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A revolutionary micro-financing website launched a few years ago. Now with over millions of dollars lent, with a guaranteed 98.99% repayment rate from borrowers, the success of the US-based company lies on how efficient it is in mobilizing crowd-sourced funds to those who need it most, our struggling brothers and sisters all over the world.

I am proud to introducing Kiva. Empowering people and alleviating poverty $25 at a time. 
Choose a borrower. Make a loan. Get repaid. Repeat!

I had a first hand experience on how it was able to change the lives of its loan clients here in the Philippines when I was flown to Kabankalan City, Negros Oriental and meet the people behind the success of the social enterprise.

Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation Inc. (NWTF), increases its aid to the homemakers by seeking the partnership of Kiva to some of its members. These women are trying to increase family income through setting up businesses in farming, raising hogs, feeding fowls, setting up stalls and selling different kinds of delicacies and on top that, building better homes, all the while exuding grace and joy as I have observed in their monthly meeting at their center; a genuine portrait of Pinoy optimism.

Why Kiva?

  1. It is really simple to use and is free. You can just instantly register using Facebook connect.
  2. Just by signing up, you earn free $25 that you can loan to any micro-entrepreneur in the Philippines.

When you loan someone on Kiva, you are loaning them the chance at a better life, create opportunities and there is nothing better than to be able to change a family's life at your convenience. This is a great opportunity for busy professionals to help out without having to exert so much time, effort or resources.

Step 1. 

Get started today with a one-click sign up process using your Facebook Profile.

Step 2. 

After signing up, you'll get a free $25 where you are given the option to choose who to loan to but I suggest you pick from the women supported by NWTF, read about their stories and how your loan can help them.

Why care?

The whole thing will only take three minutes of your time and if you think that whatever it is you are trying to do online is more important than saving a family today, I respect that, but I will have this on your conscience. It's time to actually care and sending help as convenient as this means lending out love with little to no effort at your part which leaves you with no excuse to defend your apathy. Invest today and see your portfolio grow too.

If you want to learn more about the amazing things about NWTF read about my awesome trip all the way to their headquarters as I get to meet the inspiring women whose lives were forever altered for the best, thanks to the Philippines fastest-growing and most respected NGO today.

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