I Published A Photobook And What's Inside Will Make You Love Philippines More

I encourage everyone to take refuge in the country's best kept havens solo or with loved ones, and get to discover how magnificent Philippines is and grow as a better cultured person along the way.

Immerse yourself in the celebration of life through explosive festivals, rich well-woven tales of history, awe-inspiring natural wonders and exotic flavorful platescapes.

Promising to spread the world with nothing but awesomeness, I took it upon myself to compile the best photos from my journeys and hopefully this travelbug masterpieces will bite your way to your next adventure.

We have information of enormous wealth that itineraries are planned in a matter of minutes and planes are booked in a touch of an app. Our generation has virtually no excuse as the best spots in the nation have been chartered, documented and most likely, blogged or reviewed on travel portals.

Love and support local industries and service providers, travel light, take time to breathe it all in before getting distracted, and when exploring, behave like the locals and live the golden rule. While you're at it, splash on some SPF protecting because your best days are about to come.

I am proud to introduce

The book is available for US shipping only in paperback and hardcover editions thru Amazon.com. E-Book Versions are available too.

You can also definitely enjoy the pages for free below...

"AwesomePH" Coffee Table book 
is also available in ebook, Softcover and Hardcover version 
in Amazon!

AwesomePH book by Jaysee Pingkian of JayseeBlabs www.jaysee.me ebook screenshot at Blurb.com

Read AwesomePH photobook by JayseeBlabs www.jaysee.me Jaysee Pingkian at Blurb.com

Other books I've made:

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