Mactan Newtown soon rises to put Cebu on BPO Map

Metro Manila has long served as the home of the increasingly vibrant business process outsourcing industry. A report by Colliers International last year said that in 2011 alone, BPO companies occupied about 40 percent of the 5.7 million square meters of office space in the metro. Today, with the intention of expanding the reach and scope of their operations, BPO firms are eyeing areas outside the National Capital Region. Cebu, set in the Visayas, the Philippines' geographical heart, is emerging as one of the most preferred locations.

As the pioneering developer of BPO offices in the country, Megaworld is growing its inventory strategically and in the direction where the market is headed. Its new cyber park in Mactan, Cebu, features the recently completed One World Center, Megaworld's five-level flagship office building offering more than 6,000 square meters of space. The nearly 6,500-square-meter Two World Center, meanwhile, is under way. In the pipeline are Eight Newtown Boulevard, Pacific Garden Tower and Pacific World Tower, which all host BPO offices.

Megaworld is not just building high-tech offices exclusively— it's transplanting the successful live-work-play-shop concept it popularized in Metro Manila to Cebu. 

The cyber park is part of the Mactan Newtown, the company's 16.2-hectare township combining workplaces with luxury condominium residences, leisure amenities and a variety of retail attractions, including a hotel.

Like all Megaworld developments, the Mactan Newtown features a strategic location. It is minutes away from Mactan Circumferential Road, which links directly to the Mactan Airport Road, putting the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the country's second busiest international airport, only 10 minutes away. For Cebu-based BPO professionals that need to fly to nearby provinces, Metro Manila or even abroad for business, this is a big plus.

Mactan Newtown is adjacent to Shangri-La Mactan and Portofino along the Hilutungan Channel and near Magellan Bay, making the beach resort lifestyle even more accessible. Employees can look forward to working in an environment surrounded by sand, surf and sea—a fun, refreshing change from the quintessential corporate setting that is all urban sprawl and concrete jungle. Meanwhile, the nearby Marcelo Fernan Bridge links the Mactan Newtown Center to commercial and business hubs in the larger island of Cebu.

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What Matteo Guidicelli Did That Inspired The World

In their dream to let every child live a life in all its fullness, World Vision has launched a weeklong campaign to promote child sponsorship and its advocacy here in Cebu. 

Banking on their stellar powers, they have invited their brand ambassador and a proud Cebuano Matteo Guidicelli to meet his grantees and visit one of their World Vision communities in Lilo-an where the kids show off their financial management skills.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs with matteo Guidicelli
Proud of his roots, conversing with showbiz prince in vernacular was a breath of fresh air. There is more than what meets the eye and I think it is his humility that made him rise through the ranks almost effortlessly. His sincerity just exudes in every smile and every gesture he makes, truly a man of sophistication and breeding. Cebu will be forever proud of what you have achieved and will continue to support the causes you fight for.

world vision liloan

Yep, these children are setting aside playtime for a few minutes every Saturday to practice funding and discipline, after benchmarking the success of their parent’s Community-Owned and Managed Savings and Credit Association (COMSCA). All thanks to World Vision’s efforts, they are now sustainable in providing themselves what they need with what little income they have.

With passbooks and a vault that is being secured by three members, these kids have become responsible enough to understand financial processes, and I could not reiterate its importance all the more.

Meeting his extended family

After the heart-warming experience with Liloan COMSCA kids, we headed on to see chivalrous actor's beneficiaries whom he has sponsored for a couple of years now. They have created tokens of their appreciation through drawings which they gave personally.

world vision liloan

When they were asked what they could say to the debonair celebrity, the mother and her daughter choked up in tears and everyone in the room fell silent for a while because we were so moved by the extent of how World Vision and its beneficiaries has literally changed the lives of people they are serving. Matteo, being a charming guy he is, tried to keep the mood alight as quipped a joke in vernacular that made us laugh. He narrates how happy he becomes when he receives letters from these kids which contains drawings and pictures especially on Christmas. And I've learned from him personally that he also receives report cards on a regular basis.

About Sharing the Joy of Hope

Visiting the community with their celebrity sponsor and setting up exhibits is just part of their caravan in celebration of World Vision’s 55 years of “Sharing the Joy of Hope.” Today, World Vision assists more than 112,000 children and their families in 29 provinces all over the Philippines.

Congratulations to the people behind World Vision and hats off to all their sponsors and partners! Faith in humanity restored!

How you can change this world

With only six hundred pesos monthly contribution, you can already send a child to school and help them cope with the hardships of today’s life. Encourage your friends to spare a few bucks and be the change this world needs.

For more information

Call Cebu Hotline at 505-4444Call or text 0917-5540683
Like WorldVision on Facebook
Follow them @WorldVisionPH

Sponsor online through 

WorldVision Official Website

Awesome Splashes of Flippin' Fun

Babes, dudes, beer, food and lots of Wake Boarding turned the once beautifully sluggish shorelines of the Pandanon Island into an adrenaline-pumping having as a venue for the opening of a splashin' good sporting event of the year. The music and the dynamic host blasts through megawatts of audible power as people go about having a great time all over while waiting for the main event to happen.

Yours truly was exultant to be part of the opening ceremony and kick-off competition with boarders, from all over the country and in Asia, flocking to the newly-opened water park! 

There is something about this competitive sport that truly amazes each and one of us. The hang time players do as they effortlessly lift themselves doing death-flouting flips is just worth of every applause. It’s more than just what makes them defy the natural laws of man being unmade for flight; they do so in slow motion and after much momentum, they take advantage of the gravitational pull as they go down and make that great splash ready for your revelry. This is Bohol Wakefest 2012.

Participants from Camsur, Davao, Thailand and Singapore all came to be part of the one of the fastest growing sport today.

The camp and competition is spearheaded by Singapore-based The Board Shop in cooperation with the Municipality of Getafe. The Bohol Wakefest 2012 is a sneek preview of Getafe’s plan of setting up its own cable wake park similar to the Camsur Watersports Complex to boost tourism.

The Board Shop had set up the best-selling German-designed park system, the Sesitec System 2.0, adds to the excitement actually. It makes a thunderous whirring sounds as it rolls the cable pulling the participants in, so they could ultimately defy gravity.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs on a boat
Waiting for our boatcraft to sail away to the island!

Goofing amongst the excited crowd at the boatcraft as we drift.

Bohol Gov. Chato and the event organizers formally open the site at the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Bohol Gov. Chato and the event organizers formally open the site at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

bohol wakefest philippines wakeboarding event
Because quality-German engineering is made for fun too.

bohol wakefest philippines wakeboarding event filipina babes
What is a beach if without the Filipina beauty endorsing it?

bohol wakefest philippines wakeboarding event
Sliding his chance to snag the coveted prize, this man's adrenaline is pumping up his veins as he shows his upper body strength for the crowd to see.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs Learning the techniques from the champion himself, Zech Stephenson, was a very humbling experience.
Learning the techniques from the champion himself, Zech Stephenson, was a very humbling experience.

Babes and the Photobombers. One of the things to definitely hit the Ouano Beach of Pandanon.

bohol wakefest philippines wakeboarding event
A determined contender flits his way across the glassy surface moments before making the flip, feeling the vibrations of the splashing water from his heels.

bohol wakefest philippines wakeboarding event
Sweeping across the air, this contestant is calculating his next moves that will eventually make the judges love him even more.

bohol wakefest philippines wakeboarding event
Skimming across the open water while flashing a smile for the cameras, it is clear that this contender is having the time of his life.

jaysee pingkian jayseeblabs was able to meet Yok Chaiwat The Board Shop and learned about a lot of  wakeboarding tricks of the trade from the dashing event organizer himself.
Was able to meet Yok Chaiwat, a multi-awarded boarder himself, shared a lot of tricks of the trade being the dashing event organizer that he is.

bohol wakefest philippines wakeboarding event sunset
On our way home, the charming sunset divides the sea and the sky with gold as our weary eyes and sunburnt body couldn't ask for more. What a great way to end an action-packed day indeed!

Contact The Board Shop

If you want updates for more awesome events like this you may contact Ms. Jenette Beltran, marketing and PR executive of The Board Shop at Jenette[at] jenette.beltran[at] She'd be glad to know you read about this event here at JayseeBlabs.

Big Screen Entertainment: Fun Fun Fun at the Movie House and Kinect Rooms

Thinking of the best place to bring your family and friends to an awesome night of fun and partying? Why not rally up at the newest place for Movies and Kinect games that everyone will surely be delighted with? Introducing the newly opened Big Screen Entertainment!

It has 3 BIG rooms with 200" wide screen which is curved for your viewing pleasure. Feels like the movies happen right in front of you. And the digital surround sound just adds to the experience. Two of the rooms can accommodate around 20 people while the the third room can have up to 10 people.

The 3 Kinect Rooms has got to be my favorite! Kinect for Xbox 360 brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways using your whole body as the controller! Games can have single, double or even four players.

The owner in Red, Pete, and his siblings managing the business.

Opens: 3PM to 12MN (Sundays - Thursdays)
2PM to 2AM (Fridays and Saturdays)

Introductory Rate:

- Room Charge: P350.00/hr, good for 6 person
- Extra Person Charge: P30.00/hr/person*

MOVIE (Small Room)
- Room Charge: P400.00/movie, good for 5 person**
- Extra Person Charge: P50.00/movie/person

MOVIE (Big Room)
- Room Charge: P450.00/movie, good for 5 person**
- Extra Person Charge: P70.00/movie/person

*charged only for the 1st 2 hours
**additional charge of P100.00 per 30 minutes for movies exceeding 2 hours of screen time..

Contact No.
0922 807 1894

Like BSE's Official Facebook Page: 

More photos on my Jaysee Blabs Facebook page

Big Screen Entertainment is located at the 3rd Floor of M2 Business Center Building (building right beside Ninoy's Payag), Escario Corner Clavano Street, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines.Actually a walking distance from McDonald's Escario.

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Colours Digital Foto trailblazes at 25! Great Shows and Deals!

Being one of the most reputable photo shops in Cebu and beyond, Colours Digital Foto is set to create a new mark in the industry as they reach 25 years in celebrating photography and life.

With that in mind, they have prepared BIG year round activities that you will surely love:

  • June 12 -18 Colours of L.I.F.E. Exhibit by Ted Madamba, a Camera and Photo Exhibit at the SM Northwing
  • June 15 5pm Meet and Greet Cosplayer Miles Semblante at the SM Northwing
  • June 16 4pm Monique De Los Santos Concert, The American Idol Hollywood Week Finalist at the SM Northwing

Their suppliers are very much excited for the milestone of Colours Digital Foto with promos will be flooding the market this year. They are giving away free Pentax Binoculars for every purchase of Pentax WG1 and WG2 waterproof cameras and an instant prize for every Samsung camera purchase.

Colours Digital Foto is also giving away 25% off on three cool cameras: Canon Ixus 230, Sony DSC H90 and Samsung MV800.

But the deals don’t end there! They are, get this, giving away 20% off on Pentax KX DSLR kit now only at P19,990!

Looking back on the roots of these famed shops, the owner Mr. Kelly Uy tells Cebu media of how it all started with a simple dream. Realizing it by opening a small shop in Cebu City offering the best film cameras and products at that time, it has now stand at the peak offering photography products and services that other shops can only look high upon.

With his family which now helps him with the operations of their three stores and serving millions of customers nationwide, Colours Digital Foto has indeed become a force in the industry and has been the main catalyst of making life more beautiful, more meaningful, with photos and cameras that stand the test of time.

Congratulations Colours and to all you consumers, now is the best time to have your photos printed and upgrade your cameras with the best deals in town!

Like Colours on Facebook for the latest promos!

More event photos at my Jaysee Blabs Facebook Page

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Marco Polo's Treasured Recipes: Awesome World of Filipino Cuisine

I am always fascinated with the world of food that there is no better sense than indulging in different flavors in your mouth. But since I love to eat so much that I am not one of those people who chomps slowly but I enjoy it just as much to say the least. I grew up with my lolas and aunties catering every family event while we, children, would have to play outside and wait. Now that I’m older, I’ve come to realize that I should have assisted from time to time to learn the basics of what could be the most important skill that every man should know. 

With the invitation of Marco Polo’s Treasured Recipes event, I have found a renewed interest into a world that I didn’t know so much. I have no scars from knives, no scars that show the burns, but my mouth has taken in the greatest food from different chefs in the city. But what makes Treasured Recipes is that it takes Filipino cuisine into a much higher level than we are all accustomed with.

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, the five-star hotel that overlooks the city from the upscale hills, brought together two of Cebu’s legendary culinary icons.

Cristina “Tina” Ebrada is an Illongga by birth and a Cebuana by heart. She has built Golden Cowrie to what it is today serving up to be the most popular Filipino restaurant in the country. Her baked tahong and Sizzling Bangus with Coco Cream are two of the best dishes you have to try before you die.

Senorita Teresin Mendezona, a fine lady with Cebuana and Palestinian descent, is known for organizing only the biggest events in the island such as the 12th ASEAN Summit and grand weddings. An event, they say, could never go wrong with her touch from the flowers to the menu. In fact, her Pancit ala Teresin has become renowned for a lot of reasons.

I have never enjoyed dining so much and I have Marco Polo to thank. Educating us with the heritage that we thought we knew, made it all exciting because every dish tells a lot of story and every flavour gives us more reasons to be alive.

A convergence that could only happen once in a blue moon, Treasured Recipes showcases the source of Cebuano pride bite per bite; just proves that food, like diamonds, are timeless indeed.

Also, I give hats off to the chefs of Marco Polo for a job well done of perfecting the recipes and to the organizers and staff for the flawlessly excellent affair.

Café Marco’s Treasured Recipes run from June 8 to 17, 2012. For inquiries and reservations: Call Cebu: (032) 253 1111 and Manila (02) 887 1263.

More details and full event photos can be found at

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Unilab Ideas Positive chooses 5 teams from VisMin to transform communities!

Five youth teams from Visayas-Mindanao have qualified as one of the Top 12 finalists, chosen among 82 entries nationwide, to bring their community-changing ideas to positive realities in this year’s national run of Unilab Ideas Positive— the only social marketing congress and competition for college students in the country today. 

Now on its third year, Unilab Ideas Positive serves as a venue to enable the Filipino youth to improve the health and wellness of their communities with their positive and sustainable ideas.

Each winning team will be rewarded with Php100, 000 seed money to implement their social marketing plans in their chosen communities for the next six months.

But before the project implementation, all 12 youth teams will be flown in to Manila, with free hotel accommodation, meals and transportation, to undergo a 3-day social marketing boot camp on June 21 to 23 at the Unilab Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong.

The students will learn social marketing approaches through workshops and case studies from a roster of subject matter experts, which includes social marketing guru Ned Roberto, social entrepreneur Reese Fernandez, director Jim Libiran and recently awarded marketing practitioner Jay Jaboneta, among others.

The boot camp, which aims to harness the power of the teams’ social marketing ideas for a more solid implementation plan, involves a one-day immersion at Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm, a social innovation village in Bulacan.


In Visayas, two Cebu teams give focus on access to potable and safe water sources. 

Team Bang’s “Catch Rain, We Can!” project proposes a rainwater catchment system using ferro-cement jars at Gitbingil Island in Medellin. 

Wherein some seek water from the sky, Team Transit’s “A Bicycle For Water” looks down low and hopes to address a similar need through a bicycle water-pumping system from the deep wells of St. Arnold Janssen Village in Lapu-Lapu City.

Meanwhile in Iloilo, Team Kabataang Katipuneros’ “KKK: Kalusugan at Kalinisan sagot sa Kahirapan” focuses on the processing of powdered vegetables to address malnutrition in Brgy. La Paz, Guimaras while Team W.A.Y.A’s “Tahong for Life” promotes sanitary handling of tahong in Sitio Pang-Pang, Dumangas through health and livelihood seminars as well as a construction of an eco-friendly tahong center as a conservation site for tahong-made ornaments and furniture.


Proudly representing Mindanao is Team Green Label’s “Gintong Bukirin Para sa Gintong Kinabukasan” which seeks to reduce malnutrition rate by providing a local source of food through a school-based organic mini-farm in Brgy. Tigatto, Davao City.

“From water harvesting systems to mussel conservation efforts to livelihood programs, we are impressed by the quality of ideas presented by the Visayan and Mindanaoan youth and proud of how these teams have embodied the bayanihan spirit in involving the right stakeholders and institutions within their campaigns,” shared Unilab Ideas Positive program lead Barry Barrientos.
“We look forward to seeing these teams undergo the 3-day boot camp to prepare their plans for community implementation.”

From the 12, the five most successful youth teams in project implementation will advance to the finals for a chance to become the Unilab Ideas Positive 2012 grand winner.

For more information about Unilab Ideas Positive, visit For live and frequent updates about the teams and the program, subscribe to our Facebook page at or follow us on Twitter at @ideaspositive.

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Swish Breath Spray for instant awesomeness

For people like me who are always on the go, you cannot risk facing people with your lunch breath. Good thing Unilab has introduced a revolutionary product that will give you instant fresh breath in just 10 seconds!

Introducing New Swish Breath Spray!

It quickly kills germs and bacteria in the mouth to eliminate bad breath caused by eating, drinking and smoking.

Very convenient to use anytime and anywhere for a quick breath fix.

Absolutely alcohol-free and sugar-free.

Available in 2 refreshing variants – Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh. Simply spray 1 to 2 pumps into your mouth to freshen breath instantly! It is very economical as each bottle can last up to 100 sprays

The Suggested Retail Price is only Php 105.00!

Available in supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores nationwide!

Swish Breath Spray for instant awesomeness that no one can resist. Trust me.

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Tracing Roots Through A Heritage Tour Down South | The Sibonga - Argao Media Tour Photo Walkthrough

It was an extremely hot day last May when the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) took Cebu's leading media practitioners down south of Cebu for a trip of culture, heritage and natural wonders that is Sibonga and Argao.

The event was made possible in celebration of the Gabii sa Kabilin of the said municipalities and the National Heritage Month.

Here is a photo walk through of the awesome trip that was:

The magnificent fresco by a Cebuano artist which depicts the 7 Catholic Sacraments still amazes me
since you can only imagine the great lengths the painters had to go through
to finish the masterpiece while being suspended in the air for years!
Nuestra Señora Del Pilar de Zaragosa and like all other well-maintained Catholic churches in the provinces boasts these man-made miracles that has withstood time and historical moments.

This is actually an original baptismal registration book being displayed in the Sibonga Museum along with other
books and church objects that have been preserved and  I'm a sucker for great handwriting and typography! 

And thank you Ms. Nance for tolerating my vanity as I pose in the museum's balcony which has a great view of the Sibonga park with the perfectly manicured landscaping which more or less maintains
its age-old layout.

Media and bloggers pose with Argao Municipal Mayor Edsel A. Galeos in a courtesy call.

Their cabecera or municipal center which is a beauty itself is not only historic but as well as
technologically-advanced since it is a Wi-Fi hotspot! The park is cornered by the municipal hall,
Hall of Justice and the St. Michael the Archangel Church.

The mini-park facade of the cabacera also houses the Heritage Commission office.

Argao Nature Park which has a mini-zoo  It even has Wi-Fi powered cottages, and amenities like wall climbing, zip lining and a boat ride in their beautiful pond.

One of the few attractions in Argao Nature Park are the birds in the mini-zoo that also enchants you with
rabbits, snakes, and fishes.

Now uber hungry from the long day, we succumbed to lively chats and sea foods at the
Bienmar SU-TU-KIL which is built at the top of the Taloot Warf, Argao.

On the way to the restaurant, we had to walk through this bamboo walkway which gives you the best view of the warf.

What is Argao if you can't drop by their Tableya centers where this cocoa treats are being made.

Argao is almost synonymous to Torta so our tour team drove us to Jessie's Torta where we met the owner who is a client of RAFI Microfinance and now owns one of the best delicacy shops in the municipality. She also prepared some snacks to munch which was more or less good as a full meal. It was even my first time to enjoy the steamed banana with a bagoong and humba!

After walking through the beautiful cool springs of Brgy. Liki, it was time to retire.
As the rest of the Cebu media went back to the city, I remained at the beautiful town of Argao
in one of their resorts prepping myself for their Gabii sa Kabilin event that night.
Of course, I wouldn't want to miss the chance to bathe in their shores
which is romantic in all sort of ways. 
For the complete photo album check out my Facebook page at!

For corporate or family tours, you may contact the Argao Youth for Heritage Society!

For the awesome Gabii sa Kabilin sa Argao event, read on!

For the Gabii sa Kabilin 2012 all over Cebu City know about the superb experience!

Thank you to the people of Argao and RAFI for the great job!

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SM Cinema launches new Consolacion Branch and the e-PLUS Card, the most convenient access to movie-watching

SM Cinema is bringing world-class entertainment near my home as the largest Cinema exhibitor in the country adds SM Consolacion to its already wide network of movie theaters.

SM Cinema  Consolacion opened last June 1 with 4 cinemas - all digital. It is the first branch in the Visayas to its theaters 100% digital upon its opening. THe theaters are all equipped with the latest surround stereo sound and plus cinema seats. Blockbuster films "MIB 3", "Snow White and the Huntsman", "Born to Love You" and the SM exclusive "Gone" will be screened on its opening week.

e-Plus Card for more rewards

Watching movies gets even more convenient, rewarding, and fun as SM Cinema launches e-PLUS Card, its newest re-loadable card on April 11, 2011 at SM Megamall Cinema 3.

e-PLUS, which stands for Entertainment, Privileges, Lifestyle, Upgrades and Surprises, allows moviegoers to load credits on the prepaid card and easily upgrade it to a loyalty card for free. By upgrading it, cardholders can earn reward points for every use at any SM Cinema and Snacktime branch. The rewards are easily redeemable at e-PLUS booths available in all SM Cinema nationwide.

On top of the reward point scheme, e-PLUS is loaded with VIP privileges, special promos like a 50% discount on select movies, seasonal offers, quarterly raffles and invites to exclusive events. Partner merchants have extended exclusive and exciting offerings to e-PLUS members. Special e-PLUS lanes for reloading are available at the cinema ticket booth. Snacktime treats for members include free upsize of drinks and meal credits for every Php500.00 or Php1000.00 reload.

Upon signing up, cardholders can also start receiving movie and promo updates regularly both via SMS and email. In addition, they can have their own e-PLUS account through the e-PLUS page at the SM Cinema website.

“e-PLUS, the first of its kind in the country, gives movie-watching an exciting twist. We are innovating to provide our patrons more convenient access where they don’t need to fall in line when purchasing movie tickets. They just have to go straight to their cinema of choice and insert their card.

"We are loading up the card with rewards and perks. The e-PLUS card is a perfect entertainment gift card. It is also ideal as corporate giveaways for various programs and promotion.” says Ms. Sahara Jean Garnica, Senior Marketing Manager of  SM Cinema.

To get an e-PLUS card, an existing prepaid cardholder or a new member must fill out an application form obtainable at any e-PLUS booth or from the SM Cinema website ( Upon submission of the completed application form, cardholder has the option to avail the e-PLUS Starter Kit for only of P300.00. Starter kit includes a premium item, an automatic pass to a movie plus a large popcorn and a soda. Upon completion of registration and payment of the starter kit, the cardholder will receive a personalized e-PLUS card and a welcome SMS. As a bonus, by validating his or her mobile number, member gets a complimentary movie ticket for another movie of his or her choice on the next visit to SM Cinema.

To learn more about the e-PLUS card, visit or call Customer Care Hotline 470-2222.

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Fashion 30th kicks off with Cebu's best pieces and models

Fashion 30th, the glamour of Cebu's fashion and modeling industry once, is back and it's blowing everyone away!

The spectacular show held at the Waterfront Hotel Lahug featured the masterpieces of 14 top Cebuano fashion designers!

Brought to you by Creworks Asia and Casino Filipino, we witnessed how the creations were brought to life in the runway!

Directed by Lemuel Rosos and Hosted by Mr. Mandaue 2011 Mr. Dan Belangel, the ground breaking show featured world-class bridal couture, fun wear, beach outfits, formal gowns and more.

Jim Acosta resurrects the milestones being set by his brother and is planning to take Fashion 30th in key cities all over the Philippines after it has kickstarted in Cebu!

Putting Cebu in the global map of fashion and upscaling Cebuano ingenuity, the collections are to set a name for itself.

Aljohn Lucas, Rohama Rearte, Maryjoy Dellomas, Rosherine Bautista and the rest of Cebu's elite models strut their stuff!

Hats off to designers:

Aldwin Guardiana
Bernardo Flores
Brendon Val Cenon
Cyrus Velasco
Danny Booc
Dexter Alazas
Edwin Alba
Harvey Cenit
Lemuel E. Rosos
Lyndon Adolfo
Manuel Tumaque
Maria Elena G.
John Paulo Viajar
Philipp Tampus
Rey Humberto Villegas

Read more about Cebu Fashion!

For more Cebu Events, read on!

If want to learn more about Fashion 30th, call Creworks Asia at 09228542584!

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