The Speech: The Last Chapter Part 4/4

On a serious note…

There will come a time that God will break everything you hold so dear.

I just hope that when that time comes to you, you wouldn’t hate Him as much as I did because the only way for you to overcome, is to trust Him.

It is so easy to say that we should look on the brighter side of things and that He has a plan and that tomorrow would be a better day.

We may have storms in our life but the fact that it doesn’t rain the rest of the year is very comforting to know.

His plans may seem very random to us mere mortals, but He has his reasons. Great ones.

I’m afraid that I may not be in the position to impose optimism since I myself easily gets entangled in depression every once in a while.

But what’s great about me is the ability to leave baggage at the door because we should only open the right boxes at the right time.

We have lives to pursue and feelings should just come second.

Bruno Mars actually had a song that I constantly remind myself when all else breaks down right in my face and it was shared to me by Irish. Let me share a few lines to you too:

I’ve been working hard so long
Seems like pain has been my only friend
My fragile heart’s been done so wrong
I wondered if I’d ever heal again
I will break these chains that bind me
Happiness will find me
A whole new world is waiting
It’s mine for the taking
I know I can make it
Today My Life Begins

Indeed, life comes in surprising packages and as the years go by I’ve soon come to realize that college is a bittersweet experience I would never tire to live it over and over again.

 I wish I could say a lot more good stuff. But Life is unfair. Life is cruel.

That is the challenge given to us:

To make the most out of what we have, what we lost and what we will gain.

Rise above every crisis.

Live in the moment.

Seize every opportunity.

Because life loves those who dare live it.

If you ask me the secrets to success then live by the three principles that have guided me all this time:

Do what is right, do what you love, and do it with all your heart.

Thank you and I won’t say 'goodbye' but 'see you guys around'.

Today our life begins.

I am complete.

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