Inspirational Poster from Great Songs

All of us go through something... the magnitude differs and so do the situations we battle ourselves in. Life is simple but no one said it's easy, a classic line that rings true every single day. For that, we all need each other and at times when we think we are on our own we draw inspiration from those that empower us somehow. For me, I sometimes get it from really good music and with lines and performances so powerful, I will make it my life's calling to create a series of artworks that give life to the inspiration brought about by today's inspirational tunes.

Starting off with Demi Lovato's Skyscraper, a song about rising above the pain and suffering...

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson teaches us that you don't need anybody to be complete and it also jams about pinning those who did you wrong down...

Stronger by Mandisa has a lighter tone by telling the world that it may be hard to see God at times but He still cares, a thought very hard to choke down for some...

Always remember whatever it is that is devastating your day, it is not the end of the world, it's just another day... Spread the good vibes!

Kiss the Rain by Billie Myers

Terrified by Zachary Levi

We Found Love by Rihanna

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