See the Grandest Picnic in the Philippines Come Alive

From a small ice cream parlor to one of the country's biggest multinational with brand in every fastfood category possible, Jollibee traces its roots from creating awesome family experiences in their stores. And what better way to thank their patrons for the decades of amazing success than throwing out the grandest picnic in the country simultaneously on the key cities.

Celebrating my last day in Cebu, I attended the pumped up event with Spongecola serenading the crowd and was soon followed by today's rising stars Gerald Anderson and Julie Anne San Jose.

For more info on the Family Bee Day check this post out!

My Jollibee Selfie #langhapsarap nuh?!

Me and MJ bumping into each other covering the event!

Spongecola parades through before their electrifying performance!

The epic Gerald Anderson selfie!

Julie Anne San Jose charms the crowd!

Thank you Ms Kezia of Stratworks and MJ for the awesome photos!

#JayseeBlabs Closer Look On Family-Oriented Brands

With the Filipino food industry being so saturated, one brand has stood the test of time. Jollibee has long embedded family traditions into our lives as modern Pinoy society is concerned. As a child, I could always remember how happy I'd get everytime my family and I would go to the nation's most famous fastfood chain for a weekend lunch. They were not the first to set up shop but they did localize their competitor and guaranteed something better.

It's not just how consistent they have served their products but the pleasant experience they give to consumers like me. The competitive marketing sector who builds emotional connections with their target audience will always fare better than those who don't. That is why businesses go to extensive lengths to rebrand themselves and develop marketing messages that relate to their customers. Making memorable events happen to consumer's lives supports the social ideals of the company's values, brand promise, and vision of the future.

Capitalizing on customer loyalty here and abroad and organizing events such as this, Jollibee will always continue to have a place in our hearts.

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