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Filipino Nurses Heralds Compassionate Care

About 300 catholic nurses will gather this Saturday (September 21) to discuss issues and concerns relevant to catholic faith and caring as they hold their 2nd Local Convention. 

This was announced by Ms. Edith Rose R. Santos, the Convention Chair. Santos added that the local convention carries the theme

“Nurses: Witnesses of Faith towards Compassionate Care” 

As part of the observance of the Year of Faith, professional nurses will convene at the JSU-PSU Mariners Court, ALU Cmpd, Arellano St., Cebu City.

Pope Benedict XVI has decreed that the Catholic Church will observe the Year of Faith between 11 October 2012 and 24 November 2013.

He has set aside a special year for Catholics throughout the world to rediscover, and share with others, the precious gift of Faith entrusted to the Church and the personal gift of faith that we have each received from God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The program will start with a Eucharistic Celebration. Rev. Fr. Benjamin M. Trazo, the organization’s spiritual adviser will officiate the mass.

Former Regional Director of Professional Regulations Commission Region VII and CNGP Board Member, Dr. Delia Z. Mediano will elaborate the theme while Fr. Loreto Jaque of the Cebu’s Archbishop Palace will discuss “Finding sacredness and meaning in one’s work”. 

The event is organized by the Catholic Nurses Guild of the Philippines (CNGP) Cebu Chapter with Dr. Carmelita T. Villanobos as President. CNGP, a member International Committee of Catholic Nurses and Medico-Social Assistant is an association of catholic nurses with the objectives of:

  1. promoting the professional, spiritual, personal and moral welfare of nurses in the country; 
  2. cultivate professional nursing practice that is compassionate, competent and ethical; 
  3. foster fellowship and cooperation among its members; and 
  4. promote social action and lay apostolate. 

For details about the convention and membership, you may call Merlyn at 0943-366-8976 or Lita at 0919-507-7990.

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Why My Mom is Super Awesome!

It has just been a few days ago when the whole world commemorates the very woman in our lives, our mothers. I am very proud to say that my mom is super awesome. She has all the qualities that raised me to my very best even at the worst of circumstances.

To begin with, she risked her life giving birth to three kids, and we all know of the horror stories of our conception, those moments when she almost passed out in so much bodily misery and stress but tried to stay awake just to make sure we get out alive.

She even had to quit her long-time career as a college professor just so she could raise us herself.
She is also that kind of mother who storms in school when she knew that I was bullied and that some people may have taken advantage of me. That is why I tried to be as strong as she is through time, so she doesn’t have to fight the battles I was supposed to conquer myself. Truly, she taught me to be the force to reckon with.

Mommy, Mimi or Mims as I call her is the greatest teacher I’ve had. I learned my basic education the hard way so every time I go to class I could always be the brightest. She inspires me to achieve in life because she could be very proud mom every time she talks about me, which is worth more than what medals could give. The fact she finished her education as a working student made me work even harder.

Me and my mimi! :)

Whoever said that “Mothers Know Best” could not state it any better because my mom has all the wisdom that I need before I make a big decision in my life. Most of my choices were made because I had to listen on what she has to say, because it is always my interest that she looks after above everything else. She even has superpowers where I could not lie to her because she knows me all too well but most especially she knows when I’m having a good day or just pretending to have a good one.

But the greatest lesson that I had learned from her as a child was how she held on to her faith to God when you are going through the darkest moments in your life and it all just made sense when I had grown mature now. I learned to pray and read the bible because of her. In fact, she is the strength of my family and the cornerstone of our lives.

Every day is your day Mimi. We love you.

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Inspirational Poster from Great Songs

All of us go through something... the magnitude differs and so do the situations we battle ourselves in. Life is simple but no one said it's easy, a classic line that rings true every single day. For that, we all need each other and at times when we think we are on our own we draw inspiration from those that empower us somehow. For me, I sometimes get it from really good music and with lines and performances so powerful, I will make it my life's calling to create a series of artworks that give life to the inspiration brought about by today's inspirational tunes.

Starting off with Demi Lovato's Skyscraper, a song about rising above the pain and suffering...

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson teaches us that you don't need anybody to be complete and it also jams about pinning those who did you wrong down...

Stronger by Mandisa has a lighter tone by telling the world that it may be hard to see God at times but He still cares, a thought very hard to choke down for some...

Always remember whatever it is that is devastating your day, it is not the end of the world, it's just another day... Spread the good vibes!

Kiss the Rain by Billie Myers

Terrified by Zachary Levi

We Found Love by Rihanna

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Live: Jaysee Blabs Year-End Reflections

Life is simple. You are born. You grow, then you die.

But no one ever said it's easy. The roads we take in between, the people we meet, the circumstances that surround us and the challenges being thrown our way brings out the worst in us; and in some cases, our best. It’s very tempting to talk about positivity but there will come a time that God will test you so much that you will know what is real and where you really stand. People call it pessimism. I call it upright realization that life is irreversible so never take a leap to unknown heights if you’ve had your share of sorrows and mistakes.

It is knowing who you really are, what you are capable of and what you want to do that will define who you will become.

Life is harsh. The most horrendous things can make you become a stronger being you never thought you would be. I’ve taken risks and some may have paid off but one thing didn’t.

Life is short. Have fun. Love the simple things. Kiss the rain. And of course, don't screw things much and if you do just bounce right back because life is too short for you to dwell in the past.  Enjoy every minute even when you are in pain.

Eat like a king, laugh out loud, love like you’ve never been hurt and as a wise man once said, live as if you would die tomorrow.

This post might come as a shock to people who may only know me by my very fun nature but I come with great seriousness as I deliver very important messages that I so rarely dwell into.

I can spend the whole day rambling about how my 2011 might’ve been the best and the worst in my life but I’d rather not because we’re not that close (lolz) and I’ve been known to be secretive even to my family. Instead, let me take you to a journey with me like strangers meeting for the first time at a long bus trip. Vague. Simple. Fun.

This is one part I’d rather not discuss much at all but I think I might have shocked the world when I did a lot of things throughout the year that squeaky clean me would never do. I thought so too. But when I’m pushed to edge, I get surprised with discovering what I am truly capable of.

There might have been a lot of dark moments in that year that convinced me to go bald (lolz); pack up and leave the comforts of my own home to live alone; to have a mean look by dying my hair bloody red, have both ears pierced; and get a tattoo for all the world to see.

I’m not really the kind of person who wants to explain myself but one thing you should know is that I am fine, for the most part. I know I have a lot of things to thank for and there are a lot of people who loves me but you don’t actually remember those things when you are in a very hazy state.

And oh, I survived two house floods alone for which I lost most of my gadgets, went on a hunger strike, lost a bike on the street and bought a new one, and got ran over and walked away completely unharmed. Tsk tsk tsk. I know right?

TRAVEL. Last year was a great one for my travelling feet. I had a great experience walking towards great lengths both literally and figuratively. But one notable thing in my travel logs was the fact that I went to the picturesque beauty that is Bohol for three times. And the excitement and fun never gets old every time I go there maybe because of the fact that I am with different people and mostly in different places. An island built for solitude as well as good ol’ friendly amusement.

The first time I went there was to join a young adults retreat with Christian friends. It was our adventure trips that made it very memorable. I could so remember how I squirmed as I went ziplining to probably one of the highest peaks in the country, and how I underestimated the word ‘caving’ before I went in and found out how hard it really was.

I went back by December to respond to the invitation of the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the National Nutrition Council to see the great government programs of the province of Bohol. We went to see the very reasons why Bohol is one of the most well managed local government units today and met program coordinators, volunteers and the beneficiaries who made it happen. But then what is a trip to the leading tourist destination without taking a lot of detours to the island’s sweetest spots. We even spent the night at a very great resort in Panglao. Ahh the pristine sea lines, sands so white and fine they feel like clay on your feet.

The third time came a few weeks later after a planned trip with some officemates as we take advantage of the Holiday break being given to us by the company. For three days and two nights, we were able to enjoy most of what the island has to offer. The great experience came after one of us tried to canvas around 30 travel companies for being the most reasonably priced and with the best itinerary. Exciting dolphin watching, snorkeling at their sanctuary, leisure dining at the river cruise, mud splashing with the ATV ride and so much more. It was definitely worth every penny and it just proves that travel need not be dollar expensive.

GRADUATION. 2011 is also a year of academic highlights for me. I graduated with high colors earning my degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology as well as graduating from the best leadership training program in the country, the Young Minds Academy of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. The YMA Program taught me so much when it comes to seeing the bigger picture in our lives that we need to go beyond passive citizenship and actually jumpstart doing something great with all our energy and time.

But there is something about those graduation moments that made it feel so impersonal for me. I have dreamt of getting a medal when I graduate for as long as I can remember but when that moment finally arrived I just never felt a thing; maybe because of the fact that it came at a really bad time in my life, as I was in between different challenges or maybe because my definition of happiness has grown to something so much deeper. I ask forgiveness for people who wanted me to throw lavish parties but trust me, there is nothing worth celebrating anymore. Appreciation from people is good enough and seeing my family happy because of that makes the rocky trip worth the ride.

JOB. I am also thankful for my current company, where I also did internship, for offering me a job when I graduated. Despite the offers of others, I chose not to be lured by money because trust me, VISA is right, there are some things money cannot buy; like the reliance you have gained, signature WebXpress camaraderie and friendships you have formed and the caring management that you so rarely get in an industry driven to prematurely propel itself to success.

CHRISTMAS. But what is being Jaysee if without being the life of the parties? (lolz) Surprisingly, I always thought I wasn’t social enough but as of writing this article I found myself scavenging through my photo albums and statistics would say I might have attended around six Christmas Parties. The most number my life will ever have I think.

First there was the media thanksgiving organized by Globe from which I won a new phone.

With my 19th century hottie writer outfit, there I was at another party with media practitioners under the MIND 7 which was celebrated the same night of the office Christmas party. Teleportation powers was put into place that night.

As if I came straight out from a Carribean movie, I attended the Pirate Themed church youth party.

Then as part of our social responsibility efforts, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. decided to spend Christmas with our brothers and sisters at the Missionaries of the Poor.

And of course, what’s the holidays if without spending it with my beloved families of both sides on separate occasions. They are the reasons why I so love Christmas.

BIRTHS. Probably one of the best blessings of my 2011 was the birth of two special kids. No, not that special. Special in a sense that they came from two close friends, Ate Suzette, my former office supervisor and Ate Ceewai, my cousin. Salute to all the mothers for I am witness to how it can cause monstrosity in mood and looks at birth but they are pretty much fine now and they have become great mothers for all I know.

I would really like to impart you every single thing that I have learned for the past year but it’s so much better if you discover your life’s lessons yourself.

I do however would like to imprint some points into your consciousness: enjoy life; never give up everything for just one; people who leave you never deserve you; it’s always ok to be real and be human; and when you crumble down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, put on a smile and do what is expected of you and just… live.

Live: The 2011 Jaysee Blabs Year End Reflections

P.S.  I'm going to hibernate much on 2012. Taking the backseat on every thing. I've had my run. Inner peace and happiness is my new goal. I'm contented. I am complete. Will slowly disappear to obscurity perhaps. Have a great year ahead and I wish you all the best.

CBSi celebrates Christmas with special people

Life is full of sorrow and hardship for most of us, but it is this one time of the year where people come together and generally makes an effort to make others happy. Because this season shouldn't just be about the lavish parties who go to, the highly commercialized shopping season, it's about coming together and remembering the birth of the man who would save humanity.

Christmas is a time where people genuinely feels happy and to be part of that in bringing the season to those who needs it the most, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi) went beyond by asking friends to give back through our org. The CBSi Corporate Affairs headed the pulling of strings together to stage this year's CBSi Christmas Party at the Missionaries of the Poor in Sawang Kalero, Pasil, Cebu City.

My first time in the Missionaries was very unforgettable as I never thought I could be so moved seeing a lot of special kids who are bound to be that way for the rest of their lives, while some throw theirs away. It was part of our itinerary for our 4-day YMA Community Visit all over Cebu's great communities. You can read more about it here:

Missionaries of the Poor Community Visit

That is why we, YMAers, vowed to somehow come back to the place and contribute or something and although our Christmas Party there didn't push through, I was just so ecstatic when the Cebu Bloggers actively made this happen. Last year, we celebrated with the fire victims of Duljo-Fatima Cebu and brought a local band, Bethany, jam their spirits up with hope:

CBSi Christmas Party 2010

For this year, I designed an online poster asking for help with a bright color scheme and my signature gradients and we raised funds online through the social media:

To immortalize the greatest moments of that day, here are some snaps:

It was a humid December 18 when we all went up early to go to the missionaries' home. What we thought would be a day of giving happiness to our special kids and our finely aged grandpas turns out to be just an understatement. The feeling never gets old even with much exposure to government, foundations and church programs. 

We are all part of a bigger picture and there is a greater purpose outside of our own little world. 

For that, I dedicate this song from my favorite Christian artist, to those who give out most of themselves to serve others:

Thank you to everyone who supported! :)

Missionaries of the Poor

Missionaries of the Poor is a home for the aged and special children. Most of the elders have Alzheimer's Disease and most of the children are autistic and the ones who are bedridden have Cerebral Palsy.

Tingnan ang Mas Malaking Mapa

Here is a simple music video to reminisce the special moment...

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My Cutest Random Life Photography

Sometimes there are mundane objects in our life that we tend to ignore, but life is in its most glorious state because of these awesome details. 

It just amazes me up to this day on how God has designed our lives weaving together different people, making events happen and things that complement the course as we breathe by the day. 

Appreciate the simple things.
without regret.
Count your blessings.
to live.

Smile because it's going to be a beautiful day. Not perfect. But still beautiful.

white puppy dog smiling
Our newest fam member, Zac or as I call him Zacky. Isn't he the sweetest thing?

candles burning at night  and are bent. Taken in cemetery.
The mourning candles. Taken on top of my grandfather's grave last week.

My nephew Miggy made this. You'll know if you're a Cebuano if you know why everyone giggles everytime we saw this on our fridge.
More photos below!

The Speech: The Last Chapter Part 4/4

On a serious note…

There will come a time that God will break everything you hold so dear.

I just hope that when that time comes to you, you wouldn’t hate Him as much as I did because the only way for you to overcome, is to trust Him.

It is so easy to say that we should look on the brighter side of things and that He has a plan and that tomorrow would be a better day.

We may have storms in our life but the fact that it doesn’t rain the rest of the year is very comforting to know.

His plans may seem very random to us mere mortals, but He has his reasons. Great ones.

I’m afraid that I may not be in the position to impose optimism since I myself easily gets entangled in depression every once in a while.

But what’s great about me is the ability to leave baggage at the door because we should only open the right boxes at the right time.

We have lives to pursue and feelings should just come second.

Bruno Mars actually had a song that I constantly remind myself when all else breaks down right in my face and it was shared to me by Irish. Let me share a few lines to you too:

I’ve been working hard so long
Seems like pain has been my only friend
My fragile heart’s been done so wrong
I wondered if I’d ever heal again
I will break these chains that bind me
Happiness will find me
A whole new world is waiting
It’s mine for the taking
I know I can make it
Today My Life Begins

Indeed, life comes in surprising packages and as the years go by I’ve soon come to realize that college is a bittersweet experience I would never tire to live it over and over again.

 I wish I could say a lot more good stuff. But Life is unfair. Life is cruel.

That is the challenge given to us:

To make the most out of what we have, what we lost and what we will gain.

Rise above every crisis.

Live in the moment.

Seize every opportunity.

Because life loves those who dare live it.

If you ask me the secrets to success then live by the three principles that have guided me all this time:

Do what is right, do what you love, and do it with all your heart.

Thank you and I won’t say 'goodbye' but 'see you guys around'.

Today our life begins.

I am complete.

What Leadership Should Be All About | S-Leadership: The Potter’s Way Part 1

This is the first part of series regarding S-Leadership: The Potter’s Way Seminar.

As a scholar of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.’s Young Minds Academy, my team and I underwent a great seminar dubbed as “S Leadership: The Potter’s Way.” The moment I first heard it during the announcement of our list of activities, I was curious to my nails as to how would pottery play a big role in all of this. And so we all gathered at the Bryant George Hall of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center to meet who could be one of the best motivational speakers in the country.

Meet Ms. Selene Yu, a small lady with the biggest insights to date. Trust me. The two day seminar that we had last March 19 to 20 under her didn’t have any dead air and every line that she spoke is very quotable and what was interesting was that she never got tired talking and kept amused all day. Her excellence in communication skills also added to the upscale our experience as well. 

Her professional achievements are just as high as how she had grown on her personal life. She is the President of Scandinavian Motor Group, the distributor of Volvo. She is also the Executive Director of Covenant Car Company, the distributor of Chevrolet. Yep, she likes cars that much. Anyway, she graduated in St. Scholastica’s College as President of their Student Council and Editor in Chief of PAX. She had masters in University Pennsylvania and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Ms. Selene Yu (in orange) with my YMA team members.
From left to right: Me, Irish Nuñez, Lorbe Catadman,
Babykit Nuñez and Rhecel Solon
She was throwing candies at us to keep us awake and alert and at the same time to deliver her message to always keep an eye on the ball, to be focused on the lessons she will be imparting. Then she asked us, if we are a Christian nation then why do we end up as the most corrupt in Asia. We should not overlook the fact that we have a leadership and values crisis. Politicians are not walking their talk, don’t live their faith, the people themselves have the defect and the church keeps throwing the ball and no one cares to catch them. She also shared that corruption means you have a broken heart, as what Fr. Melo of Dilaab Foundation tells her. But you have to understand that it is not the institution but the root cause of all of this starts with the two letters. ME. This is how the leadership training seminar is going to lead us.

Then she introduced the concept of a paradigm shift where an opportunity arises from every crisis letting people change the way they perceive things.

She also reminds us that “God has a plan for you. Nothing is an accident.”

“I believe in command leadership,” she says which is why she resigned to a previous company who suffered losses from the Asian financial crisis following the footsteps of the Korean President who apologized on TV and the Japanese prime minister who resigned at that time. Then at the peak of her depression, she looked in the mirror and asked “Why Me?” as she have never been that bad. But instead of bashing on Him, she asked “What Now?”

Going back to why she named this seminar S-Leadership: The Potter’s Way she imparts that “We are the clay.” (Isaiah 64:8)

Then she gave all of us clay to form it into an object that would represent us. Then we have learned the qualities of a potter and this relationship could be compared our relationship with Him.

A video depicting the long and intricate process of pottery making was shown thereafter and how the same principles are used to make us great Godly leaders. All I knew about the process was the shaping part on the wheel so watching her mentor was very insightful in every way.

10 Stages of Pottery Making:

  1. Mixing
  2. Wedging you of pride
  3. Centering you in Jesus
  4. Raising you to your maximum potential
  5. Shaping you with personality, skills, talents and experiences
  6. Trimming you of undesirable attitudes and traits
  7. Drying you to be holy, persevering and willing to serve
  8. Bisque firing you to transform your character
  9. Glazing you with spiritual gifts
  10. Final firing you for strength and eternal beauty
Up next, we had games and group presentations as well. We even learned so much about ourselves that we haven't before through the DISC test. And she shared a quote from Manny Pacquiao which changed my life forever. Know the reason why this is named S-Leadership and what we did with balloons. Stay tuned.

There is Love - Chasen

You're looking through the fire that burns
What's on your mind
I can tell it hurts

Tears don't fall if nothing is wrong
So come close
Tonight is still young

Ooh, there is love for you
There is love for you in my arms
Ooh, you are everything
Everything that I'm living for
And don't be afraid to tell me what's on your heart
Ooh, there is love for you here in my arms

Pictures they paint
The memories of my home
Even in a crowd without you I am alone
God I know you made an angel for me
Somewhere close that's my destiny

Come close hear my breath breathing
Whispering the words I love you
Come close see your future
And know that there is hope and there is love for you

What makes weekends super exciting?

We are slaving ourselves the whole week day working, going to school, doing errands, and more working. It has appeared that weekends have become a blessing to most of us as these are the days that we get to spend time with the people who matter who matter to us: our family, friends and God. 

So what exactly makes weekends worth waiting?

This is the only time that I...

get to spend time with my nephew-son, Miggy.jaysee and miggy

and going to weekend getaways and gatherings with my family:
 jaysee and MAN or mga apong nita

jaysee's family at adventure cafe

jaysee's cousins

jaysee's pingkian sisses

My Blastin 2010

The year 2010 is the Year of the Jaysee Blabs.

  • I got addicted to the Sims 3 and decided to blog about this great home which more or less depicted my dream home, something that faces the sea and something that is contemporary.
  • Sinulog 2010 was something I could never forget since it was my third year to dance at the mardi gras. Our school, AMA Computer College has started to offer ‘sayaw halad’ for the biggest festivity in the country as a sign of gratitude and I didn’t have a choice but I never regretted the experience.
  • I then campaigned so hard for Gibo that this blog became a dedicated magazine with posts like Why Vote for Gibo? And I also decided to create a Youtube video to create a music video of his campaign jingle Lipad by Rivermaya. I used Sims 2’s game movies to craft the awesome vid.
  • It is also the year for me to have my design printed for an event and it was for my nephew-son’s birthday. Miggy turned 5 and I designed his tarp and cards. This year also launched my freelance career as a writer, graphic and web designer. I also won a graphic design contest from Powerbooks where I bagged home a copy of Mockingjay.
  • With the Ondoy and Pepeng, Maguindanao Massacre, and Haiti earth tremors breaking loose, I offered a simple post about life.
  • We celebrated the birthday of my high school buddy and fellow CAT officer, Praky’s, at the Blue Reef which also gave us the chance to try out the biggest pizza I ate and it was in Calda's (Thanks to Leil). 2010 also paved the way for the reunion of all CAT officers at the Genesis Valley. We also supported our fellow buddy Boie when she joined Ms. Consolacion 2010.
  • I also had a very insightful experience at the Genesis Valley Mountain Resort when I took part at the Emerging Pinoy Leaders Congress. It was also the same year that Congressman Tomas Osmena talked in our Cebu City SSG Federation Leadership Training Seminar.
  • I also got accepted at the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. which is the country’s most organized blogging institution. Because of the org, I was able to meet great people and gain access to events in Pino!, Waterfront, Marriot Hotel, City Sports Club, Crown Regency, Crimson Resort and Spa, Café Uno, Casa Gorordo and Aboitiz Studies Center where I first met Mr. Illac Diaz, RedBox Karaoke, SM Northwing, Vudu, Ayala Activity Center, SM IMAX, TGI Friday’s, CoffeeCat, Dilaab Foundation’s office, Big Mao and the famous Galleon Andalucia.

Great place for a Sinulog souvenir | Smile and Shoot - The Bloggers' Sinulog 2011 Photo Booth

We all love our photos taken and why not make this year’s Sinulog celebration a lot more fun by having your photo at the Blogger’s Sinulog Photo Booth

That is why it gives me so much honor to design the photowall to be used for the booth. The design process was a collaboration with the members of the org and the design concept is loosely based on the theme of the festivity with a hint of what game I loved playing on my PSP. Some member blogs chose to participate on the activity by asking us to post their URLs alongside yours truly,

A lot of technical problems may have come my way but there is no stopping your awesome graphic artist from doing his job well. Pak!

See you there on January 16, 2011!

This is a Sinulog celebration activity of the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. in cooperation with Oh! Bern Internet Cafe & Snack Bar and 123SMAYL Photo Booth.

This photo booth will be operating from 8am to 6pm that day and is located at the front area of Oh! Bern Internet Cafe & Snack Bar along Osmeña Boulevard, across the CAP Building and beside Da Vinci’s Pizza.

January 16 at the Oh! Bern Net Cafe please see map below:

View Larger Map

Have your photo taken with your family, your loved one or just by yourself for ONLY PhP80.00, and you can get the following at this photo booth:

* photo shoot with a very cool Sinulog background
* printouts (hard copies) of the pictures
* added awesomeness

Soft copies will be available for FREE at the CBSi’s Facebook Page.

Pit Senyor!

Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence Shoebox project sends a million smiles

A sad thing to note about Christmas is that it turns people to become materialistic. People have to receive gifts of high value which is emanated from wish lists and exchanging gifts with standard value which I am not perfectly against, since I myself had entered a LOT of gift giving affairs this Christmas. 

So why not turn that giving feeling into something that could make more people smile?

That’s what our friends from Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence thought so when they organized the ALEx Christmas Shoebox. Early December, they were asking the public and program partners to find an empty shoebox and fill it with non perishable gifts such as toys, clothes and toiletries with an option to include a letter to its potential recipient. They labeled the boxes for children and for elderly.

And by December 22, 2010, they set up a caravan to Cebu’s south provinces and were able to make some 800 people have something to smile about this Christmas.

Jammi, Kuya Iggy and Mariejo with their newfound friend

The Christmas shoebox project was officially called “Kahon Pahalipay Sa Sugbo, Amihanan Edition.” They partnered up with the mother organization, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated and schools like USJR, USC, CDU, Sto. Nino Mactan and organizations like Dilaab Foundation and myCebu.

Let me greet you an advance Merry Christmas 2011!

photos by

RAFI stages a great museum belen

Belen photo in Casa Gorordo The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) showed to the public a great nativity scene at the Casa Gorordo Museum in Cebu City last December 15.

It featured an antique figurine collection that depicts not just the birth of Christ but as well as the Annunciation and the Finding of Jesus in the Temple. The set up marks the 27th anniversary of the museum’s opening. It is open until January so you better check it out.

The belen originates as a Spanish word for Bethlehem. It is a 3D art depiction of the nativity of Jesus Christ.

The Casa Gorordo Museum is a 19th Century residence of the first Cebuano Bishop Juan Garces Gorordo. When RAFI obtained the Casa Gorordo, they continued the house traditions of the Gorordo family not just the setting up of the belen but the original Sinug dance, Semana Santa and Pista ni San Juan among others.

photo by RAFI

[Msgr. Cris Garcia blessed and opened the belen at the Casa Gorordo Museum.]

Cebu bloggers make families smile this Christmas

Have you noticed how life is not meant to be fair? Why some have so much and others have little or none at all? We may not understand His ways fully but at some point we have to realize that things happen so that people would continue to need each other and we will not forget our social responsibility.

Cebu bloggers with happy Duljo children

Residents rejoice
Families dancing and singing their hearts out
Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi), one of the most respected blogging institutions in the country, has not forgotten to extend the holiday happiness to our brothers and sisters who had been devastated by the recent fire outrage in Duljo-Fatima, Cebu City. I am so proud of my fellow members who made this happen as we all know how hard it is to lose not only your home but a lifetime’s worth of material necessities.

Cebu bloggers with the families
Our organization held a CBSi Caroling and Gift Giving Event last December 19, 2010. Around fifty families where invited to the event with the help from the DSWD. In the barangay’s basketball court, a great Cebu band, Bethany, serenaded the families with some holiday cheer. Christmas goodies were also given away which will make their Noche Buena satisfying despite the unfortunate circumstances that they facing.

Bethany band performs live at Duljo

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Jesus Walks on Water | Story Summary

stormy seas

After feeding the 5000, Jesus sends his disciples ahead of him in a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee.

Several hours later in the night, the disciples encounter a storm. Jesus comes to them, walking on the water.

This terrifies the disciples and they think they are seeing a ghost. Jesus tells them,
"Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid."

Peter replies,
"Lord, if it's you, tell me to come to you on the water."

So Jesus invites Peter to come. Peter gets out of the boat and begins walking on the water toward Jesus. But when Peter takes his eyes off Jesus and sees the wind and waves, he begins to sink. Peter cries out to the Lord and Jesus immediately reaches out his hand and catches Peter.

As they climb into the boat together, the storm ceases.

Then the disciples worship Jesus, saying,
"Truly you are the Son of God."


:) It’s never too late. He will find you again. Thank you to my newfound friends.

Lola Paping will be missed forever

Lola Agripina ‘Paping’ Yabo-Pingkian was 90 when she passed away. She didn’t left us, just went ahead to be with Lolo whom she shared the rest of her life with. They were awarded as the Golden Family of Lopez Jaena by a local government unit. She was president of Catholic Women’s League and was the most celebrated teacher of her time.

The love story she has with our grandfather is probably the only one I could think of that lasted forever. It was simple, chaste, and genuine. Inseparable. A model most of us can only hope to achieve. They were also active in social and civic developments in Mindanao and were able to let all of their seven children finish college. Now they are engineers, ship captains, managers, teachers and successful family heads.

Lots of things we can never forget about her is her love for dancing, how great she was in swimming, her unbelievable memory as she could remember all the birthdays of her children and grandchildren and her interest in our studies. In fact, all our conversations always led to how proud she was of my academic feats but it is sad that we didn’t even get the chance to talk about my college life. One thing that sets her apart from every one of us was the fact that she never knew how to get angry. Even her children can attest to that. She worries all the time but she never lets go of any ill-fated words or actions.

poster for Lola Agripina ‘Paping’ Yabo-Pingkian 

Here’s to the very woman who inspired me to excel in everything, thank you. You have given me one of the best parents there is in this world and you have raised one of the greatest God fearing families ever. We miss you so much. :(

Simala Cebu: It’s Miracles and Beauty

With so much to thank God and Mama Mary for the past few months, I immediately jumped at the invitation of a dear friend, Jesryl to come to Simala in Sibonga, Cebu.
I owe them so much for all the opportunities that come my way and the fact that I have some things to ask Him for. If you are in Cebu you must have heard about the miracles that Our Lady of Simala gives its fervent patrons. After packing up light and going to the bus station early, we soon found ourselves a day of new beginnings last October 16, 2010. 
Good thing the bus we rode on had a karaoke with wireless mic on so as the rest of the passengers were not so enthusiastic about singing as much as we do, we took the opportunity and sang the songs ourselves. Jesryl and Jennifer took turns in singing for the whole duration of the trip while I kept silent at the back. Joke. Surprisingly, Rhecel and Irish took centerstage as they sang theirs wholeheartedly at one point.

I have not been there for around three years tops so you can just imagine how stunned I was at the great new changes that the religious place had. The church had actually grown much like into a castle; around four times bigger than the original chapel with two long grand staircases. Everything was mostly in construction but you can already appreciate its beauty. After going inside and doing the things we went there for, we found ourselves eating at the carenderia outside and took more pictures of each other. Before heading home, we took more pictures by the lake and the shrines. We went home tired but content.

I recommend you visit the place and not just pray but do well when you go back into the real world. This way, God hears our prayers better.
The chapel has grown a few more times and is now more elaborate in design
the beautiful chapel of simala
The long staircase would have to be one of the greatest changes it had
irish, jennifer and rhecel on the simala staircase
From left to right: Irish, Jennifer, Rhecel and me
rhecel, jaysee, jennifer and irish on the staircase 
jesryl posing on the staircase
The interior had very much improved with great frescoes, flooring and ornaments.
rhecel, jaysee, jennifer and irish inside the chapel
Mama Mary outside the chapel.
our lady of simala
The new chapel facade.
simala chapel 
Me looking over the well designed pond.
jaysee pingkian overlooking the lake
Thanks to Jesryl, the drivers and conductors to and from Simala, our habal-habal drivers, Kuya Jokit and fam for the cam.

Have you ever been to paradise? Here in Cebu, you have got to visit Simala. It is a religious place actually. Lots to see and you couldn't help but to feel closer to heaven. Pray on.

“Pilgrim sites, though, are not only about pilgrims but also about those who feed off pilgrimages. Eateries have sprouted near the shrine’s gate and behind these a vacant lot surrounded by coconut trees was transformed into a pay parking area. One can also find there cottages rented at P100 each. There we ate our lunch and whiled away the time.

The biggest pull of the Marian shrine in Simala is, of course, the icon’s reported healing power. Brother Martin interrupted the rosary to allow a woman to narrate her battle with a breast ailment that fortunately was not cancer. She attributed her healing to her faith in the Blessed Virgin. Indeed, faith. For those who believe, faith is enough.“
-Bong Wenceslao, online-

Tingnan ang Mas Malaking Mapa

How to get there?

If you’re to go there by bus, then chose the going to Argao bus in South Bus Terminal and you’ll reach there. You’ll know when you’re already near to Simala because of the Carcar bus stop. And after all, all corners I think has a signage saying “Simala, Sibonga”

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