Live: Jaysee Blabs Year-End Reflections

Life is simple. You are born. You grow, then you die.

But no one ever said it's easy. The roads we take in between, the people we meet, the circumstances that surround us and the challenges being thrown our way brings out the worst in us; and in some cases, our best. It’s very tempting to talk about positivity but there will come a time that God will test you so much that you will know what is real and where you really stand. People call it pessimism. I call it upright realization that life is irreversible so never take a leap to unknown heights if you’ve had your share of sorrows and mistakes.

It is knowing who you really are, what you are capable of and what you want to do that will define who you will become.

Life is harsh. The most horrendous things can make you become a stronger being you never thought you would be. I’ve taken risks and some may have paid off but one thing didn’t.

Life is short. Have fun. Love the simple things. Kiss the rain. And of course, don't screw things much and if you do just bounce right back because life is too short for you to dwell in the past.  Enjoy every minute even when you are in pain.

Eat like a king, laugh out loud, love like you’ve never been hurt and as a wise man once said, live as if you would die tomorrow.

This post might come as a shock to people who may only know me by my very fun nature but I come with great seriousness as I deliver very important messages that I so rarely dwell into.

I can spend the whole day rambling about how my 2011 might’ve been the best and the worst in my life but I’d rather not because we’re not that close (lolz) and I’ve been known to be secretive even to my family. Instead, let me take you to a journey with me like strangers meeting for the first time at a long bus trip. Vague. Simple. Fun.

This is one part I’d rather not discuss much at all but I think I might have shocked the world when I did a lot of things throughout the year that squeaky clean me would never do. I thought so too. But when I’m pushed to edge, I get surprised with discovering what I am truly capable of.

There might have been a lot of dark moments in that year that convinced me to go bald (lolz); pack up and leave the comforts of my own home to live alone; to have a mean look by dying my hair bloody red, have both ears pierced; and get a tattoo for all the world to see.

I’m not really the kind of person who wants to explain myself but one thing you should know is that I am fine, for the most part. I know I have a lot of things to thank for and there are a lot of people who loves me but you don’t actually remember those things when you are in a very hazy state.

And oh, I survived two house floods alone for which I lost most of my gadgets, went on a hunger strike, lost a bike on the street and bought a new one, and got ran over and walked away completely unharmed. Tsk tsk tsk. I know right?

TRAVEL. Last year was a great one for my travelling feet. I had a great experience walking towards great lengths both literally and figuratively. But one notable thing in my travel logs was the fact that I went to the picturesque beauty that is Bohol for three times. And the excitement and fun never gets old every time I go there maybe because of the fact that I am with different people and mostly in different places. An island built for solitude as well as good ol’ friendly amusement.

The first time I went there was to join a young adults retreat with Christian friends. It was our adventure trips that made it very memorable. I could so remember how I squirmed as I went ziplining to probably one of the highest peaks in the country, and how I underestimated the word ‘caving’ before I went in and found out how hard it really was.

I went back by December to respond to the invitation of the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the National Nutrition Council to see the great government programs of the province of Bohol. We went to see the very reasons why Bohol is one of the most well managed local government units today and met program coordinators, volunteers and the beneficiaries who made it happen. But then what is a trip to the leading tourist destination without taking a lot of detours to the island’s sweetest spots. We even spent the night at a very great resort in Panglao. Ahh the pristine sea lines, sands so white and fine they feel like clay on your feet.

The third time came a few weeks later after a planned trip with some officemates as we take advantage of the Holiday break being given to us by the company. For three days and two nights, we were able to enjoy most of what the island has to offer. The great experience came after one of us tried to canvas around 30 travel companies for being the most reasonably priced and with the best itinerary. Exciting dolphin watching, snorkeling at their sanctuary, leisure dining at the river cruise, mud splashing with the ATV ride and so much more. It was definitely worth every penny and it just proves that travel need not be dollar expensive.

GRADUATION. 2011 is also a year of academic highlights for me. I graduated with high colors earning my degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology as well as graduating from the best leadership training program in the country, the Young Minds Academy of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. The YMA Program taught me so much when it comes to seeing the bigger picture in our lives that we need to go beyond passive citizenship and actually jumpstart doing something great with all our energy and time.

But there is something about those graduation moments that made it feel so impersonal for me. I have dreamt of getting a medal when I graduate for as long as I can remember but when that moment finally arrived I just never felt a thing; maybe because of the fact that it came at a really bad time in my life, as I was in between different challenges or maybe because my definition of happiness has grown to something so much deeper. I ask forgiveness for people who wanted me to throw lavish parties but trust me, there is nothing worth celebrating anymore. Appreciation from people is good enough and seeing my family happy because of that makes the rocky trip worth the ride.

JOB. I am also thankful for my current company, where I also did internship, for offering me a job when I graduated. Despite the offers of others, I chose not to be lured by money because trust me, VISA is right, there are some things money cannot buy; like the reliance you have gained, signature WebXpress camaraderie and friendships you have formed and the caring management that you so rarely get in an industry driven to prematurely propel itself to success.

CHRISTMAS. But what is being Jaysee if without being the life of the parties? (lolz) Surprisingly, I always thought I wasn’t social enough but as of writing this article I found myself scavenging through my photo albums and statistics would say I might have attended around six Christmas Parties. The most number my life will ever have I think.

First there was the media thanksgiving organized by Globe from which I won a new phone.

With my 19th century hottie writer outfit, there I was at another party with media practitioners under the MIND 7 which was celebrated the same night of the office Christmas party. Teleportation powers was put into place that night.

As if I came straight out from a Carribean movie, I attended the Pirate Themed church youth party.

Then as part of our social responsibility efforts, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. decided to spend Christmas with our brothers and sisters at the Missionaries of the Poor.

And of course, what’s the holidays if without spending it with my beloved families of both sides on separate occasions. They are the reasons why I so love Christmas.

BIRTHS. Probably one of the best blessings of my 2011 was the birth of two special kids. No, not that special. Special in a sense that they came from two close friends, Ate Suzette, my former office supervisor and Ate Ceewai, my cousin. Salute to all the mothers for I am witness to how it can cause monstrosity in mood and looks at birth but they are pretty much fine now and they have become great mothers for all I know.

I would really like to impart you every single thing that I have learned for the past year but it’s so much better if you discover your life’s lessons yourself.

I do however would like to imprint some points into your consciousness: enjoy life; never give up everything for just one; people who leave you never deserve you; it’s always ok to be real and be human; and when you crumble down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, put on a smile and do what is expected of you and just… live.

Live: The 2011 Jaysee Blabs Year End Reflections

P.S.  I'm going to hibernate much on 2012. Taking the backseat on every thing. I've had my run. Inner peace and happiness is my new goal. I'm contented. I am complete. Will slowly disappear to obscurity perhaps. Have a great year ahead and I wish you all the best.

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