The Gift Filipinos Deserve This Season

Criticized about how commercialized it has become, gift giving has kept economies bustling every December as families honor each other's relationships with tangible offerings and there is nothing bad about making the people we love happy.

For busy working professionals, shopping has become a dreadful chore that is why online shopping sites have sprouted up guaranteeing convenience to the flustered Filipino consumer. These may teach us delayed gratification as packages arrive two to three days later, but you can never put a price on time you've saved that you can use to attend to the more important things in life like family and career than wasting time driving through traffic, being bombarded with confusing choices and long lists, going head to head with other aggressive shoppers, lining up to the counter and don't even get me started about having these wrapped.

Top-tier e-commerce websites like,,,, catering to different wide range of markets and needs ranging from apparel to houseware, from travel to consumer electronics. But what could be a greater way to enjoy the luxury of time and choice when you use these respected mainstream shopping services than to get super neat deals and discounts.

For me, the joy of waiting for the courier to ring your doorbell is the best part after hitting the checkout button and the unboxing is the climax if all this is an adventure tale. I'd like to share the joy by announcing the arrival of a startup that gives Filipinos like you and me a way to save on online purchases to the sites abovementioned.

Head on to and use the discounts to get you and your loved ones the next lifestyle upgrade happiness especially this season of generosity and love.

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