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PBA Legends Do Something Awesome That Inspires These Young Kids

PBA superstars Jojo Lastimosa and Johnny Abarrientos returned once again to Brgy. Casuntingan, Mandaue City where a basketball court dubbed as the “Court of Inspiration” was built.

The program is part of a nationwide advocacy to promote a culture of hard work and dedication, where pain is seen as a badge of honor.

Dubbed as the Galing Mo Camp, the training program will reward not only those who work hard but also those who demonstrate the attitude of champions. They trained young, local basketball players demonstrating heart and skills for a chance to receive special training in Manila under the basketball legends, all aside from winning cash grants for themselves and their communities.

Championing Hard Work Five of the best local prospects that would be chosen will be sent to train in the program's national leg, along with others from

Iloilo, Bacolod, Butuan, Sarangani, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Tacloban and Zamboanga and the chance to be scouted in amateur and collegiate league…

Extreme Cantabaco Rock Climbing Dare

After much encouragement from my friend and former colleague, Rey, I have decided to escape my way to join Couchsurfers from all over Cebu to enjoy the mega exhausting rock climbing activity. I didn't exaggerate when I said that it was that bone breaking because, mind you, every inch of your body is gonna hurt so bad the next day it would take a considerable amount of time to even just lift a spoon. This happens to people especially for someone who, like me, only has internet surfing as sports. 

I highly recommend everyone to prepare yourself for the ultimate fun and gallons of sweat breaking that is bound to entangle once you make your way to the town in the south, Toledo City.

After hopping aboard a V-Hire in Cebu City Citilink Terminal, I have reunited with Pryle, a fellow CAT officer in high school who I've never seen after graduating. We all found ourselves in a road trip of a lifetime. Going to the rock climbing site in Cantabaco was a breeze with scenic views on one sid…

Look At These Awesome Instagram-Ready Sunrise Photos

It's no secret to travel agencies around the world that Philippines is home to the most exotic destinations in Asia today. If beaches and the tropics are your cup of tea, then you will find Bohol, one of the islands in the Archipelago, a delight. 

Aside from the pristine resorts and exciting adventure sites, Bohol has a lot of virgin shores that seduces you to bathe under the sun all day long. But the day we stayed at Panglao was perfect for someone, who like me, is not much of a fan of blistering summer heat. 

It was alluringly gloomy and it had brought the white soft powder sands that kind of beauty you won't get anywhere else; a charm that could inspire poets and writers alike to dedicate a line or two to the seamless sea horizon, cool winds that whispers age-old secrets, meek starfishes judging your every movement, and some weird sand holes forming little craters God knows what pinching or stinging small sea creature made them.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and …

Your Home in the Enchanting Highlands

I was literally counting the days as it goes by clinging to my flight details to one of the top destinations in Asia today before I set foot in the famed highlands. But with so much excitement, I tried my best to not even peek at the itinerary that our guide, Mr. Vincent Tabor of LakbayBaguio, has prepared. But with all the notifications that I get on Facebook regarding the group conversations, it was hard not to and I squirmed with so much joy when I saw them one by one. It didn't spoil my goals of being surprised though since I tried not to remember them. I do this every time I am invited for a trip like when the National Nutrition Council took me for a learning visit all over Bohol and Negros Occidental and when the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation flew me to Bacolod, and Danjugan Island.

Sitting majestically above the mountain ranges of the Summer Capital of the Philippines, the Azalea Residences Baguio lives up to its name of giving you a home not just another hotel. Being…

ASUS Secret to Perfectly Engineered PCs and Tablets is YOU

What started as a motherboard manufacturer now becomes a top lifestyle brand with a line up of electronic devices that makes personal and work life so much easier and fun!

ASUS, the leading global brand in PCs and mobile among others, got its name from Pegasus of Greek mythology. And just like the winged horse, it has soared to become one of the pioneers in the industry today.

I am living testament to the power of their products as I am one of the proud owners of ASUS Google Nexus 7 and to tell you that it is worth all the hassles buying it from (all the way from the US when it first got out of the market), is an understatement. It has hypothetically never left my side except in the shower and it has aided me in my book reading, collaboration with my orgs, social networking and power surfing. Did I mention that NVidia Tegra has made my gaming experience top notch? So much to love about such a great product but it is another blog post to tell though.

Celebrating a great year…

Free McDonald's Breakfast on March 18 to ALL Customers

On March 18, McDonald’s Philippines, together with 5,000 McDonald’s restaurants in Asia, Middle East and South Africa will be staging the region’s first and biggest breakfast activation to date—National Breakfast Day. On this day, over 5 million McMuffins will be given away in celebration of this event.

Filipino customers will join in the fun and have another great reason to cheer ‘Hooray for Today!’. Close to 300,000 free McMuffins will be given nationwide to encourage customers to start their mornings on a positive note with a delicious breakfast at McDonald’s. 

All McDonald’s restaurants serving breakfast in the country will be offering 1,000 delicious McMuffins from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM via dine-in, take-out, or drive-thru.
McDonald’s President and CEO Kenneth Yang said, “McDonald’s realizes the importance of breakfast and the role it plays in the lives of our customers—seen with our ‘Hooray for Today’ campaign. With National Breakfast Day, we are taking ‘Hooray for Today’ to a new l…

Because Brushing Teeth is Never Enough

Oral health care simply put, means paying proper attention to one’s teeth, gums, and oral hygiene. Most are led to believe that brushing one’s teeth equates to oral health care, but more than this, oral health care also involves regular visits to the dentist, proper check-ups and treatment. If actively taken care of, good oral health can be the perfect stepping stone to overall wellness. 

As of 2012, the most common dental problems are bad breath, tooth decay or tooth erosion, gum disease, oral cancer, mouth sores, and tooth sensitivity, which result in unattractive smiles leading to low self-esteem. 
As the authority in oral health care, Metro Dental informs and provides remedies to these, the Metro Dental way. Using cutting-edge technology, Teeth Whitening, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry are some of the world-class dental care services offered by Metro Dental. Led by the country’s top professional dentists, there is no doubt why Metro Dental is at the forefr…

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Master the Art of Family Business Governance from the Best

To every businessman or prospective entrepreneur, you have to check out the Family Enterprise Excellence Conference which is tailored fit for the Visayas and Mindanao economic conditions and values.

As someone who have been in the corporate environment for quite some time now, I have come to realize that managing business and people is one challenge that can be just as difficult as managing a family. I can only imagine the hell you go through, when the demands and hassles of both, mix in the most stressful way.

Theme: From Inheritance to Legacy: Growing and Sustaining the
Family Business for the Next Generations
April 13,2013 Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino
The rationale of the conference theme is to highlight leaders in family enterprise management who have succesfully grown their family businesses and at the same time maintained unity across several generations.

There are several things you SHOULD know though why you should secure yourself a ticket or two:
Family ownership create…

Paddling your Way to Awesome Filipino Values | RAFI Launches Children's Picturebook

After reading it and singing it personally to my nephew one afternoon, I was able to lengths that this book could do to thousands or possibly millions of children within the region and beyond. 

Filipino values has been quite a struggle to instill in my eight year old homebuddy's sensibilities. Well, with all the gadgets, games, cable TV, and toys, you have to compete with a lot of attention and this book is fun in all sort of ways. Great illustrations, great plot, humble characters and the inclusion of classic preschool song makes it book worth your family's while.

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) launched Akong Bugsay on Feb. 19 at the Eduardo Aboitiz Hall of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center.

"Just as the bugsay philosophy inspired individuals and groups in business and government, we believe that it can also be shared with children. Just like Andoy, young children have goals. They are excited and curious and want to do new things. Just like his fathe…

DC Shoes releases Mike Mo kicks!

DC, with its mission to make a significant change has been in the forefront of developing high quality skateboarding shoes that can handle the stresses of wear and tear while skateboarding. With this inovation comes a new line of DC shoes that will hit the market sooner than you think. 

DC introduces the Mike Mo Capaldi collaboration shoes.

About Mike Mo Capaldi Mike Mo Capaldi is a skateboarding athlete acquired by DC Shoes last year, and as part of his first year as a pro athlete for the brand, DC is releasing its first ever Mike Mo Capaldi collaboration shoes, the Mike Mo S. The key features of this shoe by Mike Mo is that it is seamless/no stitches, and is made with Unilite – DC’s trademarked lightweight outsole. The outsole also has an X-groove mark which allows more free movement, making it easier for skateboarders to do their tricks.

Mike Mo Shooz With a customized design that focuses on fit, protection, board feel, durability, and ventilation, the Mike Mo really was designed f…