Instagram Photo Stories of Tantalizing Taguig and Mesmerizing Makati

It's definitely a challenge for someone to move out into a great big world. It's frightening at first but once you get the hang of it, everyday just seems to be a wonderful experience. 

I've been known to be someone who definitely never settles down on his comfort zone for I will not achieve the things I did if I didn't become outgoing, driven and passionate in life, a lover of the world and everything that goes beyond this short existence. 

I think it only gave a few seconds of shock even to my closest of friends and family when they have known that I have relocated to the National Capital Region for good to pursue professional interests and went immediately to their daily lives as usual when the shock wore off. Not that they don't care at all, I guess, but I think there is nothing left for me to prove myself to them that they just trust everything I do no matter how unpopular my decision might be at times.

I've ranted how hard it is to live here in Manila in the past but I have yet to show the simple things here that keeps me going. Snippets of the beauty in everyday urban life at the heart of the country's most progressive interlocked cities.

Let me show you the way to live from the perspective of a wide-eyed wanderer. Lights, sounds, smoke, heat, rain, chill creates a transcending melody as you go about your daily business. Here lays world-class institutions, illustrious townships, bustling business centers and strewed by the hurried look of people, who are just as eager as you are, to be champions of their very own lives.

I am thankful I live with a family here who I can lean on, for I will never know what dire living situations I will get into if they had not been around. Life is hard without family and I could not stress that enough. Yes, just being around here is hard enough, let alone having to live through the day. God works in mysterious ways and He blesses you with wonderful people if you just pray hard enough.

Everything will soon be worth it once we reap our investments in the far future.

But in the meantime, let me present you a masterfully filtered mobile Manila photography series all over Taguig and Makati.

Love your life and everything else will fall into place. Trust that He only has great plans for you.

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