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Official Jaysee Social Networking Sites | Jaysee Blabs Rebranding Launched!

I have been putting on hold this blog's branding launch for quite some time now because of a lot of engagements. 

I wanted to be an identity and with so much avenues for expression, I admit I may have been quite inconsistent. 

I wanted Jaysee Blabs not just as a blog title but a reputable source of quality content; a mission I have not concocted not until I reached this far. 

The ironic thing is I am able to pull branding strategies and collaterals on other causes such as the Project Liwanag and iluvfarmers Campaign. and events like the Visayas Blogging Summit and 3rd CBSi Anniversary and other businesses via freelance and office clients... but certainly not on mine. Life, let's just say, has not been that kind enough to give me much time for the things I love.

You can read about the weird Jaysee Blabs story at, the mother site of the organization I am actively part of the Cebu Bloggers Society which has also garnered the respect of other institutions for its pro…

How to design exciting pet and tourism homepages. Web 2.0 Design Case Study

Been doing a lot of web designs at my workplace for quite some time now and I'd like to share just some of the few stuffs I made when I started this job.

Here is a closer look to doing a sample web design for a tourism themed site. First look at core colors of the place you are designing for. In this case, I am making a site for Cebu province. If you google Cebu provincial logo, the prominent colors are blue and yellow, so I created a color scheme palette out of that. Also if you have noticed I had a diamond design accents from the backgrounds to the bullets to subconsciously inculcate our place's brilliance. Draw inspiration from everything and never be afraid to use them!

Top menu bar extends on both ends of the site which is recommended for CSS purposes.

Instead of big photo banners which are usual, I opted for a photo composition muted in a bright color for prominence. The goals of the site are found in the banners main menu: where to dine, where to go, where to say, about…

CBSi celebrates Christmas with special people

Life is full of sorrow and hardship for most of us, but it is this one time of the year where people come together and generally makes an effort to make others happy.Because this season shouldn't just be about the lavish parties who go to, the highly commercialized shopping season, it's about coming together and remembering the birth of the man who would save humanity.

Christmas is a time where people genuinely feels happy and to be part of that in bringing the season to those who needs it the most, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (CBSi) went beyond by asking friends to give back through our org.The CBSi Corporate Affairs headed the pulling of strings together to stage this year's CBSi Christmas Party at the Missionaries of the Poor in Sawang Kalero, Pasil, Cebu City.

My first time in the Missionaries was very unforgettable as I never thought I could be so moved seeing a lot of special kids who are bound to be that way for the rest of their lives, while some throw theirs awa…

Night Market Shopping At Asiatown I.T. Park

For 6 years now, a Cebu-based events and marketing company organizes the highly successful Christmas Nights Bazaar event. 

Crinnovent Corp. holds this year’s event at Block 11 of Asiatown I.T. Park, at the parking lot across The Walk and Skyrise 3 Building. It is ongoing until December 27, 2011.

More companies have started joining this year's Bazaar.  Some of this year’s corporate participants are Dranix Distributors, Citi Souvenirs, Chevrolet, SEA Olympus Marketing’s Techni-Ice, Yamaha, and Leylam Shawarma.

Aegis PeopleSupport is a gold sponsor of the event. Bronze sponsors are Hero Sausages and Virginia Foods, Inc.

However, most of the exhibitors remain micro-entrepreneurs.

And since the owners are directly hands-on with overhead kept at a minimum, they are able to offer their products at much lower prices than other stores.  This allows our shoppers to haggle for their goods and helps them stretch their budgets for the Christmas season.

This year, the bazaar has over 100 exhibit…

How Bohol Takes Nutrition Up a Notch

The government’s Nutrition Programs are aimed at improving the health status of the whole citizenship, you included, by ensuring that the intervention programs are implemented properly at the local level.  
It is so easy to ignore good news regarding these but every time you complain about how corrupt and useless the government is, you are doing more harm to yourself and may I remind you that by doing so, you exclude yourself from the fact that you are accountable for your own country's affair as well. Paying taxes is not enough, if you defend your contributions. 
By being toxic, you undermine the efforts of thousands who work in the government and the civic society who do so much good for this world in a day than you what you could ever do in a lifetime. Life and health is the most important aspect of all. In the midst of implementations, it would be worth looking at what the multi-awarded Bohol's Local Government Units are actually doing to help mitigate hunger and malnutritio…

Mandaue Foam presents Holiday Rewards in Nationwide, storewide sale!

Mandaue Foam Furniture Store is going all-out in its holiday sale with a rewards and discounts package that would make every homemakers Christmas wishes come true! 

Now is the best time to make your family happy by having new furniture in the home. With a great sale discount, a rewards promo, and easy payment schemes, making your dream home wouldn't get any easier than this.

From December 26, 2011 to January 8,2012 all Mandaue Furniture Stores nationwide slashes 20% off on all dining sets, imported sofas, carpets, lightings, rods, tieback holder, tassel, spring mattresses inclusion of made to order items, pillows and other foam products, office furniture, picture frames, wall art, paintings, figurines, plants, flowers and all regular items.

You can own these dream items easily with trouble-free payment schemes. Enjoy 0% interest up to 3 months term on credit card.  Sale discount can also be availed on cash, credit card straight payment, COD and On Date Check with a minimum purchase…

Hotel Elizabeth blows its 1st year anniversary cake!

The Cebu hotel industry is one tough arena one would rather dare not enter into but armed with great experience and beaming accomplishments, Fersal Hotel Group did not step in as a mediocre but a force to reckon with. 

They positioned Hotel Elizabeth Cebu as a compact, boutique five-star hotel with affordable rates, something that will give key players a run for their money. The hotel exudes this Mediterranean feel on its wall treatments, painting and interior design, a character that you'll hardly forget.

Handling the same hotel brand in the Philippines' north, Fersal Hotel Group has frequently won the Baguio Hotel of the Year. Now they brought the same royal treatment here in Cebu, something that locals and Cebu's tourists truly deserve.

Hotel Elizabeth just recently celebrated its 1st year Anniversary with a party at their Santorini Ballroom with patrons, business partners including the suppliers and Association of Tourist Guides. Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. and the rest o…

The Yule-timate treat from San Remigio Beach Club

CEBU’S VERY OWN SAN REMIGIO BEACH CLUB gives you your 2011 Christmas treat with only one promise: “Yule” never regret it.

Celebrate or hold Christmas meetings and parties and avail of their wonderful Christmas packages.

“We offer Yuletide Sprees for as low as P510-P610 per minimum of 30-50 persons”, shares Miss Jay de Torres of SRBC. “These two packages include meal buffets with the client’s choice of viands, use of decorated venue and sound system. Aside from those, we also offer the use of the resort’s facilities and other amenities at the client’s request”.

Social Welfare Champions, Ultimate Change Shapers

Lihok PilipinaFoundation Inc.: 
Social Welfare Champions, Ultimate Change Shapers
Feature by Jaysee John R. Pingkian, author of  Jaysee Blabs
Action is the most definite thing one should do if he wishes to become an architect of change, and to mobilize hundreds of families to battle poverty and abuse could be a legacy worth talking about in the decades to come.

There are a lot of institutions that caters to protecting women and children but one goes beyond their purpose to solve the bigger ills of this society.

Child protection is very close to my heart because I am witness to cruelty against them almost every now and then; and to be powerless at times, makes me rethink how I perceive this world, but now knowing that a group of individuals are putting their acts together to rescue them, and alleviate them from poverty along the way, is, by far, the best discovery I have ever made.

Introducing Lihok PilipinaFoundation Inc.(LPFI)...

Uphill ClimbLihok PilipinaFoundation Inc.(LPFI) was organ…