A Dying Man's Wish

We are not strong.

I am sorry to disappoint you, world but we are not as “resilient” as what you may have heard of us. You can’t just say that we had this crisis because we are "strong people."  

When the greatest storm of biblical magnitude comes crashing in, you’ve got nowhere to run, the strength we once know just… disappears.

Nothing will ever discount the pain brought about when our towns got awashed like an ant thrown into a tumbling industrial washing machine. If developed nations took a considerable amount of time to recover, imagine a small country like ours suffering hundred times more.

No one could ever be prepared enough for the tragedy that took the lives of hundreds of thousands and one heart of our nation.

An expat stormchaser recounts the last days of Tacloban as a sea of water where, moments later, lit up the dark sky as the remnants of the city went afire.

Where were you as a child got torn away my arms by ravaging waters finger by finger? Where were you as a gym’s roof got ripped away by devilish winds and landed on some crouching people as furious as you would stomp on a cockroach? Yes. You were safe and warm. Oh wait, have you ever seen a bloated corpse? Yep, she could be a wife, a mother, or a sister over there.

The winds had this… sinister ominous whistle. You heard it didn’t you? How can I forget it? It cradled me to sleep.

Thing is, we’ll never know when we are able to stand up again. 
The people were beyond exhausted. 

The rest of us had grief taken over our bodies and began to act on instincts. Ravaged. Beastly. The stench of death everywhere taught them to be stronger. Panning your vision around, you are unable to make the places that you once call home. Survival withers away by the second and the last ones have hit rock bottom.

I wish I can say to myself that the only to look is up, but their joints are too weak to even pivot. Emotionally. Spiritually. Physically. 

I don’t have the energy to blame anyone. So should you. No blaming politicians and their cohorts whose corruption scandal just went public. No blaming risk councils whose disaster plan was a blank web page. No blaming the media who upon hearing the tragedy went on to air stupid dance numbers instead of a telethon and uninterrupted coverage. No blaming the all mighty President who went on to say that we were not prepared enough. No blaming yourself for doing nothing or not doing enough. No blaming God. And I could go on but… Just. Stop. Blaming. Each Other!

Can you imaging a Dying Man's Wish? "We’re gonna use our last weakened breaths to scream for help. Screams that will haunt you in your sleep. The same sounds dying families made while struggling in the water. I’ll keep screaming that if I may not be able to live a day more… someone else will."

We are not 'strong'...


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