Open Graduation Letter To My Baby Bro


Congratulations! You made it! I will support whatever it is you decide to do from this point on as I always did when we were young.

I just wish there was someone who could have told me this when I graduated: real world sucks. Competition is cutthroat, expectations are high and it'll seem that the whole world is waiting for you to fail. But guess what? It took me a long time to figure life out and the only way to survive is to actually not care. Yep, you heard me right.

  • Don't give an F about anything that doesn't matter. It's easy to get distracted in life but if you just write down your goals and aspirations and look into it daily, your mind will conceive and the universe will connive to make it happen. You saw my post-its in my room. That's what it was for.
  • Don't even care if you fail. If you fail, the better. Why? You become a better version of yourself. Don't care about words coming from people who don't want the best for you. 
  • Don't even care especially if you are not involved. That sounded selfish but sometimes you have to learn the art of letting go. 

Yes, letting go. Learn when to raise the white flag when the battle is not worth fighting for anymore but it takes soooo much wisdom to know the right time.

Life is a battlefield. Love the people who are on your side, create strategies to get where you want to be, network with the right stakeholders who will help you win your war and lastly, just be awesome and don't try so hard while you're at it! It just happens.

Be a very good friend. Be remembered as someone who brought joy and awesomeness into the world!

Work smart not hard. Really.

You grew up pampered by your mom and dad but you should remember that life is not a walk in the park. It drags your head down and throws you around like a baby unwittingly thrashing his toy.

Just do what we always do best... survive.

Make happiness your goal every day.

Always remember that God works in mysterious ways, there are times we think we've lost all hope but everything gets better. It always does. He will bless you. He always does. Just live a simple, happy life. Focus on your goals and dreams and don't forget to thank everyone who got you where you are today. I may not be at home anymore to watch over you but you know how to reach me.

Stay safe,


And now some snaps... sorry girls he is committed to a lovely lady.

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