Something to Hooray About

If not just the sunset, mornings are my most favorite part of the day.

Something about new beginnings and second chances, a promise to do something great, mornings just give us so many things to be anxious or smile about.

McDo brought together bloggers and media practitioners to do something together for the first time.

When I heard that I am invited to do yoga, I was like nah, that's going to be easy.

But little did I know that it is so strenuous, I could actually consider it a sport. My arms were literally shaking from the weight of my body and hamstrings ached as it was stretched doing the standing dog position. I just knew right then and there I had to do this every day. For someone who lives a monotonous lifestyle of endless officework with little to no movement for hours, this is a treat to your body as it tones your arms, loosens up joints, awakens your digestive system, improves blood circulation, and hardens your core.

"May all human beings find peace."

If you think yoga is easy, think again. Thanks @mcdoph Namaste.

What was taught to us by the ever glowing guru, Ms Elizalde of ECHOYoga Shala in Makati, were the first two batches of yoga poses namely, Surya Namaskar A and Surya Namaskar B. Each with co-related steps that when done, would leave you gasping for air and sweating the toxins out as you do the repetitions.

And contrary to popular belief, no, you won't fall asleep and no, it is not easy to do. It appears light as the instructors we see on TV or movies are effortless but for a beginner, you could just make a fool out of yourself much like us who laugh at our own bloopers every now and then.

Glide like a butterfly and not stump like an elephant, Ms Marilen Elizalde would jokingly remind. Revealing her age of 40, she looked more youthful and peaceful than I do. She has mastered the bodily discipline since 2001 and willingly introduced us to the joy of healing and strengthening your body from within. The dads and adult men in our batch fared just the same as the ladies.

Yoga Benefits

Recommended to be performed amid sunrise or natural lighting, yoga can do so much more like treat insomnia, makes the skin glow, lose extra calories, and for the ladies, regulate menstrual cycle. But let me give a focus on the total physical workout benefits you are going to get: limbs become symmetrical and your vital organs become more functional. For someone who values health before anything else, I recommend that you check out your local yoga studio and inspire everyone you know to be health conscious. The poses are monotonous so it is easy to master and you can do it when you wake up, before going to work, anywhere.

And when done in solitary, yoga can be the best way to clear your vulnerable mind in this seemingly self-destructing world.


Give yourself the gift of yoga and enjoy mornings the way it should be. And while you're at it, succumb to the latest breakfast offering of McDo with, my favorite, Chicken McMuffin. Also check out the Chicken Egg McMuffin and the delectable Sweet Ham Special. Let the most important meal of the day be something to hooray about.


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