Thoughts of a Newly Turned 25-Year Old

My vision...

is to live in a God-fearing happy world where there is tolerance for people to become who they are, where they are treated with equality, where there is acceptance, where there is prosperity and abundance, and most of all a society that functions with sustainability.

My mission...

is to educate and inspire as much souls as I can and learn from others along the way, in order to realize the better joyful world we all deserve in His name.

My tattoo...

People ask me "why wings?"

The answer is Why Not? I've always have been fascinated by angels and eagles.

I grew up asking why He never gave us the ability to soar heights naturally and then eventually I answered my own question:

He did not give us limitations, instead, He gave us a great opportunity to rise above it.
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Birthday wish...

As I turn a year older, I hope I will find joy every time I wake up, a reason to live, a reason to love life again.

Lingering question...

Have you ever asked God why is He still keeping you alive?

Funny moment...

Because I am traumatized by Manila traffic, I ended up arriving 4 hours before call time of my first day at my new Makati job. Let us advocate timeliness and accountability.

Awww moment...

My niece asked me what my best talent is. Trying to teach her humility, I pretended to have a hard time answering. She ended up drawing the letter T on my hand because she says I'm good in talking to people.

Financial goals...

Zero out debt. 
Be at pace with my amortization. 
Start saving up for personal goals. 
Start building an emergency fund.
Additional deposit on my FAMI mutual fund and ColFinancial stocks account for my life goals.

New year's reflection...

It's a scary thing to lose passion in life when He does everything to bless you. Be careful when you give your heart away, you'll might never get it back and you'll lose your soul along the way. In this life, we'll never be truly happy, we just have to make most out of it and look forward to eternal bliss. 

Someone once told me "rest but don't quit" and "He might never give what we want but He'll find a way to give us what we deserve." 

In this coming new year, remember two things: only love what matters most and love yourself. Stay positive.

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