Why My Mom is Super Awesome!

It has just been a few days ago when the whole world commemorates the very woman in our lives, our mothers. I am very proud to say that my mom is super awesome. She has all the qualities that raised me to my very best even at the worst of circumstances.

To begin with, she risked her life giving birth to three kids, and we all know of the horror stories of our conception, those moments when she almost passed out in so much bodily misery and stress but tried to stay awake just to make sure we get out alive.

She even had to quit her long-time career as a college professor just so she could raise us herself.
She is also that kind of mother who storms in school when she knew that I was bullied and that some people may have taken advantage of me. That is why I tried to be as strong as she is through time, so she doesn’t have to fight the battles I was supposed to conquer myself. Truly, she taught me to be the force to reckon with.

Mommy, Mimi or Mims as I call her is the greatest teacher I’ve had. I learned my basic education the hard way so every time I go to class I could always be the brightest. She inspires me to achieve in life because she could be very proud mom every time she talks about me, which is worth more than what medals could give. The fact she finished her education as a working student made me work even harder.

Me and my mimi! :)

Whoever said that “Mothers Know Best” could not state it any better because my mom has all the wisdom that I need before I make a big decision in my life. Most of my choices were made because I had to listen on what she has to say, because it is always my interest that she looks after above everything else. She even has superpowers where I could not lie to her because she knows me all too well but most especially she knows when I’m having a good day or just pretending to have a good one.

But the greatest lesson that I had learned from her as a child was how she held on to her faith to God when you are going through the darkest moments in your life and it all just made sense when I had grown mature now. I learned to pray and read the bible because of her. In fact, she is the strength of my family and the cornerstone of our lives.

Every day is your day Mimi. We love you.

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