What Happens When Kids Are Taught The Basics of Fire Safety

For 10 days across different schools in the operating area of VECO, the electric service provider to Metro Cebu conducted enjoyable seminars to fifth graders aimed at fire safety, education against kite flying, personal defense, and practical first aid treatment. The Fire Safety Caravan fortifies the fact that kids learn when they have fun, understand its relevance and when they have complete hands-on experience. Enjoy the short film featuring the kids from Mandaue City Central School!


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#JayseeBlabs Closer Look on Corporate Social Responsibility

For a firm that monopolizes a utility service, VECO as a brand is never perceived as an evil capitalist mainly because they genuinely care about their customers by having numerous activities, benefit programs and marketing strategy such as this. It is a mantra that is passed on from generation to generation that every enterprise, big or small, should give back to its community. Implementing programs that encourage social good in the interest of your firm could be a first step in adding this component to your operations.

This is a great way of establishing what your company truly stands for. Being involved in city fires especially those living in cramped rundown spaces, the company has been challenged a numerous times and they could never do it alone that is why they have active education programs that helps consumers make wise energy-based decisions.

Events like this which targets children would need to go through a lot of planning and the content would even need to go through approval since it is a sensitive market, and VECO did a stellar job at creating modules which are both fun and informative as well as visually entertaining and interactive at best. The whole school area was utilized and the children did have a lot of laughs and when you can initiate an emotion like that, your frontrunners and company representatives did a great job for the day.

VECO also had to outsource the program to a non-profit who specializes in survival for content creation, training and event handling which gives us a lesson that you should capitalize on your strengths and tap the strengths of others to develop yours.

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