project envisions a city-region for Cebu wherein cities and municipalities collaborate with each other towards urban development, sustainability, and livability, while maintaining geopolitical integrity. 

RAFI serves as the research, program, and organizational development unit of the Metro Cebu Development Coordinating Board (MCDCB), which is composed of leaders from the government, the private sector, and civil society that takes the lead in the implementation of the Mega Cebu Project.

 “We are just young adults but we are part of the community. It is just right to be involved from identifying problems to planning to carrying out solutions,” Jive Monterozo, 15, a third year high school student of the University of the Philippines Cebu College. 

His immersion experience prompted him to reflect on how much could be done to address community issues, such as improper waste disposal and drainage system, if people will just cooperate and work together. 

“Experience is indeed the best teacher. I gained a wider perspective of what’s going on outside the classroom through the immersion. Before addressing social problems, we need to have a change on a how view community development and how each one of us plays a role in it,” he disclosed.

After the immersion, Villacorta, Monterozo, and the rest of the YMA 6 scholars returned to their homes and schools and prepared their reports, which they presented at the RAFI Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) during the Young Citizen’s Forum last July 28.

Dressed in professional attires, they showed that they are no longer “spectators” but “stakeholders” of the community by presenting the needs, opportunities, and threats of the barangays in the LGUs they were assigned during the immersion. From these, they drew out their recommendations. 

Majority of the reports presented to the MCDCB members, local government officials, line agency representatives, and private sector leaders showed that solid waste management, traffic congestion, and poor drainage systems were the top concerns of the LGUs.

The scholars are now coming up with a community-based project model for their assigned barangays within the framework of urban development.

“The immersion let them experience reality at the ground level. Instead of being beneficiaries, they should also be involved in the process of crafting plans for the community and make these plans happen,” EADSC Executive Director Evelyn Nacario-Castro said, stressing that the youth are not just the hope of tomorrow but partners of today. 

With proper guidance, they can play a role in community building in the forefront of urban development, she added.

“At an early age, they have immersed themselves in real situations. They have the energy and the fresh minds; no doubt they could do more for the community. It is a good start that these young leaders have the passion to be involved in community planning,” Efren B. Carreon, assistant regional director of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) 7, observed.

He said that the reports presented could serve as baseline data for Mega Cebu Project planning and for NEDA in the future. 

(Guest Post Written By Chrisley Ann Hinayas/Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.) 

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Inspiring Movement at 1st Cebu Social Media Summit

"How can new technology and new media create solutions for the biggest problems facing my community?"

This is the question that everyone resonated all over the world as we celebrate International Social Social Media Summit. Here in Cebu, the premier blogging institution with which I belong to, organized the event with the help of our sponsors and partners.

Another milestone under our belt, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. spearheaded the event last September 22 featuring different talks that showcase how new media changed the world we live in.

photo by Bjorn

Attended by student leaders, businessmen and bloggers, the gathering proved to be the convergence of ideas that will dictate how we can influence tomorrow and use social media for progress.

Yours truly, had the chance to present to everyone another big endeavor that CBSi is embarking in, ACT NOW.

Group picture of organizers and attendees of Cebu Social Media Summit #sgscebu #sgsglobal
Photo by Herbert

What is ACT NOW #actnowcebu?

ACT NOW is a new project of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. to streamline its newly-formed Outreach Committee, which yours truly is also the chairperson.

See the full awesome presentation below to learn more about what ACT NOW is all about, what the CBSi Outreach Committee stands for and to know how you can help Cebu's amazing NGOs:

Why we all should ACTNOW?

  • Guinsaugon, Southern Leyte and Legaspi, Albay
  • Recently most of Metro Manila is under water
  • Persistent torrential rains, causing landslides and flash floods, killing people and destroying property and lives along its path
  • El Niño occurrences with the epidemics on dengue
  • 23.1 million Filipinos are poor *
  • You could be next

What is ACTNOW?

  • Not just a brand. It is an offline and online project of the CBSi Outreach Committee. 
  • It mobilizes people to act.
  • Bloggers Social Responsibility Arm of CBSi.
  • Bloggers Doing Good, Helping Others Do Good.


  • Promote individuals, NGO and government-related causes online and offline
  • Be a catalyst for action by linking individuals, businesses and organizations to NGOs and gov't programs that needs support
  • Help social good organizations that CBSi bloggers are active in, believe in

Current Projects

on the Social Media Summit day, all CBSi members were mandated to bring clothes for donation to the Habagat victims in Manila
the Social Media Summit is one such offline endeavors of the CBSi to promote social good!
CBSi headed by the Outreach Committee will start the Cebu Chapter of RockEd Philippines with an future rockin' event where youth can learn about issues and act on it with their favorite bands as ambassadors


Other Social Media Summit #sgscebu Topics include: 

  • State of the Social Media Scene in Cebu
    by Ruben Licera Jr., president of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.;
  • Social Media Responsibility Defined
    by Dr. Narciso Tapia, a medical blogger and finalist of the 1st Cebu Media Excellence Awards (CMEA);
  • Inspiring Change through Blogging and Social Media
    by Nancy Cudis, 1st CMEA Blogger of the Year and Top 9 finalist of Good Blog Awards 2012;
  • Social Movement via Social Media
    by Atty. Totol Batuhan, Founder of Abante Barangay Movement; and Social Media Engagement Ethics and Legal Issues

    by Atty. Ethelbert Ouano, law professor at the University of San Jose Recoletos

The 1st Social Good Summit Cebu is supported by Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., GeiserMaclang Communications, PRWorks, Abante Barangay Movement, SMART, and Marcelo Fernan Cebu Press Center.

During the event, I also managed the live updates in our official event Facebook page:

You can also join us in the conversation using the following hashtag:

It's time to #ACTNOW!

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What Matteo Guidicelli Did That Inspired The World

In their dream to let every child live a life in all its fullness, World Vision has launched a weeklong campaign to promote child sponsorship and its advocacy here in Cebu. 

Banking on their stellar powers, they have invited their brand ambassador and a proud Cebuano Matteo Guidicelli to meet his grantees and visit one of their World Vision communities in Lilo-an where the kids show off their financial management skills.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs with matteo Guidicelli
Proud of his roots, conversing with showbiz prince in vernacular was a breath of fresh air. There is more than what meets the eye and I think it is his humility that made him rise through the ranks almost effortlessly. His sincerity just exudes in every smile and every gesture he makes, truly a man of sophistication and breeding. Cebu will be forever proud of what you have achieved and will continue to support the causes you fight for.

world vision liloan

Yep, these children are setting aside playtime for a few minutes every Saturday to practice funding and discipline, after benchmarking the success of their parent’s Community-Owned and Managed Savings and Credit Association (COMSCA). All thanks to World Vision’s efforts, they are now sustainable in providing themselves what they need with what little income they have.

With passbooks and a vault that is being secured by three members, these kids have become responsible enough to understand financial processes, and I could not reiterate its importance all the more.

Meeting his extended family

After the heart-warming experience with Liloan COMSCA kids, we headed on to see chivalrous actor's beneficiaries whom he has sponsored for a couple of years now. They have created tokens of their appreciation through drawings which they gave personally.

world vision liloan

When they were asked what they could say to the debonair celebrity, the mother and her daughter choked up in tears and everyone in the room fell silent for a while because we were so moved by the extent of how World Vision and its beneficiaries has literally changed the lives of people they are serving. Matteo, being a charming guy he is, tried to keep the mood alight as quipped a joke in vernacular that made us laugh. He narrates how happy he becomes when he receives letters from these kids which contains drawings and pictures especially on Christmas. And I've learned from him personally that he also receives report cards on a regular basis.

About Sharing the Joy of Hope

Visiting the community with their celebrity sponsor and setting up exhibits is just part of their caravan in celebration of World Vision’s 55 years of “Sharing the Joy of Hope.” Today, World Vision assists more than 112,000 children and their families in 29 provinces all over the Philippines.

Congratulations to the people behind World Vision and hats off to all their sponsors and partners! Faith in humanity restored!

How you can change this world

With only six hundred pesos monthly contribution, you can already send a child to school and help them cope with the hardships of today’s life. Encourage your friends to spare a few bucks and be the change this world needs.

For more information

Call Cebu Hotline at 505-4444Call or text 0917-5540683
Like WorldVision on Facebook
Follow them @WorldVisionPH

Sponsor online through 

WorldVision Official Website

Social Welfare Champions, Ultimate Change Shapers

Lihok Pilipina Foundation Inc.

Social Welfare Champions, Ultimate Change Shapers 

Feature by Jaysee John R. Pingkian, author of  Jaysee Blabs

Action is the most definite thing one should do if he wishes to become an architect of change, and to mobilize hundreds of families to battle poverty and abuse could be a legacy worth talking about in the decades to come.

There are a lot of institutions that caters to protecting women and children but one goes beyond their purpose to solve the bigger ills of this society.

Child protection is very close to my heart because I am witness to cruelty against them almost every now and then; and to be powerless at times, makes me rethink how I perceive this world, but now knowing that a group of individuals are putting their acts together to rescue them, and alleviate them from poverty along the way, is, by far, the best discovery I have ever made.

Introducing Lihok Pilipina Foundation Inc. (LPFI)...

Uphill Climb

Lihok Pilipina Foundation Inc. (LPFI) was organized from the dream of one woman for a safer more livable society. 

Ms. Tessie Fernandez, the embodiment of a very vigilant and active citizen and a proud Cebuano everyone can only hope to emulate, is used to quick action that is why she sought the aid of different institutions to make Lihok Pilipina what it is today: an organization that values life more than any other.

Ms. Tessie Fernandez of Lihok Pilipina Foundation Inc.
Lihok Pilipina started with operating its credit program for the women of Cebu City. This gave the mothers a glimpse of hope as they are able to start their own micro-businesses in their respective communities from sari-sari stores to small scale food shops we commonly refer to as carenderias.

The foundation actually monitors the lives of their beneficiaries that is why it came as an alarm to them why the ladies began missing out important meetings. It was then that they had learned that “family trouble” kept them from venturing into other things and was ultimately the cause why most of them eventually falter on their payments and closed their shops.

Being with the women whom she has considered family, Tessie and her team made it their newfound mission to protect women and children at all cost because she could not bear to hear any more stories from them as to how they got their bruises from their husbands who ventilates their anger quite too much, quite too often.

"At first we thought of addressing domestic violence just as a strategy to resolve the difficulties in the credit program. But it became an issue itself because we found out that it was such a huge concern among the women," she explains.

Their bigger mission is to have “communities that are dynamic, non-violent, viable, effective, militant and self-reliant, where the dignity of women, children and men are upheld and continuously developed.”

Different challenges hindered Lihok Pilipina  as they opened their doors to accommodate a new set of issues. They launched the Women’s Support and Crisis Center which welcomed women who were raped and abused both physically and mentally. They needed a home for battered women to stay, logisitics, supplies and transportation as more and more women call for their help. Good thing, legal representatives were not a burden as they have lawyers in the Board of Trustees. With all the requirements that she needed to furnish to complete this mission, she pooled together all the people she could gather. From former classmates in law school, to community organizers and even tapping on development workers in the University of San Carlos, government and in NGOs, Tessie and the rest of Lihok Pilipina team was able to help victims appreciate the new day in their lives that has come.

To see more about the roots of the foundation and the women who inspired Tessie to build the org, see this 3-part documentary film produced by Advocacy Videos:

Change is a very herculean task that even Jesus in his time had a hard time doing. But given the right strategies, approach, and support, you can shape a nation one person at a time. That’s just what Ms. Tessie and her team did. 

I can just marvel at the great works of her organization as I researched and actually saw the people who are living testaments of Lihok Pilipina’s successful efforts all these years.

Change Shaping Today

Lihok Pilipina’s celebrated accomplishment was the conception of the Office of the Urban Poor as one of the specialized division in Cebu City Hall and has aided close to 3,000+ clients in Cebu City alone.

They bear on to reach out to women and children needing shelter and immediate attention due to domestic violence and abuse cases.

They were also able to find ways and means for policemen to undergo gender sensitivity trainings as they handle these very vulnerable issues. They were also able to stir up national buzz as the front page of a daily showed their research results on domestic violence and eventually caught the attention of then President Ramos who reprimanded DSWD for their indifference on such a grave issue. From that, the Bantay Banay (Family Watch) was born.

They even won the heart of then Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena who said “[Lihok Pilipina]  can do it better. Why don't I just give you money to continue what you are doing?” That’s because he was referring more cases to LPFI rather than his office so he funded around 15 barangays to organize a Bantay Banay group. Eventually, the performance of the program became so phenomenal that it other places invited LPFI over to organize it for them and history soon followed that this program reached Dumaguete and Misamis Oriental.

But I think the best achievement of LPFI are the lives that has changed as they champion social welfare and poverty alleviation efforts; two heavy issues that even United Nations is on the verge figuring out how to combat against... a battle we've been losing since human civilization began.

Tale of Success

I can talk all about Lihok Pilipina the whole day and it still wouldn’t be enough as they have more programs that have passed critical acclaim like the Community Waste Management Project and their Youth Program. To think they already have the Savings and Credit Center and Support and Crisis Intervention giving them load that the most powerful being would grow tired of.

The Triennial awards is the ongoing effort of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) to look for and distinguish the underappreciated heroes in the Visayas and Mindanao region who set an example of lives dedicated to help and serve others. It goes without saying that Lihok Pilipina’s feat is a milestone when it bagged home the Most Outstanding Institution award in the Triennials last 2005.

"With the country being preoccupied with political turmoil, our feat should serve as an encouragement for others to do their share. We should stop talking and do the action," Fernandez said.

The cash and trophy that the foundation holds is not even enough to compensate for all the work that they had done, the change that they have initiated. But they, for one, ask for no compensation as they take great joy in helping others and I think every single one who are familiar with NGOs and social work know this kind of fulfillment.

With the great impact that this foundation has been rippling into Filipino society, I give them my highest respect and all. But there is still a lot of work to be done and the humble team behind Lihok Pilipina assures me that they will never rest on their laurels until every Filipino and possibly every person in the world is safe and happy.

How You Can Help

Contact them now to refer domestic violence cases, volunteer, donate:
Ms. Tessie B. Fernandez or Mr. Alex Ocampo, Executive Director

(032) 254-8092
(032) 256-1341
(032 )254-8072

(032) 254-8072


Or visit their office at:
102 P. Del Rosario Extension, Cebu City

Lihok Pilipina Foundation Inc.

Social Welfare Champions, Ultimate ChangeShapers 

Feature by Jaysee John R. Pingkian, author of JayseeBlabs

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