CBSi celebrates Christmas with special people

Life is full of sorrow and hardship for most of us, but it is this one time of the year where people come together and generally makes an effort to make others happy. Because this season shouldn't just be about the lavish parties who go to, the highly commercialized shopping season, it's about coming together and remembering the birth of the man who would save humanity.

Christmas is a time where people genuinely feels happy and to be part of that in bringing the season to those who needs it the most, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi) went beyond by asking friends to give back through our org. The CBSi Corporate Affairs headed the pulling of strings together to stage this year's CBSi Christmas Party at the Missionaries of the Poor in Sawang Kalero, Pasil, Cebu City.

My first time in the Missionaries was very unforgettable as I never thought I could be so moved seeing a lot of special kids who are bound to be that way for the rest of their lives, while some throw theirs away. It was part of our itinerary for our 4-day YMA Community Visit all over Cebu's great communities. You can read more about it here:

Missionaries of the Poor Community Visit

That is why we, YMAers, vowed to somehow come back to the place and contribute or something and although our Christmas Party there didn't push through, I was just so ecstatic when the Cebu Bloggers actively made this happen. Last year, we celebrated with the fire victims of Duljo-Fatima Cebu and brought a local band, Bethany, jam their spirits up with hope:

CBSi Christmas Party 2010

For this year, I designed an online poster asking for help with a bright color scheme and my signature gradients and we raised funds online through the social media:

To immortalize the greatest moments of that day, here are some snaps:

It was a humid December 18 when we all went up early to go to the missionaries' home. What we thought would be a day of giving happiness to our special kids and our finely aged grandpas turns out to be just an understatement. The feeling never gets old even with much exposure to government, foundations and church programs. 

We are all part of a bigger picture and there is a greater purpose outside of our own little world. 

For that, I dedicate this song from my favorite Christian artist, to those who give out most of themselves to serve others:

Thank you to everyone who supported! :)

Missionaries of the Poor

Missionaries of the Poor is a home for the aged and special children. Most of the elders have Alzheimer's Disease and most of the children are autistic and the ones who are bedridden have Cerebral Palsy.

Tingnan ang Mas Malaking Mapa

Here is a simple music video to reminisce the special moment...

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