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The Rise of Techie Pinoy Laborers

Digital skills are seen as most critical to economic growth especially in the Asia Pacific region. Governments are encouraged to revamp education and offer more opportunities for employment to hasten economic development.

To address the increasing demand for skilled technical workers, Intel and TEVSAPHIL are working to integrate the Intel Easy Steps course into vocational programs nationwide.

To date, Intel Easy Steps, through its various partners, have reached a total of 54,034 grassroots learners and 1,182 trainers.
About Intel-TEVSAPHIL Partnership Intel is looking at this collaboration to scale the reach of the Intel Easy Steps through the 4,500-strong private vocational school network of TEVSAPHIL INC.

“These days, knowing how to use ICT tools like computers, tablets, word processing, email, the internet among others is imperative in delivering quality services in healthcare, tourism, and business process outsourcing,” - Alex T. EscaƱo, Chairman & President, TEVSAPHIL -
“We envis…

From Kuala Lumpur With Love

AirAsia Zest, the Filipino Low Cost Carrier that flies hand in hand with AirAsia, was awarded the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier for being awesome in a lot of ways. Despite heavy competition on the market today, they are still able to shine. As if that wasn't enough, they just launched their first international flight from Mactan, Cebu to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia bringing Cebuano personalities and media on board the momentous Flight Z2 187.  It was run by an all-Filipino crew and they left Mactan Cebu International Airport and arrived at Kuala Lumpur at 9:50 AM carrying 128 guests.

“Today’s inaugural flight is only the first among the many new routes that AirAsia Zest will launch in Cebu."Our commitment in partnering with AirAsia, the world’s best low cost carrier, is to build a truly great value airline that will serve the needs of the Filipino travellers and invigorate the tourism industry in the country,” Joy Caneba, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of AirA…

Live Large | Concept Store Grind Opens @AyalaCenterCebu

Live outside your comfort zone and expect a new concept store to open in December at the Ayala Center Cebu expansion. 

Bent on firing-up jaded individuals, retail giant and sub-culture purveyor, Primer Group of Companies, introduces a new concept that will yank everyone out of their routine-driven lives. Ayala Center Cebu brings flair beyond compare through the opening of premium concept store Grind, a store dedicated to inspire people to try new things and lead an action fueled life.

Grind Cebu is a namesake concept store that is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The store aims to be a one-stop action sports shop for those who want to try new things and take risks to add some kick to their lives.

Just like the exhilarating skateboarding trick from where it got its name, Grind advocates living out of the ordinary and leading an adventure-filled life. 
And what better way to live and breathe than to immerse in board sports where people have different kinds of passion rooted on their …