The Speech: Recounting Happy Memories Part 2/4

Going deeper into the memory lane, who wouldn’t forget the four years of Sinulog? You see we have this thing of offering dance presentations at the Mardi Gras and rambling about it would take the whole day so I’m just gonna leave it at that.

Don’t you also remember
we had this SBO tribute day where I didn’t dance,
mangrove planting in Lapu-lapu,
the fun Buwan ng Wika with ACLC,
then guarding different precincts during the GMA-AMA Quick Count Election coverage,
DOLE seminar at CDU,
our retreats in Verbum Dei and Don Bosco,
our educational tour all over Cebu’s top workplaces,
and dancing with our nanays and tatays in Barili,
our acquaintance parties in Crown Regency and Stakili,
our intramurals culminations in Portofino
and the one in Villa Teresita where I didn’t dance again?
It was a whole lotta fun.

I’d also like to take to congratulate my fellow scholars under RAFI’s Young Minds Academy program especially to Rhecel, Lorbe, Irish and to my cousin Babykit, for being such wonderful teammates.

They have done such a great job during the S-Leadership, Kool Adventure Camp, ThinkQuest and there is still more to come like out of town expeditions, community visits, immersions and project proposals.

Trust me, we have felt poverty in most marvelous ways.

I would also like to thank Sir Mel, Ms. Evelyn and everyone at RAFI for doing remarkable things for our country.

I’d also extend my gratitude to Kuya Iggy and Ms. Nancy for the encouragement and to our sponsors Unionbank and City Savings Bank for believing in us.

Thank you so much and I hope to see you all soon.

I’d also like to thank my colleagues at Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. for opening a lot of opportunities for me most especially to Kuya Iggy, Ate X, Ate Mikyu, Ate Wil, Attorney, Kuya Bjorn, Ate Ag, Kuya Bert, Kuya Mark, Kuya Miong, Kuya Rab, Angeli and Sinjin.

Thank you to WebXpress Inc. for nurturing my career most especially to Ms. Kate and Sir Mike.

Thanks to Kuya Ang, Ate Suzette, Ate Franny, Ate Amina for mentoring me and hats off to all my OJT Friends, and the Art and PHP Departments.

I would also like to thank my mentors in the past, Ms Shammy and Sir Angel of Western Wats Incorporated and Ms. Mauie of the Management Information and Computer Services Department of the Cebu City Hall.

I would also like to thank my high school friends for sticking up with me until this very day.

Thank you to the Wumties, to the Generals, to the Abats, to the Bebis, and to my 4D and 3F family. Thank you guys so much.

Me getting my medal along with my family!

But the biggest thanks go to my family. I am so proud to be a Pingkian and to be a Rosal. They have been very supportive. I just wish I could afford all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and nephews to be here.

Anyway, my successes in life are actually attributed to my family. They were always the ones who go behind my back to push me further.

To my father who work so hard to give us a wonderful life and whose professional values I emulate.

To my mother who takes care of us like no other and who is so proud of me.

To my brother and sister who are my confidants and best friends and who are absolutely better looking. Chance.

To Miggy who has brought absolute joy in the family.

Thank you so much guys.

My family, no matter how imperfect, is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have never said this publicly but I love you mommy. I love you daddy. I love you Kef. I love you Te. I love you Miggy.

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